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TheLobster commented on Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon ...:

@Late @RoomB31 I agree. I've logged something like 25 hours on this game beating everything (up until this new update) and never spent any money, but I'd really like to just be able to give them $5 for making a game I like, but not contribute to the F2P cash grab pay to win part. I don't need to pay to win, anyway.



TheLobster commented on Gallery: Nintendo Celebrates Women's History M...:

I love Bayonetta being here! In like ten or fifteen years somebody is going to dig this campaign up from the depths of the Internet and they'll go, "Samus, OK, Toadette, OK, Rosalina, OK... BAYONETTA?!" Probably by that point there will be more Bayonetta games and they'll be on multiple platforms again and so this will just serve as a weird reminder of that time when Nintendo was the only place you could go for your sexy witch needs.

Plus she's the only M rated and non-first party character represented here. Such an oddball choice but it's nice to see them trying to promote that game in any way they can.



TheLobster commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Speedrun ...:

@Tazcat2011 The text is faster in Japanese, or on the Chinese iQue, which is what Cosmo uses. This is because they use fewer characters to say what they mean, because they use kana/hanzi instead of letters.

And to the rest of you arguing that this run isn't legitimate: I don't see him putting in a Game Shark anywhere. This is all stuff that is possible within the game how it is originally programmed. You could learn to do this too on your very own OoT cart were you willing to put in the extensive amount of time required to learn to do this.



TheLobster commented on Review: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS):

It's nice to get a new IP, but I'm not getting this because I have less than zero interest in it. And I'm not going to spend money on a game I'll never play.

I bought Wonderful 101 and I'm buying Splatoon, so don't call me a hypocrite, for crying out loud. You people are way too intense over this.



TheLobster commented on Review: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars (...:

Personally I feel the level sharing was very clunkily implemented and it would have benefited from QR codes or a user search feature from within the game. If you are not extremely lucky your levels will be buried and you will get very few to no plays on them at all, with no way to smoothly bring them back into the game. You can navigate to their initial Miiverse post, but if a user has more than one level and you want to play all of them, it's very frustrating, as it closes Miiverse every time a level is booted up from there.



TheLobster commented on Weirdness: British Children's TV Channel Gets ...:

@Darkness3131 @crimsontadpoles Stuff like that cracks me up. I forget which one it was, but there was an early 90s sitcom (maybe Roseanne?) where the kid gets explicitly a Super Nintendo. They make that very clear. Now, the game he gets is made up (which is a trope in and of itself), probably to avoid copyright infringement, and we never see the screen. But everyone is mashing the buttons frantically and SONIC sounds come out!

I laughed so hard.



TheLobster commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off Level Creation in Ma...:

@NebulaGamer I think @ikki5 is saying that even though the levels are brand new, there aren't enough of them to justify the price tag. There are fewer levels than Minis on the Move, which also had level creation and sharing and which cost half the price. We are paying double because of the "cross buy" codes which just give us two copies - so we are paying the $10 the game is worth for both copies of the game. The game is not worth $20 and then we are getting one copy free.



TheLobster commented on Next Level Games Employee Suggests He's Workin...:

You know what, I'm going to not say "Luigi's Mansion U." We just got a Luigi's Mansion game. You know what game I think they're working on? Metroid. And we're going to hear about it at E3.

"But Retro does Metroid!" Yes but it's entirely possible there are not one but TWO Metroid games in development right now: a side scrolling one for 3DS and a first person one for the Wii U.

It's just crazy enough to be true.



TheLobster commented on First Passcode Released for Pokémon Shuffle:

Well, that's a bit late, haha! I actually just caught my final of the regular stage Pokemon this afternoon. I'm still in the midst of S-ranking everything, though (I only have 18 Expert stages unlocked) so I'll still get a bit of use out of the code.



TheLobster commented on Review: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars (...:

Personally I think this is a really fun game. Nothing has compelled me to play previous games in the franchise before, even though I've gotten some for free. But I've been having a blast with the level editor and going on Miiverse, playing other people's levels and sharing mine. The actual game is pretty decent as well.



TheLobster commented on Review: Pokémon Shuffle (3DS eShop):

I prefer this game to Trozei simply because I like the turn based aspect. I can barely beat any of the expert stages because they ARE Trozei. On the other hand I've made it to level 150 in the normal stages, caught all but six of the Pokemon, and S ranked nearly all the stages as well. Haven't spent a dime. It's not hard to progress on a free basis, it just takes a little patience. That said I would happily pay $5 or so for a fully unlocked version.

I don't find it amoral at all. F2P is here to stay and this is a nice example of it. Very polished game.



TheLobster commented on 3DS Browser Exploit Hackers Bypass Pokémon S...:

I can see why some people would do this. I've been stuck on Mega Glalie (level 120) for over a day and a half. I've even spent coins on the disruption delay and plus five moves and still lost. That stage is brutal. Some of the later stages seem like they are almost designed to make you spend money. I've had to go back and grind past levels instead, since I refuse to do that. Might as well S rank everything and be sure to catch all the 'mons I missed getting that far!



TheLobster commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

Personally I really like the game and I think you guys are a load of whiners. There's nothing wrong with it and if it cost $8 and was completely unlocked from the start it would be a better game than Trozei, which I also have. I prefer the mechanics of Shuffle.

You don't like it, don't download it. You don't want to spend money on it, don't spend money on it, the end. It's not that hard. In my case I just take a break when my hearts are gone and then come back. I've gotten loads of coins and three gems in less than a day so I can't even say the game is very stingy on that front. If you want to play a simple game like this for longer periods of time there are other options out there for you; this one is for short bursts only which fills a niche in and of itself.

Nintendo is not going down the toilet and microtransactions are not the devil. Like anything else they are a part of life but they are a very SMALL part of life. And of gaming. And as others have said, in gaming they have always been around, or have you forgotten arcades? The idea is exactly the same, the delivery method is just a bit more sophisticated. I'm seeing a few people complain about DLC as well - DLC is just the modern term for "expansion packs." There. Done. Cleared that one up.

Basically my only complaint with Pokemon Shuffle is that it's on the 3DS and not on mobile devices. It would reach a much wider audience there and do Nintendo a lot more good.



TheLobster commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains Why Tingle is Such a Pecu...:

I personally loved the last two paragraphs of this article. It's so annoying that people feel the need to waste time with stupid questions (that by the way, only go one way, implying that there is a "default" answer). Tingle is Tingle. Aonuma probably had no idea anybody was even debating his sexuality, because why should we be doing that in the first place?



TheLobster commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

Reading this comment section was... interesting. The biggest takeaway I get is that some of you all seem to think I should shoot myself in the head the minute I turn forty. After all, I'm a writer, and only young people are creative.

Fortunately, both for me and for our friends making the game, that's not really true.



TheLobster commented on Renegade Kid Reveals a Snippet of Information ...:

Well, Mutant Mudds was like one of the first major games on the eShop and I still see it pushed on the home screen now and again (or with very minor digging) so it's no wonder it's sold loads. Some of these other ones I've never even heard of, so it's no surprise they've not sold. What the hell is "Bomb Monkey?"

Honestly, in the misty far off times of early 2012, Mutant Mudds was the darling of the eShop. Do you remember what it was going against, though? Games like Freakyforms. Very different environment. (No offense to Freakyforms, I still have that on my 3DS.)



TheLobster commented on Nintendo Delays Financial Results Presentation...:

Iwata is sick, as many have said, move along, nothing to see here.

Speaking as someone who has stock in Nintendo I can understand why Iwata would be stressed. I put several thousand on them a few years back and am currently sitting on (for that stock) about $2,000 less than what I started with. Just because they had a profitable year, does not mean wine and roses. Iwata surely wants to turn things around for people like me! It would mean his company was doing far better than it is.

I know, Nintendo's not going anywhere anytime soon. I have faith. But a lot of other people don't and frankly, they could be doing BETTER.



TheLobster commented on Ubisoft Launches Yet Another Massive eShop Sal...:

Ubisoft is a weird subject with me. Honestly they have alienated me on every console (but especially Nintendo) and I don't want to support them anymore. But on the other hand they have made some truly superlative games (ACIV, Child of Light, Rayman Legends, Valiant Hearts) and I want them back on Nintendo putting those games out there because Nintendo needs the third party support. But then they release glitchy, broken, unfinished games on the other consoles and say it's too difficult to put women in and I'm like, "Good riddance!"

So I don't know, Ubisoft, I just don't know. And until I do, I won't buy.



TheLobster commented on Fry's Electronics Cancels Some New Nintendo 3D...:

I doubt this is all Nintendo's fault (surely some blame falls on retailers overpromising and the rise in scalping) but at the end of the day people are only going to remember Nintendo's hand in it. Let's face it, the end of 2014/start of 2015 is going to go down as the Time of Cancelled Nintendo Preorders and that's surely starting to lose them customers by this point. We're several months into this debacle. Nintendo needs to step up. They're the root of the problem and the most capable of solving it.



TheLobster commented on Nintendo Launches Beta of 'Creators Program' f...:

Two months turnaround on money is a massive turn off. Only being able to have Nintendo first party content on the channel for best profits is a huge turn off. Especially as that list of games is rather limited. They need to lighten up the restrictions to get it to work, allow second and third party titles, allow all current gen games at the very least (preferably all last gen games as well).

It's very difficult because I can see many channels wanting to get in on this but having to create subchannels just for their Nintendo stuff. I don't think Nintendo has to make it that annoying. I can understand them not wanting to promote channels that have Forza and Plants vs. Zombies and COD and Minecraft all mixed in, but let's face it - that's the best way for these people to earn a living off of playing video games (remember when our parents told us that was impossible?). Nintendo just has to face that reality.



TheLobster commented on This Is What Happened When A Kid Pitched Super...:

I don't have cool, "a company responded to my letter" stories like the rest of you! The closest thing I have to that is when my class wrote letters to deployed soldiers (this was in like 1997 so I have no idea WHERE they were deployed) and I was the only one who got a response. I got a card and a patch! Very cool. I remember everyone was surprised because my soldier was a woman.

Anyway, this was super adorable. Plus seeing the drawings really brings back memories. I recently unearthed a whole slew of scribbles for Nintendo ideas (mostly Pokemon, but there were some original ideas in there too) done by my best friend's brother and me. So this really made me smile.

The Lego thing was sweet, too.