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Feature: Where Is Your Wii Balance Board?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Time to dust off that slab of plastic in preparation for Wii Fit U

Wii Fit U's special trial deal begins this Friday, and will no doubt trigger a fitness frenzy amongst flabby Wii U owners all over the globe. However, a lot of time has elapsed between the incredible popularity of the Wii original and the launch of this new title, and like so many peripherals which have fallen out of favour and usage, there will no doubt be thousands — millions, even — of Balance Boards shoved in cupboards, used as doorstops or simply forgotten and neglected.

With that in mind, we've decided to ask the burning question to Nintendo fans everywhere: Where is YOUR Balance Board? Could you locate it in a fitness emergency? Is it easily reachable for the moment when Wii Fit U becomes available for download? Do you have sufficient stock of batteries in the house to power the board? These are serious — nay, vital — considerations for any prospective health freak.

So where's your board right now? Have you been keeping it in pristine condition, with fresh batteries ready for whatever fitness challenge may await? Perhaps you still use yours on a daily basis to ensure you're in tip-top order for the trials and tribulations the world throws your way? Or perhaps like us, you had to hunt through drawers, cupboards and down the back of the sofa to locate the device. Let us know by leaving a comment below, and feel free to embed photos below using the [img] tag — with your board in situ as it was discovered — so we can all have a good chuckle.

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tchaten said:

It's in front of my couch ready for use as I continue to use Wii Fit on my Wii U for the free step - I use it about 90 minutes every night - can't wait for the Wii U version to come out



9th_Sage said:

Under my bed currently...I like to keep it handy as I enjoy doing the Yoga stuff (more than anything).



Warruz said:

Its in the cabinet downstairs. My dad purchased it and we used it for a little while but my god is that things slippery to use, really needs a rubber layer over it for grip.

Its still in said cabinet and i have since moved out and doing p90X instead



wasf said:

never stop using balance board since it came out! ;p

My BB is always READY! (under my bed)




Just completed my 2014th day on wii fit plus
It neatly fits in a wideish draw in my television furniture unit



FiveDigitLP said:

We have ours sitting next to our TV stand. I was using it fairly regularly just as a scale to track my weight, but I've started noticing recently that the measurements seem off, so I'm kind of afraid the sensors in it are off.



Gioku said:

My Wii Balance board is nonexistent because I think I'm the only guy on the planet who never got a Wii...



XavandSo said:

I'm going to be controversial and say I never, ever got a Wii Balance Board. I wasn't interested (still am) in the Wii series of games. The only one that caught my eye was Wii Music. That said, I saw one at a local second-hand store for 50c. I'll get it one day.



Falchion said:

I have a wii U but not a balance board. Time to find someone who will let me borrow theirs...



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@MadAussieBloke In the manner of a true gentleman, eh?

I never had a Balance Board myself, and I have no intention on getting one, simply because I don't wanna be fit - or play games while standing...



XCWarrior said:

@MadAussieBloke ::slow clap of approval::

My Board got plenty of use. Most of it was with Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus (250+ hours between myself, my brother and wife), and I did use it a little in Tetris Party and Marble Saga Cororinpa (SP?, great game).

Right now it sits with my Wii in the bedroom, but I'll be taking it back down to the Wii U with Wii Fit U coming out. Looking forward to using it a lot more again!



MegaWatts said:

Bahaha! I get the worrying feeling that this "flabby Wii U owner" may have inspired this article!



maneauleau said:

Mine is under the coach collecting dust. But not for long obviously. I just hope Ninty is going to release an official Balance Board battery with a charger



bezerker99 said:

Is the Balance Board still $99 in stores it worth it???? I'd rather buy a $99 pair of running shoes and hit the outdoor trails in my neighborhood.



MegaWatts said:

@muchB1663R If batteries have leaked inside it, and they're alkaline type (most usually are), then I recommend using lemon juice. Dip a cotton bud/Q-tip in some of it, and rub on the affected areas. Works like an absolute charm!



bizcuthammer said:

Mine is sitting underneath my TV stand. We still use it about once a week. We used to use it a lot more, but once we began eating healthier and got more active with work/life, we didnt really have time or need for it anymore. I'd like to try the Wii Fit U trial though, as i did like Wii Fit Plus.



Darknyht said:

My original one most likely is in someone else's house now (or a Gamestop warehouse, or dump). The current one I bought used is sitting under the couch waiting for Friday. Hoping that the lack of a need to go into Wii mode plus swap a disc on the console will inspire me to get started again.



NintyMan said:

The last time I remember, my Wii Balance Board was lying at the foot of my big bookcase in my room on top of a crate supporting a pile of folders and paper from past semesters of college. It probably needs dusting and a fresh pack of batteries, but it should still be usable. Honestly, I never used the thing myself; my sister used it to play the original Wii Fit years ago, but now I'll be using it to play the Wii Fit U trial very soon.



tedko said:

Uh oh! didn't the balance board specifically say not to leave it standing upright for long periods of time because it's bad for his circuitry?

Mine's sitting next to the tv in it's proper horizontal position I used to play wii fit plus quite a bit but admit I haven't in quite some time. I tried using it for punch out but it was way too frustrating. They should have made more of an effort to make those controls responsive because it could have been a lot of fun and a different kind of challenge.
No battery concerns for me. I got a usb adapter cable, which I hope works on the wii u. I actually haven't gotten around to buying a wii u yet.



marck13 said:

Under the living-room table. Was less frequent, but still in use. That Wii Fit works better on a body than i had ever thought..



EarthboundBenjy said:

I don't own a balance board... ;/ despite owning other miscellaneous items like the Donkey Bongos, the SNES Super Scope, and the microphone that comes with Odama, plus around 16 games consoles huddled around the TV.
The whole balance board thing never happened with me, though.



rjejr said:

My balance board is in front of the videogame console hutch, my wife still uses it occasionally for some dance or exercise games, not sure which. I pretty much only used it for Shaun White snowboarding. Does it work in the upcoming winter olympic game, it really should?

Bigger question, where's my Wii U?!?! Nintendo repair says they sent it back yesterday (never told me if it's repaired or not) but UPS still doesn't have it.



WiiLovePeace said:

Mine was in one of the cupboards under my TV, where most of my gaming accessories are. I've already whipped it out & been exercising with Wii Fit Plus for the past few days in preperation for Wii Fit U Also bought 2 packs of 4 AA batteries today.



WingedSnagret said:

I had one for a while, then gave it to my older sister who actually uses it daily. The sad thing is that ever since I saw the Wii Fit Trainer was in Smash Bros. I wanted to play around with it again, but can't since my sister lives out of town.



Mahe said:

Still in use, though not nearly as actively as in the prime days of Wii Fit Plus. Wii Fit U will probably increase its use again.



eza said:

I bought a second hand one last week for €25 in preparation.
It's sitting under my desk, since I discovered that I can pair it with my PC and use it as another input controller! o/



Clacko said:

I only got mine six weeks ago, used it everyday. Also, just had an email from Base saying that my Wii Fit U Meter has been dispatched.



Kirk said:

"Time to dust off that slab of plastic in preparation for Wii Fit U"

Says it all really.



JtotheY said:

They should make another awesome snowboard game for the Balance Board, I liked the first Shaun White Snowboarding. Also liked Tony Hawk's Underground 2. Make these games!



GuSolarFlare said:

my balance board is in my wardrobe broken, I forgot to remove the batteries and they leaked....



unrandomsam said:

@ted-k Punch Out is fine (Makes it much better using the board for me). I think it is the best Balance Board game. Takes a bit of practice.



unrandomsam said:

Horizon Riders is the next best. (Never tried DDR as the Western versions started using awful music that didn't really fit in).



Pahvi said:

I used to have it under my sofa to keep my bargain bin robot vacuum cleaner from going there and getting stuck... but when I gave up on using the robot the board somehow got stuck smack down in the middle of my livingroom floor... utterly without any use, but since it isn't bothering anyone, it has been staying there. Oh. I did try Family Ski & Snowboard with it... and learned I should not go downhill skiing.



AJWolfTill said:

In a second hand shop ready to be bought... I think it would make a nice christmas present for my weight conscious mum.



WindWakerLink said:

Recently, it's was moved to my closet for convenient use for Wii Fit Plus. Haha. I'll likely get the Wii U version in January for that "New Year's Resolution" stuff. XD



TruenoGT said:

Under the couch, not used in a while, but looking forward to Wii Fit U for the pedometer function. I religiously use the Personal Training Walking pedometer and this may finally replace it!



Nintenjoe64 said:

Mine is in my living room. I hope Wii Fit U lets you share your BMI graph on the Miiverse. I think my min/max on Wii Fit since 2008 was 11St/14St and now back down to 12St. I used it daily this summer but I've mainly kept it in the vain hope of a 1080 snowboard game that uses it. Keep meaning to get Punch Out but will wait for a Wii U version now



IronMan28 said:

I never got Wii Fit, so I don't have a balance board, but I'm considering Wii Fit U because it actually looks entertaining.



GazPlant said:

Dug mine out of storage last weekend - amazed the batteries haven't exploded!



sinalefa said:

I never had one either. As most peripherals, I found it overpriced and underused, so I did not bother. I have three dogs and I do weightlifting at home, so I have enough exercise.

And although Wii Fit U is coming and is technically free, that would still make it a heavy expense. I prefer to buy an arcade stick, compatible with all my consoles and PC. At least I know it will always get use.



ReigningSemtex said:

I think mine lives under my TV cabinet hasn't been used in a couple of years and unless the missus decides she wants wii fit u I can't imagine it will be used by me anytime soon



SCAR said:

My bro really likes the pedometer and the data tracking in Wii Fit U, so we're going halvsies on the $20 pedometer to get the game. You can't beat $10



ULTRA-64 said:

@Zaphod_Beeblebrox I was the same, I'm quite fit from being into parkour and thought is was a massive gimmick but a mate gave me theirs and it's more fun than you'd think. I wouldn't think of it as a fitness tool, more as a different option for input that involves allot of movement and fun. Try it if you get a chance, might surprise you



tedko said:

@unrandomsam Maybe I didn't give Punch out enough of a chance with the board. I did enjoy using it on the easy opponents but as you progress I found it frustrating. It just didn't seem to respond precisely enough. Maybe I'll have to give it another shot. Did you make it through the whole game using the balance board?



Sir_JBizzle said:

While mine isn't as cool as @MadAussieBloke here's mine:


It lies beneath my TV stand, all ready to go. I actually still use mine three times a week, every day during the winter months. I can't wait for the new Wii Fit. It's great to have it right on my hard drive so I can boot it up, and I'm ready to go. This title is a perfect argument for downloadable content. It's lazy and counter productive to the point of getting healthy, It gets annoying to switch discs everyday for a game you play for long hours at a time. LOL

EDIT: I'm so jealous of all that video game swag that you Nintendolifers have! I think you guys just wanted to show that off! HAHA



cfgk24 said:

Lol - i just bought a 2nd hand one for Wii Fit U - they weren't easy to get form Amazon either!



AJSjedi said:

Have nintendo said anything about being able to use two balance boards at the same time? If so then my wife and I can play together instead of taking turns and we will wait for the deluxe set that comes out next year. If not we may just spring for two of the sensors



sketchturner said:

I played Wii Fit Plus for an hour just this morning. It gets a lot of use in my house, especially by my kids. I have a USB chargeable battery pack designed for the balance board so I don't have to burn through batteries.



DerpSandwich said:

I sold it after I stopped using it. I'm not sure if Wii Fit U is going to sell as well as Nintendo hopes, as I'm sure there really are a whole lot of people out there who are going to pass based on how they eventually stopped using the Wii versions.



gamingreal said:

Don't own a wii u I have a wii but no balance board, to be honest I'd rather get a kinnect at least that has other uses than fiitness bossing my xbox about and yelling grenade for no real reason



FishieFish said:

I think it's in the loft, covered in mould.
I'll probably use it more if I get Wii Fit U, but I gotta sort out my diabetes first..



cmk8 said:

Mine's under the sofa. Probably the best workout it ever gave me was when I lugged it home that first day...



Gold said:

I actually don't have one. I'm one of the rare people who don't. I've been looking into where to get one cheap. Anyone know a place?



Captain_Balko said:

Gah, Mine is at my cottage! And I'm not going for a few weeks!

How long does the "Free with purchase of an activity meter" deal last?



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

Mine has been in use since day !!! Transfered all ny data to the Wii U, and put my girlfriend on to Wii fit Plus. Waiting patiently for Friday!
Tick tock tick tock......



JustinH said:

Under the couch. Actually did have dust on it when I last saw it. My couch broke, so when I flipped it over I wiped off the board.



Pachterkid said:

Nobody gives a crap about Wii Fit U. You know one of the main reasons why the Wii was such a success? Schools. I am a teacher, and I know for a fact that the majority of the schools that I have been in used the Wii as either part of their Phys. Ed program or had them in their resource rooms or learning center classrooms. My school board used to contact my local EB Games about buying Wiis for their schools. Do you think the school board will do the same for the Wii U and that stupid tablet? No. Nursing homes also bought the Wii in bulk; that won't be happening this time around either because while grandma knows the gesture to bowl she does not know the first thing about using a tablet.

That's why the Wii sold 100 million units and that's why the Wii U won't.

I have two university degrees and I know what I'm talking about. Deal with it.



Vriess said:

Mine is underneath the coffee table... My kids used to play the Wii Fit balance games a lot but not since about a year. They'll surely be happy with new games in Wii Fit U. I can't be bothered. I want to slough on my couch when playing games and I go outside to exercise, even when the weather isn't to great.



SMW said:

Mine is below my TV and gets used at least once a week! I've had it since the first Wii Fit came out. I myself had about 280 fit credit hours at the start of October and challenged myself to get 300 before Wii Fit U. I accomplished that last Friday.

Now bring on Wii Fit U! I will conquer it just like I conquered all of Wii Fit Plus! (Well all except for that carnie one with the juggling...)



mjc0961 said:

Don't have a Balance Board, but with this promotion where you can get the game free if you just buy the little doohickey, I might give it a shot. I mean buying the doohickey and a Balance Board is still way cheaper than waiting until next year for the bundle of all that stuff.



swordx said:

In my room. I use it for both Punch Out!! AND Wii Fit, but mostly Punch Out!!



Slayer said:

It's actually two slots down from my Wii upstairs. I keep it there but it's gathering dust because I mostly play MW3, Sonic Colors or Mega Man 4.
And my God, that's a lot of GameCubes.



FJOJR said:

Mine is in the family room. Made the Wii U transition for a bit but then I forgot about it again.



luigifan2000 said:

mine was under my tv until i heard of that deal and so i play wii fit and my bro wants to play the wii fit plus but it broke so i told him those games are in wii fit u so he wanted me to download it so i told him that it isnt out until 3 days and we have the basic set so we need more memory...




Never had one until now, picked up a used one on ebay for 25 bucks ... works like a charm ... looking forward to Friday, Wii Fit software was very basic with no way to make a set routine ... HOPE WII FIT U IS A BETTER FIT 4 MII ....



Senario said:

I don't have one oddly enough but I would be interested in at least trying the game out for a while since fitness is pretty universal as being good.



tripunktoj said:

I actually tried Wii Street U a couple minutes with it weeks ago, its on its original box, right next to my gaming setup along with my NES Power Pad, but its not ready for Wii Fit U. Of the dozen of rechargeable batteries I bought back in 2007 when my Wii was young, only 2 remain usable, and my OCD demands a black plastic cover to go with my Deluxe Wii U (since there are no black boards in America afaik)



millarrp said:

There's a gap at the base of my game shelf just big enough to put the balance board under. Bought it intially hoping to get some exercise but the apertment I live in isn't quite big enough to get full use out of it and have a convienent view of the TV. Hopefully with the Wii U gamepad it will make it a little more convienent to use it



Victoria said:

Mine is in front, or beside the TV where it's always been. It's still used regularly in our house.



ICHIkatakuri said:

Mine is sat under the TV ready to go with Wii Fit U, but has not been used in a while due to selling all other consoles in the house.



eza said:

@SwimyGreen you can use it as more than a footrest for PC gaming if you want.
Pair it to your PC over Bluetooth and use Wii Balance Walker ( ) to assign different directions to keypresses. It's set up for FPSes by default (W,S,A,D,shift,space) and works pretty well.
I still haven't tried it out as a joystick yet, but it should work as rudder pedals for flight sims or accelerator/brake for driving games.



DarkSplatoonLink said:

Mine's actually at the ready nearby the console and TV with all my other accessories. It just never gets used, like the dodgy tennis racquet heads retailers chucked in with Wii purchases. But I'm going to dust it off for Wii Fit U. If I can find batteries, and a place to buy the Fit Meter!



shinesprite said:

Mine used to be kept under my Wii/Wii U, but after collecting dust for 1.5-2 years, it went back in its box.



SphericalCrusher said:

My balance board is currently under my couch in the living room (My WiiU is setup in here also). I put it there, from the closet, at the WiiU launch since I knew I would be using it again.



Kiokothepirate said:

We got the balance board for my mother to use and she's used it all of twice. She claimed that turning on the console and getting Wii Fit started and the balance board set up was too complicated for her.

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