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BaffleBlend commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

I despise Ninja Pig more and more by the day. Someone get that smug-ass, fedora-tipping lunatic off of the eShop!

I'm not making blind accusations, either. He's openly a disgusting, proud fedora-tipper who says "m'lady", and he brings it up on Miiverse whenever he can.



BaffleBlend commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Apex Champion Call...:

Never. It's time for Melee to fall. That's something the Smash 4 and Project M fandoms can both agree on - that outdated relic has nothing going for it anymore except for Pichu. And last time I checked, Pichu ain't exactly a major part of the scene!

I mean, if you're that attached to Melee's speed, that's what Project M is for! And it actually has more than five functional characters! Same with SSB4, which actually gave a damn about balance despite many not preferring its speed.

@XCWarrior: The thing about items is that a roll of the dice effectively decides the winner rather than which player is better. Me and a lot of players don't think that's fun at all. How would you feel if, say, a football game was decided because a random fan running into the field messed up one of the teams? That wouldn't be very exciting or fair. I'm not dissing people who enjoy playing with them on, they just don't have a place in a duel between people trying to see which person is better at the game.



BaffleBlend commented on GBA Classics Sonic Advance And Mega Man & Bass...:

Sonic Advance is definitely welcomed. It's close enough to the spirit of the Genesis games so that it seems meant to be played on a home console. Of course, I'll probably waste all my time on the Tiny Chao Garden again :p

Speaking of the Genesis, this could easily pave the way for some missing consoles.



BaffleBlend commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Should be Prod...:

I said yes to most of these except for three.

1. Metroid: The series is dead, and a licensed TV show would just be pissing on its grave no doubt. It's TV with a female main character, and you know what that means – half the airtime would just be close-ups of ZSS's "prominent features"!

2: F-Zero, which should get a new game first.

3. Donkey Kong; the last series proved that the DKC characters shouldn't talk out loud, ever.



BaffleBlend commented on Satoru Iwata Reiterates Plans for Quality of L...:

This seems like a smart move, honestly. With game sales slipping, they need something to recoup their losses, and this is something they've had experience with in in the past; Wii Fit U only failed because the Wii U itself was failing when it was released.



BaffleBlend commented on 3DS Web Browser Exploit Allows Game Boy Color ...:

@RupeeClock: So you're really him, huh. Funny running into you here! I was Doore1337 on that site, I think we've talked a few times- I was embarrassingly young at the time, but still, I can't help but wonder if you remember seeing me around at all. We should find a place to catch up.



BaffleBlend commented on 3DS Web Browser Exploit Allows Game Boy Color ...:

Oh, Nintendo... You don't know how tempted I am to use this. There is no reason not to hurry up and release as many games as possible if it's truly that easy. Especially games that have been out in other regions for months, like... I don't know... Game & Watch Gallery 3? I won't do it, but damn is it tempting.



BaffleBlend commented on Ninja Pig Studios Accused Of Stealing Pixel Ar...:

Ninja Pig, the art style was not changed as you explicitly claimed it was. We can see that clear as day, in the comparisons between the two. While it's true that a palette swap was applied, that's not sufficient to claim something as your own. Unless, of course, all those Sonic the Hedgehog recolors floating around out there actually DO belong to their "owners"?



BaffleBlend commented on Ninja Pig Studios Accused Of Stealing Pixel Ar...:

First, a once-free flash game with a price tag. Then, a game made ENTIRELY out of things ripped from the internet. Why are we only NOW getting on him about his plagiarism?

Oh well, at least the case is airtight. We'll never have to see that quote unquote "developer" embarrass the eShop ever again.