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Fri 21st February, 2014

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flojomojo commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (North America):

I wish Super Mario Bros 3 were "cross buy" like Sony or Apple (buy once, play on Wii U and 3DS) but I guess we can't have that ... at least I get the Wii U for a sharp discount since I have the Wii Virtual Console version, right?



flojomojo commented on 3D OutRun Given a Release Date and Details for...:

Very excited for this. I wish they hadn't pooched the release of Outrun 2006 (no US PS3 version, pulled Steam version, no digital PSP release) but M2 Outrun on 3DS could redeem them. Given the pattern of the last batch, maybe the west will see an autumn release?



flojomojo commented on Video: These Are The Ten DS Games We Want To S...:

This is really bizarre ... why would anyone want ANY of those portable games on a big screen? They already look silly-bad on the 3DS XL, and that's still pretty tiny.

If these games were to be remade completely, maybe I'd be interested, but as they are? I'd prefer to keep them portable. Add SNES and N64 games to the 3DS while you're at it.



flojomojo commented on Remake Request: Virtua Fighter 2:

I would love a portable version of this game, or maybe one of its many sequels. Tekken and Street Fighter are already on everything, why not VF? It's criminal that this hasn't happened already.

Until then, Dead or Alive is a decent substitute, some technical fighting with a clean control system. The old Saturn version was great. The current iteration of Dead or Alive is brilliant on Vita and not too shabby on 3DS.

While we're asking, how come Dead or Alive and Tekken aren't digital downloads on the eShop in North America? I'd buy them again ...