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BaffleBlend commented on Poll: Nintendo's Free-to-Play Experiments - Ar...:

The Badge Arcade's really generous; note how in the poll most of its players haven't spent a dime. And, as they've proved today, even if you miss a catcher one time, they'll come back later.

As for children, parental controls stop them from even ACCESSING the eShop without a parental PIN if they're set up.



BaffleBlend commented on The NES Joins The High Definition Era With Thi...:

@shauntu: This. The NES's heyday was way before the Electric Soldier Porygon incident (December 16, 1997). This is the same reason EarthBound took so long to get a rerelease; that with all its flashy effects was released well before the incident as well.

Along with what @Koniec pointed out, there really shouldn't be this much complaining.



BaffleBlend commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

You know. I WAS going to comment on how indifferent I was about this because it's so unbelievably minor and not in most games anyway.

But now I'm GLAD this happened because now I get to see every last one of you bastards suffer.



BaffleBlend commented on Bigley's Revenge Arrives on the Wii U eShop Ju...:

For the love of... This idiot had TWO games pulled so far, and the remaining one is a wonder why it hasn't been pulled (since it's a carbon copy of someone else's free mobile game). Has he not learned his lesson YET?

Not even getting into the fact that Bigley himself is Ridley from the Metroid series. (For the non-Miiverse-savvy, he started as a joke against the "Ridley is too big for Smash argument, as parody scribbles of badly drawn Ridleys being size-compared to countries and planets and galaxies and the universe itself.)



BaffleBlend commented on Sonic The Hedgehog Titles Being Pulled From Th...:

...what. That's just, what.

(Sigh) Even with the (cheaper) 3D ports out, this is still upsetting because of what it represents; I just don't want the Wii to keep dying further and further. I'm getting old fast enough already, you know?



BaffleBlend commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

Most physical-only sentiments I've seen amount to elitism. "I don't give in to the download trends, therefore I am BETTER than you sheeple" and all that. And not only has those attitudes made me better accept retail downloads, it has actively turned me away from buying physical.

You guys who think like that literally sound like those hipsters who insist on listening to vinyl records only just because they're not sold by "the man".



BaffleBlend commented on The Wii U's Broad Audience Means Star Fox Zero...:

I don't mind the delay, but... broad audience?


Is he being sarcastic

I'm sorry, but Nintendo's audience is really, really limited to pretty much just the people who grew up with it nowadays. I've never seen even a single Wii U owner under 18.



BaffleBlend commented on It's Official, Hideo Kojima Has Parted Ways Wi...:

This is a good move for him, and I'm proud of him for finally getting around to it.

Funny everyone keeps saying he should join Nintendo. That might actually be a good idea, since he already has close connections to them, being close pals with Sakurai and all.



BaffleBlend commented on Academic Study Highlights How the Placebo Effe...:

I do suspect the placebo effect is pretty strong even in gaming. It's why I refuse to study matchups in Super Smash Bros. despite being a competitive player; If so-and-so is utterly hopeless against this specific opponent, I don't want to know, because that'll lead to me basically giving up.



BaffleBlend commented on Nintendo Has "Moved On" From Game Boy Games on...:

Okay, what the hell, Nintendo.

The Virtual Console is literally the last thing this company has going for it. Everything about this screams "we don't care anymore, let us die quietly already".

I WOULD say we should say something, but oh right, high and mighty Nintendo has flat-out stated that they ignore any and all fan petitions.



BaffleBlend commented on Sega Will Be Bringing a Game Gear 3DS Theme We...:

Picking this up for sure. The ACTUAL Game Gear may have had some serious issues, but as the VC releases show, it may have had a chance on more competent hardware. Also, it looked damn cool.

@allav866 Not to mention Multiplayer, which Nintendo treats as an impossibility but the Game Gear just said "oh, here you go". Which is weird, considering multiplayer is typically Nintendo's forté.



BaffleBlend commented on Nintendo Drops Out of Interbrand 'Best Global ...:

Right now, Nintendo's going the way of Atari; people know about it widely and acknowledge its influence, but only those who grew up with it care about its continued existence.

Hopefully they'll take this as the cold splash of water they so desperately need to wake up.



BaffleBlend commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

And people wonder why I've stopped supporting Pokémon as a series. It's in no small part because of how draconian Game Freak's gotten over the years.

The only reason I haven't changed my avatar to reflect my refined opinion is because I'm too lazy to.



BaffleBlend commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

All I'm saying is, with all the chips they're stacking on the NX, it had better be backwards-compatible.
The PS4 and XB1 not being backwards compatible is what made me swear off both of those console families for good. If Nintendo goes the same route, I might just become a PC gamer or, more likely, drop my gaming habit altogether.



BaffleBlend commented on Talking Point: Tatsumi Kimishima Is A Safe Pai...:

At first I was concerned because of his financial, non-game-development-related background. But he at least seems to acknowledge his own limitations and areas of expertise, which is why he's doing the team thing; he handles what he does best, the other two handle what they do best.

I think we can trust this guy.



BaffleBlend commented on Nintendo Download: 10th September (North America):

The state of the 3DS eShop isn't even a joke anymore. It's just sad.

The final 3DS VC release was the Donkey Kong Land trilogy. On February 26th. Seven months. Why? You'd think they'd be giving it a tad more attention with the New 3DS out and bringing in new customers and all...