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Favourite games - Perfect Dark N64/XBLA Conker's Bad Fur Day

Thu 3rd April, 2014

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Kayvoo commented on Talking Point: The GameCube Controller Adapter...:

In Crygor voice - 'Verrrry Nice'! Still haven't transferred my Wii data cos I love playing Brawl with the GameCube pad, now I won't have to buy four poorly made adapters to play the new Smash. Good news for future stuff like 'Project Cars' too! Very happy to see this.



Kayvoo commented on Weirdness: Vital Information Emerges On Why Th...:

I grab double Klobbs just for the badass noise and the fear it strikes into opponents. Mr. Lobb should be proud. DD44s are my favourites, Dr. Doak always stood out for me because of the Facility speed run cheat. If he wasn't in the correct place I would always hunt him down before my restart.. Hollis is a legend, check out Bonsai Barber!