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Mon 6th Apr 2009

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Mix commented on Wii Fit Doesn't Improve Fitness?:

I want to know what levels they were doing. I can't see not getting benefits if you're on the higher levels. At the very least you're body will be able to stretch better, which means fewer possible injuries from normal everyday movements.



Mix commented on Wii Fit Plus:

Got the update today. Love it. The best feature is the ability to make customized routines! The first Wii Fit really needed something like this.



Mix commented on Review: Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Wii):

Rented the game and loved it. I'm think I'm going to buy it and finish it. Great controls and the camera angle rarely has issues (but it does happen once in a while in tight areas). The Wii Remote really makes this game shine.



Mix commented on Review: Grand Slam Tennis (Wii):

I have to say I wish both of the tennis games were reviewed by the same person. It's hard to say if one person just isn't as good at tennis. lol



Mix commented on Shia LaBeouf Disses the Wii:

I like him fine in movies and I don't care if he doesn't like the Wii. But since he hasn't played the game on it, or maybe ever tried the Wii, he shouldn't dis it.

I have a PC for playing games the Wii for having some fun on the side and for Wii Fit.



Mix commented on Review: Animal Crossing Calculator (DSiWare):

Yeah I agree that if they made it more complex it would be great for people in school. Now if they made it a graphing calculator, that would replace TI's pretty fast. lol

Mario is cooler.



Mix commented on First Red Steel 2 In-Game Footage:

The force-feedback looks awesome. (haha) If they want me to buy a game like this I want to have free use of both the gun and blade. I heard the first game was quite restrictive, so I never played it.



Mix commented on Retail Success Eludes GTA: Chinatown Wars:

I will be buying it, eventually. I got a DSi for my wife and a few games that we play together so I'll pick it up later.

The game looks awesome and I prefer the top down game play. Also, I don't buy the pirate angle.



Mix commented on Tetris DS:

Awesome game. A must have for DS!



Mix commented on Nanostray 2:

This game has launched in the US already. I just bought it and find it quite difficult on normal setting. So far I'd have to call it 5/10, if you can find it cheap like I did then it's worth it.



Mix commented on Review: Worms: Open Warfare 2 (DS):

Looks good. One question although. How did you play against people on Wi-Fi if the game isn't released yet? I understand that there could be a bunch of reviewers/testers, but it was made to sound like there are a lot of people actually online so that you could just play.



Mix commented on Final Fantasy IV:

The original SNES box and graphics I had for this game all said FF IV. Are the in-game graphics really going to say FF II? Why would they not change it all over to IV?



Mix commented on Dr. Mario DSi:

I have the Wii version and I'll be getting the DSi version. Awesome game.



Mix commented on SimCity:

How much does this differ from SimCity Creator?



Mix commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

I had WiiWare World bookmarked as my main site for info on WiiWare games. I have to say I LOVE that it's become part of the network.

I love this website and it has an awesome design!



Mix commented on Clubhouse Games Express: Classic Cards:

The full version is one of the best DS games out there. This partial version is a great game on it's own, but I would suggest getting the whole game.