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Fri 15th Jun 2007

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Zenman commented on Prime Yourself for More Metroid:

as a metroid fanBOY (not just a fan) i say we need a new side-scrolling one, if not for the fact it would work perfectly for the wii!



Zenman commented on Zelda Gets a Makeover!:

that looks soo cool!
...sadly, i am an american
...hopefully they deside to release it in the states (and so increase their revenue)



Zenman commented on Review: A Boy and His Blob (Wii):

yep, gonna have to see if i can inveigle my parents into getting this for Christmas...nice to see developers finding ways around the wii's graphical issues



Zenman commented on Nintendo vs R4: The Lawsuit and the Snitch:

okay, time for me to get my say in. while i see what ninty is going for, i think they should pressure manufacturers to put some kind of code either in the game or in the device that prevents piracy, much like modern PC games do.
and on a similar note:
while i have had my share of semi-legal downloads (mostly game songs that were not on itunes), i have to say, i don't like the idea of pirating games; if pirating is not cracked-down on than game companies lose sales numbers, go out of buisness (potentially) and bam, the game world gets hurt...
...if you truly love your favorite game company, just buy the game, and support them, don't download it for free.



Zenman commented on Sony: We Take More Risks Than Nintendo:

the ps3 was risky! i had like, new technology that was better than the 360 with no other real revolutions
like someone else said earlier, even natal, the blatant wiimote copy, is a bigger risk than what sony has done



Zenman commented on New Wii Zelda Won't Be Radically Different, Sa...:

32. Objection_Blaster 02 Jul 2009, 16:14 GMT

Here's the revolution I want: real voice-acting.

YES!... the new character, with speculation of a physical rep. of the master sword is cool, but she will probably be another advisor buddy
@ Aenaida i agree, ganondorf can stay, but i dont wanna rescue anyone, maybe they can take a page from MP3: corruption and have like a full out war with Ganondorf or somethin.., or even a newer cooler villian
(with no letdown like Zant was)