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Fri 16th Nov 2012

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Coldheat commented on Review: LEGO City: Undercover (Wii U):

If anyone is planning on getting this in Canada, FutureShop and BestBuy are selling it for $59.99, Toys R Us $49.99, and Walmart $49.83. Bring a competitor’s flyer and price match ; )



Coldheat commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo DS Lite:

I had almost Zero interest in the original DS. The screens were dark, the handheld wasn’t visually appealing, and it was difficult to use in any kind of direct sunlight. I knew that the DS Lite was an entirely different beast however, and was the kind of change that screamed got-to-have it! My Wife and I picked up a DS Lite for our Son the Sunday it was released, even though his Birthday wasn’t for a couple more months. Despite it getting heavy use and being dropped a couple of times, It has stood up remarkably well over the years. The edges of the lower touch screen aren’t as responsive, and I think a hinge is cracked, but beyond that it’s still ticking.



Coldheat commented on Talking Point: The Blurred Lines of "Collectab...:

I don't own either skylanders game, and I don't plan on buying infinity. That being said, companies have been doing this for years. Consumers are willing to pay for these items because they are tangible, physical items. Bubblegum in the pack of baseball cards. Toy in the box of cereal. Toy inside a kinder surprise chocolate. Take a character someone might be willing to pay $1 to unlock from their already purchased retail game disc, add a plastic figurine that "Interacts" with the game, and "Boom", people are willing to pay $9-$12 for this.



Coldheat commented on Hardware Review: Wii Mini:

Nintendo Wii Mini review
"We never quite bought into Nintendo's announcement that the Wii Mini would be Canadian exclusive - these console revisions aren't cheap and we assume that the platform holder will roll out the new hardware in other territories in due course. But having spent some time with the Mini, it's safe to say that we'd be quite happy if Nintendo never releases it elsewhere."



Coldheat commented on Hardware Review: Wii Mini:

@krunchykhaos This affects all of us. If people actually buy the Wii Mini, it will give Nintendo the message that there is actually a market for this type of thing - which there isn't.



Coldheat commented on Hardware Review: Wii Mini:

@HawkeyeWii and don't. does - but they don't have the actual Wii or Wii Mini console listed on their site. allows you to use a U.S. Billing Address, but forces you to ship to a Canadian address. Honestly, your best option might be or a similar site. There's likely to be a markup on the price, but if you really want one...



Coldheat commented on Hardware Review: Wii Mini:

@Cr1TiKaL It's $100 though. Regular retail price for a regular Wii with a $60 game and soundtrack is $150. If the Wii Mini is supposed to be "budget priced", they're selling it at the wrong price.

@MoRbidIty No need to drive 100 miles, just have it shipped.

I heard there's already been a recall. Nintendo forgot to add the disclaimer to the back of the box; WARNING: This product will lead to disappointment, sadness, envy of others, and buyer's remorse.



Coldheat commented on Hardware Review: Wii Mini:

Does the Wii Mini have the same number of memory blocks as the regular Wii?

Wow, first I've read about this not supporting component cables. Crazy. It's not like removing support for component/480p is saving them a ton of money, it uses the same port as the regular RCA 480i.

Nintendo - What did the Canadians ever do to you?

Wii Mini? I think "Wii 0.25" would have been more appropriate.

I smell Virtua Boy!

I'm Canadian, and I don't even understand what the purpose of the Wii Mini is.

It's only available in Canada,
It's Winter and Cold outside,
They called it Mini Wii.
Nintendo, I see what you did there..

This would be kind of OK if the regular Wii and the Wii U never existed. But, umm, Nintendo? They do exist Nintendo, they do...

Microsoft Canada: Releases console bundle with several games, bundle only available in Canada.
Nintendo Canada: Releases crippled console with no bundled games that nobody wants, not even Canadians.



Coldheat commented on Wii U Can Stream MP4 Videos Directly From Your...:

Thanks for sharing! NintendoLife - Would you consider making another post/article (or adding to this one) with written directions on how to set this up? YouTube Videos don’t always stick around forever, and some people may not have access to YouTube (I.e. Workplace, Library, etc).



Coldheat commented on Feature: Wii U Launch Day, Live!:

Joe, Ron, Morgan - AWESOME idea! It's been great to read through! Morgan - out of curiosity, why did you decide to get the Basic bundle instead of the Deluxe?



Coldheat commented on Developer Interview: Gaijin Games Gets Drunk w...:

First time visiting NintendoLife, and I must say I'm quite impressed. Thank you for making the effort to interview Gaijin Games; they don't get nearly enough coverage in my opinion. Their games - especially Bit Trip Runner - are some of my favourite games on WiiWare. If you haven't played their games before, you should definitely check out their "Bit Trip Complete" compilation retail disc. It's for Wii, but will also play on your Wii U just fine! Or, of course their individual games are still available for download. I had the privlige of meeting a couple of their developers at Pax East and tried Bit Trip Runner 2; it's going to be a crazy sequel!