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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Viral commented on Merry Christmas from Nintendo Life:

All I know is that I'm gonna play the hell out of Darkside Chronicles this Christmas as it's the only Wii game I got...gutted...but at least I have my birthday next Saturday. lol



Viral commented on Golden Wii An Exercise In Excess:

I think this is definitely a waste of time, effort, and money. This guy could've probably produced more jewelry out of the gold than paint a Wii with it.



Viral commented on Sony Boss: All Your Sales Are Belong To Us, Ni...:

To be honest, I'm not thinking this is a big deal. The Nintendo Wii will still sell and so will the PS3. Nintendo clearly won this generations console sales and Playstation is finding that a bit hard to digest. Now, in the future, when PS4 comes out, they may correct their mistakes and the Nintendo's new console should in fact, keep up by adding more hardware to their newer system compared to this generation. As long as they expand and not remain the Gamecube graphics generation, things should be pretty even for next generation. Why don't Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo collaborate and make a system that's similar in all aspects? I mean, Sony would never have a Mario game obviously. And Nintendo would never have Joanna Dark back. Things like that make it hard to choose a system for games other than the major first party titles.



Viral commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

BluRay is Sony's way of saying that they want you to rebuy the films you already own on a different format. This happened with VHS and will continue to rehappen each time a new media format is released. The downside to this is that the BluRay can offer very little upgrade towards graphics compared to what the DVD already portrays. The only subtle difference may be in the big action films where it may look prettier, but you're still seeing the same film you saw on dvd, just slightly "crisper". Eventually, they're going to replace film reels in the cinema for BluRay? Never...



Viral commented on HD Wii - Is It Coming? Depends Who You Ask:

@32: I lol'd.

I think that the HD Wii isn't necessary to be honest. People who buy a Wii, including myself, aren't expecting graphics, we buy Nintendo for the gameplay they cherish... Now, I'm in the debate whether to get a 360 or PS3...any help?



Viral commented on Competitions: Do you feel lucky, punk?:

If they set up a New Super Mario Bros. Contest, they'd be insanely busy with the results. lol...besides, the community would blow up since that game is massively popular amongst everyone already.



Viral commented on Mario Bricks Himself:

Corby has the coolest avitar now...

And the Mario Lego definitely outdoes my own Lego Star Wars stuff. lol



Viral commented on Competitions Nudge:

I won so anything is possible fellas. I'm still waiting on the Nintendo Wii and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Hopefully I'll get it before I have to move house!



Viral commented on Black Wii Homes in on Europe:

Hmm, any news if this is the reason Nintendo is holding off posting Nintendo Wiis to competition winners? I'd love to get one of these bad boys!!!



Viral commented on Nintendo Download: Star Wars, Art Style and Es...:

I seriously think this is a good thing that we're not seeing massive amounts of releases. Quality games are finally coming (Star Wars for example) and we're due to get the much desired Zombies Ate My Neighbors eventually. Things are looking up in terms of the Virtual Console however, I still don't see them releasing EVERY game that was the original desire of most Wii owners...



Viral commented on Trent Reznor Big Fan of Nintendo:

I think that this article is good. Trent should make some soundtrack music for Nintendo games, he did awesome on Quake and he's got a good catalogue of music, considering for some reason I like his song Only mostly because of the awesome music.



Viral commented on Japanese Virtual Console List - October 2009:

Kirby Super Star Ultra compared to Super Star regular, what's the big difference? Honestly, I'd just get it for the VC since it'll no doubt be cheaper than forking out additional money for that DS cashin..



Viral commented on Nintendo Download: Super Star Wars, Golden Axe...:

This is funny...I just recently had a rant regarding Virtual Console releases in Europe to the ONM Letters group. I'm just going to laugh if they publish it since no new games have come out in ages for the VC and this is the first time it's happened since when?? Hmmm...



Viral commented on Lego Indy 2: The Adventure Continues:

I honestly don't think this is a solution to add ONE FILM into a GREAT TRILOGY. Besides, Crystal Skull was extremely weak. And another thing, they are making a 5th Indiana Jones film according to an interview in Nuts. What are they going to do then? Release it a third time with the additional 5th movie?



Viral commented on The Hanabi Festival Returns to Europe Next Month:

Stuffgamer, I agree. I was in America and my brother didn't know what to get because he didn't know what to look forward to. I wish there was an easier way to sift through the garbage they give us on the VC.