Cancel the baby (park) shower, this is apparently a load of old bunkum, as we suggested it may be in the original article below. We're back to dreaming once again...

Original Article:

The Mario Kart 8 second DLC pack isn't far away, which mean we can start to fantasize about what tracks will be on offer. Nintendo's been far less open in the build up to release that it was with the first batch, so far only showing off the new Animal Crossing track in the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Of course, we have rumours to tide us over until then, and over on NeoGaf there's speculation bouncing around that's supposedly based on code from the first DLC pack. Let's just emphasize the rumour part once again.

The code apparently references the eight tracks already seen in the first pack, and then has the following five entries.

WU_ANIMAL = Animal Crossing

Neo Bowser City - from Mario Kart 7 - is known as Koopa City in PAL territories, though the inclusion of Baby Park is an eye opener. That was the simple-but-brilliant oval track from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. As for Metro and Woods, the latter has perhaps been visible in older concept imagery for the DLC pack (only one small screen), and Metro sounds promising - perhaps a new city-based track?

It could all be bunkum, of course, but with release rather close it's fun to wonder what the new DLC will entail. Would you be happy with Baby Park and New Bowser City in the next Mario Kart 8 DLC pack?

[via neogaf.com]