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Sun 20th Jul 2008

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darkmagi_82 commented on Magnetis WiiWare Trailer:

WOOOO First!

Edit: Yes! I got my first first. Now, onto the game. I think it could turn out to be quite an excellent puzzler, with the four player split screen and interesting gameplay, but I could already see the LEVEL UP! thing getting old. Maybe buy for me, have to wait for one of the always-quality reviews that Nintendolife will provide.



darkmagi_82 commented on ColorZ - New WiiWare Puzzler:

This one looks like it could either be awesome or tank hard. Considering the Z at the end, though, the latter seems a little more plausible.

The Incredible MaZe: 2/10
BoingZ: 3/10



darkmagi_82 commented on Swords & Soldiers:

I'm guessing that the third faction is oriental in origin (hopefully ninja related).

If you look at the Swords and Soldiers logo, you can see an arrow (Aztecs), an axe (Vikings), and a shuriken (???) protruding from the wooden shield.



darkmagi_82 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Maboshi's Arcade and Pool ...:

Downloaded Maboshi, and it is quite good. I was reluctant to believe the reviews at first, as some of the people that had played it said that it wasn't worth it. Eventually I gave in and discovered a very simple, but exceedingly complex game that is just what I was looking for this holiday season. It has very addictive gameplay, and if you play it with a few buddies who don't mind its simplicity, that addictiveness is multiplied tenfold. Maboshi is a glittering diamond disguised as a stone.



darkmagi_82 commented on RealArcade Interview - Tiki Towers:


Well, I'd start out by purchasing the first level of Space Invaders: Get Even to see if you like it and adding on more if you think its worth it. Art Style: ORBIENT is also quite an excellent game if you don't already have it, don't know about the other Art Styles though. Defend Your Castle is great and absolutely worth 500 points. As for VC, Paper Mario and Star Fox 64 are very nostalgic downloads. You've probably purchased Super Mario 64, but that is also excellently nostalgic if you haven't... Whew, there's my two cents.

Still unsure whether Tiki Towers will be shovelware or not, though the interview provided an image of what would appear to be a good game.



darkmagi_82 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Space Invaders Get Even & ...:

Just downloaded SIGE, along with some level packs, and its awesome. It's got great graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and a lot of replayability if you're willing to spend the extra $ for some level packs. In this case, one level is not enough. As a bonus, the humans utter some pretty humorous lines as you blow up their buildings, abduct their cows, etc. I'll quote one of my favorites: I'll keep fighting 'til I run out of quarters. Oh, Almost forgot... its also quite a challenging game; if you don't have your wits about you during some of the boss fights (which are pretty epic), your little UFO is toast.

Hope this gave you at least a little taste of what you're getting into when you DL this game.



darkmagi_82 commented on Review: Space Invaders Get Even (WiiWare):

There have been a lot of similar scores L-eight-ly, all accompanied by gr-eight reviews that really str-eight-en your view of the games...

Anyways, if Space invaders comes out in the US, it will definitely be in my collection.



darkmagi_82 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Bomberman Blast And Art St...:

I just got Art Style: ORBIENT, and didn't regret it. Its unique gameplay, great music, score system and relaxing atmosphere make it absolutely worth six dollars. Besides, its just plain fun . I'd give it a 9/10, but that's just me. You'll have to look at the WWW review to get a more detailed opinion.



darkmagi_82 commented on Mega Man 9 Challenge List:

Yay achievements, this will make me want to play the game even longer.
My favorite is: 19 Gamer's Day: Clear the game 5 times in 1 day.



darkmagi_82 commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (10th Sept):

I'm sad that Groovin' Blocks didn't make it. I downloaded it this morning (316 blocks, wow) and found it incredibly enjoyable. It was a bit hard to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, it turned out to be the best eight dollars I've spent. I would have gladly payed the usual ten dollars to obtain this gem of a puzzler.