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Thu 9th Oct 2008

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Crazynoodle commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (20th May):

WOG is dominating!!!! I cant wait till the sequal!!!!!! I wonder how much they have sold.... Anyways, s+s is doing really well in european countries, it must have been the fact that it is so awesome looking cant wait till that comes here. And, I bought mm9 this week, so i helped contribute. It is HARD



Crazynoodle commented on Two New Swords & Soldiers Gameplay Videos!:

I dont think there is online, b/c im pretty sure they said there was none in an interveiw but u can always hope. I really want this game, it looks sick, and being able to fite ur friends wud be awesome!



Crazynoodle commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (1st Apr):

Lol the list is upside down! I thought tiki towers was first and i wonderd wat was going on. Maybe its a april fools joke, but i dont think so because the pic says goo reigns supreme. WOOT that WOG is still first, it pwns. Also.......
Edit: Dang, i thought i had first, but after i wrote my thing more comments loaded without me noticing



Crazynoodle commented on Nicalis Updates Cave Story Progress:

I have no idea what this game is, from my idea it is a platforminggame with a large story line. I always love DLC, because it adds som much more life to the game, such as endless modes, new levels, possible level editors, and so on. It alows the develepers to keep improving and adding to the game.



Crazynoodle commented on WiiWare World - Best of 2008:

Argh, to many coments to read all of them, so i will just speak. Wog is awesome and deserves to be up there. Toki tori, is a very fn puzzle game, that to me gets very hard, but still fun, so it also deserves a spot. It was the first game i got, yet i still havent beaten it. I think the list is overall pretty acurate, cant wait till what 2009 brings, if there is about 52 weeks in a year, that makes 104 new wiiware titles if it continues at this rate. I hopw more tens and nines follow in the future, and less junky titles. I wonder what will be he next WoG juggernaut



Crazynoodle commented on USA WiiWare Update: Boingz & Sudoku Challenge!:

Boings kinda looks like the ds game mario vs. dk 2 march of the minis. that was a fun but short game, but was made up for in user generated content. the gameplay to these get all peeps to the end game is usually good, so i have high hopes. i just hope that it has user made content or DLC to make up for the short 30 levels. Otherwise WERE IS MABOSHI!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!! maybe they are adding online leader boards hint hint



Crazynoodle commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

well, just b/c u guys have talked about galxy and animal crossing, are they good games? B/C ive been thinking about buying one of them. I loved super mario 64, but never played animal crossing, and dont really know what you do in it.



Crazynoodle commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (12th Nov):

what is Guitar Hero World Tour Pay and Play???? On a different note, i dont know why peeps like the maze, and my pokemon ranch. oh well. May be scince the art styles arent doing good ma bo shi will come around the corner.



Crazynoodle commented on USA WiiWare Update: Alien Crush Returns and Ho...:

The second one kinda looks cooler. Oh, i have a better title for Devils Crush 2, it is called, Devils Crush 2: The search for more money. It is shorter, and honest. JK. No devils crush 2 would be cool though, as long as it doesnt take all my blocks, has good DLC and other great stuff. Or maybe it could be a feature length retail, with awesome features as well as wii speak support, and over 8 different boards in the core game, with tons more to download. And it could have cool little minigames, like bowling for devils and other stuff. That would be cool



Crazynoodle commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (5th Nov):

Well, most of the sales arent surprising. I knew the stupid maze was gonna be up high, b/c it is a good idea, but a crappy game. Peeps uneducated in the world of wiiware(craft, lol) decided it be cool to go, after realizing it a stinker. I thought alien crush would do good however. I dont know why peeps keep getin pokemon ranch.



Crazynoodle commented on Review: Alien Crush Returns (WiiWare):

Great reveiw corbie, buti hoped that more info on the DLC was mentioned. I wonder if it is just tables, or maybe it will have extra modes too, and some other multiplayer types. Since it is free content, im hoping that it will have new content continuously maid availible. For me, if there are tons of downloadable stages, i will probaly buy, since i bore of the same ones quickly. Sounds like a great game, i also hope that the leaderboards are very competitive, with pinball, getting a mega high score can be done by novices too, so it will probaly keep changning. Im either buying this, or MaBoShi(i just wish there was a leader board for that too) if that ever comes to the US. It looks great for a wii ware game



Crazynoodle commented on New DSiWare Details Revealed:

I want the DSi to actually be different. Better graphix, and games only for DSi, then it be worked the buy. It should make a change like xbox to 360, something like that, not the same thing, b/c i dont want to buy the same thing 2 times. I have the original DS and content. I like the prospect of DS ware, it be cool.
thanks for the pick up, i was so ready for #1, the other coments hadnt loaded yet, but i to slow, 1 minute to slow