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Fri 12th Sep 2008

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Fleeman commented on Galaxy 2 Bonus DVD Detailed, Definitely Won't ...:

Honestly if they charged more because it came with the dvd then i would care but any expericened mario player is just going to pop the game in and never think twice about the dvd. I think the confusing and tough to control comment is the dumbest thing I have ever heard Mario runs and jumps it doesn't get much easier then that. I do think a new mario player might find it hard to figure out what to do when they just dump you into a new level with no idea of where to go I think if they maybe put in a tutorial world and handheld you through the first 3 stars to show you what you should be doing it would be perfect.



Fleeman commented on Red Steel 2 Blunted After Poor UK Chart Debut:

It's just the same old crap from the Europe game market, let me guess the top three games on the chart were Just Dance, Fifa 06 and Professor Layton and Mario and Sonic At The Summer games was probaly in the top 5. You can blame it on advertising all you want but the hardcore gamer that this game is directed at know when games are coming out and I'm sorry to say it but there just arn't that many hardcore gamers in Europe. This happens all the time there look at Punch Out huge bomb in Europe just over a million copies sold over 800 thousand them in North America. Same thing with Modern Warfare Reflex and World At War over a million more copies sold for WAW in NA and MWR 700 thousand copies in NA only 260 thousand for Europe. Now take any casual game for any system not just the Wii and it always sells more in Europe Little Big Planet, Mario And Sonic, Raving Rabbids. Don't believe me try this one Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games sold 12.3 million copies betwwen the DS & Wii 6.84 million just in Europe that more then Japan & North America put together but take a non casual game even from Nintendo like Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story which got great review sold really well almost 2.5 million copies just 150 thousand in Europe. Its always going to be this way and Monster Hunter 3 will be the next game it will happen to it will sell pretty well in NA and Europe will buying Mario and Sonic At The Special Olympics. Or the same damn copy of Pro Evolution Soccer with a different number on it I still can't figure out how Konami tricks you every year into to buying the same game over and over again.



Fleeman commented on Review: A Boy and His Blob (Wii):

I'm about 75% done the game and i love it and it gets pretty hard near the end I also like how can beat the challenges right away to unlock the extra's as you play. Best music player every.



Fleeman commented on Fatal Frame IV Fan Translation Almost Finished:

I wouldn't be getting your hope up to high its been at about 90% done for about 2 months now it was suppose to be done at the end of august and with all the news its getting i wouldn't be surprised if nintendo squashes it.



Fleeman commented on Stunt Cars:

it reminds me of mirco machines, man that game was awesome



Fleeman commented on Nintendo Download: 9th June 2009 (Japan):

the idea of Game Sound Station is good but would work better as a Karaoke service, if thay sold a micphone for it then just change the songs like every few weeks i think it would do really well



Fleeman commented on PS3 Outsells the Wii in Japan:

sony had three of the biggest games ever release on the ps3 last month and nintendo pretty much had nothing it like celeabrating a win when the other guy didn't show up



Fleeman commented on Sega's Let's Catch Gets OFLC Rated:

i would not be banking on game rated news to think the game is coming out Gradius Rebirth has been on the esrb since early november and its still not out so i'm holding my breath on this one