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Tue 18th Mar 2008

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Quimby commented on Nintendo are 'very impressed' with Monster Hun...:

Just went tot youtube to watch the trailer in action (and then watch a clip of Shenmue lol) and MH3 really didnt excite me at all. SMGalaxy blew me away when I first saw it, so maybe it's something to do with me liking bright colours. Shenmue still wins though...



Quimby commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

Its a point and click game for fawksake! Converting a game successfully is just as important as making a good game. Much more complex games have been brilliantly converted to ACTUALLY underpowered consoles... RoadRash - MasterSystem (My fav version), Phoenix - Atari2600, New Zealand Story - NES, Golden Axe - MD, Street Fighter Alpha 2 - SNES. Granted most of these were home ports of arcade games; but that was the bread and butter to the video games industry for a large part of it's life; there is an art to a good conversion.
I guess the old addage that only a bad musician blames his instruments is true...



Quimby commented on Scrapped House of the Dead: Overkill Artwork S...:

I wasn't a huge fan of the 'feel' of this game, but I'll take a new HOTD game anyday. Even though I usually enjoy nitpicking at the poor choices of the corporate types, I must admit the cover they chose was a decent choice. The centre one that everyone seems to like is a little tacky for me...



Quimby commented on Nintendo are 'very impressed' with Monster Hun...:

I may be a bit spoilt by the fact I havent touched my Wii since we had a fight nearly 9 months ago and I bought a 360, but I remember Shen Mue looking a touch better than this... Mind you I havent seen this in motion yet; just screen shots



Quimby commented on Rampant Speculation: What's Up With Guitar Her...:

Is it's new feture going to be a promise of no more sequels? I don't want to have to own several copies of the 'exact' same game just to play certain songs that I want. How about the make a game thats compatable with all the available dlc and just work on pumping out more dlc...



Quimby commented on Nintendo Download: Alex Kidd, Secret Command a...:

The day Nintendo let us send at least some of our vc games to the DSi is the day I buy one (MS/GG, NES, TG16, & some MD&SNES games should be ok)
Till then I will stick with my original DS 'cause I NEED my GBA slot for Street Fighter Alpha 3.
I dont need to "actually look like an alien" in the meantime... - Worst comercial EVER!!! This is the UK version and even though they had an australian ad, they still felt the need to play it in Australia (more than the native one!?)



Quimby commented on Review: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (DS):

I am a huge fan of the advance wars series (not battalion wars though) and this game really is the best so far. The tone actually helps the story to be interesting and involving and the range of new vehicles really compliment the game nicely. I havent bought a new ds game since... theres no point. I have AW:DoR in my DS slot and Street Fighter Alpha 3 in my GBA slot. Heaven.



Quimby commented on Modern Games Get a NES Makeover:

Thats sweet! I have been bored recently so I thinks I might try my hand at making some deliberately retro games and see if I can make them sweet while sticking fairly close too an imagined NES's capabilities.



Quimby commented on April Fool Jokes – The Dust Settles:

Im still waiting for my VirtualBoy channel on Wiiware...
I have been saving 2000 points for a year now so I can grab me some sweet sweet Wario flavoured candy in my own personal red light district.
Wario was sweet before he started with his gay little minigame BS...
"Drink the water!" How bout no, arseh*le - Blow me.
I personally blame him for the abomination that is Wii Music.... If there was a god, he/she would be so pissed! He'd be all " HEY, IWATA... WHAT THE HELL? I MEAN THE DRUM THING WAS PRETTY SWEET, BUT DUDE... NOT COOL." in a suitably deep and booming voice.
What was I talking about? Ah, who cares. Im going to bed. Only 2 hours more sleep till I get to go to work. Yay!



Quimby commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

Its strange... I agree with all these new changes and it makes total total sense to me (enough to type it twice), But I just cant get used to it.
Better change it back just in case...
Ian Daemon was right (way way up there before I got bored of reading comments) you really are putting all your eggs in one basket. You know thats the quickest way to get an omlette... Luckily I love omlettes (nobody correct my speeling of omlette, Im too tired)



Quimby commented on Cocoto Platform Jumper:

An interesting concept for a platformer; a 3D Rainbow Islands (Bubble Bobble 2) that rotates like a tube... I like the idea, but its cocoto.
I got burnt by the fishing game so Ill pass.



Quimby commented on USA VC Update: MUSHA:

Sweet game for the US... but seeing as Nintendo have been begging me for months to buy a 360, I must oblige.
I just cant get my head around them not putting more effort into vc when there are no stand out wii titles coming out anytime soon.
The americans here seem to have become comfortable with 1 game weeks now, but I cant do with 1 game a fortnight.
What I can do with is some sweet sweet Dead Rising. mmmm..
(Too bad the 360 D-Pad sucks all over the place though - No Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix for me)
I'll keep an eye on the VC but Im not buying anymore "just in case" points... I picked up Orbital on wiiware to kill my remaining points.



Quimby commented on EA's Moore Perplexed by World of Goo Success:

@Alexsays - You guys crack me up. Im sure you are both right.
Reading through your list of improvements I couldnt really see anything in there that I would even care about, let alone understand.
You are obviously a massive sports nut and love to emulate your favourite teams as closely as possible to what you just watched on tv. But to your average gamer, the ability to play teams that are updated every 20 seconds to take into account injuries, trades, restructuring, and ego conflicts just isnt very important. When I play a sports game, chances are I know very little about each individual player in my virtual team so I couldnt give a flying toss if player A is sleeping with player Bs wife and player C is a little bi-curious, I just want to play some sport. The only real objection I have is that EA does the yearly update thing with any game that had any kind of success. its a bit rediculous when they advertise WBL Lawn Bowling Championship 2015 goes on sale 10/3/09 with new feature that corrects the hair colour of Mavis Beatty as she dies it a different colour each week.



Quimby commented on Review: Tiki Towers (WiiWare):

This sounds like my kind of game. I was looking at WOG, but it like the sound of managing the load on a flimsy yet solid structure more than a wobbly bendy one.
When does it come out in EU?



Quimby commented on USA VC Update: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master Sy...:

Im with Mike - Wiiware has been a major let down for me...
Too much shovelware crap. Time to step it up with the vc. Where are all the N64 classics? We have a handfull, but come on! Bring on Air Boarder 64, Fighters Destiny, South Park, Superman 64 (he he).
Or if Nintendo are running out of games, I think SEGA might be interested in pimping out some of thier Saturn gems. Fighters Megamix, NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon.
ahhh.... oh well.



Quimby commented on EU VC Update: Metal Slug 2, Forgotten Worlds a...:

Whats with all the Metal Slug 2 bashing? Yeah, Metal Slug X may be technically superior, but 2 is just so much more fun! Most of the changes to game play just served to annoy me. Mummy dogs and those stupid sliding missile things? no thanks. It was always a downer when accidently picking up the sliding missiles, because they are so damn useless.



Quimby commented on Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure:

@Longtimegamer -
I dont think thomas was saying that conker's toilet humour was and better or worse than boogerman's, just that if he were to play a game to enjoy said humour, he would rather go with conker.
I totally agree, boogerman is a relic from the time when every other game was a 2d platformer cast from a mould, where as Conker is a true master-piece (Live&Reloaded is my all time favourite game - I would dread to think how much time I have spent with it.).
My thoughts on Boogerman however is a solid meh. It's not a bad game, but the humour doesnt interest me enough to make me play what is otherwise a very standard platformer.



Quimby commented on Hori Announces New Classic Controller For Japan:

Ohhh. All those buttons and switches... It's just too bad that the GC controller was an abomination. (Ugly, uncomfortable, AND counter-intuitive... It had it all)
I want a controller with 6 face buttons! (MD... duh)



Quimby commented on Hands On With SnakeByte's Wireless Retro Contr...:

So... it sends the signal wirelessly to the wiimote, which then in turn sends the data wirelessly to the wii. So you still need to touch the wiimote before playing your VC games wirelessly... Then who gives a crap if the classic controller is wired. Chances are that when you turn the wii on and pick your favourite gaming gem, that you will place the wiimote down well within the range of the cord anyway.
Also: Its UGLY!



Quimby commented on USA VC Update: Forgotten Worlds and Space Inva...:

I just don't see why Nintendo (or probably Taito) choose to release the SNES invaders... Surely the NES version would suffice and probably sell much better due to the more acceptable price. It was the bomb on the Atari, good on the NES, but unnecessary on the SNES.
Added: And Saturday Night Slam Masters please Capcom. (Mega-Drive version with the alternate colour schemes and death-match mode... Too bad it doesnt have the royal rumble mode though )



Quimby commented on Midnight Bowling:

I would have steered well clear of this title had I ot take a chance with midight pool. I am keen to see what gameloft can do with the midight IP



Quimby commented on Review: Midnight Pool (WiiWare):

I am so very stoked with this game. Online or not, it is a solid, polished, and very well rounded title. This is one of the two wiiware titles out of all I have downloaded that I didnt regret. 5 Star effort from Gameloft.



Quimby commented on EU WiiWare Update: Plättchen, Bomberman Blast...:

Whats with all the awesome games recently? Do Re Mi, SMRPG, Bomberman, Midnight pool.... Im just pissed that I gave up on finding any worth-while games awhile ago and blew all my spare points on utter crap like cocoto. I had to run out and buy a card after SMRPG came out but I'm now torn on how to spend the remainder.... Do Re Mi, or Pool?



Quimby commented on A Look Inside The Mega Man Boutique:

I really hope this game goes well...
I dont like MM at all, but if it sells then maybe some of capcoms better games will get the same treatment.
Kings Knight anybody?



Quimby commented on My Aquarium:

Well, is this is your cup of tea... enjoy.
I have endless ocean already (it wasnt all that endless) and the fish tank sim sucked. I think I'll pass.....



Quimby commented on Top 10 Racing Games We Want To Come To The Vir...:

Does anyone remember Street Racers on the SNES? It was a 'innovative' (read: crap) take on Mario Kart where you got powerups (depending on which kart you picked - for instance there was the red barron who drove a plane that flew when powered up) while you raced and had a bizzare soccer mode. (You play soccer in carts!?!). The game sucked, but it's heart was in the right place. I played it for ages.... and then returned it to the rental store.



Quimby commented on EU VC Releases - 11th July - Neo Geo Duo:

What was the point of releasing the Master System on VC??? Demon was right with the expect disappointment thing. The only reason I check the VC releases anymore is Saturday Night Slam Masters, Super Punchout, WindJammers, Puzzle Bubble, and the SMS version of Populous. That would be sweet. WIIWARE BLOWS... except for LostWinds
I suspect Nintendo is up to something special. They might have only released 2 games this fortnight in preparation for releasing somthing in particular in 2 weeks. I reckon its going to be...
more of the same boring crap, because they hate us seems to be a pattern that when it looks like thier about to screw us, they do. Nintendo could at least give us a kiss while they do us or cuddle us after.



Quimby commented on USA WiiWare Update: Magnetica Twist:

@KnucklesSonic - I'm with you on the bongo racing thing. I decided to not buy that game because of it.... grumble, grumble. Still, I do have Jungle Beats (wicked).
Magnetica looks kinda meh. If you know what I mean. I hate 1 game weeks. Does anyone remember looking forward to VC update day? just a memory now



Quimby commented on Drake's Ratings Roundup - June 2008:

I would love for Super Mario RPG to be exclusive to Australia... at least for a little while so I can gloat. I'm sick of getting the same games as EU but not getting C64 titles. I want IK+...



Quimby commented on EU VC Releases - 27th June - Super Fantasy Zone:

@ Rapidash6 (quite a while ago in the convo)
Everyone gets a good deal here according to you, but what about us Aussies? We get the exact same releases as Europe, without the C64 games... So are we allowed to bitch?



Quimby commented on Review: Gyrostarr:

Sounds like 700 points may be the perfect score for this one then...
Might pick it up if I bother getting more points (I got pissed off at Ninty and blew all my points in reserve to teach them a lesson )
One thing I gotta ask though, can you save or is it a 'real arcade experience' like Sonic the Hedgehog? (Where you start from the start each time you play) If so, how long do levels take to complete?



Quimby commented on Microsoft Befuddled by WiiWare:

Ah... Some excellent points made all through this topic. Except for konkerdoodle... what!?
All and all, from a developers standpoint, I would go for XNA.
As Tim said, at least they would have the chance to fail.
And for all those arguing that Nintendos established only policy filtering out crap, there are hundreds of developers currently doing "It's not an add, it's a game based on (blank)" promotional games on mobile phones that would easily meet Nintys requirements and I fear they will come running to WW.
Major League Eating anyone?
And Zombiefrank is right, its time we gave up the age old fanboy Wii/360 console wars and agree that it doesnt really matter as long as the games are fun and as long as you don't play a Playstation machine.



Quimby commented on 1080 Snowboarding Developer Working on WiiWare...:

Giles Godard is a very important person in Nintendo-land.
From memory he was working for argonaut games and deveoped a 3d engine for the NES called starglider. Nintendo had no idea about how to "do" 3D so they grabbed argonaut to show them with Starfox (remember that?), Stunt Race FX and some others.
I trust him with the balance board.



Quimby commented on Fischer Completes Spectacular U-Turn On Wii St...:

Hal: Unfortunately I think you are spot on.
How about an update that detects when we are complaining about Nintendo and punishes us approprietly.
All credit to Nintendo for not disguising thier update though. "Click here to permanently kill the Wii homebrew scene" and then following it with "And now you can do some other useless crap with your miis." Awesome.



Quimby commented on OFLC Update - Super Mario RPG On Its Way To Eu...:

Wow, this forum is getting huge! Awesome.
I will partially forgive Nintendo ang download this game. I like my RPGs to be a bit easier, Like PM2 (my favourite) or shining force, for the simple fact that I hate level grinding (Didn't mind too much in Pok'e'mon).
I own baten kaitos, but really cant get into it.
@Nate - It is worth buying an old second hand XBOX for Conker:Reloaded. If they release Conker 360 then I will buy an XBOX 360 (for that, Viva Pinata, and GTA4)



Quimby commented on Nebulus:

Unacceptable rating. Three stars? Which type of bull is that? Nebulus is a dull puzzle game with craptastic "3d"-graphics. No question about. Skip it!

Sorry - I couldn't help myself, I don't know why. I have never played this game, but it looks a bit bland... but what do I know?



Quimby commented on EU VC Releases - 13th June - The Last Ninja 2,...:

I love how a week ago, people here hated Nintendo, but NOW everyone's like, "Aww, it's okay! C'mere and let me hug ya! Wub yooo..."
Only 1 decent-ish game for us aussies, and even that is very dated.
I'm still not talking to Nintendo.
To change my mind, I need Super PunchOut, Diddy Kong Racing/ Donkey Kong 64 (what? there are already Rare games on the VC), or some more little surprises from the 64.
Also an Australian exclusive VC channel would be nice, just so we can rub it in all the rest of your faces. Virtual Boy would do (Complete with 3D glasses) as we never got to get our hands on it the first time round. Apparently the VB had some games that were so awesome that they would make your head hurt. Rad.



Quimby commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

I wonder if people are this pissy about the storage problem in Japan.
I know Nintendo hates us, but if there are the same issues being raised there, we may have a chance.
@Palgamer - Thanks, I don't like much anime, but I am obsessive about my games... and spend a lot of money on them. But I guess Fischer is right. I should grow up... I just wonder what he is going to do for a job after we grow up? Poor guy.
@Tim - do it here, I enjoy your rants



Quimby commented on Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The...:

@Coire - shenanigans.
Well, as I have been ranting about recently, if Nintendo doesn't pick up their customer service by December, Fischer will get his wish.
(I'm going to get an Xbox and keep my wii for the VC games I already own. I already gifted away the last of my residual VC points so I wouldn't have to be disappointed every Friday.)
Also to recap my post on this news post on the Wiiware site, Fischer is a douche.



Quimby commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

Umm.. that guys a dick. I don't like him, can we just consolidate with NOA, have Reggie lead it and call it Nintendo of Everywhere that isn't Japan?
At least then we could have simultaneous VC and Wiiware releases.
And what the hell is an Otaku?... Am I one?
I think Mr. Fischer might be a bit too metro for his own good.



Quimby commented on Nintendo Working On USB Devices – HDD Possible?:

Sweet, nice snooping Dazza.
Personally, I don't care why Nintendo is hiring for this position, whether it be USB HD, Wireless USB keyboard, or some other more creative peripheral, either way it would be sweet.
@Manicfatty - I seem to remember you and Atlantis 1982 having a nice little fight about this awhile ago... does this mean you win?



Quimby commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

@cooldeud - The Colour TV Game series don't really count as they were dedicated systems with one game each (Pong, Breakout, Racing, and Othello I think) so they are not really consoles per se, and the Virtual boy had both Wario Land and Mario clash. lol
I'm glad to hear SSBB is worth the wait 'cause its been a hell of a wait.
And with the XBOX 360 thing, I also have a missus and son wanting money so having two consoles kinda draws that little bit more, although the missus wouldn't mind Viva Pinata.
Super Mario Land as a series was pretty crap. How about an extension of New Mario Bros.?



Quimby commented on Review: LostWinds:

@Strade - I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this game as I think it maybe the best thing to hit the Wii in a long time.That just goes to show how varied peoples gaming preferences can be. Have you tried this game as a speed run?