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Talking Point: The GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U Should Open Some Doors

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Such a simple idea, but perfect for pleasing dedicated fans

Let's kick this off with a remark that may, when read with fire in the belly, be interpreted as a tad controversial. The GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, unveiled by Nintendo in a video advertising its upcoming Super Smash Bros. E3 Invitational event, is unlikely to excite or even interest much of what we'll loosely call the 'mainstream' commercial audience. By that we mean those that may be tempted to Wii U by Mario Kart 8, the upcoming Nintendo Figurine Platform or even simply by the growing range of high-quality, family-friendly games in its library. When you consider the success of the Wii, we'd argue that the vast majority of its sales — over 100 million of them — were to these sorts of consumers.

That's not a bad thing, and Nintendo makes the most money and is in the best position when it successfully appeals to dedicated fans and consumers on a broader level. It's the former group, of enthusiastic Nintendo gamers that love the company's games across generations and continually come back for more, that is the obvious target for this adapter. It's extraordinary that an accessory as simple as this — likely just a USB-powered adapter with some basic firmware support via a system update — can be such a winner with committed fans. Its reveal prompted a lot of excitement, and reactions in the many internal NLife staff emails showed excitement, a bit of surprise and, in this writer, a feeling of "why on Earth wasn't this done sooner". Yet let's not be smug, it didn't seem like this was coming.

Yet still, simple but brilliant products — also obvious in hindsight — typify Nintendo at its best. Branding and tying the accessory to Super Smash Bros. is an absolute no-brainer, too; it's one of the few franchises that's prominent in the competitive gaming scene, and veteran players of various skill levels often cite the GameCube controller as the way to play the franchise, with many continuing that habit after Melee and onto Brawl on Wii. It's also an indicator that this is a series that draws the most committed, serious Nintendo gamers, that Nintendo's felt the need to cater to fans by supporting controllers two generations old.

Yet this adapter should be about more than Smash Bros., so below are areas of expansion that we feel are fairly obvious routes for Nintendo to take.

GameCube on the Virtual Console

We've been talking about this since the Wii U was announced, and it seemed inevitable pre-launch. The Wii's Virtual Console went as far as Nintendo 64, so logically the HD system would go one generation further; after all, Wii discs work in the Wii U, so by extension surely the infrastructure exists to easily support GameCube titles. Of course, it may not be that simple, as it's hard to tell whether there are compatibility issues emulating GameCube in the Wii U mode, rather than the Wii mode. For example, there's a line of thought and some are of the belief that to make Game Boy Advance games work on 3DS for the Ambassador Program, Nintendo somehow emulated those downloads through a forced DS mode on the portable — it's a theory, in any case.

Pushing technical limitations aside, another issue was that titles like Super Mario Sunshine utilise the GC pad's analogue triggers, something that Nintendo's neglected since in favour of the cheaper digital alternatives. Not necessarily a game-breaker in many cases, but worth bearing in mind and an extra headache that Nintendo has had to consider.

Of course, there's still plenty of doubt that GC will come to the Wii U, or whether Nintendo will selectively cherry-pick some games for the HD treatment and throw in GameCube controller support — a recent update added stylus control to Pikmin 3, the same could be done for GameCube controller support in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. It's far from a certainty, but does seem like a smart addition to the system (if feasible) to satisfy the gaming veterans out there.

A GameCube Pro Controller

Plenty of us have GameCube controllers lying around, some of which are still put to use on Wii. Some may be struggling a little now through age and over-use, however, so it seems inevitable that replacements or alternatives will be needed. Not a company to often miss merchandising opportunities for console peripherals, we'd suggest Nintendo will have some controllers on the way.

You can still, if you're willing to look hard enough, buy some 'new' GC controllers at a premium, but Nintendo's reveal image for the adapter hints that new offerings will be on the way. That may have just been a black controller with a Smash icon, maybe even an exclusive for the Invitational at E3, but that would be extremely short-sighted; we wouldn't rule out a 'premium pack' that has the adapter and a controller — the adapter for your old stock along with a shiny new wireless variation, perhaps with a wired option at a slightly lower price. Branding it as a GameCube Pro Controller and promoting it alongside its newer Wii U contemporary may make sense, too. For the dedicated, perhaps there can even be a range of 'vintage' versions including the WaveBird that, if for the sake of convenience to promote the adapter, will still use that famous wireless receiver. If Nintendo's going to make GameCube controllers an option again, it should take the chance to sell updated models.

GameCube controller support for future games

This is perhaps a more contentious suggestion, but is again targeted at the most dedicated, committed Nintendo gamers. Some can rightfully argue that the last thing Nintendo needs to do is add another control option to games and confuse matters further — we already have the GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Nunchuk and Wii Classic Controller / Pro. As we've suggested right from the off, however, this accessory and its possibilities are targeting the GameCube generation, not those that perhaps introduced themselves to gaming on Wii.

It's clear that, though the GameCube is Nintendo's lowest-selling home console to date over the course of a whole generation, its fans are particularly dedicated to it and fond of the — excellent — pad. It's these players that can be targeted with GameCube support in future games, which in most cases shouldn't be too onerous a development task.

It's clear that Nintendo is running two very separate strategies for Wii U at present — one is targeting families and what we'll reluctantly call the 'casual' demographic, and then there's a smaller effort to continue to woo established Nintendo supporters. An accessory like this arguably won't sell many systems at all in its own right, but is targeted at those that are likely to spend the most money on enjoying their Wii U. If the Wii's problem — perhaps — was monetising the hardware once out of the door, due to so many consumers being happy with a very small number of games, this sort of move is targeted almost exclusive at the new system's core audience. The adapter, potential future support and even GameCube games on the eShop are all products for the already-converted, but could succeed in relieving us all of a lot more cash.

That's the business side, but ultimately we feel this reveal also shows that Nintendo does indeed listen to its most loyal fans. It won't always deliver what's demanded, that much is very obvious, but when the numbers add up fan desire can be satisfied — this is a move for the hardcore Nintendo gamer, without a doubt. In terms of fostering goodwill at a relatively low cost, this is among Nintendo's smartest moves in recent times.

Are you excited about this GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, and do you agree with any of our suggested uses for it? Let us know with a comment.

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User Comments (110)



unrandomsam said:

They could have just kept them in all Wii's and added them to the WiiU as part of the hardware in the first place.

I think it is more likely their hand was forced by the people who they want most at the Smash Bros E3 event. (Causing the PR people to get something hacked together).



sinalefa said:

Broken record here: analog triggers open the door to better control options for Project Cars and other games that may require such inputs.

I am happy as I played Brawl with GCN controller and classic, so I will be able to do so in Smash 4 as well.



Shambo said:

@Suicune That would indeed be awesome. A wireless, chargeable pro controller with a Gamecube design, IR pointer support, and analog shoulder buttons. That'd be the BEST controller EVER!



JaredJ said:

So I wonder if this adapter will work with Wii games that support Gamecube controllers.



biglittlejake said:

Maybe they are starting to understand the way people want to play and it doesn't include a Gamepad. I still am wondering could I use the Gamecube controllers for the Wii Virtual Console games.



theberrage said:

I'm all for the adapter. But if it is made a requirement for GameCube VC it will be a step backwards and a disappointment.



JayceJa said:

i lvoe this for brawl, but overall would have preferred a new gamecube inspired pro controller
the same shape mostly, with a better d-pad and right stick, a Z-L button and a + - and home button instead of start, then modern controller features like motion control/pointer/viabration/wireless/all that jazzz

most nintendo players who have gone from a gamecube to a pro controller have probably thought this themselves



DESS-M-8 said:

Surely they'll just release a wii u pro controller styled as a wavebird at some point?



Emblem said:

@Suicune Hopefully that's the plan as I can't go back to wired. I suspect this option is for those of us who have GC pads hanging about.

I expect a third party will either way.



FineLerv said:

If these are required to play GameCube VC games I hope they also can substitute for a WiiU ProController! And I hope the Wavebird works.



ghasfarost said:

@Suicune because of the latency wireless communication represents. People used to competitive gaming would never consider using any kind of wireless control if a wired option does exists.



ghasfarost said:

@theberrage It might be, since some games on the Wii Virtual Console (mostly N64 games) required that you had the Classic or Classic Pro controller as accessory to play it.



yuwarite said:

Please announce GameCube Virtual Console and put Skies of Arcadia Legends on there, Day 1.



MajinSoul said:

I'm all for GC VC, but as for future game support? Nope. If they create games with the GC controller in mind, they would neglect the Gamepad. The Gamepad offers too many options for it to be left in the dust



Dreamz said:

That simply will not happen. You cannot introduce features like that that cannot be utilized by the primary controller.



MAN1AC said:

I wish they just made a wireless GC controller. Wired controller in 2014 is kind of lame imo



0utburst said:

I was thinking of getting a wii controller pro for VC games on Wii mode. Maybe I'll hold on a bit. I hope N64 and GC games will come to Wii U.



sinalefa said:


Project CARS devs said they could make analog braking/acceleration by using the right stick of the Gamepad. So the feature is there, it just would be a lot more convenient to have them as triggers for people who already have a GCN controller.

I also think of Pikmin 3, and how you can use IR aiming with a Wiimote but not a Gamepad, the console's primary controller.



Xjarnold said:

The greatest controller ever for the best fighter ever:
If this control add-on means more games from my favorite console are going to the wiiu, then I might have to get a Wii u after all.



Einherjar said:

@vamkar That GIF is all flavors of awesome
Im also on the bandwagon of "Best Controller ever" and the most sturdy one.
That things is basicly indestructable. A friend of mine ( a heavyweight i might add) once stepped on the controller by accident and pushed the sticks down under the faceplate... That was when the GC was barely out...and the controller still works like a charm !
Every other controller would have had a broken board, a broken base or at least broken plastic parts inside...nothing.
So, getting a set of used GC controllers is a non issue if you need them.

And if that keeps up, the disc cases of WiiU games need fold out covers to show every controller that is supported
Speaking of it, how about N64 connectors next Nintendo ? Oh, and newly made N64 controllers, with better sticks



Peach64 said:

I'm really hopeful this is a step towards catering to longtime Nintendo fans again. Metroid at E3 would be an even larger leap!



Darknyht said:

Gamecube "Pro" controller (wired & wireless) with ZL and other missing buttons would get me to purchase a "Pro" controller. Otherwise, I will just stick to the Gamepad and it's Off-TV Play.



Zorox88 said:

I would be very interested in this if you can use it to play GCN games in the Wii mode. Didn't some homebrewers or hacker release video of activating GCN in Wii mode before?



rjejr said:

@DESS-M-8 - "at some point?"

Right after they sell about 7mil of these adapters

I'm somewhat tired of repeating myself, but why take this out of the Wii just to make an adapter? They just should have left it in. Oh well. I didn't spend $20 on a Classic Pro and another $40 on a U Pro to turn around now and buy this.



Grumblevolcano said:

@rjejr Maybe they thought people would be fine without GC controller support as GC game support was dropped. This was proven not to be the case due to Smash Bros. so they created an adapter to make up for their errors.



SecondServing said:

Yo, does anyone know if the controller in the picture with a Smash emblem on it is going to be for sale? I mean, I have some of my old Gamecube remotes, but I'd really just like to get some new ones; my old GC controllers are worn out after many years of intense Smash Bros sessions.



flojomojo said:

Nintendo's controller support is a confusing mess of extra crap to lose, break, and charge. It's nice that they're supporting the old controllers, but without a rerelease of the (excellent) Wavebird, this just adds a mess of cords to the otherwise nicely wireless Wii U console. Adding in these retro things now is similar to supporting the Gameboy Link Cable accessory.

Of course, if they remake the Rogue Squadron games in HD, I'll forgive them for adding so much crap to my game drawer.



NintyMan said:

I agree with the article that the Gamecube controller adapter doesn't appeal to the "mainstream" audience and is meant for the older, niche Nintendo fans. Still, it does provide another example that Nintendo does listen to fans, and it would be great if they could balance the needs and wants of both groups termed as the "causal" and "hardcore," but that is no easy task.

I support Gamecube games for the Wii U VC wholeheartedly. I don't see why they wouldn't sell the Smash logo controller, but I wonder about the wire. The wire looks a bit too simplified in that first image, and I've had moments of getting the wire tangled in the past. It seems cumbersome to have a problem like that in this day and age, so I hope they do consider making a wireless controller. It could be easily done with no problem, I would think. I don't think future new games besides Smash Bros. Wii U supporting the controller would really be a good thing, because it would give companies less reason to use the GamePad in a meaningful way and it would further add to the diverse selection of possible control methods that would confuse some people.



Dreamz said:

Ahh, that makes much more sense than what I was thinking. Variable acceleration is definitely something to be desired.

I have three of these controllers, but sadly the left shoulder button on my Wave has been messed up for ages...I may have to finally attempt to fix it.



ReigningSemtex said:

I cannot wait to buy one of these. And I can tell you for a fact that the wii u can emulate gamecube perfectly just waiting on Nintendo to put some games on the virtual console



Senario said:

As far as controllers go, the gamecube controller is the best of any standard controller I have used. This excludes Fightsticks and keyboard and mouse obviously.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@vamkar : hahahaha! That's hilarious!! I had the same reaction when I saw the gamecube controller re-displayed. More important though is that there must be Gamecube VC being set up. Nintendo is in no way going through releasing an adapter and old controller for one game. The GCN VC is coming. My only request would be wireless, but I'm still good with this.



TruenoGT said:

Bought two new Wavebirds when I got the original Wii at launch (just before they went off the market).... but honestly hadn't used them much, but NOW it's their time to shine.



noctowl said:

@ghasfarost that might of been true a decade ago but no one(no one) is going to have an advantage using a wired vs wireless on wii u.



ModernMARVEL said:

What can the the triggers do that the ZL and ZR buttons can't? I've been hearing analog triggers all the time, but I don't understand what makes them special. I'd really like to know.



rjejr said:

@Grumblevolcano - " they created an adapter to make up for their errors"

And to make more money

You know, I admit I haven't read all 400 or so comments on this topic the past 2 days, but if it's included w/ each copy of SSB - not unprecedented, Wii Party U came w/ a stand, as did Kid Icarus Uprising, and several games have been packaged w/ Wiimotes - then I'll publicly apologize for all my negativity. You're here alot, hear anything about it being inlcuded w/ SSB?



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@unrandomsam It wouldn't make much since from a cost perspective though. Gamecube discs require a special reader to play, and without this reader bringing over the hardware would be a little silly.

@modernmarvel The major difference between analogue and digital triggers is that there is an in-between state. Digital triggers generally have an "on" and an "off" state. Analogue triggers can detect that you have the button depressed but not necessarily pressed down all of the way. It's especially noticeable with games like Super Mario Sunshine which used the additional state to add more moves to Mario's repertoire. In that example, if the R button was pressed down all of the way, Mario would stand still and shoot out a directed jet of water. However, pressing down the R button only partially would enable him to run and spray at the same time. It's an elegant solution that adds more variety, without over-complicating things.



Luffymcduck said:

Since some Gamecube games require the use of analogue triggers (why the heck Wii U doesn't have those?) this opens possibility to release GC games on eShop. Many would like that for sure, as for me, I got pretty much every Gamecube game I've ever wanted to have already.



rjejr said:

@ModernMARVEL -"What can the the triggers do that the ZL and ZR buttons can't?"

Digital is simply on or off, that's it; analog is variable. So in a racing game - press a little go slow, press harder go faster, press all the way go as fast as you can. Analog was used in Super Mario Sunshine for his water canon jet pack F.L.U.D.D.



ZenTurtle said:

"It's extraordinary that an accessory as simple as this — likely just a USB-powered adapter with some basic firmware support via a system update — can be such a winner with committed fans."
I would go further- it's extraordinary that this thing even exists!



IronMan28 said:

I wouldn't get this unless they announce GCN games on Wii U VC. Until then, it's pretty much a no-buy for me.



Link506 said:

@MAN1AC That was what I thought too. It would be nice if they did it, but is it REALLY essential? BTW, game stop sells wireless ones, or at least used to, but don't expect them to be Wii remote quality.



nesvc said:

If these will work with previously released games such as wind waker, mario world, and ducktales I will probably buy a WiiU.



Tender_Cutlet said:

Awesome move. Can't help thinking that, had the WiiU been shifting Wii console numbers, Nintendo would not have given us old faithfuls a 2nd thought. Still while they're at it - why no support for N64 controllers? Famicom and SNES pads got support on Wii but not the Ultra despite having a presence on the virtual console. If the VC does eventually relaunch in full then one of these adapters for all the different controllers would be a real boon.

Also with this GC connection now possible, will they look into the GBA link features? They could even redo the Tingle Tuner feature to Windwaker HD with a firmware update!



retro_player_22 said:

Since Nintendo are releasing this for the Wii U, I guess releasing GameCube games for VC will be a possibility. Also I'm glad Nintendo is making this adapter USB based since it's USB compatible, PC and PS3 gamers could also make use of this adapter to play GameCube controllers with classic Super Smash Bros. on N64 emulator or PS All-Stars Battle Royale on the PS3.



sleepinglion said:

Great article. Here's to hoping Wii U GC support is coming! As much as I love this adapter, the lifelong Nintendo geek in me would LOVE a legacy adapter. Similar to this new product but with a port for NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube respectively. I already have those pads modded on the end to plug into my Wiimotes for VC play, but most folks do not and 3rd party alternatives (the BOSS shell) just don't cut it. I think there's a market for gamers who want to use their favorite childhood pads on VC titles.
But still, this product is a great step forward. And yes, newly released GC pads with new designs (1st party, of course) would be a hoot! I'd rather have a new GC Smash pad than Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi-flavored Wiimotes.



Gameday said:

Now all we need is gamecube release on the system
But everyone knew this was coming for smash no doubt!



YoshiTails said:

N64 three-pronged legend is still my favourite controller of a all time.

This add-on may mean consumers will confuse the wii u with not one but two of its predecessors



IceClimbers said:

@sleepinglion A legacy adapter? With 4 interchangeable ports to support any combination of NES, SNES, N64, and GCN controllers? That would be absolutely amazing and I'm drooling at the thought of it. Nintendo could even reissue all 4 controllers under a "Legacy Collection" branding (or something similar) to help clear confusion. After all, we all know how much Nintendo loves to release peripherals.



Kawaiipikachu said:

What I would love is that someone would write drivers for windows so I can use my Gamecube controllers with my Windows 8.1 PC




It's good it's a wired adaptor and not wireless gamecube 'pro' controllers. For large Smash tournaments if everyone used wireless controllers you run the risk of interference.



JaxonH said:

Good stuff. Love me a good Gamecube controller. In fact, I love all the current controllers for Wii U. Got 2 Gamepad extended batteries to max out my pad (one for backup years down the line), 2 Wiimote/Nunchuks with rapid charging battery packs and cradles, 2 Pro Controllers, 2 authentic Gamecube controllers, and of course, a Wii Classic Controller Pro.

Man I do love the Wii U Pro Controller though. If only it had a headphone jack...




FWIW I have already expressed my interest in integrating the GameCube as an option for my future games such as SUPER ROBO MOUSE. Hopefully they will give is indies access to it as well.



ToniK said:

I have nothing more to add, I just wonder the possible GC VC prices. The whole Virtual Console is already terribly overpriced IMO and GC games would probably be somewhere around 15 euros here. Possibly even more.

I'd love to buy more SNES games, or GBA games, they're just too expensive. I can't see it changing either. Discounts are also really rare when it comes to VC. I will whine about this over and over again. You can get several new-ish games from Steam with the price of ONE 20-year-old game. An emulated one. That's not right.



Cav44 said:

Still got my silver Double Dash special cube under the TV, and still play Luigi's Mansion, Sunshine, DD and all the Resi's to name a few. Hoping for more N64 gaps to be filled first on the Wii U as well as 3ds Majoras Mask an Mario 64 Conversions!



Marshi said:

@ToniK While the gamecube games should be cheap enough (7-10 euros in a perfect world) I would expect them to be expensive. Thing is,people would pay it. Heck for timeless classics like mario sunshine, f zero gx and skies of arcadia id pay the same as a triple A title!



andreoni79 said:

Inside a Nintendo headquarter, two years ago...
"Here's the Gamepad! The controller of the future!"
"Hey, wait... Why no analogue triggers?"
"Because in the future we'll sell adapters and GC controllers!"
"Hey, wait... Are our loyal customers so stupid to spend money on those things?"



Nico07 said:

I will be picking up one of these adapters for sure. Nintendo was smart to mention it now to give future veteran Smash players the knowledge that the new game will support their favorite legacy controller. Aside from that I would love to see some new controllers come out but won't get my hopes up as these will probably be Invitation items only, for now. I wouldn't be surprised if the Gamecube controller is only treated as a classic controller for gameplay in most games with "Start" being the Home button. I would also speculate that we will hear of a few Gamecube games for eShop at E3 or perhaps support for Gamecube discs in the emulated Wii mode (not sure about any technical limitations here other than the heretoknow missing Gamecube ports).



Kirk said:

Will any of that even happen...

Why not add another official controller [GC Pro Controller] to the mix though, eh. We might as well make things even more convoluted because MORE "choice" is ALWAYS a good thing.

GC games should have been announced/coming to the Wii U VC day one and GC games should be able to be played with both the GamePad and Pro Controllers (as should all the Wii VC games etc); which means both of them really should have had one set of analog triggers by default and at the very least the GC support/compatibility should have been there regardless (even if it meant a few games that used the analog triggers would either not work or have to be slightly rejigged).

I'm sure Nintendo's got it all figured out though and all you're hopes, optimism, wishful thinking and fantasies will come true...



MeloMan said:

Like someone stated earlier, please give the GCN VC and PLEASE bring Skies of Arcadia Legends to it. I had a chance to play it on GCN and have regretted it ever since. Please Nintendo!



hYdeks said:

This is really retarded if they have this on sale in stores, people already have a choice between a gamepad and pro controller to choose from Nintendo people live in the past too much, the pro controller is way better then the damn gamecube one



Gaminguy010 said:

I've actually discovered that Super Mario Sunshine may be possible without the GC Controller since it doesn't use the Z button for anything. Maybe it's possible to for the ZR button to be the input for standing and spraying, and the R button for walking and spraying? Just a thought I had long before Nintendo announced this GC Controller adapter for Wii U.



Goginho said:

I don't care a whole lot for this controller. Actually, I don't care at all. I much prefer the newer controllers we have on store, and encourage them to focus their attention and energy on the new controllers rather than reviving old ones. The GamePad has so many options and so much potential that this GC controller revival better not be a self punch in the face by Nintendo.

All I care for are the games, and the least I can hope for is that this is a sign for some GC VC.



Lobster said:

I will definitely have to think about picking one of these up. I hope it bodes well for GC VC releases as well. It's well past time they delve into that money maker. I have a lot of fond memories from the GC days. If they could bring us several GC games a month for a few years... Think of the possibilities. I want Wii U VC to kick Wii VC's butt.

Get on it, Nintendo. You've had plenty of time.



Kayvoo said:

In Crygor voice - 'Verrrry Nice'! Still haven't transferred my Wii data cos I love playing Brawl with the GameCube pad, now I won't have to buy four poorly made adapters to play the new Smash. Good news for future stuff like 'Project Cars' too! Very happy to see this.



Ninario said:

They should have released the Wii U Pro controller and the Gamepad both with analog triggers, and the Wii U Pro controller with the ability to connect via it's USB port to a Wii remote same as a Classic controller (via an included wire) so they would work with as many games as possible, both Wii U games, and VC games for both Wii U and in Wii mode...



Action51 said:

@Kirk - why don't you just explain to Nintendo and all the hardcore Smash fans that really, really wanted this very specific thing why it sucks and is stupid that they have this thing that they wanted and that Nintendo will make money on?



SuperMikey said:

@Goginho Thank you! It's a good controller in my opinion but people need to move on and embrace the new controllers. Let's focus on the Gamepad you guys!!



drumsandperc92 said:

the article makes a great point. I'm of the old nintendo fan base and have owned their consoles up till Wii U, the adapter & gamecube controller support and the prospect of gamecube VC games is a definite plus for me.
i'd buy a black 32gb Wii U bundled with Smash, the adapter and one of those black smash gcube controllers, ESPECIALLY if the new controllers were wireless! for the record, playing with gamecube controllers on wii felt so aged because of the short wire that would get so bent up and twisted. I'm so used to everything wireless now that nintendo really needs to produce new, updated gamecube controllers that are wireless and less clunky than the wave bird.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@SuperMikey It adds one button that is completely unnecessary when it could all be done with one button. That one button would be associated with all of the actions associated with FLUDD vs needing two buttons to do so.



Hydrone said:

That is false. Wired controllers are an absolute MUST for competitive fighting games. Wireless controllers are not good for Smash.
Because wireless controllers aren't good enough for games this demanding in precision/speed.



noctowl said:

@Hydrone no, they aren't. A great majority will be playing smash with wireless controllers and it'll be pretty obvious wireless controllers are, in fact, "good" for smash.



ReyLuca said:

What about the Wavebird wireless controller support? I have 2 of them for my GC. Will it work on this adaptor?



Hydrone said:

Have you ever been to a fighting game tournament? I have been to four Project M tournaments (two of which also had Melee).
Wireless controllers are perfectly fine for casual play, but for people who want to be near-frame precise, wired is the way to go, and an absolute must. There's a reason fightsticks (the traditional fighter kind of controller for stuff like Street Fighter) used in tournaments are all wired, and the vast majority of competitive Smash players use wired gamecube controllers. If a majority ends up using wireless controllers, it's because the majority of Smash players are casuals, which has always been the case.

Every high level Smash player believes in wired controllers.



Gameday said:

Put that Gamecube on VC with Super Smash Bros Melee now online. Its Game Over Son ~

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