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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Nero commented on La-Mulana Tokyo Game Show Trailer:

Not a fan of the remixed music but still it's La-Mulana and hopefully we in Europe doesn't have to wait as long as for Cave Story...



Nero commented on Epic Mickey Gets Collectable with Special Edition:

Yeah I'm not interested in special editions of games because I buy the game for the game and because I want to play it and not because it has a cool figure or whatever. I do like companies who adds good stuff as a "thanks" for no charge (see the PC game Witcher: Enhanced Edition) since these are things that makes me wanna continue supporting good companies.



Nero commented on E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS:

I'm very hyped for the 3DS. Can't wait to read impression of it. Also, image how crazy a WarioWare game will be on it..



Nero commented on Super Mario Kart Races to Europe on Friday:

I own it on SNES and is one of my most played games ever I think. Super Mario Kart with some kind of online play would have been the best thing ever. Will probably get it anyway.



Nero commented on Interviews: Sean Beeson - Composer:

Might be one of few people who actually enjoyed Eternity's Child. Much of it was because of the art and music. I even made levels and skins for it which I don't do often. I also find music very important in games. The music can enhance the game very much and I find smaller games many times having more interesting music than just orchestra stuff.



Nero commented on Review: Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH (WiiWare):

I got this the day it was out and I like the puzzle portion a lot, but as I've said before I really suck at solving a Rubik's cube and even with the tutorial I suck. Great job guys!



Nero commented on Nintendo Download: Alex Kidd, Rubik, Palluriki...:

Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH is very neat. I'm enjoying the puzzle bits and it's a great feeling when you suddenly find the solution to a hard puzzle.
Though I suck so much at solving Rubik's Cubes that I can't even solve a 3x3 one with the included tutorial.



Nero commented on Review: Rabbids Go Home (Wii):

Sounds good. I just ordered it earlier today, so I'm looking forward to it. Can't wait to try the customization thing.



Nero commented on Red Steel 2 Sharpens Up:

Looks and sounds promising. If it's bad in any way then I will eat Jason VandenBerghe's beard.



Nero commented on Review: LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias (Wii...:

I got this the moment it was out and yeah it took about 4 hours to complete and some more to find the additional statues I missed and I liked the switching season mechanics and there was some more puzzles this game. Map helped a lot as well. Wonderful game!



Nero commented on Red Steel 2 Devs "Have Beaten Waggle":

Looking extremely interesting. It's good that they mix it up with swordplay and guns since if it was only swordplay all the time it might get boring in the long run.

Also, Jason Vandenberghe is my hero.



Nero commented on Review: Star Fox (Super Nintendo):

Starwing ftw
One of my favorite SNES game (or games for any console) of all time. I couldn't believe how good it looked (still does) and also the music, god it's so good. I will never sell my cartridge of this game.



Nero commented on Review: Cursed Mountain (Wii):

Good review. I finished it this weekend and just so you know it took me about 9 and a half hours (I broke every vase and pretty much searched every spot that you could) and I enjoyed it very much. Good story which kept me going forward to see where it leads. Yeah it's a bit weird how "hard" it was go walk exactly backwards without turning a bit, and the only motion problem I had was maybe 2-3 times the forward nunchuck motion didn't register. I've heard people complaining that boss fights are difficult because you are vulnerable while you heal and while the first boss killed me a few times I didn't really need to heal during any other boss fight since by then I had gotten better in playing the game.
Always fun to switch from the "proton pack" weapon which didn't give you any health from killing enemies and with the strong but slow Kila to get some easy health when you needed it. The last two levels might be a bit slow for some people but I enjoyed them very much. It's for games like these that I own a Wii, for unique games that probably wouldn't show up on the HD consoles.



Nero commented on LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Announced:

I loved the first game and I think it was pretty much a test about what can be done on the Wii with some nice ideas etc, and it looks like they know what worked and not and what needs to be added so I high hopes for this one.



Nero commented on Wii to Retail for £200 in the UK:

Games and hardware is also very expensive here. So while I hardly ever buy games locally anymore and thus not support sales from my country at the same time I'm not gonna support ridiculous prices. I import mostly from the U.K.



Nero commented on Review: Super Star Wars (Virtual Console / Sup...:

Maybe I've played it too much, but how are people finding this difficult? I played it again today and didn't loose a single life until that part in the sandpeople level where you can farm extra lives (which I did, but lost the plasma blaster ). Sure I can see people having difficulties playing it for the first time, but still it's not that hard.. I still love this game.