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Wed 9th Jul 2014

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Joestar- commented on New Splatoon Map, Museum d'Alfonsino, Revealed...:

I'm hyped about my Nintendo Direct Bingo Card. I made one for my friend and he said just Splatoon in general so he's getting that. I was a lot riskier and I put Octolings specifically, I'm hoping I'm right because the rest of the column is pretty likely



Joestar- commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Challenge With Super...:

I forgot who but as I was reading through these comments I read that someone wanted a hand-drawn style. I immediately thought of Wario Land Shake It! (Or Shake Dimension since this site is run in the UK I guess) . That game's art style was wonderful in my opinion and I would prefer it much more than the rubbery feel of the New series.

Edit: Multiple people wanted to see a new art style



Joestar- commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

Must Haves:
Star Fox Zero
Yoshi's Woolly World
Super Mario Maker
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Zelda U

Absolutely dispise/ I could literally not care less about:
Both of those "Metroid Prime" titles
""Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem""
Both Animal Crossing titles (I whole-heartedly expected a new AC on Wii U)
Yo-kai Watch



Joestar- commented on Game Freak’s Director Explains Why TEMBO THE...:

I'm really bothered that both companies, who almost always work for Nintendo, decided to put this amazing looking game on anything except Nintendo. It's really upsetting, this would've been perfect for Wii U. Even in the description for this game it says "From the geniuses behind the Pokemon games." :/