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Re: Video: Digital Foundry's Technical Analysis Of DOOM Eternal On Switch


I wish people would be patient. If anything, the delayed physical release is a blessing in disguise, because we could end up with a 32GB cartridge with EVERYTHING on it (including the upcoming DLC packs). I would much rather wait for that than have a cartridge with only the base game (and Bethesda often skimps on that too!).

Having played DOOM (2016) on Switch first, and later on PC, I found the latter to be rather underwhelming. Considering all of the limitations that the Switch is bound by, the performance of the Switch port is an astonishing technical achievement, and I imagine that DOOM Eternal is even better as it was developed alongside the other versions.

While top of the line visuals/audio is nice and all, portability/flexibility trumps all at least where games are concerned. I have spent far too much money on console games over the years that have remained unplayed because I don't have the luxury of playing in front of a TV 99% of the time (though I love the fact that I can still do that).

Considering the sorts of lo-fi games we were getting back in the day (DOOM GBA, anyone?), we truly are spoiled with the quality of games that we are getting on Switch. I am truly baffled by people who still whinge and moan about the fact that Switch versions obviously cannot match the A/V quality of other platforms. You want the best A/V presentation? Fine. Stick with PC/PS5/Xbox. Why begrudge others of choice?!

And yet people STILL buy DVDs in this day and age because the quality is "good enough". Go figure.

Ironically though, I prefer the best A/V presentation for film/TV, so I gravitate toward Blu-rays and UHDs (I refuse to download/stream), but I don't mind the visuals of games taking a hit if it means that I can play AAA games on my commute/long trips and take them to a friend's place without having to haul a bulky console.

Re: Feature: What’s The Sexiest Nintendo Console Ever?


NES Classic GBA SP for me. It looks nifty when closed, but as soon as it's open, that NES controller look at the base of the system make me think "Ooo, hey there sexy."
Runner ups: Onyx GBA SP (look sexy when closed, but too plain when opened, especially compared to the NES version), SNES New 3DS XL (love EU's different colored buttons, but the top of NA's system when closed), & the LoZ: ALBW new 2DS XL.

Re: Video: Digital Foundry's Technical Analysis Of DOOM Eternal On Switch



The resolution difference is starting to see diminishing returns. 1080>4K isn’t that much of a leap, there are bigger potential gains elsewhere. It’s why so many PC players aren’t chasing 4K, they’re emphasising higher detail at 1080/1440 and 60/120FPS.

But then as the author of the video himself says “ I can praise Panic Button's work here while knowing full well that it is best played on other systems. That's the key here - one can find such a port impressive and interesting while still acknowledging its shortcoming.”

Re: Random: Twitter Just Defeated The Water-Type Gym Leader Misty In Pokémon Red


@clvr Well, the supreme Court has many times ruled that the 1st amendment does apply in private spheres open for the public on several occasions. One example was that a private community was not allowed to throw out people going door to door with religious messages. Regardless of the 1st, the government protections against responsibility for content is also meant to make it possible for private actors to have public spheres without being liable for everything that is said there, but only in so far as they actually are neutral to the content there. This is clearly being exploited, and the only guy who wants to make this actually work as intended is incidentally the president and is being thrown out from a supposedly neutral platform. It's long beyond the time to take away their protections, at the very least, and to start serious discussions if the 1st amendment shouldn't apply also in virtual public spaces, allthough I don't think that last one is actually necessary if just the protections are removed.

Re: Soapbox: I Wasn't Going To Play Monster Hunter Rise, But The Game Art Is Too Cute


I also can't believe how adorable the promotional artwork is for MHRise! I don't usually follow game accounts on social media but now I have to follow Rise's for all the cute art!

@Kieroni The mobility of Palamutes, like traversing maps faster and sharpening/healing while riding, guarantees that Palamutes will be used more than Palicoes, unfortunately. With that said, you'll have plenty of cat people like GaijinHunter staunchly representing Palicoes in online hunts!

Re: Review: Wrestling Empire - A Love Letter To Pro Wrestling That Falls Foul Of Hilarious Bugs


@TheSmashTheorist This is way better than any stupid 2k game. You're playing games on a Switch and trashing graphics? Wrestling Empire has injuries and wrestlers can die. 2k will never add that feature to any of their games. If you've never played a MDickie game then you obviously have no idea. I'd suggest checking the demo out before passing judgment. There will be future updates to the game and content. So this 6 score will go up.