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Tue 5th July, 2011

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Alundra-1998 commented on Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack CD Club Nintendo Rewar...:

@EllenJMiller "I do wonder what will happen with the left over items once Club Nintendo is shut down. Think they'll go on the store?"

Whilst looking around the Nintendo Store, I did happen to come across that Animal Crossing: Your Favourite Songs Club Nintendo Soundtrack on the Nintendo UK Official Store in December last year for £1.99. So it is possible. :)



Alundra-1998 commented on Nintendo Official UK Store Throws in a Neat T-...:

Hmm... So many choices for the t-shirt... Yellow... yellow or yellow...
I really cannot seem to decide what colour t-shirt to go with... XD

I decided to go with the colour Yellow after a while of thinking... lol
I preordered this bundle from Nintendo UK Official Store at around 5.08pm.
It is going to accompany the other preorder for this exact same bundle that I have preordered somewhere else, but just without the t-shirt.



Alundra-1998 commented on Gallery: The Yarn Yoshi amiibo Is So Cute And ...:

@EllenJMiller If you think that is bad, my local postman has literally delivered 13 parcels to me this week. XD

Ganondorf amiibo from ShopTo
Ganondorf amiibo from GAME
Palutena from ShopTo
Palutena amiibo from GAME
Zero Suit Samus from ShopTo
Zero Suit Samus amiibo from GAME
Dark Pit from ShopTo
Dark Pit amiibo from GAME
Yoshi’s Woolly World from SimplyGames
Yarn Yoshi Green from ShopTo
Yarn Yoshi Light Blue from ShopTo
Yarn Yoshi Pink from ShopTo
Yarn Yoshi amiibo Triple Pack from GAME



Alundra-1998 commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Restocks on Some ...:

I have had a really good time with this amiibo restock today. I managed to get all of the following amiibo from different retailers.

I have managed to purchase my second Wii Fit Trainer amiibo, Kirby amiibo, Captain Falcon amiibo, Zelda amiibo, Marth amiibo and Shulk amiibo.



Alundra-1998 commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Launches in North America...:

@uhhhhhhhh There are six less Yarn Yoshi amiibo for the entire world actually...
I have pre-ordered two Yarn Yoshi Pink amiibo, two Yarn Yoshi Green amiibo and two Yarn Yoshi Light-Blue amiibo, but unlike some people in the world (mostly America no offense!) I have not ordered two of each of them for scalping reasons...



Alundra-1998 commented on Weirdness: Lorry Thieves Make Off With Splatoo...:

"We can confirm that the lorry transporting the Splatoon stock from Nintendo's European warehouse to GAME UK has been stolen. Included as part of this delivery was GAME's allocation of the Splatoon + Squid Inkling amiibo and as a result we are unable to honour pre-orders for this item in GAME. We are working with GAME to contact those customers affected. Whilst these unfortunate circumstances were out of Nintendo UK and GAME's control, we apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment that this has caused."

This message from Nintendo basically means "We are sorry that this has happened, but we cannot replace your lost Inkling Squid amiibo, bye now."



Alundra-1998 commented on Weirdness: Lorry Thieves Make Off With Splatoo...:

@Jenraux Yes.. a bargain... without the exclusive Inkling Squid amiibo...

I frantically looked around the internet after cancelling BOTH of my Squidless Splatoon orders and I have managed to find alternative options.

Splatoon with Inkling Squid amiibo + Free Splatoon Keyring -
Splatoon with Inkling Squid amiibo and Splatoon T-Shirt - Nintendo UK Store
Inkling Boy amiibo -
Inkling Girl amiibo + Free Splatoon Keyring -
Inkling Hat - Nintendo UK Store
Inkling Hat - Nintendo UK Store



Alundra-1998 commented on Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario and Olimar amiibo Now Av...:

The thing that surprises me more than anything is that the Bowser Jr. amiibo, Olimar amiibo and Dr. Mario amiibo have now been available on for over 120 hours.

By "available" of course, GAME might not have updated and they could be completely out of stock already



Alundra-1998 commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Suffers Major Problem...:

I have also managed to get a grand total of 1 match in and it was at 11:00pm on the dot.

I was then greeted by error messages from after that match until 12:00am.

I hope you guys who are still online enjoy the rest of the Splatoon Testfire, but I am going to sleep now as it is 12:58am for me...



Alundra-1998 commented on Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario and Olimar amiibo Now Av...:

@Jab187 "Well it seems Nintendo have kept to their promise and increased Amiibo stocks seeing as this latest wave are still in stock at Game"

Possibly. That could be the reason... But...
It is either that or it is because of this message on GAME's website.
"Please note: this item is unavailable to non-UK residents."



Alundra-1998 commented on Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario and Olimar amiibo Now Av...:

I have now acquired a pre-order for all of the following amiibo figures.

Inkling Squid x2
Inkling Girl x2
Inkling Boy x2
Dark Pit x2
Zero Suit Samus x2
Ganondorf x2
Palutena x2
Yarn Yoshi Green
Yarn Yoshi Light Blue
Yarn Yoshi Pink
Yarn Yoshi amiibo Trio Pack (Yarn Yoshi Green, Light-Blue and Pink)
Bowser Jr. x2
Dr. Mario x2
Olimar x2



Alundra-1998 commented on Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario and Olimar amiibo Now Av...:

@Jab187 What amazed me about the June 26th amiibo preorders on GAME is that they were actually up for 36 hours and what amazes me EVEN more is that they are still available to preorder even now...
I am referring to Palutena, Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf and Dark Pit.



Alundra-1998 commented on Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario and Olimar amiibo Now Av...:

@Chasloyal "I've found Hermes and Yodel are the worst by a country mile, never had any real hassle with any other courier firm it must be said."

Wow... That is quite interesting. Honestly. Seriously no sarcasm, but I have had many, many, many deliveries by Hermes and I quite often receive the items that I have preordered 1-2 days BEFORE release date.

What interests me even more is that I receive items ON release date even with... drum roll Royal Mail... O.o



Alundra-1998 commented on Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario and Olimar amiibo Now Av...:

@NintendoFan64 "Y'know what? I honestly don't even know what I was expecting. Nintendo have been idiots with this whole situation. They don't make enough stock, and when they DO get in restocks, what do they do? They only make a couple of new Marths, and make more Mario. I am REALLY getting tired of this BS. The only reason I haven't backed out of this, is because I REALLY want a Ness and Dr. Mario amiibo. They're basically for collection purposes, and them being used in games is a bonus. Long story short, I'm not surprised at what happened here, and I can already tell that this is going to happen with the next few waves. I would say that hopefully they'll learn, but the fact that they're STILL doing a sh*tty job at this proves to me that they haven't, they most likely won't, and a part of me thinks that they're actively avoiding the situation on purpose because nobody can be this stupid!"

Judging by that long amount of text, no sarcasm intended, but you may want to consider changing your username.

@rjejr "I really really really really really want this game to be in surround sound but there's some issue w/ the Wii sound format on this game and the Wii U"

I have managed to get my Nintendo Wii U to play in Surround Sound. It is just played through the the Digital-Input mode.



Alundra-1998 commented on Rumour: Customisable Mii Fighter amiibo Could ...:

@rjejr Wouldn't that be inviting amiibo forgery slightly?... Scalpers could make copies of the super rare figures and keep gaining profit from trickling each of the amiibo out to the market slowly, meaning that Nintendo will not make any money on amiibo because scalpers can offer them to people just by making the amiibo themselves...

But then again, mass production will be harmful to scalpers if not done right.



Alundra-1998 commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

@outburst I spoke with a Customer Representative named Daniel Perry about the odd amiibo prices and that the new boxes that they ship them in don't make a difference as I received a damaged Ness amiibo.

Here is the the important section of the Live Chat summary.

Dan says At 17:52:13:
Nintendo have been made aware of stock issues, information can be
found here

Dan says At 17:52:55:
We are looking at emailing customers to confirm that there
pre-orders are allocated with Nintendo, but this will be nearer the release

Jason Burrows says At 17:53:12:
I see this quote on that page and I do not agree.

Jason Burrows says At 17:53:25:
"We remain committed to keeping amiibo affordable and easy to access
as a platform to enhance game-play experiences.”

Jason Burrows says At 17:53:33:
ShopTo = £20 each?

Jason Burrows says At 17:53:41:
It is £10.99 officially.

Jason Burrows says At 17:54:18:
The so-called new boxes do not make a difference as I received my
last amiibo Ness from ShopTo in the "new" boxes and it arrived damaged.

Dan says At 17:54:53:
Unfortunately this is the price we require to receive for the product

Jason Burrows says At 17:55:05:
Obviously it is not you guys as you are just the reps of the site
that deal with customers and I have respect for you all.

Jason Burrows says At 17:55:41:
The only issue with those prices is that people are going to just
move to for amiibo at £14.99 each.

Dan says At 17:55:57:
Thank you, all feedback regarding price, items, etc. get passed over
to the relevant team. So we thank you for your feedback.

Jason Burrows says At 17:56:43:
GAME were supposed to be the expensive ones that no one likes, I
would not want ShopTo to be disliked.

Jason Burrows says At 17:57:15:
I like everything about ShopTo. I had my doubts originally, but I
placed an order back when I started and I have never regretted it.

Dan says At 17:57:41:
I'm glad to hear that you have enjoyed our service and hope to
provide you with many items in the future

Jason Burrows says At 17:57:53:
ShopTo are currently £4.86 more expensive than

Dan says At 17:58:41:
Unfortunately it does not look the price will drop, very sorry