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Thu 22nd May 2008

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Cashman3000 commented on Wii Internet Channel Now Free!:

What a worthless update for the Nintendo Internet Channel. A Flash Player 9 compatible update was desperately needed. Not Flash Player 8 compatible. I award Nintendo no points for this update and may God have mercy on their souls.



Cashman3000 commented on Wii Sales Starting to Crash?:

uh.....maybe they should market their virtual console and wiiware better. Just a thought. And release more virtual console. Okay, problem solved. Next!



Cashman3000 commented on What Nintendo games do you want to see on the ...:

Everything mentioned above please. I haven't purchased anything since Super Punchout SNES. Hopefully this column will start a trend in more first party weekly releases. Also, Wizards & Warriors...( I know its not a first party but a geek can dream.)



Cashman3000 commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

Best summed up as:
"I know that there is pain. But you hold on for one more day and break free the chains. Yeah I know that there is pain but you hold on for one more day and you break free, break from the chains..."



Cashman3000 commented on Review: Summer Games II (C64):

Seems like a random game for C64 release. And only one game for that matter. I was hoping to get Winter Games first. I used to have that on my Apple IIe. I guess I will have to wait yet another week to blow Wii points like the rest of us.



Cashman3000 commented on Beer Pong - College Drunkeness Is WiiWare Bound:

Wow people! Please take it easy on this game...I think you are all looking at this game in the wrong perspective. Especially if you are thinking:
"where's the joy in watching someone in a game get drunk?"
I think in the spirit of Wii Sports....the Wii is best played with Friends in a social gathering. With a game like this it could be fun to take on friends with beers on the side...And if its only 500 points , it might be fun.
Just a thought. Please discuss.