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Wii Sports Club: Tennis Review

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

What the deuce?

Way back at E3 2011, in that Wii U reveal that rather bizarrely confused half of those watching, Nintendo showed remixes of Wii Sports events that showed the GamePad being utilised in creative ways. It's perhaps surprising that over two years after that visual demo, we're just now seeing the iconic Wii pack-in make its way to Nintendo's latest system, and Wii Sports Club: Tennis is the title which potentially utilises the new hardware the least. There are enhancements served up, however, which aim to take the fun but throwaway waggle of the original and apply a little more complexity and longevity.

The most important change with this new iteration is the adoption of Wii MotionPlus controls, with the more accurate controller being mandatory to play. The greater sensitivity and range of strokes is applied reasonably well, with lob shots, top-spin and back-spin applied along with greater control over direction. The new move-set is undoubtedly challenging to master, though that's to be expected, and moments where we felt the input and response weren't a match were — in hindsight — mostly down to our own sloppy swings. A forceful swing (remember that wrist-strap, for the sake of your TV screen) will actually register with a more powerful hit, for example, so waggling your way to victory is off the cards.

Overall, we feel that Nintendo's done a solid job with the controls, with the only downside being that over-sensitivity can occasionally prompt a swing while, for example, trying to setup a lob. They're not absolutely perfect, and though rare there are moments where the controls genuinely misbehave, while the spin on the ball — applied with a twist of the wrist — can feel negligible.

To Nintendo's credit it has added some fun challenges to help you grasp the new controls, named 'Skill Shapers'. Ring Master is self-explanatory, as you accumulate points by accurately targeting your shots and, if you're feeling clever, the occasional lob. Mole Commotion is the weakest of the three offerings, as you smash the ball at multiple pop-up moles worth different point values; while you can technically aim for more awkward 3-point critters, the best tactic is to simply hit the ball hard and hope a kind bounce will accumulate multiple hits. Duck Dash is a clever inclusion, as it encourages you to move your shots around the court, so provides useful training for real matches.

In terms of actual matches there's Single and Local multiplayer, of course, adopting largely the same setup as the original. Your player level can be increased when taking on the computer AI — as it does in online games — and whether you play solo or with a friend every match is Doubles; this is probably to account for the slow moving Mii characters. The gameplay as a whole is still pedestrian and you simply focus on playing shots as you're automatically manoeuvred around the court, with forehand or backhand choice being the extent of the control over your Mii's movement. That slow tempo is understandable, especially as these are designed to be the most accessible games available, and with the newly precise controls the occasional fast serve is about as intense as it gets. Playing with friends is still oddly compelling and fun, despite this low-tempo simplicity.

The other major additions to this entry are the online features, though these are occasionally smashed into the net. Online multiplayer, which consists of first-to-seven-points single matches, supports playing with Everyone in your region, those in your Club — which we'll get to shortly — or Friends. Bizarrely, setting up a match with those on your Friend List is annoyingly fiddly and imprecise. Even when in phone conversation with our test subjects we struggled to hook up, possibly due to the clunky interface. There's a "waiting area" where you can see those awaiting matches, and then you can enter the area yourself so visible to others. When both in the pre-match warm-up the game wouldn't connect us, and it felt by chance that after failing to connect we'd then see the other in the first lobby screen.

It then becomes a rush to select that player, as you only sit in the pre-match warm-up connection screen for around a minute before being told no games are available. As the system somehow couldn't see us both warming up and put us into a game together, getting kicked out to the opening lobby to select the other is the only way we could get it to work; they weren't always visible though, so it almost defies logic. Of course, after our game we couldn't simply select to have a rematch, but had to start the whole process again (Reviewer's update: while no rematch is possible in general online play, it appears to be in a Friends match, which we missed; this has no ultimate bearing on the overall score or assessment of the game). It also seems that the choice of single or local co-op restricts the match-ups even in this mode, so our friends had to play this lonesome reviewer one at a time, after navigating the tiresome process. Perhaps they're early growing pains with the online setup, but playing a Friend was unacceptably clunky.

Playing random online matches is infinitely easier. In fact, we'd barely hit Start and begin to gear up when we'd be dropped into a match; it's at once a wonderful and frustrating experience to finally play Wii Tennis online. We'd say around a third of our matches were butter-smooth, enjoyable contests, another third were a tad laggy but workable, and the final third had a connection so poor that it was a waste of time. The Miiverse messages that periodically pop up on the GamePad screen — not that you're really looking at it often — suggest others have had similar problems, and considering the simplicity of this game it's an undoubted disappointment. It really is a lot of fun when a lag-free match comes along, so the inability to simply opt for a rematch is curious; after each match you can only quit or go back to online game selection.

While online play is hit and miss, Nintendo's done a rather good job with its Miiverse integration and 'Club' feature. The latter is an integral part of initial setup, as you choose your region that you'd like to represent; there's a permanent leaderboard showing the top-performing regional communities. You can also use Miiverse in multiple ways — there are standard posts, Pep Talk messages that appear on clubmates' screen in single player to encourage them, and in-game calls. There are presets, but if you post to Miiverse (where they're moderated) you can create your own in-game calls, which can be teases, nice comments or family-friendly taunts. You set three at a time that are displayed using the D-pad in game, even if "balls" is a phrase, oddly, that's automatically blocked on Miiverse — for the record, we wanted to post "Wow, dem HD tennis balls". That was a partly ironic comment, as the visuals are very basic — it's an upscale with some nice little additions, but no more than that. Of course, that's fine considering the material at hand, but don't expect onlookers to be impressed by the graphics.

The Club element can easily be ignored, in truth, but seeing calls and Miiverse messages pop up between points is a nice touch and we couldn't help but glance at the leaderboards to see how "UK - East Midlands" was performing; sadly, mid-table mediocrity is our fate. It's typically safe — but not surprising — that actually exchanging messages is off the cards, and it lacks the punch and quick-game features of communities in the online component of Mario Kart 7, for example.

As an extra that fleshes out the overall package, however, the Club feature is welcome. Its implementation, like many of the elements in this title, class as "good but could be better", while playing with Friends online is — from our experience — a poorly-implemented flop. Yet at its core this is the Tennis we all remember but with more accurate and pleasingly demanding controls. Unlike the vague waggling on Wii, won points feel earned this time around, but with the flaws in execution we feel Nintendo should have come in at a lower price; it's not a release that hits endless winners, with the odd double fault tarnishing the overall experience.


Wii Sports Club: Tennis has some high points, with controls that need more mastery than simplistic waggle, a fun Club aspect and occasionally enjoyable online multiplayer. It hits the net cord a few too many times, however, with a bizarrely fiddly online Friend match setup and terribly inconsistent online that fundamentally fails to minimise lag if an opponent's connection is sub-optimal. When playing locally with friends or for the most part when playing alone it's as enjoyable as ever, but it fails to win a grand slam across its various features; it's an opportunity narrowly missed.

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User Comments (127)



Hunter-D said:

Spot on with the review there, Thomas, especially online play. You hit the nail on the head.



AdanVC said:

Yeah I've been reading lot's of comments on Miiverse on how laggy is the online multiplayer : /. Hope this can be fixed sooner or by the time baseball, boxing and golf releases. Just imagine having an online box fight and with those lagging problems...



Kirk said:

I remember when Nintendo used to hit it out the ballpark with almost every single game it made. I'm talking in the days of the SNES here where basically every game was scoring in the 9s as I recall. Or at least that's how I remember it. Not so much the case these days or for the last generation or so.



ScorpionMG said:

This is why i'm not getting tennis until they fix the online, i'm going with bowling this time.



Kirk said:


Yeah, I wouldn't have wasted money or time on playing/buying the inevitably still slightly "waggly" Tennis anyway. It's never going be a fully compelling "motion control" game experience imo.

Bowling for me was really on the only game on Wii Sports that truly delivered on the whole "motion control" promise and I'm going to assume it's just as good as ever here too.



marnelljm said:

Once again, I will just continue to play this game on the disc I already have!!! Who cares about "HD" graphics for Wii Sports?



Marshi said:

My comment is nothing to do with this review,but I didnt know where else to request it.
Can you do a talking point on Nintendos advertising Nintendo life? I watch tv with my son and ive seen around 4 ads for the 3ds and 2ds which has resulted in my son screaming "i want one I want one!", Yet I havnt seen ONE ad for wiiu... Infact the last wiiu ad ive seen advertised lego city 6 MONTH AGO! And People are confused as to the poor wiiu sales?! Im just flabberghasted by nintendos approuch to the wiiu,its almost like nintendo DONT WANT to sell the wiiu. Please look into this NL, its very worrying



Robottiimu2000 said:

I have to say, that the online play is awesome when ever you get decent connection (which has been every second or third game for me) and even when it is lagging it's decent. It would have been easy 7 or 8 in my book and a 9 when they fix the lag.. Haven't have this much fun online playing since.. can't even remember, because there just isn't anything to compare it to.



Kirk said:



The Wii U is flopping and people are making up excuses left, right and center to excuse Nintendo any blame but the reality is that Wii U ins't selling because Nintendo is failing in so many ways to make most people give a sh*t and one of those ways it's failing big time is it's lack of advertising and when it is advertised it's totally patronizing ads aimed at grannies and noobs.

Long sentence

If you want Wii U to sell, Nintendo, then CLEARLY you have a LOT MORE work to do.



MussakkuLaden said:

Miiverse is full of complaints about the online play, so I hope Nintendo notices this flaw and releases a patch. Especially as there's a free trial and the option to purchase a day pass, so it's certainly in Nintendo's interest if people are truly satisfied with the product and thus will rent it again or purchase eventually.

In any case, Tennis wasn't among my favorites in the original release while it's still perfectly satisfying when played with friends at home. Therefore I see no point in buying this imperfect version.
Different story as regards Bowling. This was near-perfect in its original version and still better in Sports Resort. So while the HD re-release can hardly be anything else than a great game too, so far I see no point in purchasing it again. Wiimotion Plus was wonderfully utilized in the Sports Resort version already and in a bowling game I can hardly imagine a great increase in fun when playing it online.

Golf, depends. Could be great, but I haven't even played the Sports Resort version yet. The original was "okay".
Baseball. Always like the original, hitting the ball felt absolutely great while throwing was boring and catching hardly there. However, even in Ubisofts rather bad launch title Sports Collection the catching via the gamepad's screen is such a great fun, so if Nintendo manages to offer a similar experience and other improvements, I could actually buy this.
Boxing. Great game in the original but lacking precision and calling for WMP support – on BOTH hands! Well, we'll see how smart Nintendo is.



MegaWatts said:

I think Tom raises some very key points about the software. Personally, I've been having a fantastic time with it; my housemate and I have been playing doubles online and we'll really get quite into it. That said, it has its flaws (online hasn't been too bad for me though in terms of lag) and it's still not fun to play in single-player (apart from the mini-games!)



tsm7 said:

Had three friends over on Friday. We played each sport once and then popped in Nintendoland. Nintendoland definitely trumps Wii Sports Club for local multiplayer.
I know the controls have been improved but I really felt like I was simply playing WIi Sports.



MegaWatts said:


"Boxing. Great game in the original but lacking precision and calling for WMP support – on BOTH hands! Well, we'll see how smart Nintendo is."

They've actually already done this for many of the activities in Wii Fit U, so I'm hoping that they'll do it for Boxing too when it comes out! Will be a missed opportunity otherwise!



IronMan28 said:

I've had some lag online, that's the only complaint I have. The game is just as fun as I remember since I last played Wii Sports (2009, my disc got screwed up by a friend of mine while I was deployed).



Emblem said:

The only real issues are the restrictive regional online and lag. I think 6 is too low for those faults but i'm having fun with it so idk.

I recommend people play the trial local (if possible) and online to make up their own mind. I'm sure solo is okay too but i can't boot this up without the gf wanting to play so i have yet to try it.

I do however think the price point for these solo games is too steep and should be halved.



rjejr said:

You guys are actually doing separate reviews for tennis and bowling?

Had dun playin w/ my kids this mornng - my biggest complaint - unles I missed it in single player - 1, 2 o 3 win games? Hasn't anybody who works there ever played tennis before? That's not how tennis matches are played.

Game - set - match, not game - match. I know it's a party game but it still needs to be an option.



Moose_4 said:

I'm really disappointed with online.

I've only had 1 match. Every time i go to online game, click next......next.....then when it is about to start searching......i have an error code saying i can't play online.

Then i go on GHOSTS and play online lag free no problem.

I seriously need an update, doesn't make sense.



MixMasterMudkip said:

Fully agree. Luckily, Bowling hit's it spot on, and is hands down the better of the two. It's what saved this game for me, IMO.



UTXGamer said:

Lag, regional online play, and lack of voice chat seem to be the most common complains from everything I've read.

Regional online isn't that big of a deal, it would be nice for a tournament mode and global mode to be added.

If they fix the lag and voice chat I will be getting this though.



Turbo857 said:


I disagree. It's inaccurate to dismiss Wii Sports Club's Tennis as a "slightly waggly" experience. The Wii motion plus certainly provides for a more immersive experience to the level where you have to be careful how you hit the ball and the position you actually hold the Wii remote. Hence the reason Nintendo included new practice modes so you can actually get used to hitting the ball and see how different playing with the motion plus actually is.

My lag experience has probably been less than a 3rd of the games I've played but not enough to make me feel like I've wasted my $10.



theberrage said:

Nintendo should include sports club with Wii u. Or at least reward existing Wii u owners with a free copy including the first 4 activities. I cannot justify purchasing a game for 10$ that feels like a demo .



ThomasBW84 said:

I'm sure the online can be improved, by the way. Other games run fine online with my connection, Ninty just needs to give the server allocation a bit more juice, probably.



electrolite77 said:

£8.99 for what is apparently a Beta (according to a poster on here called @Ragnopazzo), which if true is information Nintendo only saw fit to release in Japan on the Wii Sports Club Direct. Very sneaky.



Spleetal said:

I've had a lot of fun online and only have had serious lag once, which was while playing doubles with someone else, but single player is smooth for me and doubles works well most of the time, Really enjoying both tennis and bowling so far! I enjoy ranking up and playing against other clubs more so that playing against the CPU, feels like my wins have more meaning now. I usually play it in between games so I can get up off the couch and stretch my body for a bit, then continue on with the next game.



SCAR said:

I was just gonna stick with the disc I got on Wii launch, anyway... I think the new features are kind of nice, but I hardly play the game, anyway.



LittleIrves said:

I was initially very disappointed with my first online game... the lag was surprisingly poor. But. I played another game. Then another. There's something strange that happens after the fifth or sixth game against real people. Even with a bit of lag, you start to anticipate the ball better. If you connect with a skilled player, it's really quite compelling. I'm up to 16-2 after last evening and this morning. Want to rush back and play more. C'mon, Massachusetts Club!



lckulczak said:

This is a good review, but this is still a game worth having. It'd be convenient though if the Wii remote could be re-calibrated between online matches.



AVahne said:

The game feels like it's not really using motion plus at all. I can't seem to find the difference between the original and this version. There's also the problem of the Wiimote Plus losing calibration mid-game. I think I'll wait to see if Nintendo drops the price for this later before buying it.



Kirk said:


Yeah, I'm pretty sure we have different definitions of what constitutes a "slightly waggly" experience.



element187 said:

@kirk I'll take Nintendo's version of online over Sony and Microsoft any day of the week. The idea of paying for multiplayer is straight up nonsense. The only company that's going to charge me to play online is my Internet provider. Anyone who thinks a game company is doing the consumer a favor by charging for MP is nothing but a sheep and a shill for a games company.

Your comments at this site are bit ridiculous. You are acting like its the end of the world if the Wii u doesn't sell gangbusters in its first year, which is laughably short sighted. Nintendo has plenty of time to increase the consoles value, and no it doesn't need to be the hottest selling item to be considered a success. Nintendo's only issue is not having enough software ready... the quality of their software is lacking is not one of their problem.

Haven't you noticed a tier system to their pricing? Their triple A content is $60, which is a fair price, but as the development budgets are different for different titles, we see a pricing structure that seems to be inline with the quality of the product. Game and Wario was $40, Pikmin 3 was $60, DKCRTF is $50, Wii Sports is $10.

To think a $10 eshop purchase needs to have the bells and whistles of a full $60 is absurd and is an unreasonable expectation from any company.



IxnayontheCK said:

Its frustrating to watch Nintendo take these wobbly baby steps with their online components when this stuff was being done by others in 2006 for crying out loud



Achoo said:

I do not think this review is accurate, as I rarely have been getting lag online. Maybe once in 10 are laggy. I have fiber optic 70mb connection and it is only laggy when opponents is slow. Maybe I am just lucky, who knows, but I don't think so. I have been playing people from all over Europe and still, no lag, in fact, when I do get a laggy game it is normally when connected to someone from the UK, probably with a 2mb connection or something. I am at level 5* so make of that what you will



Darknyht said:

Tried both of the releases over the weekend. Bowling got purchased, Tennis most likely will not. There just isn't enough in different to make it worth the purchase over putting the original into the drive and booting into Wii mode.



Achoo said:

For me, this is the game I have been waiting for. I has had me glued to my Wii U since release, and that is because it is a far more skill based game than the original, which failed to hold my attention for long. You get better at this over time, and a noob will get schooled by someone who has had a few days experience on them for sure



BertoFlyingFox said:

I've been enjoying the hell out of Tennis, was never a bowling fan so I skipped it. Not too laggy on my end, with about 3 fairly laggy matches out of 10. It could be a little upsetting when it lags right at the moment of a serve

A lot of the times, for me, it was specific people with less than efficient internet speeds.

Good review nonetheless.



Achoo said:

For anyone having trouble with the controls, you should note that this is probably your error and not the controls. It takes time to learn them properly, but they are accurate when used correctly. However, I sense as with most things, it is easier to blame controls than ourselves. Just remember though, a bad workman blames his tools..and then rage quits



Jazzer94 said:

I really do feel this should have a retail release at around £20/25 pound or £40 with Wiimote plus as well once all the sports have been released, I don't think I want this digitally £8.99 is just too much per sport in my opinion for whats on offer.



unrandomsam said:

@Kirk In the SNES days they were more deserved as well. 9 these days means it is reasonably good in a genre the reviewer likes. (Too much depends on the reviewer as well. At least I remember Super Play being more consistent and if somebody disagreed then it was an aside to the review).



Kirk said:


Slowest selling console in Nintendo's history (by a long way), excluding the total and utter flop and disappointment to all that was the Virtual Boy. Abysmal third party support. Games that are multi-plat selling around 1% of total sales across all versions on Wii U, in the UK (That's Call of Duty: Ghosts for the record). Multi-player missing entirely or gimped on many of Nintendo's first party games when no one seems to be struggling with such things on the likes of Xbox 360 and PS3 (and that's even across their budget download titles too), let-alone the Xbox One or PS4.

Yup, I'm being totally irrational and unfair on poor old Nintendo here.

What we have here, from you, is a perfect example of fanboy "Apologetic Rationalization" at work.

If you don't actually get that this is as good a time as there's ever been to raise an issue with how successful a Nintendo console is, well in fact the exact opposite of successful, then you are either clueless or simply burying your head in the sand, true fanboy style, and hoping this sh*tstorm of disaster just blows over.

If we worried Nintendo fans don't make some noise about the dire situation a Nintendo console is in at a time like this, then when?!



JtotheY said:

I'm worried as donkeyballs that Nintendo just can't do online. Like, what's gonna happen to Smash Bros if they can't even do Tennis and/or Bowling right...



Kirk said:


Yeah, I always use this as my reference point for scores back in the day on Nintendo consoles:


If you look at every single issue where SNES games are reviewed there's pretty much at least one 90+ scoring game every single month and sometimes multiple games in a month. These are games pretty much every SNES owner actually gave a crap about too (both first AND third party).

Edit: Yup, I've just checked and bar one month there is at least one game every single month that scored a 90 or more, in the issues where SNES games are reviewed (which is most of them after the first few issues), and in a couple of cases there were actually three 90+ scoring games in a single month (and you just know these scores were pretty much universal across all the review publications at the time, so the scores weren't really debatable/questionable with some places scoring much lower or the average actually being lower than what we see here). These are the games we all look back on as being some of the greatest games ever, both first AND third party, and there was like one of them coming out every single month for the SNES. It's no wonder I look back on that console with such fond memories and great sastisfaction.

The Megadrive was pretty frikin impressive too.



SanderEvers said:

@Kirk Call of Duty Ghosts selling poorly on the Wii U really isn't Nintendo's fault, but the retailer's. They don't sell the Wii U version as openly as the PS3 / XBOX 360 versions.



Kirk said:


It's ALL Nintendo's fault.

That's basically the point I'm trying to get at here.

It ALL stems from Nintendo's multitude of bad decisions that led everyone, from developers to consumers and even retailers, to point we are at right now.



Quickman said:

I always thought that the Tennis was the weakest game in the package, Golf, Bowling and even the boxing had a lot more about them IMO.

I'd have probably prefered the table tennis to this in all honesty.



Gerbwmu said:

I think it probably speaks more about my age as a gamer then anything else but when I see the only issues are online.....really doesn't bother me....local multiplayer is more important to me....when I'm alone I end up playing an RPG or single player anyway.



Kirk said:


Yeah, I actually think Table Tennis would have been a more satisfying game but I suspect normal Tennis had/has bigger appeal to the casual masses and that's why Nintendo went for it instead.



SanderEvers said:

@Kirk The first bad decision Nintendo made was stopping with the SNES CD project they developed with Sony. That's why those guys made a PlayStation and all went downhill from there.

Sure and then selling Rare to Microsoft was a bad move as well, because they could then start creating games for their XBOX, which they copied from the Playstation. Which copied from the SNES.. All Nintendo's fault.

Bottom line: The WIi sold more than 100.000.000 consoles. That's more than the PS3 or the XBOX 360. That's all Nintendo's doing! And the Wii U, well, let's just say it had a rough start. But Nintendo is getting around to improving things with the Zelda remake, the new Mario and Mario Kart and other titles..



Knux said:

I actually wouldn't mind buying Wii Sports Club, but it seems way overpriced.
$9.99 per sport seems utterly ridiculous, and no current retail option is lame. I'll play the waiting game and either wait for a price drop or retail version.



tripunktoj said:

When playing with people on slow connections it lags horribly and its impossible to play tennis (I think it will be the same for baseball and boxing), its really frustrating to see your rank and stats sink with out your fault. Its not worth a digital download of $10 (for only part of the game), maybe if they release a retail disc Ill consider this again. Also, Motion Plus broke the game, had to reset the position (D-pad down) every couple minutes and recalibrate every 5 (tried 5 different remotes on 2 WiiUs)



unrandomsam said:

I would like a version of Mario Power Tennis that actually had decent motion controls (Its a great game that I cannot play very well as I have PAL (50hz) Gamecube or the New Play Control Wii one).

Or instead of Golf - Mario Golf Toadstool Tour with good motion controls.

Punch Out - Instead of Boxing.



Kirk said:


Well that was probably a good decision ultimately for Nintendo for various long-term business reasons, you'd have to read up more to see why, but it certainly resulted in one of the biggest fallouts and reversals of power in console history.



unrandomsam said:

@tripunktoj Does it do what the 3DS Mario Tennis Open does if someone quits when it comes to the score. (If you are playing singles - If someone wins their serve and disconnects then they get loads of points). Then you play the same person if you are serving then they just disconnect immediately. (As far as I am concerned if you disconnect you should lose what you would if you lost every point).



ScorpionMG said:

@ThomasBW84 I agree, because Bowling online works fine! Even played 100 pin game with 4 players online with no lagg!
-Destroyed everyone like a boss.



WingedSnagret said:

Seriously Nintendo? Seriously? It's 2013 and you can't even get the online for a simple sports game to work 100%...

As a loyal Nintendo fan I'm willing to overlook more of their problems then the next guy, but this is just inexcusable.



SCAR said:

Actually, bowling and golf sounds like it would be pretty cool, online. The only problem I have is that I already have the original Wii Sports and Resort, and Resort has motion plus.

The online is basically the only thing you're paying for here, besides a few extra modes. Still sounds somewhat fun, though. You would always have someone to play bowling or golf with...



tripunktoj said:

@unrandomsam Didn't notice, I only played a few games before ragequiting, to never play tennis online again. Instead I used my 24 hour trial in something actually enjoyable like training and local tennis or bowling.



Cesco said:

I don't know if this is a problem of the poor italian DSL lines, but I have personally experienced a lot of lag on every match and i have also heard the same thing from other users on IGN Italia: there's a lot of lag when you play WSC: TENNIS online, so much that it's almost unplayable.



Gamercake said:

I think that the Tennis game is very well executed. The Wii MotionPlus controls feel amazing, and really add to the experience, and the HD graphics are cool too. The only problem is that online is pretty much unplayable due to the horrendous lag when you play with someone who has a mildly bad internet connection. It's disappointing, but if you plan to play couch co-op only, it's definitely worth a purchase.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, heh. Hopefully nintendo gets their act together with this online buisness. mainly with the lag and stuff.
Still going to be buying this one way or the other.
Nice review.



kereke12 said:

A 6 the game must be not as good then. I'll still get it though. Good job on the review.



Dr_Corndog said:

So does it not include that minigame where you had to hit the ball at a target on the wall, and bricks would fall out if you missed? That would be fun with Motion+.



NintyMan said:

Tennis was never a strong suit for me in Wii Sports. I struggled with the controls at first, but I got better at it overtime during the 24 hour trial and probably could have gotten better. The one online game I played was a flop. It crashed after my opponent and I barely clicked on the screen to start the game. I liked the training games, especially the Runner Ducky one.

I bought Bowling because I think it's by far the best of the two sports on offer. The online is miles better, probably because there's not a lot of interaction between your Miis. I never had a game crash during online bowling and the only lag is after the replay, but it only lasts a couple of seconds. Bowling has always been my favorite in Wii Sports anyway, and the training games in that are great.

I'm just concerned about online Boxing right now. You obviously get up close and personal in that game and there's a ton of wild movements.



Mahe said:

The asking price for this is ridiculous, especially when the controls are better in the original.



AlmightyDerek said:

You can actually hit a rematch button with friends. I've done it several times, just not with random strangers so that part is wrong. I agree they could have done a better job, but it's a $10 well spent to me.



fluggy said:

Pants... another Ninty fumble!!! Releasing this seemed like a desperate attempt to recapture the old Wii crowd n shift more U units ..... At this stage, with all the naysayers, they really had to deliver something impeccable!!! .... They didnt!!! This should've been easy... A simple refinement of a simple game and add an incredible online experience!!! Someone at Ninty is not doing their job, which, at this stage, with so much at stake, is unforgivable!!!



ikki5 said:

I think the online lag may be more of the issue of the person/people connected. I have played two player quite a bit online and would often not suffer much lag if any. Then I would get some people who I would experience bad lag and then the next game would be fine. Then sometime we'd be matched with the same person as the lag and it would be just the same. SO I doubt it is Nintendo causing the lag but the people playing.



BestBuck15 said:

As someone pointed out Nintendo used to make good games. That was before Iwata became boss. Iwata ruined Nintendo.



LuckyTJ said:

hope nintendo will do good in 2014.cant wait for smash bros, bayonetta, mario kart and X



Nico07 said:

I bought both sports for their local play, while hoping that the online connections will improve.



Shambo said:

I'm waiting for the boxing game. I wonder... Would a 1 player need 2 remote+'s to play this time?



booopn said:

I'm waiting for the boxing game as well because it had the most depth out of any of the wii sports games. I really hope they fix the lag online. How can Nintendo not be able to implement online gaming in this day and age? FPS shooters have to send way more data and they do so with minimal lag. Hitting a tennis ball is so much simpler and there shouldn't be any lag. It makes me sad that Nintendo can execute



gingerbeardman said:

I'd argue that it's an up-res rather than an upscale. I'd perhaps give it a point or two more since it's still immensely great fun local multi-player, so the added benefit of online (which works well the majority of the time for me) is just icing in the cake.



aaronsullivan said:

Not sure how easy it will be to fix online. As was mentioned in a previous interview (or Iwata asks) Tennis was especially challenging as transferring motion data is far different than most other online activity. You can't just read the whole swing and wait until the ball is hit to show the other player. Both players need to read the actions of the others as close to real time as possible. It looks like the somewhat unique challenge of making online work for this game wasn't quite met for slower connections.

Online is the biggest new addition to this version and while I think the new graphics and Motion plus help make the game clearer and frankly better I understand why so many are frustrated.

It's all pretty unfortunate. Here's hoping it's a minor oversite in the solution that can be fixed server-side.



Falchion said:

I like it. I think it was worth the investment, definately a solid 7. Its a huge improvement from the original



SammyOfMobius said:

Sorry, I'm not spending $10 on this. I'd rather save up for other upcoming Wii U titles! (And 3DS titles, too!)



MAB said:

★8 online tennis pro in da hood son... Ain't nothin' but a G thang baby




CasuallyDressed said:

@Achoo Nope, the controls are definitely a bit crap. It's weird because the controls in Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis were absolutely brilliant.



Pichubby said:

I though it was awesome.
Liked the oringinal, and LOVE ping pong,
But i didn't try online yet.
and now i gotta save up for SM3dWorld



Achoo said:

@CasuallyDressed na their not. Like I said before, I think that is probably you not using them correctly, or mastering the technique. It is possible to confuse the system, but if you can understand why it happens, then it is easy to avoid, and you can always just recentre them by pressing down on the d-pad anyway. So I have had no problems with them. Only time slightly dodgy for me is when hitting with the net player, but most the time it is probably just because reaction time needs to be faster at the net, so harder to be accurate if not quick enough



MAB said:

Yeah, just another classic case of the Sonic Lost World syndrome... The reviewer can't play the game they review so then it automatically gets a low score



mr570 said:

Played the 24 hour demo this past weekend. Had no issues with control or lag with online matches. Maybe the servers in North America were not as slammed? Overall, it was an enjoyable game and I will definitely consider a purchase.



Marioman64 said:

im in the US and while online play had a visibly cut framerate, it was still playable and i was connecting with people within seconds, I don't even get to try the warmup room
also, I didn't waggle in the original and so the controls feel just as good as back then, if not better since I can set up backhand or fronthand as I like. for those people who got wii sports resort, the motions and controls are IDENTICAL to this (nearly)



Specters said:

strange cause I've played several online matches and I've only come across maybe 2 laggy opponents at most with 1 disconnecting before the start of the match, but other than that I've had a great online experience. I'm also in North America so the restricted servers might be the case? Don't know but seems fine to me.



RedYoshi999 said:

I've tried a few times to play online where it matches me with NOBODY. Annoyingly infuriating, especially laggy games (which are all players outside Australia.) Yet I still enjoy tennis, so I hope it gets better soon.



james_squared said:

When the online works, I will admit that it's great. Lots of fun. But, when it's bad, it's just awful. Not too sure why the online matching system would even let me match up with some of these games where opponents have an irritatingly amount of lag. I hope this fix this soon--I don't want to play with people when there is only 1 bar out of 5 for lag. It's a total waste of time.



Morph said:

Biggest problems for me are, no option to play a full tennis match or even a full set for that matter even in offline mode, the online is hit and miss and i have a good connection so its certainly not my end, following on from that, no way to quit a laggy match so you end up playing through it, the inability to play worldwide which is surely a big part of tennis, and that I ou cant see your individual ranking or the ranking of those in your club.

I know these are 'cheap' games but most of those things seem fairly easy to implement



andreoni79 said:

They're trying to sell us a cheap port of a 7 years old game (in pieces, for a total of € 50) that was originally free. And you also have to pay at least an extra € 20 for the motion+ if you already had a Wii or € 50 for a new motion+ remote! Congratulations!



Ragnopazzo said:

Are you continuing with this rant?

Look at your anger, you are you writing for Nintendo Life if you're so angry at Nintendo.

Reviewing a BETA and one only sport just to reiterate what you said in the rant just to make another rant does not good at you at all.

Still doesn't sound like you watched the Wii Sports Club Japanese Direct because you sound like you don't know many things.

I'm sick of this, WAIT ONE FREAKING YEAR, Nintendo said to wait one year to have the complete game.

What do you expect?
Really dumb.

Adios, Nintendo Life, you're objective as IGN and i don't like that.



Nintenjoe64 said:

The score is probably fair, if not for the clunky online, for the inability to switch players easily for the online profile.

I've played about 50 games and only one had any lag and the others were completely fine. Are NL on Sky Broadband or something?



Nintenjoe64 said:

Also, the controls are nigh-on perfect. They're different but there's much more you can do with the ball. I hope they patch the game to improve multiplayer.



marck13 said:

Maybe 5 out of 50 games had lag.. one time it was with someone from my own country, which is strange because that has to be a very close connection.
Overall i really enjoy the game. Gonna get Tennis and Bowling and am looking forward to the rest of the sports coming. In the mean time I'm enjoying Wii Fit U.



electrolite77 said:

@Ragnopazzo Wait one year? They want money for it now! It should work!

You've been asked before, please provide a link to the story about it bring a Beta test. I think more people need to know what they're expected to pay for.



andreoni79 said:

@electrolite77 Maybe we should pay them with Beta money...

Btw, I can't care less about online gaming, and now at Nintendo they are wasting time and (my) money (too) with these results!



Ichiban said:

Nintendo are flipping bonkers charging these prices for individual sports.
Get your s**t together, this is embarrassing...



Sinister said:

The laggy online part and the unreliable controls made me skip this one. Bowling is great tho



Omarsonic9 said:

Playing it alone is fun

But the online, oh my god, I was gonna rage.

It had FPS lag... FPS LAG!!!!
It was very damn slow.



Achoo said:

Could people who are having lag more than 1 out of 5 games please state what internet connection speed they are running and the ISP also if possible?
I think this might help clear up some of the obviously conflicting results people are experiencing



bezerker99 said:

So...the biggest complaint was lag and that it uses Wii Motion Plus controls? I don't get it. All these games are going to have WM+ and lag is a natural part of Nintendo's online strategy. Just look at all the lag in Smash Bros Brawl - yet that review doesn't really slam Nintendo on the lag like this one does.



DrMonk said:

I've had some unplayable matches, but I think for the most part when it's connected it has been okay. The problem is it only really gives me people in Australia and nobody seems to be playing with a guest so it was impossible to find an online match with a guest. I've actually been mostly playing the Skill Shapers as the controls are even more sensitive there than in matches and they are really difficult but really rewarding when you start to master them!
I don't think this review is far off though (I would have maybe given a 7), and I hope they do update the title a bit (more detail in the club section would be appreciated, as would single's matches and improved online play).



Mr_Nose said:

I can't believe people are blaming Nintendo for lag now?!?

It's not Nintendo's fault if some people have bad connection speeds. Should they tell those people that they can't play this game? Doesn't the game just kick them anyway? Bowling does.

I've been a PC gamer for years, played quite a bit of the classics online, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, heck even a ton of MMOs, I was addicted to EQ for 12 years. Anyway, I never saw anyone blame the game maker for lag, it was always either the hosting person's high ping, or individual players. And in this case, it is NOT the host's high ping that's the problem.



DrMonk said:

Also... how about a skill shaper that lets the second player use the gamepad to launch balls at the main player.

@SirGreatNose - Nintendo can't expect it's audience to know what their ping is - it should be testing these connections using their servers and denying access (or pairing together) connections that drop the gameplay to an unacceptable level. You can't choose to play again with a random with a good connection, and you can't choose to end a matchup without penalty even if the connection gauge shows it is unplayable. Those are design decisions and Nintendo is responsible for that.



KillerGBH said:

lmao 6/10 , i give this game 7.5/10 why ? cause its great and funny . i played 15 games online and lost 2 cause of intense lag . i just wish they add a fonction to search game with people with Green connection. one of the Best game i have on wii U so far to play coop with a friend online



Mr_Nose said:

Well, I'm pretty confident that they will tweak things as needed. This is a big undertaking. I have a feeling Sports Club is going to be around for a while. And quite popular.



GreatPlayer said:

@SirGreatNose I nearly never have problems playing online multiplayers with Sonic Transformed, even with up to 10 online players. Is Tennis more difficult to get to online play than a fast-pace racing game?



NiBar said:

I only discovered lag in 2 of 80 matches. It's so much fun online . Just like Mario Kart online, it's hard to put down again. 9/10



brackster said:

9/10 for me. Easily the best tennis game since Grand Slam Tennis for the original Wii. Thr controls are very responsive. I agree that the connection issues with Sports Club needs to improve, but other than that I love it. And $10 for a much improved game from its predecessor is a steal. Just wish you had the option to play singles. Doubles is great, but more variety would be nice



BlackStar9000 said:

@Marshi you must be new to NL if you havent seen the MULTPLE blogs and posts about WII U marketing, its anemic, but I am finnally seeing some adverts for Super Mario 3d World and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics for Wii U, unfortunately the commercials make both games look boring and way too kid centric, so much so that my own 5 and 7 year old boys think the games are lame already.....fail Nintendo..just fail, still gonna get SM3DW Though.



Marioman64 said:

@marnelljm you think it's just a graphics update? It's got online play, enhanced controls (actual swing direction instead of random "waggling"), and new training modes



defrb said:

overpriced, but what we expect from a company that love money more then anything else,
Wii sports was the best thing that happened on the wii for mii, to bad they make a cheap port to play it on the wiiu and ask the full price again, The 2 euro (3 dollar or so) they ask for 24 hour gaming is overpriced and i dont like that platform at all.
I play the wait game, a price drop -50% will be an instant buy.

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