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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Jakurdo commented on Wii U Basic Supply Will Become "Limited" in Th...:

@Peach64 I guess if you're not interested in Nintendo Land, it would be a viable option (especially supplemented with an external HDD). It is kind of a nuisance that you miss out on some other stuff too, like the charge cradle, the gamepad stand and the sensor bar.

I'm glad I got the Premium bundle anyway. Besides my interest in Nintendo Land, the 32gb means that I have not (yet) needed to buy an external drive. I'm still all about games on discs, but the 8gb would've been filled with OS updates, software updates and the occasional download-only title.



Jakurdo commented on Out Now: Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

Europe's not getting it until next friday. But I can't complain, I'm getting my copy free of charge courtesy of Nintendo's "So Many Games" promotion



Jakurdo commented on Rumour: Retro's Wii U Title Is An Entirely New IP:

@Scollurio So that leaves a 1% chance of what, Retro going rogue and developing a game exclusive for the Xbox One? j/k

But I agree that this isn't really news or even a rumour. He just says "I heard a rumor", not even specifying where he heard it.

And F-Zero? Let Sega make it, they did a fine job on the last one (GX)



Jakurdo commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D's Beastly Block...:

@SuperSah Thanks! I mean, I left my comment over 2 weeks ago, but I still appreciate the answer Good to see that the notification system of this website works

I actually just ordered Luigi's Mansion 2 and plan on getting DKCR:3D when it releases. Already registered Fire Emblem, so I guess I'm getting the digital version of AC for free



Jakurdo commented on Nintendo Download: 16th May (Europe):

You're forgetting one additional golden nugget of content we're getting this week, and it's completely free of charge; the veritable poopstorm on MiiVerse regarding the 50Hz release of Super Metroid. Can't wait (while I'm playing Super Metroid, obviously)



Jakurdo commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a 3DS Storage Upg...:

I'm a sucker for retail, so I won't be switching up anytime soon. But with Nintendo pushing DD so much, I wonder if they are planning to release a 3DS model that doesn't have the capability to play physical media. Just slap in a big SD card and you can download anything you like. Depends on how much they can cut on costs when they remove the gamecard slot, I guess (and if there is a market for that type of handheld, of course).



Jakurdo commented on Check Out This Ultimate Multi-System Games Con...:

It's impressive and so is that unified controller. But I agree with TheRealThanos, if you want to experience that true retro feel, you gotta have the original controllers. You don't want to be playing NES games with anything other than a NES pad for instance.



Jakurdo commented on Wii U System Update Adds "Stability Improvements":

From Nintendo's own website:

Version 2.1.3 U available via an Internet connection includes the following improvements:

Further improvements to overall system stability have been made.*

*The previously announced system update, which adds new features and further improvements to the user experience, will be released in April.

So no, this is not the "big spring update" new features and further improvements are about a month away.



Jakurdo commented on Nintendo of America Offering Free Retail Game ...:

Weird how early adopters seem to get screwed this time. A similar promotion happened in Europe recently, but it was made very clear that all those who already registered a 3DS XL were also eligible to download a free game. I should know, I had bought and registered a 3DS XL long before the promotion was announced and I was able to just log on and select one of the titles.

Only downside was I had to pick Professor Layton which I found only mildly interesting, since I already owned (boxed) copies of the interesting games. Still, free game, so I'm not complaining, would've liked Starfox 64 3D though.



Jakurdo commented on Nintendo Receives Zero BAFTA Game Awards Nomin...:

It's not like those 3 games are beyond amazing or anything, not in my opinion anyway. Not saying they are worse than the nominees, but the world is not a worse place when Nintendo Land doesn't win the family game BAFTA.



Jakurdo commented on Amazon Lists The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker H...:

Well Im not surprised by this. The OoT 3D remake was full price for example. And let's be real, all the HD remakes on PS3/360 are simply the old games, rendered in HD. This game seems to get a complete graphical overhaul and get some new Wii U specific features (like gamepad-only). Of course you could argue that it's still an old game that shouldn't be full price, and that's a fair point. But anyone who's surprised by this, just wasn't thinking straight tbh.



Jakurdo commented on Picked Up A Pre-Owned Wii U Console? You Could...:

I don't really get how this is news, tbh. It's a quite logical consequence of Nintendo's choice of making digital content console-tied, rather than account-tied (which was revealed quite some time ago). While I'd (strongly) prefer account-tied downloads, it is nice that digital content is shared accross all accounts on the console. That way you're younger brother can also play Trine 2, without having to download it first themselves (which is the case with Live-accounts, for example).

At the very least, Nintendo should release a transfer option (which they also did for the 3DS), so you can transfer your data to a different Wii U. But really, Nintendo should just make content account-tied and give sellers the option to completely wipe their system.



Jakurdo commented on Feature: We've Unboxed A Wii Mini So You Don't...:

Why is that USB-port still there? Is there any peripheral that uses the USB-port? (keyboard maybe? but when would you ever use that?) Curious what would happen if you stick in the LAN adapter. Interesting that they removed the internet section from the options menu, but LAN doesn't require any setup. It usually just runs the second you plug it in.

I assume all "online"-channels (such as the shop channel) have been removed from the main menu though?



Jakurdo commented on Wii U Pre-Order Guide:

Ah yes, the world does not extend beyond the US and the UK

Anyway, here why I live (Netherlands) the expected price for the Premium Set is 350 euros. I pre-ordered it yesterday at a well-known electronics and multi-media store. There I'm guaranteed the lowest price, so I'm fine with whatever discounts any other store in the Netherlands is going to come up with. Hoping the price might go down a bit, although I'm fine with paying 350 since Nintendo Land is included.



Jakurdo commented on Dress up your Wii remote, for free!:

There were some problems with the dutch site (it linked to the belgian form) but thats fixed now. Ordered mine straight away, not to estatic 'bout the look, but it'll prolly be functional (and they're free ^^) Kinda looks like a Wiimote.. with an afro, lol



Jakurdo commented on Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest:

That music score in those Crystal Mine levels was so awesome, still play it on the original SNES cartridge.

On another note, I remember Miyamoto saying this games was only popular because of the flashy graphics, the gameplay was, in his opinion, crap. (Though that was not the way he said it). All in all, he just didn't like it