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Tue 10th June, 2014

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TheLobster commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015 - Q4 ...:

Definitely going to pick up FAST Racing Neo day one after that Treehouse showing and I backed Shantae so I have no choice there (lol) but none of the other indies are really doing it for me. AC:aF is something I might actually pick up (put away those pitchforks!) and I have XCX preordered - the CE even. But this list is so barren it's given me chance to consider Rodea the Sky Soldier, which I never have before. I'll have to see how that reviews. Yeesh. What a terrible holiday. Anybody else reminded of the first six months of the console?



TheLobster commented on Excellent Shovel Knight Sales Prove That Indie...:

I would love to spend all of my money on indie titles for the Wii U if I could, because I know I am missing out on some fantastic experiences. However, I just can't afford to do that. So I have to be selective and only buy games that are truly superlative. Maybe when I have more money I can go back and fill in the gaps on my wishlist, but there are a lot of those.



TheLobster commented on The Deer God Will Bring Gorgeous Pixel-Based N...:

@Sakura Minecraft is procedurally generated, so not necessarily. It just means the game is never the same way twice because levels are created by an algorithm. Another procedurally generated game that's getting a lot of buzz (but hasn't come out yet) is No Man's Sky.

Anyway I'm interested in this. Gonna have to see how it reviews! I really like the art style and music. I've never played a procedurally generated platform game before, though.



TheLobster commented on Let's Go For A Run!:

Short and very easy, yet it had only a 10% completion rating when I had it up under a different name. This level taught me that names matter. Thank you for sharing with me that it feels anti-climactic. I will think about that.



TheLobster commented on Review: Crab Cakes Rescue (Wii U eShop):

@RCMADIAX I wouldn't sweat the 1/10. Most of your games fall in the 5/10 range here and some do better than that. I just looked them all up and I'm going to buy SHUT THE BOX for my dad once my Game Pad is back from repair. I think it's exactly the kind of game he could really get into.



TheLobster commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

Super excited for this one. I love level editors (it's all I did in Tipping Stars) and every video I see for it just gets me more and more pumped.

Was pretty bummed to have this conversation earlier though:
Me: Oh, you'd love Super Mario Maker!
Them: What's that?
Me: This new game from Nintendo where you can make your own Mario levels.
Them: Oh, that sounds really cool!

They had never even heard of it!



TheLobster commented on iOS and Android Receive Pokémon Shuffle Mobil...:

Regardless of whether or not this is the game from the DeNA partnership, I hope it sells well. I've had a blast playing Pokemon Shuffle and I would get it on my phone again in a heartbeat, but I have an Android. Considering how long it took to port Fallout Shelter, I doubt I'll be seeing this one any time soon.



TheLobster commented on Nintendo Stock Value Rises Following Better Th...:

@XCWarrior I don't think they are happy Iwata died. I certainly don't see anybody saying that. But he lead them to a great Q1 and it shows. I'm an investor and this is the first good news I've had about Nintendo since Iwata died. I'm glad his last days at the company were so strong. People were calling him a bad leader for such a long time after the Wii U launched and I think this is proof on his memory that he was not.



TheLobster commented on Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Is Basically ...:

I never bought Mario Party 10 because I'm burned out on Mario Party and don't like the direction they've taken the series lately. I'll probably pick this up because I like Animal Crossing and I like amiibo. So you all can just crucify me now.



TheLobster commented on Feature: Nintendo Wins at Its Own Game - A Rev...:

Personally I think Sony went a loooong way toward winning E3 last night just by opening with Last Guardian. Then they went and revealed at least six more games I will be buying which is twice as many games as the other conferences have me interested in put together (so far). So Sony is a strong contender. Nintendo has a lot of work to do. Can they do it? Possibly! Can they match it? I think it's possible. Can they surpass it? I think it's doubtful. But then again I was predicting a DREADFUL Sony conference and look where we are now.



TheLobster commented on Talking Point: Super Mario Maker Stole the Sho...:

The only truly low point in my opinion was Blastball. That game just looks boring. The rest of it was decent to outstanding. I agree Hungrybox was a douche but Reggie kept it classy. Mario Maker was the absolute high point and I want that game NOW, haha!



TheLobster commented on Interview: Lilian "Milktea" Chen Talks Smash B...:

@Dezzy I have a neutral name and avatar not only here but across every site where it is possible. I still get bullied and harassed by trolls a lot of the time the minute it becomes apparent I am a female. When people assume "Lobster" is a masculine name, I get left alone a lot more, I can tell you that.



TheLobster commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines His Reasons For Not Atte...:

Glad to hear it's not health issues keeping him away from E3 this year but still a bit concerned that it's health issues that have contributed to his weight loss. I hope he can get those under control soon and achieve the weight he wants to be naturally instead of through means which are cause for concern. (I don't care if that means he gets pudgy again or if that means he drops more weight - just as long as it is not his health issues dictating the fluctuation.)



TheLobster commented on PolyKid's Indie 3D Platformer Poi Is Coming To...:

This looks like it has potential. I don't think I would back it at this point but I would follow it with interest to see where it goes. The physics don't look quite right but then without actually playing it myself I can't say either way for sure.

I liked the general vibe and the idea but it hasn't "arrived" yet. I can see where they're going though and I hope they get there!



TheLobster commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

Well, this would certainly be typical Ubisoft, so I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be true.

Personally I really enjoyed Zombi U and I hate zombie games so that's impressive. I can't see how a port would be even halfway functional but that's for the programmers to work out. It would certainly lose something in the atmosphere, though.

You know it would sell (because it's a good game, regardless of review scores) and then the inevitable sequel will pass over the Wii U. That's what has me mad. Ubisoft knows what it can do with itself.



TheLobster commented on Video: Latest Teens React Episode Proves Age H...:

Just kept waiting and waiting to hear their reaction to the Konami/Contra/30 Lives code (man that code has a lot of names thanks to this game). I feel so ripped off that we didn't hear it! It would have been the perfect thing to end it with!



TheLobster commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

Honestly my hype levels on amiibo can be summed up in the fact I only ever intended to buy two in the beginning - Kirby and Pikachu - and I now have 30. Most of them have not been that difficult to obtain and I have paid scalper prices for none. I have some pretty rare ones even. But I have definitely bought into the madness and have been extremely lucky with my preorders not getting cancelled so far.



TheLobster commented on Nikki Lives On in Latest Batch of 3DS HOME The...:

I don't use themes, but I could see the use of the Sesame Street theme for the 2DS anyway if you have little kids playing. Or if you've upgraded to a better 3DS and gave your kid your old one and have the 3D switched off permanently.