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Tue 13th Jan 2009

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Razoredge17 commented on Interviews: Red Steel 2's Roman Campos Oriola:

I really liked his answer for how they are thinking about encouraging mixed usage of sword and gunplay. No random ammo pick-ups makes me smile.

Would we have any options to upgrade our weapons, or use different ones entirely? Such as different blades or guns?



Razoredge17 commented on Check Out Some Final Fantasy IV: The After Yea...:

@ Panda -
You answered my question before I even posted it. Thanks.

I don't see how this episodic content will work, can we not transfer stats between the games? Its usually not a problem with episodic games because they are adventure games, but it could face some big problems with the rpg genre.



Razoredge17 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Evasive Space:

An Avoid'em all huh? Might be interesting. I await the review. I hope this turns out better than High Voltage's other games, which were promising, but were never great.



Razoredge17 commented on Hudson Releases Onslaught Screenshots:

I am really impressed by Hudson, they might not have every game they try be a hit, but they are trying and spreading around different content rather than an Onslaught of puzzlers. (See what I did there?)

Either way, this is a milestone, the fist FPS on Wiiware, count me sold.



Razoredge17 commented on Review: Planet Pachinko (WiiWare):

I was worried when I saw the review came up so soon after release... it seems I was right to be concerned.

I was hoping for a better review, but I still might end up buying this.