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Sat 17th Aug 2013

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Freakazoid commented on Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Mis...:

Well in the end its sad but its an more often happening thing at least as far i remember there are some games which let u play continent wise in the three big server zones which are amerika asia and europe/pal
But oh well people like to complain



Freakazoid commented on Super Mario 3D World Producer Says DLC is Unli...:

Well i dont see any point in dlc in mario and online doesnt appeal to me in this case. Also open world mario makes me interested.
How would they approach this hopefully not like mario 64 or the others but a whole new world concept would be interesting.



Freakazoid commented on Wii Sports Club Is The Handiwork Of Namco Band...:

I cant wait to get this and i like the online idea withe clubs but i wonder if they got a club for every town or just the biggest cities. And if not with how mich population u got to get ur own club in ur city. But dtill i like the idea
So when was the release set or was there even a date announced?



Freakazoid commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Clarifies That Local Multipla...:

Well it all depends on the game therefore an online multiplayere for mario games doesnt make sense to me but for metroid its good as seen in hunters. Also i love the multiplayer in pikmin 3 this game isnt really made for online experience as @Einherjar said in this games u need to see the faces of the people u beat or cry when u get unlucky or anything.



Freakazoid commented on Nintendo UK Looking To Raise Awareness Of Wii ...:

it has began
Hopecully they do more than this
@Ricube i live in germany and we lately got quite a lot tv spots. Ok most are of course on childrens tv. Also didnt u get the Nintendo Figurines at Mc Donalds?
Some special advertisment was about when u test the wii u you can win one. Also i dont remember too well but i just wanted to point out that the advetisment is getting more at least in germany.



Freakazoid commented on Video: Level-5's Wii U RPG Wonder Flick Gets A...:

So there are big head charakters an big head monsters also? Looks funny.
This overworld part remembered me on the wiiware game final fantasy my kingdom or something like that. Cant remember the exact name.
Someone now what i mean?



Freakazoid commented on Review: Breath of Fire II (Wii U eShop / Super...:

@Einherjar have u not noticed the swch button when in the armory there they show u the stats changes. Also u automatically sell ur old amor/weapon. Which makes them cheaper also.

@topic totally misunderstanded the game. when u dont have a need for leveling why even bother implying a level system? Its a thing i kinda noticed that rpgs lately tend to just progress on their own without effort, this makes levels meaningless. This way u could just use a system like monster hunter where strength comes just from equipment. Ok in some spots its annoying like in Highfort when u didntplay with stan at all.
Also that the fusion isnt mentioned is realy sad since its makes it different.
Well ok this game isnt an easy one but i didnt think its too hard. An 8 would be a good score in my eyes