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Mon 9th Jun 2008

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Nintendophile commented on Zelda is No Longer Royalty in Skyward Sword:

It's interesting news, but it's not the first time they've had a "Zelda" that wasn't a princess. Tetra in "Wind Waker" was a pirate, though she WAS a descendent of the princess Zelda, so I guess technically she still had royal blood in her.



Nintendophile commented on Wii U Won't Support Blu-ray or DVD Playback:

Yes, most people have other means to watch DVDs. But it's the CONVENIENCE factor that an included DVD player would have. I know I'm running out of plugs in the back of my TV, so anything I'd be able to combine would be wonderful. Is it lazy to not want to have to turn off one system and plug in another? Yes. Would it be convenient to have a DVD player included in Wii U? Also yes.



Nintendophile commented on This Giant Augmented Reality Mii Could Destroy...:

@Burn: In Photoshop, they were tracing the shapes with the Pen tool, so that they'd be vector shapes. First they enlarged the card to the size they wanted (at 1:03), then they traced the shapes (at 1:07). If they hadn't done that, it would've been a giant, pixelated mess. lol.



Nintendophile commented on 3DS Too Full of Gadgets to Make a 3DS Lite Pos...:

Really, at this point, what did you expect him to say? "Yes, we'll be releasing a better model relatively soon, so please, everyone wait to buy THAT model instead." Hehe. No, he said exactly what he was supposed to say, so that people will want to buy it NOW.



Nintendophile commented on Watch the 3DS Europe Event Live Online:

@ James Newton: I believe you're right. By going to Nintendo's official US and UK sites. The UK site has the live stream predominantly advertised, and the US site mentions nothing, so I'm assuming there's only a live stream for the UK press conference.



Nintendophile commented on 3DS Game Cards Could Reach a Mighty 8GB:

Nintendo had mentioned the possibility of wanting to release full-length 3D movies for the system. I'd imagine films could utilize that extra storage capacity. (Though I don't know about filling the full 8.)



Nintendophile commented on Mario Collection Special Pack Coming to Japan:

I really hope they add more to the disc than just what was on the original Mario All Stars. Maybe if they had the both the original NES graphics and SNES graphics versions? That'd be pretty neat. But I'm not holding my breath for Mario Land 1 & 2, Mario 64, or Mario Sunshine. (Though if it had all those, I'd be one happy camper!)



Nintendophile commented on Aya and the Cubes of Light Defies WiiWare Laws...:

Not only does the character move slowly, but it seems awfully "floaty". Her feet barely seem to be touching the ground, and they're sliding on the floor without her hardly moving at all. Perhaps this is just the set-up for a few levels?



Nintendophile commented on Great Scott! Telltale Bringing Back to the Fut...:

"Hey McFly, you bojo! This game won't work... Unless it's got POW-WAH!" lol. Couldn't resist shoe-horning a quote in. But seriously, this is epic news! I love TellTale, I love BTTF, so this seems very promising indeed! The people they have working at TellTale are very talented, (especially the writers), and if they keep the game in the same spirit as the movies, this'll be HUGE!



Nintendophile commented on Black and White are the Next Gen of Pokemon Games:

I think people are missing a key point in the write-up here: It mentions April 15th as when more INFORMATION will be revealed on the Japanese site, not when the new game will be coming out in Japan. Just because new info is coming out so soon, doesn't mean that the game will be shipping in the next few months.

Plus, HeartGold and SoulSilver are indeed remakes, and weren't meant to be considered the next chapters in the series. The last official chapters were Diamond and Pearl, and those came out quite some time ago. Looking at it that way, this comes as no surprise.



Nintendophile commented on Want Kid Icarus? Hey, Just Ask:

Take Smash Bros. Pit along with the side-scrolling levels from the story-mode in Smash Bros, make it into a full-fledged game, add a coat of Greek Mythology to the whole thing, and I'd be a happy camper. Heck, you've already got all the source code to do it!



Nintendophile commented on Reggie: Nintendo Not Considering Successor to ...:

I just don't understand why Nintendo seems so hesitant to adopt technology that others have already been using for quite some time, and that some consider an industry norm. It happened with the N64 still being cartridge based. It happened with the Gamecube not being online. And now it's the Wii not having HD. Getting Nintendo to support "new" tech is like trying to pull teeth!



Nintendophile commented on Dreambox Games Unveils its Debut Title:

Crash-landing on a strange planet? Native, tiny creatures helping you fix your damaged ship? Pointing at the screen to control the little critters? This game's story sounds vaguely familiar... cough*Pikmin*cough
lol, But seriously, the game's art style does look really good.



Nintendophile commented on Sin & Punishment 2 Coming June 7th:

Wooooo! Man, all of these great games coming out within months of each other. I'm seriously not going to be able to get them all! Crap crap crap. Why are ya doing this to me, Nintendo, WHY?! lol.



Nintendophile commented on Interviews: Bplus - Bit Man!!:

With these improvements, it seems this is really more of what I was expecting from the original version of the game. I'm glad they were able to polish it a bit more for this release, but it stinks that we might not see it over here in the states.



Nintendophile commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Turns Twenty:

It's three in the morning here, but that still counts as the night of SMB3's birthday, right? If I whip through it real fast, I could beat it before the sun comes up, in honor of all those late-night gaming sessions of my youth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Super Mario Bros. 3! You always were and always will be my favorite!



Nintendophile commented on First Impressions: Super Meat Boy - Part 2:

Commander Video is described as having a "floating jump" in the one screen cap, not unlike Princess Peach in SMB2. Perhaps the other playable characters' abilities will mirror other players in SMB2? And the character select screen in Super Meat Boy even resembles the character select screen in SMB2..... Coincidence?



Nintendophile commented on Muscle March Coming to WiiWare on Monday:

For all the guys skipping on this because they think it'd be "gay" to play it: It's the fact that all the characters are huge, over-the-top muscle bound men that MAKES IT FUNNY! The whole scenario of a bunch of burly guys running around Benny Hill style is just plain hilarious! It looks quirky, it looks entertaining, and it looks like good arcade-style fun.



Nintendophile commented on Mega Man Zero Collection Coming to DS:

I really liked these titles. I was surprised at how faithfully they recreated the Mega Man experience, and I always felt they never got the attention they fully deserved. So, I re-release would be perfect!



Nintendophile commented on Dark Void Zero Landing This Month:

@Stuffgamer1 & Corbie: The Play Choice 10 was indeed a real arcade cabinet, with some of them featuring 2 screens. (By way of adapting old two-screen Punch Out!! cabinets to Play Choice 10 cabinets.)
So, at least THAT part of the "back-story" is real. But, as for the rest, I think it's just a clever way to tie-in the past with the present.



Nintendophile commented on Its-a Me! Fungus Mario!:

Sadly, Godzilla rarely gets the recognition he so richly deserves... Godzooky, on the other hand, can rot in the special circle of Hell reserved for Scrappy-Doo, Cousin Oliver, and the rest of television's useless, annoying second bananas.
(He's a special, special boy. Ugh.)



Nintendophile commented on Its-a Me! Fungus Mario!:

@ JimLad: I, for one, would welcome our new Giant Mutated Mario overlord. I don't think he'd be a terror, but a protector. He'd be the perfect foil to Anguirus, (classic Godzilla nemesis), whom I always thought bared a striking resemblance to Bowser.
It's all in the spiny shell. Eh? Eh?



Nintendophile commented on Review: The Dynastic Hero (Virtual Console / T...:

I never had a TG16 growing up. I'm glad I'm able to get a second chance at playing these games! I was always a Mario / Zelda fan-boy in my youth, and anything side-scroller is aces in my book. I'm really enjoying these titles, along with the Bonk series.
In short: Highly Recommended.



Nintendophile commented on New Super Meat Boy Details:

I'm thinking maybe, just MAAAAYbe, one of the hidden characters might be Alien Hominid. It would fit with the indy-game theme they're going for with the hidden characters. (How cool would it be to see that lil' yellow guy again? )



Nintendophile commented on Official Nostalgia Trailer Released:

I don't want to be one to judge a book by it's cover, (i.e. Solely on the spruce of the animation), but it seems to me that usually when a game takes the effort to make hand-drawn anime for (I'm assuming) cut scenes in a game, there's probably going to be a high level of polish in the game itself. (There's certainly exceptions to this rule, but I'm just sort of making a generalized statement.)