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Mario and Luigi Wii Remote Plus Controllers Jumping to Stores

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Can you resist?

We'd bet reasonable money that a good number of Wii gamers have multiple varieties of Wii Remotes, with plenty of colours and limited editions available over the years. Nintendo has now confirmed two new designs for the Holiday season to celebrate the most famous brothers in the industry.

The Mario and Luigi designs, above, will arrive in North America on 1st November and in Europe on 8th November, with a recommended NA retail price of $39.99. They'd certainly match up with some multiplayer fun in Super Mario 3D World, which is no doubt part of the marketing plan.

Do you intend to pick either of these up?

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Ernest_The_Crab said:

I'd probably like them more if they didn't have that curved line of text at the bottom of the Wii Mote (where the Motion Plus is).



Mickey said:

"Can you resist?"

No, but my budget can.

PS: I seriously wish I could get these though!



SpaceCoyote said:

Why have they not switched their controller to be branded WiiU instead of Wii?
I get they they can be used on both systems, but it's time to shift the market's attention to the WiiU if that's ever going to sell any units.

I saw this as a Wii U owner, and someone who loves the console.



Mahe said:

These would go great with the New SMB U + New Super Luigi U console bundle.



unrandomsam said:

Don't see the point in using this for 3D World - I presume it would need a nunchuck also. Run as B and Jump as A might work in that case.



Emblem said:

I don't like them but then again i'm not a big Mario fan. The golden Zelda Wii Mote is still my fave. I'm happy for the people that love mario & luigi though.



DarkKirby said:

MARIO controller! This is the year of Luigi! Mario themed merchandise should banned and replaced with Luigi themed merchandise until the end of the year!



Whopper744 said:

Been using mostly my Zelda Wii remote that I got with Skyward Sword since that game has been out, beat these would be cool....just don't think I'm going to spend 40 bucks on them right now.



LinkIRule said:

my birthday is 3 days before and i need motion plus to play skyward sword so.... Yeah im buying



tchaten said:

Reminds me of those GameCube controllers for Mario, Luigi and Wario - Club Nintendo rewards



thesilverbrick said:

Question: will there be a matching set of Nunchucks? Call me obsessive, but I like my Wii Remotes to match their Nunchucks (which is why I jumped on the golden Club Nintendo Nunchuck when I had the chance).



Dooggggg said:

Me and my brother will be getting one of these each for Christmas! I'm getting Luigi



aaronsullivan said:

The vast majority of multiplayer games on Wii and Wii U, however, are built around using the Wii Remote as the multiplayer controller. Or have I missed something? Maybe that's changing this generation, but I haven't seen it yet. Even Pikmin 3 uses a Wii Remote and nunchuck as the arguably best controller setup despite the Gamepad controller being the pack-in controller.

Also, it's ~$45 for Wii U Pro Controller vs ~$55 Wii remote plus nunchuck here in the States. What are the costs in the UK? Seems weirdly different.



bofis said:

Will Super Mario 3D World even require wiimote pluses? Or will my wiimotes and Gamepad Pro be more than enough?



Jakurdo said:

I do like the look of those, but I already have sooo many Wii Remote (Plus) controllers I have like 4 regular ones, plus the golden Zelda one and another red one I got when I replaced my first Wii.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@aaronsullivan Haha! If it was a real smiley face I'd probably buy it in an instant.

Well in the case of Pikmin 3, the best control scheme is probably both the Gamepad and Nunchuck/WiiMote controllers at the same time (and the fact you can switch them out pretty easily).

Certain games however won't let you use the WiiMote/Nunchuck combination like The Wonderful 101 (multiplayer requires either the Gamepad or a Classic/Pro Controller).



sinalefa said:

I think I will get both, or at least the Luigi one. And this means no Wii Party U, I don't need so many wiimotes.

I just love the yellow buttons, as if they were overalls!



turnmebackwards said:

Huh $39.99 retail price so when they come to Europe that will turn into £39.99.
Currently I can pre-order Wii Party U with Black or White motion plus remote for £34.99 hopefully the Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games which is said to come with a Blue remote will be around the £34.99. So $39.99 for a special Mario or Luigi remote seems a bit much.



Jazzer94 said:

@aaronsullivan Depends where you get one from Game sell pro controllers for £40 whereas Amazon have them for £20, Wiimotes are £40 at game and around £30 at Amazon so you have to shop around.
Edit: That's why games bundled with Wiimotes offer best value in the UK as they can be cheaper than buying a Wiimote by itself.



rjejr said:

They look wrong to me. The black d-pad should be dark red/green like the A buttons and the 1 + 2 buttons look small.

I don't mean to be nit-picky, they just look like rip-off brand toys to me.

It seems like every game coming out has a pack in - Wii U Party, Olympics - and I already have 4 Wiimote Pluses, so I'll pass on these. If SM3DW has your choice of bundles, or a 2-pack for $100 (making them $20 each), I'ld pick it up,despite them being ugly and give-away my old ones. (But only b/c I have 2 sons whose favorite colors are red and green so that would work out well under the Christmas tree where SM3DW is going to be anyway.)



BulbasaurusRex said:

Oh, goodie, they're finally in my favorite color. I'll have to grab one of the Luigi ones eventually.



anders190 said:

Those would have been handy almost a lifetime ago when playing Super Mario Bros and I and the one I was playing with was fighting over who would play which character.



Boxmonkey said:

I've already got enough plus wii party u comes with one. I can't justify buying more.



JustinH said:

They're nice but I'll pass. I might get Wii U Party just for a black Wii Remote Plus if I see it on sale though.



millarrp said:

Already got the Zelda one but I will probably add them to my Christmas list.bbif nothing else it's something I would pick up during boxing week specials.



ToastyYogurt said:

I can resist. I have no money, four Wiimotes, and a charging dock with white battery lids that would really mess with my OCD when in the middle of that blue.

@urrandomsam: Super Mario 3D World actually does support the Wiimote sideways (at least, the demo I played at Best Buy did). It actually controls better than you expect, thanks to the fixed camera angles. I would rather try playing with a Pro Controller or the Gamepad, but the Wiimote does the trick.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Def gonna grab both of these, looks like I'm selling my 3 "normal" Wiimotes and I already have a Zelda one and I'm getting the one with Sonic and Mario so I'm all set.



FX29 said:

So much Mario madness! I'll probably get both eventually, you simply can't have Mario without Luigi.



JaxonH said:

Where do I pre order? That's all I need to know lol...

The thing with Wiimotes is, I already have 2 that I use, plus the Zelda gold Wiimote, plus another one coming with Wii Party U (pre ordered the game + included Wiimote for only $35 at Newegg, which is less than the actual Wiimote costs, so of course that was a no-brainer). The 2 I use have rechargeable battery packs in them so I can charge them on the base instead of swapping out batteries (I would recommend this for ANYONE, changing batteries suck). All other Wiimotes are purely for collection purposes- obviously it wouldn't match well inserting a battery pack with custom black Wiimote lid on a gold, blue, red, or green controller. Now, if they actually made custom battery lids in the color of the Wiimote, I'd use them. But I'm not going to have a big black rectangle on an otherwise all blue back, or all gold back. These Mario & Luigi Wiimotes will mount above my collection nicely



Pachterkid said:

God this is stupid. Just make some games, Nintendo. Stop putting 'M's and Triforces and whatever other logo on your peripherals and stop acting like they're something that we all need to run out and buy. I already have 3 Wii Remotes that I never use, so why the hell would I need these?



JuanitoShet said:

Sweeeiiiit. These look LOVELY! Too bad there's too much gaming hardware & software; there's not enough money to buy everything. (┯_┯)



sleepinglion said:

These look nice but they're several years too late for most of us. With 4 Wiimotes I don't really need two more. And at 40 bucks a piece (or is that price as a set), still kinda up there. I appreciate the effort but things like this needed to happen way back. I would have eagerly plunked down cash made one in the style of an old NES pad or an NES and SNES Wiimote attachment that operates as a classic for VC games. They make an SNES for the Club Nintendo folks overseas and we got da shaft.



J-Manix98 said:

Hmmm... I dunno, I have my zelda wiimote <3
However... I do need one more wiimote in order to have all 4.
so I might buy the luigi wiimote.



TingLz said:

@SpaceCoyote To answer your question, they kind of brand the newer Wii remotes as "Wii U". The boxes they come in are labeled "Wii U"



Senario said:

I need to upgrade my wii remotes to wii motion plus anyway. I only had the zelda wii remote so now I'll have zelda, mario, and luigi.

Get nunchucks for the extra two....and blah! I never was one to invest in a ton of controllers since I rarely even use two at once. Unless you count using the gamepad and a pro controller at the same time using two, I see it as a sort of extension to the system kind of like the touch screen on the 3DS. More places to put things.



Ruthven said:

I will buy these if they come too little old NZ…
But what would make my day is if these have the “new “ Remote Jackets with the reset hole and the cut out for the official Battery Charger… As the official Nintendo Batteries only come with Black Jackets.



SCAR said:

I'm one of those people that tries to avoid special edition stuff, actually. I have black, white, blue, and pink Wii remote +s with 2 black and 2 white nunchucks.

I like to keep things simple, so designed controllers aren't in the question for me.



JaxonH said:

Lil' somethin somethin for fans of colorful controllers [winks at Sony with their red and blue Dualshock 4's]



RedYoshi999 said:

I'm a sucker for special edition controllers (they certainly become valuable on ebay) but I've already got 4 remotes. An original white, a black, red and Zelda gold remote plus (with matching nunchuks.) Maybe these can replace the white and black remotes...



Genesaur said:

Well, this should work out well. I only have one Motion Plus Wii Remote (the gold Skyward Sword one), so I'll probably end up getting both. Luigi's, at the very least. I'd be happy to see a bundle with one of them, but apparently, that's not happening.



Tobias95 said:

I allready has three remotes, I only use the gold one from TLOZSS, but I will happily buy the Luigi one for my Mario gaming



RQuinain said:

I might want to get both since I have two regular Wiimotes with Motion Plus attachments! The only thing is the attachments are bootleg so don't work that well sometimes...

So conflicted though, because one of them is the Tron wiimote and I never want to stop using that! Lol



cmk8 said:

They look quite cool, but a Wario one would obviously be the best!!



GTWarrior77 said:

I want the Mario one. I can see this Christmas season being an expensive one for me. Please, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining.



darthllama said:

Tempted to get these. Too bad they don't come packed in with matching nunchucks! Might spring for both, but will at least grab the Luigi one.



SetupDisk said:

My only real motion plus is the Zelda one. All the others are just the add on. With all the announced bundles though I will wait for a black Wii U one to match my system or something better.



ThumperUK said:

I've got two Zelda wiimotes otherwise would be tempted. btw, if anyone wants to trade in their old wiimotes for the new ones, Cex in the UK gives pretty good sale/exchange prices (in comparison to a certain 'game' store).

(Sorry if this anyone thinks this is a plug, I've no connection to cex other than as a customer)



Pj1 said:

I think they should have been done this for the 25th Mario Anniversary! I like them though and like to buy one, not sure which one yet!



SphericalCrusher said:

Man, I have five Wii Motes (4 with Wiimote plus; 2 with adapters) but I want those! haha. May just give away a remote to a friend to get one. My son loves Luigi, sooo.



ikki5 said:

well, it looks like Ill have 6 (maybe 7) Wii remote +'s when these come out



Moshugan said:

Are they trying to drown us in Wiimotes?
Seriously, I have five already (not all pluses though) and will have a sixth if there's one packed in with Wii Party U!



DarkCoolEdge said:

I want both but my budget for gaming is very constrained lately. Maybe one for Christmas. :__(



Genesaur said:

Not on Amazon? Maybe it's just not there, yet; usually, they're among the first to get most everything. Where exactly can we buy these?



Slayer said:

Did the Wii sell so much and is still played so much that they still make Wii remotes? Wow.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@0Games Yes and yes. Wii sold more than 100 million units to this day, and is still played quite a lot, I believe. But you do know that Wii remotes are also controllers for Wii U, right? Even when the Wii is gone, they'll carry on selling them years to come with Wii U.



Socar said:

@SpaceCoyote Its because they don't want people to think that the gamepad is the only way to play games on the Wii U. This is the point of the Wii U. How everyone plays. If I'm fine with the gamepad, that's my choice but if people want to play on the wiimote, that's their choice.



ogo79 said:

since green is my favorite color, i may snatch the luigi one and take off the stupid L because i dont care for mario games



RawkHawk013 said:

when I first saw these on the Nintendo Direct I immediately thought these look awesome!! Hopefully will pick them up!



RawkHawk013 said:

when I first saw these on the Nintendo Direct I immediately thought these look awesome!! Hopefully will pick them up!



Nico07 said:

What no Toad and Peach controllers? Will probably buy bolth have them preordered.



sevex said:

These look so cool! And they're $5 cheaper than the standard Wii Remotes!?

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