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Mon 7th Feb 2011

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Goomba77 commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

I don't really care too much about the format of the Direct, as long as it has the information and content I'm looking for. Sadly this one didn't.

I'm not a JRPG or turn based fan, though I will get Pokemon Yellow for old times sake... There seemed to be far too many RPGs and not enough platforming or racing... Nintendo where are your racers!?

I can't see me buying anything for the Wii U for some time, no way will I get a HD remake of a game I already have that will work on the system!? ... If they produced a HD F-Zero or Waverace (something we currently dont have) I'd be putting my money down now...

The fact that the big surprise reveal was a single new character being added to Smash was really poor too... Not going to get excited about that either....

The Fox facelift looks a bit better, it almost looks exciting now, until seeing the slippy hacking bit and awful looking control method... Still, glad they pulled it back if these are the results. I'm more hopeful it will be an 8/9 game rather than a 6/7 now.

They hit the nail bang on the head for me with 3D World, MarioKart 8 and it's DLC, and now Maker I suppose... But it just isn't enough and release dates are too few and far between.

I'm at the point where I wish Nintendo would just release its games on the more popular platforms (PC/PS4) rather than messing with another new system.



Goomba77 commented on Feature: Taking to the Skies for a Final Look ...:

@Aromaiden I don't know, I saw that too and wasn't overly impressed. It looks like an old game constrained by old tech. Lack of enemies/slow speed etc... (Two screen mechanics possibly mean game has to play at slow(ish) pace?).

Perhaps Bayonettas crazy visuals have raised the bar, this looks sedate to me by comparison. But like I said, I would really like to be wrong... Very wrong!



Goomba77 commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

I fear this is their big NX plan/secret, some kind of multiplayer system.

I don't really care about multiplayer unless the opponent is in the same room as me... And not interested in co-op either, they always let you down! Haha!



Goomba77 commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

I hope it's all true. The timing and the success... To sell like that it would have to be something truly brilliant

What if it's a projection device for holographic 3D games? Or glasses that shoot images directly into your pupils!?



Goomba77 commented on Nintendo NX Will Avoid The Launch Issues Which...:

whayever NX turns out to be, it will be interesting to re-visit threads like this one.

As a WiiU owner they can satisfy me by releasing new MK8 dlc, making sure SMM online features are top notch and maybe sorting us out with an HD F-Zero, Waverace and/or PilotWings...



Goomba77 commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

I think for the NX to be the success Nintendo needs, they will have to make it VERY different to current consoles, not just try and match their specs.

A powerful Nintendo console coming to the market late won't do much to sway PS4/XB1 owners, and it won't fly off the shelves in great enough numbers to hold on to the third party devs it would need. It has to be something else entirely.

Listening to what Nintendo has been saying in other areas there are a few buzz words that have been popping up like 'fun' and 'social'. So I expect their re-newed interest in e-sports will play a significant role in whatever NX turns out to be.

The best thing Nintendo can do is step away from the current gaming model entirely and create something fresh and new (start from zero?).

So, what might that be?

I'm not sure, perhaps it will be a personal controller that hooks up to a global online network that isn't bound by a home consoles spec? This may be playable on any internet enabled device (yep even mobile and WiiU?) ...

Though I guess that isn't a new idea...

Whatever it is, it will need to be better than just a more powerful system that plays Nintendo games.



Goomba77 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:


Telling people why they think what they think and that they are stupid isn't likely to go down all that well. We clearly have opposing views and your explanation of why I hold my view is way off.

I'm all for innovation and new technology, but I see nothing innovative in the near future from Nintendo. Just wafer thin ideas and a cobbled on motion/offscreen than may or may not work (not my issue).

I had Shoot-em-up Construction Kit waaaay back on the C64 so I don't even see Mario Maker as anything all that ground breaking.

I know what you mean about Zelda though, anything before SNES era and I struggle to get into it now. Maybe that's because I didn't play those games when they were new?



Goomba77 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

@Mona-Reggie I agree, it really does look like a kids game. The characters look like Fisher Price toys..

They really have chosen the wrong franchise for this game... Metroid has always worked best when it has been about isolation, with a tense atmosphere almost like the film Alien.

If they had Luigi, Mario and Toad, teaming up, running around with E Gadd equipment, taking down similar foes, ghosts monsters etc I bet there would be a positive fan buzz for exactly the same game!

I wonder if it started out as a Metroid title or if they slapped it on at some point in the hope it may increase sales?



Goomba77 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

What if you bought a Nespresso machine because you loved the way their espressos tasted. But after a while they cut half the ingredients back so it didn't taste as good and no other pods would fit in the damn machine?



Goomba77 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

@Koopa-King I see these spin offs as cut corners... Stop-gaps.

Metroid FF, the Animal Crossing board game etc (even Mario Maker to an extent vs Galaxy) must all be easier and quicker to develop than the games where these franchises earned their reputations and gained their following... The games that Nintendo consumers want to buy.



Goomba77 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

Not grateful? I don't feel the need to be grateful when I'm paying for things. It is Nintendo who should be grateful for our continued support. There aren't many of us left so they should be very careful!

I'd like to say two things to Nintendo..

Firstly if you're going to do a few spin offs then make sure you have enough of your bread and butter / AAA titles coming out at the same time... For many the WiiU is a second system only bought to play the games you are (for the foreseeable future) not providing!

And secondly, transforming things from beautiful butterflies into ugly caterpillars is plain dumb. Did you think we wouldn't notice!? It looks to me like you are cutting corners and taking easy options... Then telling us we don't understand when we pick you up on it!?



Goomba77 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:

It's like they've gotten too big for their boots. They are a company that makes video games, that is all...

Flaunting Muppet versions of themselves as if they are stars while showing bugger all in the way of decent 'new' software made me shake my head in disbelief. It was as if they were taking the p***!



Goomba77 commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

Also, back in the NES, SNES and N64 days, many Nintendo games like Starfox didn't look like games aimed at kids. Sure, they weren't super realistic, but that was due to the limitations of graphics at the time, now virtually every game made by Nintendo looks like it has been designed for a five year old (even if that isn't how they play) ... and for many gamers that is quite a hurdle to overcome.

For me, a game like WaveRace, Pilotwings (a proper one not the glorified 3d demo), F-Zero or a Metroid is sorely missing from the WiiU line up.



Goomba77 commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

No surprise here, I don't agree with Miyamoto... Others have made good points about marketing the console and not having good enough games at launch.

But also, why were kids going to buy a WiiU to play the same (similar) Nintendo games they could play on their 3DS and a few botched 3rd party games from the console generation that was on its way out at that point?

It took far too long to get to anything really that exciting, in many ways the wrong games (as good as some of them were) came out first, and some of the games that may have helped to sell the system never will now.

Sadly I can't see NX being any different to WiiU, especially after the 'affordable' comments... Under powered again!? = bye bye decent 3rd part developers?!



Goomba77 commented on Super Mario Maker Will Allow You to Unlock ami...:

Totally love this... The special sound effects are great! And I kinda like the idea that you can unlock and insert your own amiibo into levels. But have to collect others (you don't own) from levels created by people who own them... If I have that right? ... Almost Poke-esque, genius!



Goomba77 commented on Video: Star Fox Zero - What We Know So Far:

I think they'd be better off delaying this and completely re-thinking the look.... and possibly changing the locks and not giving Miyamoto a key!

Some of the canyon sections etc do look quite dynamic and I've always liked the sense of scale in the Landmaster sections. But overall this looks soooo sloooow and not much fun... The Treehouse guy was having to slow right down to shoot things, where's the fun in that!?



Goomba77 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Attempts To Explain Why Zelda...:

My frustration grows further with every stupid word coming out of their mouths... Damage control this is not!

I don't really care about this game or that not being shown, what makes me angry is the lack of anything I'm remotely interested in after SMMaker...

...... Aaand

The lack of anything I'm interested in before it!!



Goomba77 commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

I will get MarioMaker, Yoshi and mabe Zelda if it ever sees the light of day.... just 3 games I'm interested in and all were already known before E3.

Sad thing is the more and more and more they show of these games, the more secrets and fun they are taking away from the experience of playing them for the first time...



Goomba77 commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

I don't trust Nintendo enough to buy an NX, my early adopting days are over. After feeling let down, lied to and ripped off by both 3DS (it did pick up for a while, but now it's a kids toy) and their poor support for the WiiU.

"Game Over Man"



Goomba77 commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

I'd say the entitlement comes over a bit extreme from some, but if you've been good enough to give Nintendo money for one of their consoles then they ought to support it adequately. One game I'm interested in every 4 to 6 months really isn't good enough now is it?



Goomba77 commented on Nintendo's E3 'Roadmap' Infographic Shows Off ...:

Can't agree with those that say U has better games than PS4... As much as I love MarioKart, Pikmin, 3D World etc... There are huge waits between games I'm interested in on WiiU, I can't remember the last time my MK disk was taken out of the console...

There's a ton more games out on PS4 now and loads of the older stuff can be picked up for £20. Wolfenstein the Old Blood is just £15 new and reminds me so much of playing Goldeneye!!



Goomba77 commented on Iwata Vows To Listen To E3 2015 Digital Event ...:

YES it was that bad.

They must have known they had bugger all prior to the event surely!?

Time he fell on his sword and they brought someone in to turn things around.

If you have next to no third party support you cant afford to F around with your fans or your franchises. what the hell do they think people buy Nintendo consoles for?

Either an F-Zero or Wave Race HD re-make would have been received better than Tennis!

Or some visual proof of continued support for MarioKart... They must have some artists working in new tracks? why not show some early ideas and have us vote which ones get made? ... We didn't need to see more Wool, or MarioMaker or minutes and minutes of filler!!

It's like they don't have a clue sometimes.... But then just when you think they're done, they go and surprise you.... ???



Goomba77 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

I think they've shown too much of Yoshi's Wooly World. My hype for this one peaked a couple of weeks ago. Now wthe more of it I see, the more I wonder if there will be anything left to discover? Will it just feel 'meh' now as every secret and clever play mechanic has been given away before the game is even on store shelves?

Moan, moan, moan, bloody Nintendo ruining my day... Grrrrr! ;P



Goomba77 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

This was a monumentally awful presentation for WiiU owners.

Nintendo needs to spend less time patting themselves on the back and indulging their own whims and actually "Listen" to their fans.

Just when you think they've got back on the right track, they go and drop this steaming load of crap...



Goomba77 commented on Poll: With Races Won and Cups Collected, How D...:

Awesome DLC at an unbelievable price when you consider what Nintendo charges for its 8 and 16bit virtual console downloads!

I think the tracks in this pack just shade it over the last ones, both are great though.

I wasn't too fussed on Cheese Land straight away, but after some time hitting it on time trial mode I've come to really like it.

So... What next Nintendo? Don't stop now!



Goomba77 commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Br...:

I've enjoyed a few games on PS4 so far, Resogun, Wolfenstein, Last of Us etc... But nothing comes close to MarioKart 8! For me it's the best game of the generation so far and I can't see anything beating it. I've got everything crossed for DLC packs 3 and 4 being announced at E3!



Goomba77 commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

I'll eat up as much MK8 as Nintendo throw at me!!

I'd like to see a haunted track full of boo's like the original ones, suspended over a dark chasm... A chocolate track... A new version of Sunset Wilds, Waluigi Pinball, Firefield from F-Zero, a Pikmin track, and how cool might a Duck Hunt track be!? ... There's so much to draw from, I hope they keep it going!