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Nintendo Unleashes An Awesome Trailer Showing Off Upcoming Wii U Exclusives

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The Time Is Now

There's quite a lot of hype around Gamescom right now, with Microsoft and Sony in the process of presenting or preparing E3-style briefings for the event in Cologne. Nintendo, as is always the case with this event, is simply attending with a booth, yet has taken the opportunity today to release a slick new trailer — almost eight minutes long — that shows off exciting upcoming exclusives for the Wii U.

It's a mixture of titles coming this year and those previously confirmed for 2015, along with some choice picks of games already on the market. That means it swings from titles such as Mario Kart 8, to close arrivals like Hyrule Warriors, through to undated games for next year such as Splatoon and The Legend of Zelda. There are a lot of games coming, and these are just first-party and a few selected third-party efforts; it's a welcome reminder that a year from now hashtags like #wiiudroughtaid may not be required.

Nintendo UK is pushing its own hashtag with this video, however — #TheTimeIsNow. Check it out below and let us know what you think; does this get you hyped for the year ahead on Wii U?

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Bear in mind that release dates and windows in this video are for Europe, thanks to Max Criden for the heads up.

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User Comments (123)



Emblem said:

Nice trailer, its a shame we couldn't get some more dates but its a nice showcase of the upcoming Wii U games.



Tsurii said:

I don't know about everyone else, but I have a feeling, that they're trying to tell us something with including the Zelda U teaser..

Or mabye I'm just getting my hopes up too fast



Aviator said:

Upcoming games include Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country TF?

News to me.



Dew said:

Cool trailer, its great that Nintendo is pushing it's advertising efforts in the UK. Reaching people who think the Wii and Wii U are the same.



unrandomsam said:

That trailer wasn't awesome at all. (They did well with the digital event but looks like they didn't try as hard this time).



AVahne said:

Great trailer, I'm already of the opinion that Smash Bros. Wii U graphics look like crap, but when shown together with all these other 3D Wii U exclusives, the low quality of the visuals stands out even more. Guess that's what happens when you let Bamco develop a Nintendo game these days.



AndyWARbear said:

Would've been the perfect time to sneak in a Fatal Frame European release announcement. I guess they are keeping Fatal Frame and Devils Third separate from the other Wii U exclusives because of the content but still...



crzysortagamer said:

Looks good. Not great, 3ds will remain my primary system, but I no longer dread buying a wii u when Zelda comes out



ricklongo said:

Looks awesome. Zelda, Smash and Xenoblade have me salivating.

Would it be too much to ask for a new reveal on gamescom? I mean, the other companies are probably doing it.



Beta said:

It's only W101 short of being a perfect hype trailer for those ithout Wii Us X'D



Iggly said:

Xenoblade looks amazing, my money will be crying next year with all these awesome releases coming to the Wii U and 3DS.



AndyWARbear said:

@ricklongo like the Microsoft reveal of Tomb Raider as an XBone exclusive? That was outa left field... But yeah, a nice little reveal is required to keep up momentum. Can't have MS and Sony getting all the attention after Gamescon. It would be remiss of Nintendo to just sit on their hands.



FlaygletheBagel said:

@AVahne I would wait until it comes out and you see it running on the console itself. I thought the 3DS version looked like crap until I saw some E3 videos of the game actually running on a 3DS. I've seen some videos that don't make Smash Wii U look like much of a visual upgrade from Brawl, and other videos that make me realize this game actually looks pretty gorgeous. You never really know how a game will look until you pop the game into a console and watch it run.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I won't have time enough to play so much.

BTW, the quality of the video is subpar.

Also, the trailer should include The Wonderful 101, one of the best games on the system.



Gerbwmu said:

Decent trailer......I think Nintendo should announce something new though for Gamescom, even if it is just a special VC release. Something new and different from E3 to add to the momentum they seem to be sustaining since E3.



baba_944 said:

Sweet trailer. Can't wait to get me a "Wii U" for "Zelda U" and "Captain Toad U". I have to clear a whole bunch of games before I get me a "Wii U" though.



Jazzer94 said:

Good trailer but to many games have similar styles a few more realstic games with actual stories would be nice from Nintendo.



spizzamarozzi said:

I thought the trailer was gorgeous and every game shown is a belter.
If people don't get it now, it's people's fault.



Jazzer94 said:

@baba_944 I'm not talking about photo realism here I mean more games like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Metroid Prime and Bayonetta 2 games with stories that take a more mature tone.



Stunny said:

I thought Captain Toad was coming out in December? Did it get pushed back, or is this just in the UK?



ejamer said:

Does the hash tag worry anyone else? #thetimeisnow #asgoodasitsgoingtoget #alldownhillfromhere

(Don't take this too seriously — it's a joke, people.)



FlaygletheBagel said:

The trailer is fine, but since we've already seen just about everything on that list at E3, it didn't hype me that much. A Nintendo Direct would be great right about now, but I'm kinda scared that they don't have too much in the works besides those games.



gage_wolf said:

The good - it's great to see all these games spliced together because it really shows off Nintendo's bold individual aesthetic. The new "World of Nintendo" toy line helps solidify this notion - owning a Nintendo console is like nothing else out there. Great variety of gameplay styles as well. Captain Toad looks like a great laid back experience!

The bad - too much plumber. IMO, they need to give Mario a break for a while. I hear a lot of feedback from people (including Nintendo fans) that they are pretty tired of Mario. It's starting to feel like Ninty is milking their moneycow for every drop.

Last two cents, the last shot that shows all the screens forming the huge "U" logo, they should have just left it at that (I thought they were for a second). But no it then retreated back next to the "Wii" logo. Drop the Wii logo Ninty! It aint doing you any favors! Let the "U" free!



allav866 said:

So... Sonic... eats rings?
"RINGS! Nom nom nom nom nom!"
The only rings I've ever eaten were onion rings. (Ba-dum TSH! ...chirping crickets)



Action51 said:

Really cool to see all the big exclusives laid out like that.

Now remember all my pouty people...this trailer wasn't made for people like us that visit gaming websites everyday, watched hours of E3 and all the major conferences, and speculate about what Reggie's lapel pins might mean.

This trailer was made for less obsessive people who might be curious about buying a console in the upcoming relax. You have to admit this trailer had a lot of sizzle and pretty accurately showed off what the Wii U is all about.



gabopr75 said:

I loved the trailer looks great, will have a lot to choose from, hopefully college wont keep me too busy xD. I would kill for pokemon Crystal VC, ohh what its like to dream.



AdanVC said:

I can't freaking wait for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker! Like, seriously, even more than Smash Bros. It's a new EAD game and even tough it's not a full 3D platformer, the fact that it will be a retail release means it would have lot's of content and tons of puzzles. I'm so looking forward to hear also the new soundtrack on this game. EAD, the true wizards of the industry.



ModernMARVEL said:

@Jazzer94 Understandable. Not usually my cup of tea, but I could see it happening. More games like those would add some nice variety to the system. Sure, there's already some great variety, but it doesn't hurt to have more.



MisterMan said:

Where is Pikmin 3? I think that's the best game out right now. It's the best looking game and video of Pikmin would have looked great. It's an exclusive, right?



BertoFlyingFox said:

Sweet, a lot of the upcoming games look really good. Props to Nintendo for Woolly World and Rainbow Curse, they really stand out of the crowd with their aesthetics.



Mega719 said:

Nice trailer most weren't upcoming games but noble Wii U releases people should know about. Wish it wasn't Nintendo exclusive as i'm still curious about Watch Dogs. Also wish we saw some new games but of course those should be saved for presentations



QuickSilver88 said:

Most of this video is not new yet its a great assembly. It just shows everything I love about Nintendo, their games are starting to look really nice on WiiU. Nintendo in HD is everything we thought they would be. Ninendo is willing to do games an styles other publishers won't touch. People talk about WiiU not having variety or multi-plats yet no other system will end up with as many unique exclusives as WiiU. Can't wait for Toad and X. I am starting to think Hyrule Warrirors may be something special even though its a button masher.



Excep7ional said:

@Jazzer94 I agree with you about the realism part. I enjoy the cartoon style stuff too, but a little bit more variety would be nice. Especially for those who don't have enough to purchase a new console, or just want to stick with Nintendo.



datamonkey said:

Low key Gamescom for Nintendo again. I think it's about time they took it a bit more seriously.



micronean said:

Great trailer, and totally Nintendo. I wonder though, what would happen to their software if they suddenly went to a more realistic color palette. or if PS4 games suddenly went to a colourful, animated, colour palette? I think they'd be the same thing.



JimLad said:

Definitely too much Mario, and too many platformers.
It's a great lineup, I just wish they would diversify a bit.



TwilightAngel said:

Now that's what their suppose to do, to get attention from gamers.And what a great way to end the trailer with the Zelda U teaser.



Discostew said:

One thing I noticed with the Zelda U portion of the trailer (which was probably already pointed out long ago), was that the explosions from the enemy laser actually generated force on the grass and trees near them. I was not expecting that kind of detail.



Shambo said:

Fatal Frame, Devil's Third, even older titles like Pikmin 3, MH3U, ZombiU, Lego City, W101,... It's a step in the right direction, But if NOW is the time, show people what is already exclusively available! By the way, to anyone who doesn't yet own a Wii U, now IS the time indeed. It's my favourite home console, and the library of games is good already and growing into something amazing. Should you feel a lack of games, consider that many people haven't yet scratched the surface of what great gems lie hidden in the pile of shovelware for Wii!



Pika2346 said:

I counted five games that I'll definitely be getting in the next 12 months... Eh, better than last year ._.



zool said:

Minus at least 3 games that are already released and Mario Party which never gets a good review and the rest are to be spread over the next 16 months.

We need third party games.



IceClimbers said:

@FlaygletheBagel I think you're expecting a bit much. Nintendo revealed most of their load at E3. More new Wii U game announcements right now is just unrealistic outside of a Fatal Frame localization. There's plenty of games coming out for Wii U throughout 2015. Mario Party 10, Splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Zelda U, Devil's Third, and plenty of others.

The system that actually needs a Direct and some 1st party game announcements is the 3DS. Currently three 1st party games outlined for the rest of this year, 2 in Europe since you guys already have Pokemon Art Academy. Then in 2015 we have Code Name STEAM and Fossil Fighters Frontier. In terms of 1st party, that's it.



IceClimbers said:

@zool Still more than 3DS. The number of third party games coming to 3DS actually OUTNUMBERS the number of 1st party games.



rjejr said:

@shigulicious - Before I even watched it I was thinking Nitnedo needs to get this out there.

@PvtOttobot - 2015 sums it up nicely.

Since E3 I've been thinking this would be a good holiday for Wii U to sell some, and the video makes me think it is good to be a Wii U owner, but I don't know how much Wii U will sell based on that video alone.

Can't we just say Nitnedo is a poorly managed company and be done w/ it? Bayonetta 2 out in Oct, only 2 months away, still no date. SSB "Winter 2014", no date. A kid friendly Capt Toad in Jan. is a big miss for Christmas. Kirby and Yoshi the 2D platformers also both in 2015.

I like my Wii U, glad I bought my Wii U, will be buying a lot of these games for our Wii U, but not sure if I would recommend a Wii U to anyone else right now. Show me a real SSB date and some amiibo figures on the shelf in Target and then I'll recommend it.

And it's probably just me, but that video was too much of a hodgepodge, it needed some semblance of order. Out now, coming soon, next year. Or maybe action, adventure, family fun. Something for people to focus on. And take Art Academy out compeltley, killed the mood. And don't have Sonic 2nd w/ that little "also on 3DS" disclaimer right after the big "ONLY on Wii U" headline. Nintendo is a mess.



ricklongo said:

@AndyWARbear Sony just revealed a whole bunch of new titles too. I will be quite sad if Nintendo has gone to the event empty-handed in that regard.



MrGawain said:


Having Devil's 3rd footage would have put the PEGI rating of the video up to 18. Bayonetta 2 already raised it to a 16.



GhotiH said:

The only upcoming games I care about are SSB4, Hyrule Warriors, Zelda U, and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem.



arnoldlayne83 said:

Boring trailer with nothing new... We would like to know something about third parties, not that i can buy mk8 or sm3dw, which i already got....

Poor wiiu



NintendoFan64 said:

What's disturbing is that I'm planning on getting nearly every game shown there (I already have MK8, SM3DW and DKC TF), but I probably won't get Sonic Boom and Bayonetta 2 when they come out because of the new Smash Bros.



Action51 said:

@zool - we are getting some third party games, but the problem is they are too few, and too predictable.

I love Lego games, but I have been spoiled since Lego City Undercover...knowing they can put out a game that big and loaded with stuff to do. I'm still looking forward to Lego Batman 3.

The final problem is the half-assing of ports. We're seeing this with Ubisoft and Watchdogs, and now namco is screwing over Wii U owners who deserve a Project CARS release that is on-time and optimized as well as possible for the Wii U for meeting the crowdfunding goals. Instead we are getting more delays and likely a rushed port.

Then after all that nonsense, we'll have to hear more condemnations of Nintendo fans rejecting third party games.



nintendyagmr said:

Another reason to love Nintendo for so much quality content coming and that has already been released.



vattodev said:

No Monster Hunter, no Wonderful 101, no Pikmin 3. I'm mad at this video. Why hide the best ones?



Cyberbotv2 said:

Cool. But compared to what Sony and Microsoft presented today, I find myself slightly unimpressed.



Tritonus said:

They skipped Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101! wtf! Someone should make a fan edit and add those games.



mushroomer said:

simultaneous release of Mario Maker for wii u and 3ds please.. cross platform compatibility as well.!!! might as well



Drobotic said:

This is the kind of stuff that needs to be aired on TV.I don't remember the last time I saw a Wii U commercial.Anyway,I'm excited for these games.



1wiierdguy said:

I mixture of stuff that's been out for months and stuff that's a year away. Only Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta coming any time soon. No hype for me from this ad.



AndyWARbear said:

@Cyberbotv2 I hear ya. I'm a Nintendo fanboy first and foremost but today I saw reasons to buy a PS4 and XB One. I will be buying all 3 consoles for the first time in the same gen.
I hope Nintendo show us something new to compete with the hype from Gamescon. They may lose all their momentum if they don't.
Personally I'd like SMT x FE news, Fatal Frame western release announcement, Next Level Games and Retro Studios to announce what they're working on. Hell, I'd take any new info right now though.



SavoirFaire said:

Nice clip, but considering the rather light 3rd party support, that's a rather light view of what amounts to nearly 2 years of games (since we are going back to SM3DW. The only positive is I am hunkering down and clearing my Wii backlog, hopefully before Hyrule Warriors releases.

I think one's primary concern with releases is how much time one has. If I had the free time I had 20 or even 10 years ago, I would likely need 2 systems + PC to keep up with games. Nowadays, the games outpace my free time, and just keeping up with Wii U and 3DS (when travelling) is enough for me.



AshFoxX said:

@BlueStar101 @crzysortagamer Those were not Arwings. Further in the video they show footage from the Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer, which shows the exact scene you two are referring to.

And @danjohnson141 , I agree. Although, it would be too soon in the development of Star Fox to show anything significant.



dandantheman100 said:

Great trailer. They should put these kind of adverts on primetime TV, and actually promote the great games that are coming, with those that are already available.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@AndyWARbear: I never considered buying all three consoles either, but the PS4 and Xbox One appear so much more appealing. The Xbox one had me with that Halo collection, and their multimedia aspects caught my attention. And everything looks good on PS4, and it's like they have every game! I've adored Nintendo, but there's no way I can stick it out with just one console anymore. Not when the release schedule is this barren.



electrolite77 said:

Good trailer that, though I echo those who say they should have included Pikmin 3, Monster Hunter, W101 as well



electrolite77 said:


I always finish up with another machine. Nintendo make great games but they don't provide enough variety. If Nintendo got proper full third party support I wouldn't bother with another machine but it seems they don't want my money. I bit the PS4 bullet on Monday and am enjoying FIFA and Resogun immensely.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@electrolite77 : Sports games to me are a big deal. Having absolutely zero support on the Wii U is likely a big deal. How is the PS4? In terms of the controller, and the user interface?



Genesaur said:

This is definitely well put together. I dig it, even if it's all previously revealed footage.



electrolite77 said:


The controller's very nice. Comfortable, intuitive and a step up from previous Dual Shocks. I'm not entirely taken with the interface yet tbh, at the minute I'd just prefer the old XMB, and the lack of folders is a pain-all I've downloaded is what I'd got through PS Plus and already I'd like some sorting options. That said, it's easy enough to find everything.

As a side note, Remote Play works great sat in the front room when the wife is using the tv. The lack of buttons will cause a problem with some games but it's a nice option (couldn't say about over the internet yet, haven't tried it)



arnoldlayne83 said:

I guess sooner or later I will get a Playstation too.... too few games on WiiU and too many platforms on the horizon....



wariosmith said:

Zelda... Zelda... looked good! now just need to finish Wind Waker + Darksiders + VC zeldas...



Jcdbengals said:

Great trailer! Could nitpick always, but it was good to see the exclusives. Very wide range of game types



TheLobster said:

They need to split these down into a few categories (out now, coming rest of 2014, 2015, mature aesthetic - and where was Devil's Third in there?, maybe family friendly, Mario, etc) so that each is 30 - 90 seconds, cut out the Wii U logo at the end (I just liked the U made out of the games), and air the crap out of them on every channel possible.
Edit: For "out now" they could add in Pikmin 3, W101, etc to really punch it up.



Henmii said:

Title confirmed: Xenoblade chronicles X. Why do the faces look so ugly though? In Xenoblade chronicles they looked much better.

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