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Sat 10th May 2008

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HOT-ROD commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

Plants VS Zombies, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Peggle, Squareball, Osmos, StarDefense, Flight Control, Fling, Game Dev Story, Spider, and Paper Ninja are the games I have paid for on my ipod touch. They're awesome and all under 5 bucks! Don't get me started on the free games I got as well (Yes some are multiplatform, but are cheaper on iOS).
Now, you're not gonna get an experience like you would with a ds cartridge game, but for ONE DOLLAR, you can get hours and hours of gameplay out of your idevice. It just shows that the two platforms are very different beasts. But right now, the itouch is my main gaming platform just because the games are affordable and fun. Don't let it fool you though, becuase I love my dsi a lot! (999 was my latest conquest =D) I just love finding new experiences on my itouch too.
But you can't argue that you would rather pay 5 bucks for a piece of crap than 1 dollar for a great experience. If nintendo wanted to back the prices, then make a game worth downloading. Otherwise, I will stick with the cartridges when the time calls for it, or keep laying my itouch over the dsiware.



HOT-ROD commented on WiiWare Needs More Exposure, Says Former XBLA ...:

What needs to be done is incorporate the shop channel with the dashboard. It would be nice to see what updates are available from the get-go. I love getting on my 360 to see a whole bunch of games advertised. I think Live is amazing for getting games out there. After week 1 on wiiware, those games get buried with every other wiiware game. It's a huge downer.
It makes no difference to me, honestly. I use this site to look up my games, but to the average wii user, it would be nice to see what is new right when the system is turned on.



HOT-ROD commented on Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! - First Screenshots:

I tried to get the Punch Out download, but everytime I clicked the order button it said there was a problem. So it looks like i reached platinum for nothing =/
I don't want the stupid hat! =/



HOT-ROD commented on Review: Eduardo the Samurai Toaster (WiiWare):

Playing the game, I can see why it wasn't amazing. I agree with the score it got on both here, and ign. It really depends on how u feel about it. But at 8 dollars, it really is nothing. I can skip dinner to afford to pay for this game. So it is definitely worth my points. I just think the content needs to be upped a ton for Semnat's next game =) Good luck, and damn decent job.



HOT-ROD commented on Review: Eduardo the Samurai Toaster (WiiWare):

Here is the thing. You can go see a movie for 9 bucks where I'm from. With those nine dollars, you get a 2 hour or less experience, and then it's over. Here, you get a 2 hour plus experience. You keep the game forever and can always come back to it. 8 bucks is really cheap. I think this game should be bought. I don't see much risk in spending 8 bucks on a decent game.



HOT-ROD commented on Review: Eduardo the Samurai Toaster (WiiWare):

It isn't as positive as I had hoped, but I am still considering it. I like the effort, and love the art. When I think of a game I can enjoy, I really just want something fun to play. The game, despite the repetitiveness, looks fun. I just feel like I could find something better with more bang for my buck. But I really want to support Semnat, and hope that they keep trying to make good games. If I were the team for Semnat, I would use the criticism and just go balls out on another game. Give the people what they want. Trust me, it will work.
But I still may buy this game =)



HOT-ROD commented on Review: Asphalt 4: Elite Racing (DSiWare):

I might have to just get it on ipod touch, just because it's better quality. I just want a good exclusive dsi game. Mighty Flip Champs is the only good one. This looks fine, but I can get it on ipod touch for better quality.



HOT-ROD commented on Turtles In Time Remake No Longer Coming To Wii...:

Honestly, if I was ubisoft or konami, i would prefer xbla or psn over wiiware. Xbox Live promotes the games so well, and gives it a ton of recognition. After a week of being on wiiware, most games are never seen or heard about again. Xbox and PSN are better systems for downloadable content, and thats that. It sucks because I personally like Nintendo more, but Microsoft and Sony are better downloadable platforms in my opinion. So its not a huge surprise to me that this game is not going to wiiware. It sucks, but it is not that shocking. But I still have my fingers crossed.



HOT-ROD commented on Zelda: Spirit Tracks To Appeal To a Wider Age ...:

I do agree that Zelda games have gotten a lot easier. I remember being slightly intimidated by bosses and dungeons in Ocorana and Majora. Now, it's no big deal and the bosses only take a few minutes to beat. Same goes for dungeons and gameplay. It's real easy. But that being said, it is still really fun, and I loved Phantom Hourglass. Gameplay was great, and I had a fun time playing it. I will buy spirit tracks for that reason. It is still fun and adventuring. Zelda is still one of my favorite IPs.



HOT-ROD commented on Rampant Speculation: What's Nintendo Showing Off?:

I think it will be a mario game, since Nintendo was quoted telling stores to reserve more shelf space. The only games that would do this would be either a Mario game or Wii _____. Zelda I am pretty sure won't happen. F-Zero, Star Fox, Pikmin 3, any of those won't sell enough to demand more shelf space. Honestly, it is tough to say. I personally hope for a new legit donkey kong game =)



HOT-ROD commented on Official Furry Legends Gameplay Trailer:

Looks great Gamelion. Graphics are sharp and gameplay looks pretty crisp. I'm a solid platform game fan, so I have high hopes on this. Keep up the good work, and I hope for a good review.
And nice mascot lol.



HOT-ROD commented on Nintendo Download: DSiWare Launch Games and Ma...:

This a***** stole my majora's mask game from me about a year after it came out on N64. I beat everything there was to beat, and I was just about to get the mask that gets Deiti Link, then the game was gone forever.
Haven't played it since, so I will be buying Majora for sure when it releases in US.



HOT-ROD commented on Review: Banjo-Kazooie (N64):

Loved this game since day 1. I am now replaying it on XBLA, and am almost done. Lol I still remember where all the jiggies are haha, so I am flying through the game.
Great review man =)



HOT-ROD commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

Great job. It's nice to only have one bookmark lol.
It also feels good to see the sites evolve from the beginning.
I accidentally found VC Reviews a couple years ago, and then I was with WWW since the beginning of that. Love them both as simple sites, and it's kinda nice to see the evolution into something new. Thanks guys, and keep up the great work.



HOT-ROD commented on Luc Bernard Is Back With New Studio, Oyaji Games:

Lol I really hope Eternity's Child is good. It's been so long since its announcement and almost seems like it will be a huge deal. There is hype that I hope it lives up to. It looks great, but I hope it plays great.
Otherwise, it's good to hear he is back in the game business =D



HOT-ROD commented on DSiWare: Pre-release Roundup:

They look like interesting games, but it seems similar to the app store on the iphone, which seems slightly better to me. I like what I see, but I might have to wait for something great to happen to it, like new updates, and dsiware games that are more than just microgames.
So basically it has my interest, but I will have to wait till they do more with it. Or until a severe price drop.



HOT-ROD commented on Night Game - New Game Play Video:

It looks pretty cool. Simple yet unique. I really like the relaxing guitar theme played in the video, it sounded nice. It looks like a fun unique and chill game. Definitely on my top games list =D



HOT-ROD commented on USA WiiWare Update: Onslaught:

Just got Onslaught! The game is pretty sweet. Well worth 10 dollars and it is pretty awesome. Only grudge against it is repetitiveness, and not best quality presentation. But then again, it is a wiiware title, so I can forgive. Controls are great, and there are lots of things to shoot at! Download Onslaught, it is VERY much worth it!



HOT-ROD commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

Not only a downloadable wiiware fps, but an actual good fps on wii. This is great. I am very excited for this to land in the US!!
Europe, I am very jealous =)



HOT-ROD commented on Eduardo the Samurai Toaster:

4 player multiplayer, awesome run and gun action, SAMURAI TOASTERS!!!, what more can a man want in a downloadable game?!
This is the quirky game I've been waiting for, so thank you Semnat, for helping along such a great and fun idea.
I hope the game gets a great review, and I will be one of the first to buy =)
Don't let me down Semnat!!!



HOT-ROD commented on Animales de la Muerte Officially NOT Coming To...:

That sucks. This game looked pretty fun =/
Well if it goes to full disc retail, maybe they can add a TON of extra content, plus a cheaper price tag than other wii disc games. I would pay around $20 or $30 for this game if they add enough content, and it is actually good.



HOT-ROD commented on Eduardo the Samurai Toaster - First Look Video:

@Supermarioman: Lol dude, this game looks awesome. It has a unique and non repetitive graphic style. All the levels showed in the trailer looked cool and original. I understand if a shooter game is not your cup of tea, but it is totally NOT a parody game. The developer even said so, responding to your earlier post lol.
Honestly, if you are that skeptical, wait before you get upset over this "parody game" (clearly it isn't) and wait for the review =D



HOT-ROD commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (20th August):

The reason Toki Tori isn't selling is because it looks like a stupid game. Who wants to play a game with a with a weird cartoon bird. In reality the game is fun as heck, Its one of the best on wiiware. Its basically people judging a book by its cover. If I didn't read these reviews, I wouldn't have given the game a chance.



HOT-ROD commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

It is getting ridiculous. I've deleted a few more games for LostWinds, and now I have to delete even more for ffcc. I really like the ones I have, and the NES ones won't make much of a difference. I probably have to delete free channels, but my family likes using them. So at the moment I have $15 waiting on ffcc, but have yet to download it because I CAN'T. It is really getting on my nerves, and something needs to be done, especially since nintendo obviously will lose business because of this. They have nothing to lose by finding a simple solution, like playing off an SD card.



HOT-ROD commented on North American WiiWare launch games:

I think it looks like a great launch. There are already four games in it that I want. I'm really freakin excited. LostWinds is at the top of my list baby!