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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Olimar_91 commented on Flipnote Studio available for download in Nort...:

Nice. Already downloaded.

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Olimar_91 commented on Talking Point: Bit Boy!! Took 50 Times More Wo...:

If what Wiiboy says is true, then my sympathies for having a statement twisted.

Hopefully this sort of immaturity didn't happen. I'd like to believe that.

In any case, I can't say I'm a huge Bplus fan, but maybe one day they'll knock my socks off. I'll eagerly await it.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):


I really don't see why you feel the need to defend them. Doogle may have it in for them (who knows) but it's no better to aimlessly defend them.

Their reputation is definitely shaky. Plattchen was widely criticized, and now Bit Boy is receiving some backlash. That doesn't mean they're a bad developer of course, a lot of people enjoyed those games as well as Nikki. But at the same time you really shouldn't be surprised if someone has a different opinion about them than you.

Reviews are not the law on a games worth, if people want to try bit Boy they still can. Even if you disagree with the opinions or even the facts you have to realize the purpose of a review. You simply cannot please everyone with your take on a game. If you had written the article you may have recieved some backlash if someone had bought it and thought they wasted their points.

Just something to think about.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

For all of those criticizing the article, please consider what you're saying. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even if yours is the polar opposite of the journalist, it doesn't matter. As long as the reviewer is being fair in the critique I see no reason to lash out. Now, whether or not someone is being fair is up for debate, but ultimately the best course of action is to accept the viewpoint of someone else even if you disagree.

To say the review is "wrong" is just ridiculous. An opinion can't be wrong, only a fact. Whether the game is good or not, there are no facts, it's all opinion. So even if you disagree it is still "right" as long as it falls in line with the opinion of the writer.

Anyway that's my two cents. I don't want to comment on the game itself as I haven't played it, but I won't stand by and see a fellow writer get lashed out on because someone doesn't agree with his opinion.

Ah well.



Olimar_91 commented on Brutal Legend Wii Cancelled:

So basically a rumor on top of a rumor? It was never confirmed for Wii in the first place, so why bother rumoring it's been canceled? Just diffuse the old rumor and leave it at that. I guess that would be too easy.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Reel Fishing Challenge (WiiWare):

Thanks for the compliment KnucklesSonic8! =)
Unfortunately I didn't get to play Cocoto Fishing Master. I say it's unfortunate not because I want to play it (D:) but because it would have been nice for comparisons sake. I'd venture to say though that this one is the better of the two.



Olimar_91 commented on Nintendo Download: Fantasies, Fishing, Warfare...:

Not a bad week. I'm still pleased that we're getting so many Wiiware games each week, gives you some variety to chose from.

If only the VC would pickup.

DSiware at its current rate makes sense, as I doubt there is a huge line-up of games on the waiting list as it stands.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: SimEarth: The Living Planet (Virtual C...:

@Legend Mariod

The premise is kinda-sorta similar to Spore - also a Maxis/Will Wright game. The big difference is that you're seeing a whole planet progress in this game, while Spore is about seeing a species progress. And of course, the gameplay is quite different.... Well, maybe they aren't that similar, but it's a passable spiritual successor I guess.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: SimEarth: The Living Planet (Virtual C...:


Surprised by how high, or by how low it is? I had a tough time concluding on this one, because I was actually kind of getting into it (even though it dragged along). But it was hard to get sucked in with the visuals in their current state. I'm curious to see a different opinion though, higher or lower.



Olimar_91 commented on Nintendo Download: Drill Sergeants, Puzzles, G...:

First impressions of SimEarth... Wow this game is daunting! Pair that with long load times, very simple graphics, and talking planet introductions and you have a quick summery of what I've seen so far.

I'm hoping things turn up from here.

Anyway, expect my full review on the site soon. 0:



Olimar_91 commented on Tamodachi Collection has a Strong First Day:

The Infinite Space pics came up because it was listed as a related game. It's not connected with the story game, but it was mentioned in the article and I assume NLife doesn't have a listing for the actual game yet.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Eduardo the Samurai Toaster (WiiWare):


I didn't mention it because I didn't use it a lot. I guess later on I may find it necessary but in my playing time I didn't see that it was essential to succeeding. I'll have to play some more and experiment with the mechanic.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Mario Clock (DSiWare):

I can understand Nintendo releasing these as downloadable items, but I can't understand why they're charging for them. They really aught to be in the free section, it's getting pretty lonely in there.



Olimar_91 commented on Nintendo Download: Toasters, Rainbows, Catchin...:

For someone looking for a brighter Eddy impression, I'm having a blast with it so far. Not sure what the guy far above me was speaking of about 1 music track, there's quite a few and all of them are very snazzy. The graphics are also quite nice.

It is a bit repetitive but most shooters are.

Anyway I'm writing up the full review for you guys, but definitely don't hold back because of one or two negative feedback's, it's a pretty decent game and well worth 8 bucks, especially if you have friends to play it with.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Art Style: PiCTOBiTS (DSiWare):


I think Art Style Rotohex had some multiplayer if I'm not mistaken. So far no DSiWare games support it though, unless it's via one handheld. Unsurprising that this one didn't have it, but still worth noting I guess.

But you're right, it's still well worth it without multiplayer.



Olimar_91 commented on Check Out Some Final Fantasy IV: The After Yea...:


As ridiculous as $45 seems for this game in full, technically Strong Bad costs $50 in total, so I suppose it's not too obscene. Still, I'm hoping for something like a 500 point initial charge and 200 point DLC chapters after that. That would round everything into about $21 total, which isn't bad.

Anyway, we'll see what happens. The game looks great, but the cost could kill it for me.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Little King's Story (Wii):

Why must we have to wait so long! =(

Excellent review, and another excellent feedback for LKS. Anything that has something in common with Pikmin is OK in my book.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Dr. Mario Express (DSiWare):

Normally I'd leap head first at a new Dr. Mario, but considering I own Online Rx and that I rarely take my DS with me on travels, it seems like a waste.

For everyone else though, it's good news.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Magnetica (DS):

I wanted to get the Wiiware version of this, but the controls turned me off. Seems like a solid game on the DS however.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Crystal Defenders R1 (WiiWare):


I'm a pretty good chunk in at a couple hours of play. I'd estimate that I could finish within 4-5 hours. The length is strengthened by the score system though. There's a certain appeal of beating a level with minimal defense. With that considered I think the game could definitely last longer.



Olimar_91 commented on Review: Crystal Defenders R1 (WiiWare):


I'm afraid I haven't played the other versions, so comparisons would only be going by word of mouth. And I certainly didn't want to include misinformation if I could help it.

Perhaps the fact that this is the only version I've played had an effect on my overall opinion. Honestly, I think it's a pretty decent game, and I'll stand by the 7 - which represents a "good" game.