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Thu 2nd Aug 2012

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SwimyGreen commented on Hideki Konno Delves Into Mario Kart 8:

Surprisingly, this was the most exciting thing to come out of the Direct (except maybe for X). The anti-gravity looks really fun to play with and the course design looks great. In addition, it was the most visually impressive game and seems to hae many advanced lighting effects. This is not going to be Mario Kart Wii 2 (that's a good thing).



SwimyGreen commented on Super Mario 3D World is "The Grand Culmination...:

I have to agree with my disapointment. Mario 3D Land was fun and addicting, but it really just played like a 2D game; this is what the "New" series hould've been. But as a new 3D Mario game, I wanted something groundbreaking with exploration and huge worlds to explore. Galaxy didnt really have exploration, but the innovative gameplay, atmosphere, and gigantic worlds easily made up for it. This game seems to do very little of that. Im sure it will be fun, and I will probably buy it eventually, but it honestly doesn't excite me that much.



SwimyGreen commented on Poll: Wii U Hardware Revisions and Accessories...:

For a so called "wacky idea", I would choose a GameCube controller adapter. To me, making an adapter that works with the Wiimote or the Gampad is a no brainer. They immediately appease the Smash Bros experts and brings the Wii U one step closer to GC emulation. The only thing that could make me happer with the Wii U is a nonlinear 3D Mario game. Please make this Nintendo.



SwimyGreen commented on Android-based Ouya Console Will Have NES and S...:

@MMLgamer No matter what, a laptop will be more expensive than the Ouya. I think the point is that practically everyone has a computer capable of emulating NES/SNES games already. Why buy an Ouya to do something that almost every computer and home console can already do.

To me Ouya is just a combination of what you can do on other devices. It can emulate and play Droid games, but you could do those on any old smartphone. There seem to be some exclusive titles in the works, but nothing has caught my attention.

If it was more powerful, if it had more exclusives, I could be interested. But for now, I am unimpressed.



SwimyGreen commented on Capcom To Make "New Product Announcements" At ...:

Dream game: Okami 3 out sourced to Platinum games. Considoring that Platinum still has te key developers of the original Okami, I reelly hope this happens. I doubt it after the poor sales of both of the first two titles.



SwimyGreen commented on Mario Picks Up a DICE Sticker at Annual Awards:

Honestly, I wholeheartedly disagree with this. I've played all of the games in the series. The first two are definitely on my list of top 10 RPGs, and Super Paper mario is still pretty good. Sticker Star feels like a dissapointment just because the gameplay is simplified too much and it drags on at some points. The main hit for me is the story. The first three had really deep and entertaining stories, but SS made it evident from the beginning that it doesnt have it.

I can't really say what game I would've chosen in Papee Marios place because that was the only portable game I got this year believe it or not. Itd probably be Kid Icarus or LittleBigPlanet Vita.



SwimyGreen commented on Wii U Software Storage on USB Devices Detailed:

(If this is real) This is ridiculous. I thought the point of the external HDD is that you don't have to use space on the console itself. I'm not even planning to DL retail games and I may still run out of room. I hope Toki Tori and Trine 2 don't take up much space...



SwimyGreen commented on Talking Point: The Possibilities of New Super ...:

The only DLC I've ever bought was the Wipeout HD Fury DLC, which added 2 game modes and doubled the amount of courses for only $10.

The only time I would buy DLC if it was a game 'expansion' or addled levels that were equal to ones in the game. Ex. Buy an extra galaxy with 3 stars for $2 would be a good one.

I'm not interested in the NSMB2 DLC because:
A. The game is an utter dissapointment to me
B. They're only coin rush levels that cost more then they are worth.

I really wish they'd roll out 3D land DLC. Buying a world for $4 wouldn't bother me.



SwimyGreen commented on Hands On: Ubisoft's Wii U Launch Hits:

Im getting the deluxe version at launch and Im getting ONLY one other game. Im stuck betwen Rayman and Zombi U. Both have excellent use of the gamepad and both are irresistable. My mind hurts.



SwimyGreen commented on Talking Point: Are Wii U Games Going To Be Too...:

I personally don't see the problem. If nothing else it should be $60 because of US inflation. Games were much expensive before CDs; before adding inflation. Also, the PS3 and 360 have been this way. If nothing else, Nintendo deserves the extra money.



SwimyGreen commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Smashes The One Millio...:

Goes to hide in a corner to cry about how The 2D titles ALWAYS sell more than the 3D titles even if they aren't even new

Seriously though, of ALL the 3D games, 3D Land is really like a 2D game. NSMB2 is easily the worst(at least the most stale). So why the heck does it win in sales? It baffles me why - like how Call of Duty, Justin Beiber, and Angry birds sell.



SwimyGreen commented on Feature: In Defence of Super Mario Sunshine:

Wow. I never noticed the camera. I think I've played so many 3D platformers, that I just ignored it.

I really enjoied Sunshine for the mood AND the difficulty/design. It was easier and slightly less linear than 64 which makes most of the levels Possible without a walkthrough. I loved SMG too, but is was too linear and a little too easy. It seems that every 3D Mario game is easier than the last. I really hope it doesn't keep going in that direction.

IMO a mix of Galaxy and Sunshine would be the best Mario platformer ever.



SwimyGreen commented on Out Now: 3DS XL Goes Big in North America:

I'm passing on both. The XL actually looks like a pretty good upgrade, but Im not prepared to spend $200 on it. And NSMB 2 looks like the most underwhelming Mario platformer to date. Recycled music and the multiplayer are my main irks. I guess I'll be waiting till Nov for Paper Mario.



SwimyGreen commented on Reaction: Age Ratings and Video Games:

IMO, teens playing Mature/18+ games really depends on mature they are. I'm 15 and I can understand Assasin's Creed or GTA and not get very effected by it... but there are other people my age who act like complete idiots (read: don't care about their future at all) and play it all day long. In the end it's up to the parents, but that ends up as a mess all the time. Some parents buy M games without so much as a glance at the label and others are overly strict about it.

I'm lucky in which I'm allowed to get most games except ones I myself wouldn't be comfortable with. The only game I have that's rated M is Metal Gear Solid and I'm thinking of getting Persona 4, which is about borderline.

I think the M/18 restriction is appropriate, but it still goes down to a parents descision which isn't always right, whether too generous or too restricting.