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Miyamoto: Mario Will Likely Return To Single-Player

Posted by Dylan Newcome

May look to explore the Galaxy further

When Mario fans heard that a 3D Mario platformer for Wii U would be shown at E3, expectations were undoubtedly high and varied. Many had their own ideas about what Mario's 3D foray into high-definition would look and play like, but it would have been difficult to predict a successor to Super Mario 3D Land. Fan reactions to the announcement were certainly mixed, with some questioning the decision to focus on multiplayer.

However, speaking to Game Informer, Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the focus on multiplayer in Super Mario 3D World has been included to strike a balance between the openness of games like Super Mario Galaxy and the sidescrolling action of the New Super Mario Bros. games in order to reach a wider audience. Despite this, Miyamoto wouldn't rule out the possibility of Mario returning to more single-player focused adventures.

But we still have, obviously, the Galaxy series, and there's a possibility that in the future we may look to explore what else we can do with the Galaxy series. For us, it was really about trying to find the right 3D Mario space in which we're going to allow the widest audience to play.

Even noting the Mario franchise's history with multiplayer, Miyamoto acknowledged the wealth of ideas that the teams at Nintendo have for the plumber's more solitary outings.

Before there was the Super Mario Bros. series, there was just the Mario Bros. game, and that was a 2-player multiplayer game. So, even from those very early days, we always wanted to include some type of multiplayer. When the New Super Mario Bros. team on Wii was able to do that and include the four-player multiplayer in the side-scrolling fashion, we very quickly found that our team really liked that, and they immediately said, 'Well, we want to do the same thing in a 3D Mario space.' They've had a lot of fun exploring that. But definitely with the single-player Mario experience, there's still a lot of possibilities that we can explore, so I think we'll probably go back to that again at some point.

If a new 3D Super Mario game were to come to light, it sounds like it could either be a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2 or a new series altogether.

What do you think of the direction Nintendo is taking with Super Mario 3D World? Share your opinion in the comment section below.


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WarioPower said:

I definitely hope they actually make a true "open world" 3d Mario game for Wii U. 3d World is pathetic in comparison to Sunshine or Galaxy..



catsrnice said:

I was hoping for something completely new and I wasn't too big of a fan of SM3DL (SMG/2 were better) but the gameplay on this looks fun and the story looks like it will be better than SM3DL'S (With possible NPC's?) So it's not as bad as I thought at first.
And besides that I still think it's possible the're working on another 3d mario as well.
Also, yes to open world.



WarioPower said:

@Grubdog I have. It was the worst Mario game since Hotel Mario.. The bland generic levels combined with the linearity made for a forgettable experience. Also, the difficulty was almost nonexistent..



Sanqet said:

for me mario platformers will always be about single player i,m not interested in 3d world for that reason



19Robb92 said:

Nice, I hope we get to see another Galaxy/SM64/Sunshine type game during the WiiU's lifetime.



ScorpionMG said:

@Grubdog ikr it was awesome,mario 3d world is gonna be awesome too, i always loved local multiplayer with family and friends!



doctor_doak said:

Likely?? Of course it will... Tokyo EAD Group 1 is the A-team...they've been MIA for some time now. Don't get me wrong, this game actually looks well designed, and a ton of fun....but it lacks the ambition of Mario 64, Sunshine & Galaxy.. I'm betting that they're working on the follow up to Mario Galaxy... and it'll probably be released in 2015.



Bass_X0 said:

I'd rather have Super Mario Sunshine 2 instead of Super Mario Galaxy 3. Just to change the setting of the game.



datamonkey said:

I just want a "true" 3D Mario like Mario 64.

I find it ironic that these games are labelled "3D" when in fact you are more restricted than in Mario 64.

In that game you had 360 degree camera control and full 3D environmental movement. Even though recent games are good I don't like the restrictions on camera angles etc.



Big_L91 said:

one thing i certainly dont want is another galaxy. man i was so bored by time i got through the second one. its pretty much the same as 3d world anyway dont understand peoples complaints. just because you dont fly through the air between levels....



19Robb92 said:

3D World does feel like a 'hold on' title, kind of like how we're getting WWHD while waiting for the next big Zelda. Would be great news if that was the case.



Geonjaha said:

"but it would have been difficult to predict a successor to Super Mario 3D Land"

Speak for yourselves. With Nintendo going the way they are with Mario I was betting on it.

I hate how all they mention is also 'exploring the Galaxy series' more. Seriously Nintendo? More sequels?
Give us something new



devilwaffle said:

I'll admit this wasn't expected, and isn't exactly a step forward, but you can't say the game doesn't look fun.

As for the "Galaxy series" I loved galaxy, and Galaxy 2 was "meh." for me. I wish they waited a bit longer before making a sequel so that it would be more fresh. For example, if they made a sequel to Mario Sunshine now, over 10 years after it's release, I would buy that game on day 1. And as an example for the bad, you have Mario 3D world coming out slightly over a year or two passed Mario 3D Land. It's not fresh, it's not nostalgic, it's just Mario 3D land with multiplayer, HD, multiple characters, and cats. While these are great features, and I welcome them, it is not enough to make this a new experience.



Peach64 said:

That's good news, as I've been genuinely worried about Nintendo's direction since E3. I hope it's not Galaxy 3 though. When people say they want something along those lines, I think they mean that kind of scope and ambition we saw in Mario 64 and Galaxy, not necessarily Galaxy 3. The big open levels to explore, rather than race through this linear level type of game.



Yoshi3DS said:

i actually kinda saw this game coming. i've got over the fact that its not a 'true' 3d mario game. i'm sure we'll get what we REALLY WANT in the future, and until then we've got this, which i'm very excited for. but i sorta disagree with the guy above because the multiplayer is a new experience in a way, although you could say it's just the same the nsmb games, but people complained about a lack of space in those games. but then again its still Mario 3d Land



Sceptic said:

Who wants overpriced single player run and jumps? I have those on my phone, in full-HD, even. Nintendo needs to get out more.




At first I was a bit sceptic, because I haven't played an "open world" Mario game for such a long time, and was so looking forward of hearing about a new one at the E3. But now the disappointment's all gone, and I'm getting more hyped each day about this new title:)



Cia said:

This IS something new. We already have a bunch of great 3d single players starring Mario, but isn't this the first time we get 4 player multiplayer in a 3d environment? And Sceptic, i don't understand what your comment has to do with anything.



citizenerased said:

I'll enjoy this, but if they really wanted to add multiplayer I don't see why they didn't just make a Galaxy-type game, and then added splitscreen. Many of these same-screen multiplayer experiences have their annoyances (having to stick close together and not seeing far ahead being the main ones). Plus we have huge screens and 720p/1080p now, and thus splitting the screen will have less effect than it did in the 90's.



Pikachupwnage said:

@Big_L91 This post is factually incorrect and you should feel bad for making it. There are a ton of differences between Galaxy and 3D World. The gravity mechanics, Motion controls, Star bits, the spin attack, the triple jump, different power ups, a Different health system, more varied bosses, less linear progression, Prankster comets, No true multiplayer, No Playable Toad, or Peach etc.



Pachterkid said:


Mario 3D Land was linear in the sense that Super Mario World was linear, back when every level was its own self contained obstacle course and your only task was to get from the start to the flag pole. That is Mario. Also, Mario Sunshine is awful.



WaveGhoul said:

I had zero problems with 3D Land being linear, it was Supposed to be linear since it was dashing back to good ol' Retro mario but in 3D form. My problem with it was that it was so unforgettable and uncreative with it's reused stage themes, dissapointing soundtrack and weak difficulty level(special world is another story!) Bowser Battles were good fun and a nostalgiac kick to the original SMB but again in 3D, the controls were awesome and it was still fun to play, but it just doesn't really have it's own real identity or standout like the previous 3D mario's do.

it felt like another NSMB game but in 3D. Also, i don't want another galaxy, i want something entirely new. since they ripped SMB2's character roster and plunked it into 3DWorld, going back to the idea of creating a spiritual scuccessor to SMB2 wouldn't feel all that special now, at least in terms of playable characters and their unique attributes 'ripping vegetables' and power jumping aside!

Take mario to the Dream world dangit! And give us Flamingo mario!



Chris720 said:

Problem is, you can't really expand too much with Mario. It's always followed the same path of completing one course to unlock the next, but Mario 64 and Sunshine went beyond that which was quite nice.

I wouldn't mind an open world feel where you can go wherever you want, but you have to have so many stars to unlock a certain course before you can continue. There's quite a few possibilities they can go into, but I think Nintendo have got stuck into the "complete one level to unlock the next" mentality.



CyberNature said:

I was a little put off at first, but I'm actually starting to come around on 3D World. I'm looking at the screenshots and stuff, and the game actually looks really neat! I'm think I'm getting excited to play it!



Marios-love-child said:

I'd like a proper sequal to Mario 64 and I dont just mean a Mario 64 HD remake if you're listening Nintendo haha.

I'd like true 3d exploration in the Mushroom Kingdom with a real hub world like the Princess Castle. Or even better another trip to Dinosaur Land ala SMW would be nice but with a true 3d Hub world

Dont get me wrong I loved Mario Galaxy but I dont feel we need a 3rd installment.



WaveGhoul said:


And the most positive Nintendo Life User award goes to....
Playing as princess peach & toad are going to give me trinkets of SMB2. nostalgia.
I'm sure this will blow 3D Land(which i was personally mixed on) out of the water.



NintendoPro64 said:

I am all up for another single player Mario, especially in Mario 64 style, but I really don't think we need to revist Galaxy. That said, I am ridiculously pumped for Super Mario 3D World!



WiiLovePeace said:

@WaveBoy Hahaha, thanks! But it does genuinely look fun to me Like many others it seems, I was initially disappointed by SM3DW's reveal instead of Super Mario Universe or something like that. But after watching lots of footage of the demo & thinking about it, I just really warmed to the idea of finally being able to play multiplayer in a 3D Super Mario game. Mario Galaxy wouldn't work for non-split screen multiplayer I think. & those cat suits!! They add a whole new dimension to the 3D Mario gameplay. People do seem to get overly negative & critical about games sometimes, I'm just happy to have fun haha! In the words of the great Satoru Iwata: "Let's enjoy the game!"

I know you didn't ask for such a long explanation, I just felt like posting it. Sorry! Haha



Big_L91 said:

@Pikachupwnage IMO it not incorrect at all, the motion controls are not impressive at all only the spin jump used them anyway, the star bits added virtually nothing, triple jumps where in since 64, theres new power ups in every game and who really cares about the health system. yeah the gravity stuff was cool so ill give you that, but it could still be annoying and disorientating from time to time.
really the galaxy games and 3d world are not all that different IMO with short linear levels, boss fights and level designs that seem to be on par with galaxy.
my point is that people are underestimating this game.



Nabbit101 said:

I know this is a dumb question but how does everyone know it is going to be so linear?



xMadxHatterx said:

I wish they can just come out with a Mario game with a story and a new memorable character like Super Mario Galaxy.
Won't it be great if they made a game that focused on Rosalina as the protagonist.



LuigiIsAwesome said:

I think SM3DW will be great with the multiplayer! I would like to see a Super Mario Galexy 3 though. Just to see the creativity and controls!



Pierceton said:

Super Mario 3D Galaxy then Super Mario 3D Univese would be an awesome merger of the two.



Ralizah said:

Sounds good. I don't need a continuation of Galaxy, but I would like something that big and creative.



kevkeepsplaying said:

Galaxy should be done and done with. Maybe go back to a Mario 64-esque setting, where you're, y'know, actually in the Mushroom Kingdom? You guys have HD hardware to work on this with now, you have NO LIMITS. It could be like Mario 64 except not just a sandbox platformer with Mario plastered on it. Come on, guys! Get it together!



MTLNintyGamer said:

Made a profile just to comment on this thread. Look guys, I understand the complaints of the next 3D Mario being basically 3D Land with multiplayer, but remember Nintendo needs games right now to sell the Wii U. I'm ok with them playing it safe as long as they cater to the smaller audience once the install base has been established. After that it's all fair game.

Besides, this game looks like a lot of freakin' fun, doesn't it? And as long as a Mario game is FUN, what does it matter? We already got 2 Galaxy games. We rarely get more than one Super Mario game on a console, so appreciate that. I don't see the need for a third one. If you want it so bad, go back and play them on your Wii again. I assume the majority here still have the game.



BATRA said:

i'm going to say this ones mario needs to be a online game
galaxy is not the game for it to come out but sun shine is better game for the wiii u



NintyMan said:

To me, this almost confirms a second 3D Mario game for Wii U in the future, which is not really surprising. Wii had two, so there's no real reason why Wii U shouldn't.

I personally wouldn't want a Galaxy 3, even if the HD and soundtrack would've been phenomenal. I don't see what else they could do with the gameplay to make it fresh. That's why I think they should make something new next time and bringing new ideas to the open-world gameplay of Super Mario 64.




I liked 3D Land for what it was: 3D Mario game on the go. It was fun, I 100% it. This game; however, looks boring. It's not even JUST the gameplay it's the art design. I'm pretty sure if they made one of the Galaxy's HD then it would look better than 3D World. It looks like a cheap money grabbing game trying to capitalize on the hype of 3D Mario and the sales of NSMBWii.

I'm really happy that they may revisit single player 3D Mario...and I really, really, really hope 3D World doesn't sell all too well compared to 3D Mario of olds.



NMH-TRI said:

I played the demo, 3D World is a lot of fun. No more Galaxy. Something in the vein of Super Mario 64 would be nice. Just don't make it anything like Sunshine



Gate_Shikimuri said:

Hooray for hub worlds leading to the same levels with different missions! That is my overall opinion for Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. Yes, these were fun, but I would like a change of scenery sometimes. I just wish they would do New Super Mario Bros. 3 but with a different art style and different music. :/

Please respect that we all have differing opinions and please respect my right to have one. Thank you in advance.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I don't care whether or not they revert to single player, either way I'm gonna love it cause Super Mario games are always epic. But I don't want to see another Galaxy game. Galaxy 2 was pure perfection and I feel like they shouldn't try to top that. Just end the Galaxy series at 2.

I also hate how much 3D World is being rejected by Mario's "fans". So we can give the plumber a water-squirting backpack and put him space but god forbid we give him 4-Player ability. I also hate how people think this game is bland looking. Well excuse them for having Mario go on an adventure on his home planet, but Mario's wolrd is "too Mario-like" for Mario... wtf does that even mean?

And @Metal_Sonic, you honestly think 3D Land should be compared to Hotel Mario just because 3D Land offers a more linear experience! That's like comparing Skyward Sword to Superman 64 just because Skyward Sword didn't have Ganon.



Goginho said:

Well, Nintendo may have just spoiled me with yet another new gameplay direction. From now on, I expect "these" kinds of games, and "those" kinds of games ..I want these 4-players Mario games, and I want those true, open-world, 64-style Mario games.

I never would have imagined this kind of concept for a 3D Mario game though, where we basically get a 3D version of NSMB, but I am positively surprised by it and very optimistic for that matter. I'm sure it's gonna be a lot of fun, and they shouldn't ever scrap this idea afterwards. Although I'm longing for my 64-style Super Mario, and I want it to come in the form of an optional two-player game. I've talked about this before, but after playing Super Mario 64 back in the day, I always had to take turns with my buddies, which was fine, but I always imagined a game where two of us could be playing simultaneously. Now, with the GamePad, this is very possible, and I hope for a game where Mario and Luigi (nothing more, nothing less ..just the bros) go on an adventure together, where one player uses the TV, and the other uses the GamePad. That way the two players can be in completely different locations, meaning that the camera wouldn't need to have a set position on the "leading" player, as the case is in 3D World.

That being said, I think that 3D World has the potential to be the perfect "mini" (so to say), warm-up style 3D Mario game, where you gather with three others and have fun and laugh together. But the true, open-world Mario game should come in the form of an optional two-player game, where you and someone else (Mario and Luigi respectively) can go on an in-depth, Galaxy style adventure.



World said:

Speaking in purely limited, anecdotal terms, I can see Nintendo's reasoning in my own family.
My older sister has been a rabid Mariophile since the age of five, but she quit the series when Mario 64 came onto the scene and only returned to it with the New Super Mario Bros. series. The interesting thing about this is that the rest of the family came too. Even me, and the only Super Mario games I've ever liked are World and Lost Levels.
There are lots of people out there who just find the 2-D iterations less intimidating (even if it's Lost Levels), and thus are more willing to buy a copy to have around when people visit.
But I don't know. Galaxy was fun too.



Goginho said:

@MrWalkieTalkie Just ignore his/her statement, it's irrational and biased, and sounds like the person's bitter disappointment has gotten the better of them. I can see why someone might be disappointed in a way, since we're so used to 3D Marios being open-world games, with deeper gameplay experiences, but 3D Land is clearly a gorgeous and charming Mario platformer, with solid gameplay that proves to be more than enough for a handheld.

I guess you can say that we have this quirk, where when we expect a new 3D Mario game, we have a strict Criteria as to how it should look, feel, and play. We just need to be open-minded, and not let slight disappointments of a top notch game anger us so much so that we turn bias, only because we expected something else.



chiefeagle02 said:

I hate to say it, but I really didn't like Super Mario 3D Land. I was really hoping for the Wii U's answer to Galaxy at E3, so seeing this announced has kind of killed my Mario mojo for a while (then again, I think it was first pronounced dead when New Super Mario Bros U came out).



Yrreiht said:

If they do Galaxy 3, I really hope it's more than a boring level pack. I still can't get over how much I hated the second game...



element187 said:

@datamonkey 3D World is only "restrictive" in multiplayer.... The director made a special video just for the nay Sayers about the full range of motion of the camera... He goes into depth of how to set the camera in singleplayer mode to that of Mario 64.... But of course most of the nay Sayers have already made up their minds that the game sucks even without playing it.



SirQuincealot said:

galaxy 3ds?

because it seems like on the wii u they will always want to focus on multipayer, and the 3ds fits better with solo games anyways



StephenYap3 said:

I hope it isn't a Galaxy 3. I liked all 3D Marios so far, but I think the Galaxy series has reached its fullest potential. What I really want is a 64-inspired 3D Mario, where Mario can use melee attacks once again, as well as exploring an open world.



NintyMan said:

If there was to be another 3D Mario game someday, i would hope that it would have the open-world gameplay of Mario 64, but I would still want them to try something new. It can't just be Super Mario 64 HD after all. It would be hypocritical of people calling for an open-world Mario game to get exactly what they wanted and it would end up not being innovative, if you know what I mean. Nintendo would just have to take the old concept of open-world and add some fresh ideas to it.

In the meantime, I'm not looking forward to more baseless Mario 3D World criticism in the next four months. Let's see more of the game and then actually play it before we judge.



Luffymcduck said:

Well I hope they make something more surprising next. 3D World will have a go but after that I´d like to see something that´s not called:

  • New Super Mario Bros yet again
  • Super Mario Galaxy 3
  • Super Mario not really 3D


Charley_U said:

This game is exactly what I wanted to see, its like they read my mind, this game will be perfect for me and my son to play, his friends will like to play it with him as well. Love the multiplayer games!



Epicnessofme99 said:

Excellent, Mario is one of the few games that does single-player just as good if not better than multiplayer, especially since you don't have to work out the kinks of when everyone can meet up. What I used to do for multiplayer in Galaxy is the other person grabs the stars and if I have someone else come over whenever you die you switch off.



bizcuthammer said:

If there is no Mario game in the vein of Mario 64/Galaxy/Sunshine on WiiU, then in my view the console will be a failure when held up against all past Nintendo consoles. That kind of Mario game is one of the reasons (alongside smash bros and zelda) that i bought my WiiU. Mario 64 and the galaxy games are three of my top 10 favorite games. It'd be extremely disappointing if a follow up to them didnt appear on WiiU.



Collinhall said:

I hope they make another open(ish) world game like Mario Sunshine/64/Galaxy again, but I would like it to be original. The Galaxy formula/mechanics/setting have grown stale on me.



Yasume said:

Galaxy 3? Sure. Keep on milking, Nintendo. Continue with the rehashes and you'll lose your audience soon enough.



sinalefa said:

I will wait until I play the game to pass a judgement, but what I have seen so far makes it promising. Nice to see new bosses and playing in a 3D space with several players will make it interesting. That, and a little spicing up to the player mechanics. Playing the game as every character may add replay value as well.

As for another Galaxy, I would like it if they really can come up with awesome ideas. If not, I would be happy to have something more akin to Mario 64, but without the camera problems.



GreatPlayer said:

@sinalefa You have pointed out an issue with Mario Galaxy - a camera angle problem. Ironically, sometimes I feel that the best part of the game is when you play in a 2D platform rather than in a 3D environment.



Dpishere said:

I actually would prefer that they didn't make a new galaxy game, and as great as Super Mario 3d World looks, I can't help but miss the times when each Mario game was drastically different from the last, with Super Mario 64 and Sunshine being perfect examples. In particular I feel the New 2d series is a bit too similar for my liking, as I tend to get burnt out if I play too many similar themed games. I want Nintendo to reinvent Mario like they used to, but whatever they may do I am sure the results will be great as always.



sinalefa said:


TBH, I never had big problems with the Galaxy camera. It can be somewhat disorienting at first, but I got used to it. I love how seamlessly it moves you from the 2D parts back to the 3D parts of a level.

After playing the Galaxy games, I borrowed Sunshine. Then I appreciated how superior the Galaxy camera felt. I had to adjust and wrestle with Sunshine's camera the whole game, to the point that I got fed up after getting 92 stars, thus breaking my streak of 100% every 3D Mario game.



SuperiorTech said:

They should do away with Paper Mario and make an RPG with different Nintendo characters similar to Super Mario RPG. They already have them fighting each other in the Super Smash Bros. series, why not fighting together against old and new threats? The possibilities are endless. No? Oh well, I can dream.



Varia01 said:

EVERYONE really liked the two Super Mario Galaxies. I would appreciate a sequel, prequel, or maybe an equivalent to those games. Especially for the Wii U.



Emaan said:

I like the concept that Super Mario 3D World is going with honestly. When we do get another Mario game, I don't want Galaxy 3 though. Give us something completely different and fresh.



TimoteiWest said:

Regular, earthbo... er, Mushroom Kingdom bound action please. Collect 120 of something in 12 open levels or whatever, that aren't planets or of a single, tropical theme.

I just want the Mario 64 sequel or whatever you want to call it. I don't imagine I'm the only one but I've been too lazy to read up.



Williaint said:

There is no sense in arguing... Just because '3D World' has multiplayer, doesn't mean it can't be single player



hYdeks said:

Super Mario 3D World is the Mario game I've been hoping for. A new single player Mario game will be awesome too, but don't go back to Galaxy, the series is done, show people a new Mario series.



Samus06 said:

As much as I loved the Galaxy games, I really don't want to see a Galaxy 3. I would much rather Nintendo return to the 64/Sunshine style. But I would take another Galaxy game over nothing. Nintendo needs to make a grand 3D Mario adventure for the Wii U. 3D World doesn't look like that grand Mario adventure I wanted.



EmcGuy said:

I hope it adopts the same 70star finish, 120star double finish and 240star finish finish as previous games. I would be disappointed if it was just like MBWiiU with shortcuts.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, I give them credit for finally making a multiplayer 3D platformer. This certainly looks the part. And if they decide to go back to Galaxy, I don't think I'd mind.



luke17 said:

Wouldn't Mario 64 be considered a "3D World"? I really dislike the name of this game. Nintendo is horrible with naming its games.....for example: NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii, NEW Super Mario Bros. U, NEW Super Luigi U, Yoshi's NEW Island. Really???? In a few years these games will not be "new" anymore, and the name will be even more idiotic.



MrZanctom said:

I'm sure the game will be good, but I think that Nintendo is making a mistake with Super Mario 3D World instead of making a new single player Mario game. But I'm glad to hear Miyamoto finally say that they are still thinking about making a new single player 3D Mario game.



Gamer83 said:


When a friend of mine told me Nintendo announced Super Mario 3D World, that's actually what I was expecting, a trip back to Dinosaur Land, I never expected SM3D Land 2, which is basically what this is. That said I'm sure this will be a fun game and when I do eventually buy a Wii U it will be one of my first purchases. Definitely wanted something else though.



Senate_Guard said:

I'm sure 3D World will be great, but when you look at Mario's main console games, you can see it dip down after Galaxy.

Galaxy 2 was an average sequel, 3D Land was overall bland, NSMB2 was a forgettable retrend, and NSMBU was basically NSMBW with an HD upgrade.

I really hope Nintendo tries to go back to the era of SM64 and Sunshine, when every new Mario entry was a fresh experience, with only minor similarities with past games.



HeatBombastic said:

@Metal_Sonic That was unexpected. Is it really the worst since Hotel Mario? No wonder why Grubdog ended the conversation. There's no reasoning with someone who mentions Hotel Mario.



CapeSmash said:

"But we still have, obviously, the Galaxy series, and there's a possibility that in the future we may look to explore what else we can do with the Galaxy series."

So they're going to make another Galaxy game? HA ZAAA!!!! I might as well stop playing Mario forever if they make another Galaxy game.



CapeSmash said:

@Austroid I thought Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the biggest rehash I've ever seen. I also thought 3D Land was awesome, addictive, and fun! And NSMBU was just a lousy rehash. I also think Nintendo should make another sandbox styled Mario game. Nintendo needs to listen to their fans!



Sean8342 said:

I reckon they should make a game with similar play style to mario 64 but enable two player split screen where each player objective through the mission is to collect key fragments. Which once collected the two co-op players would combine the their key fragments which would enable the players to open up the boss level and progress to the next area. there could be a time limit for each world that the players have to obtain the set amount of key fragments for each stage. Once in the boss area the two co-op players have to work together to defeat a combination of bosses maybe wario/king boo/bowser and others maybe the other good aspect of a game like this could be from a competitive point of view were the to co-op players can compete within the level to get the most key fragments while overall stillworking to the same goal u could bag your mate out because you are getting more pieces then him. Leading to a little fun rivalry between the two players while progressing through the games. Each player would have access to the same power ups within the same level aswell adding a little competitive edge, maybe some of the power ups could be used co-operatively to achieve an objective. obviously a lot of thought would need to go into it but a game like this could possibly be quite fun.



JaxonH said:

To be fair, 3D World has that same 360 degree camera control, using the second analogue. Mario 64 wasn't open world like so many say it was, it was a castle with stages you jumped into... it was just done very tastefully and creatively.



JaxonH said:

@Reploid That sounds really cool, actually. As much as I like The Thousand Year Door, Paper Mario has turned into something totally different that what it started as. Sticker Star was too simplistic in nature- it's as if they're using Paper Mario as a gateway game for gamers unfamiliar to the RPG aspesct. Fortunately, Mario & Luigi Dream Team has taken its place for me. Everything about that game screams legendary.



WarioPower said:

@HeatBombastic Opinions differ. I myself find 3d Land to be mediocre at best, just like Hotel Mario. Not saying it's awful, but definitely one of the worst Mario games..



HaNks said:

things miyamoto mentions can easily turn out to be projects in the works. so, galaxy 3 then...



ThreadShadow said:

Mario needs the "epic". I'm absolutely sure Mario 3D World will be fun and high quality, but it doesn't follow Galaxy properly. We need epic with amazingly imaginative GamePad use.

I'd like to see the return of a highly tuned 2D animated 2-player ALTERNATING Mario game. A return to the gameplay of Bros 1,3, World, where the gameplay is so great that it can accommodate a skillful player doing a 1 life speed run, and the back and forth of good old "wait your turn!" Alternating gameplay.

Good times!



rlopez1996 said:

Luigi got his poltergust back
Mario can get F.L.U.D.D back ?
I see mario galaxy 3 as a mere remake give us something new and flavorful



rlopez1996 said:

I know ms2 seems like a remake but mg series is like the same thing over and over ms2 its been 10 years weve had time to begin to miss it that makes it fresh ill be glad to be back in delfino isle if it happens . Trust nintendo



GamerZack87 said:

Forget a new Super Mario Galaxy game: the next step is Super Mario Universe, a game that sees Mario travel to various alternate realities, each one with similar-yet-very-different takes on the Mushroom World. This is one idea I thought of ages ago.



LavaTwilight said:

From a business perspective Mario 3D World was a good decision but it's still not the Mario game I was hoping for. I'd probably pick it up, my wife wants to play it so thats a bonus!
For their next true Mario game however, I don't mind what they do but I think it'll be good to have 3 princess's kidnapped; Peach, Rosalina and Daisy! We can see a return of Tatanga! It'll be so worth it!



Kage_88 said:

Honestly, I think 3D World is going to be a lot better than people are expecting it to be.

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm basing this on my 'gamer's intuition' that has served me well for 25 years. I can just tell that this Mario game is going to be a cracker. It may not seem as epic or bombastic as Galaxy... but don't be fooled by 3D World's seemingly understated approach - Nintendo knows what it's doing.



AcesHigh said:

Cant wait for Marioland 3D. I personally think it looks great! And am also looking forward to something new. Please not another Galaxy. I thought they were very good but didn't like the restriction and confinement of the spherical universe. Something more like Mario Sunshine or Mario 64 please! OR the fully hand drawn sprites in 2D Ive been asking for!!!



unrandomsam said:

I didn't like 3D Land on the 3DS controls the were not tight enough for me.

I really liked both Galaxy games. (Might have liked 3D Land if the controls were tighter.)

New Super Mario Bros is dead to me no point in wasting any more money on it. (Mod's for New Super Mario Bros wii should be enough for me for a while). What makes it worse is how little effort they put in for the amount of sales it gets.

(Hate the coin collecting mechanic to progress as well, it was ok in Mario 64 at the time it was released. If I like playing a level then I will play it as many times as I want but if I don't like it then a certainly don't want to waste my time playing it again).



bahooney said:

@Metal_Sonic Woahhh, you have an advance-copy? AND it sucks? I'm going to take your word for it. I'm just really impressed that you can formulate an opinion on a game that nobody else here has played and hasn't released yet. Too cool, mighty jelly!



Araknie said:

People just need to stop comparing apples and oranges.
They seem to even not have read what Miyamoto said.

I will buy it because i liked 3D Land, it's a totally different thing in respect of the common 3D Mario so it would only be normal that Nintendo did a version of that for the main console.

Don't act like it's the first time Nintendo takes a portable idea to the main console.



unrandomsam said:

I think they should make another game where Mario is the bad guy. (Like Donkey Kong Jr). Use Wario instead people like people they can relate to most people have more in common with Wario.



Jezza said:

I think they should make a mix of the old super mario RPG/paper mario with a new 3d galaxy type game. That will provide a new dimension to the mario gaming experience.



Znerd said:

I hope 3D Mario games dont go back to single player cause the multiplayer is what sells the series. And what is with all of you saying that 3D World is Bland you guys sound just as bad as the Sonic and MLP fanbase. (yeah i went there) You complain that they made a sequel to game that was RUSHED. Honestly I played the Game at BestBuy and i love it. I really fell that this game is gonna be like how most Mario games work. The closest it is to being like super Mario world the more success it will have. Between this and galaxy and now that i have played i might like it better than Galaxy. And to make you guys probably hate me more than you already do after talking about the MLP Fanbase I actually like Mario 64 the Least of all the 3D Mario Games even 3D Land. Doesn't mean i hate it its just my least Favorite.LET THE HATE COMMENT BEGIN



SuperiorTech said:

"I hope 3D Mario games dont go back to single player cause the multiplayer is what sells the series."

What? Single player Mario games do just fine.



Znerd said:

@Reploid They do But if you ask me i think its that the multiplayer is what helps people buy the game and bond with their families and new super mario bros wii did outsell both Mario Galaxies



SamsonCat said:

I also think Nintendo should reconsider some of their Mario game titles. Super Mario 3D World? That title could've worked better on Super Mario 64 IMO. Using that title now makes it look like that Nintendo isn't even trying anymore. Nintendo: Awesome games, strange titles. It's 2013 darn it.



DaveGX said:

I honestly have to say that despite feeling like a 2nd Mario 64, the galaxy series has actually been quite the challenge at times; Just take the comet courses or both finding and acquiring the green stars from Galaxy 2. and yeah, have to say 2 that Galaxy rather felt like a tired rehash from the 1st, and Yoshi was a bit difficult for me to work with at times. As far as the "New" series goes,can't really say i'ma huge fan, it just gets boring too easily. 3D land I'm still working on, late start. it's actually kind of hard to judge this 1 because it's not really bad, but not all the best, either, though i'm sure 3D World should ease the controls for me, not that there's anything wrong on the 3DS, just slightly hard to handle on handheld, that's all. All that said, I don't think the next should be named galaxy 3, but could take some concepts from it expanding on that. I also don't think new or continuation and slapping 3D makes a lot of sense when you consider that same 3D that makes the 3DS special doesn't exist on the WIi U. What I'd really like to see is maybe a whole new game that's maybe a blend/compilation of everything that's ever been done on a core, platformer Mario game, items and all, plus concepts that haven't been done yet. I could see Mario Universe as a suitable title, and I do also have to agree it'd be nice to having a much more open world again like Super Mario 64, just - all the guessing where to find the corresponding course star(s),maybe have all areas of a course accessible but harder to access depending on where you start. The last and only other thought I have is as I keep hoping for maybe shift the overall series over to being like it originally was, Super Mario Bros, but in a 66/Galaxy (maybe even 3D Land/World) kinda way with some brand new twists/concepts, similarly to being able to play with more than 1 person on the same screen like 3D World will do; It's high time Mario start sharing the lime light with his brother, Luigi again, and I don't mean in the same sense as mediocre 3DS titles, I mean true, core 3D Mario platformers. At least give us more incentive to want to play same screen multiplayer with them.



Marioman64 said:

I love what they're doing here, but would also love if... well... imagine this:
Super Mario 64, split screen, the two players can go anywhere. BAM



DaveGX said:

Actually, split screen would be great, too in the sense of 1 on TV, the other on GamePad, between just Mario and Luigi because it'd encourage dual type play ideas I've thought of. Basically you'd have link-up type attacks that just extend on what 1 player can't do alone; An example would be maybe 1 player gives he other a higher boost lift-off, or maybe if the flying-type items are done right 1 player flies and the other maybe is carried but can use a fire flower, etc, or maybe with the boomerang suit you toss 1, 2nd player tries to hop on top of it, rides it and gain,an item like fire flower or the snowy 1 would have you shooting in multiple directions. A crazy idea, I know, just trying to think outside the box, really.



jedisquidward said:

@Bass_X0 YES! It's about damn time Sunshine Made a comeback. Mario should visit one of the other islands, like the crab island in the intro. At the very least, Nintendo NEEDS to make Mario Sunshine HD. The Water, the Setting, the Everything! Like I've said before, it was meant to be a very pretty game, and HD would make it even more amazing.



Nico07 said:

I will definatley pick up Super Mario 3D World. I love the four player action in Mario Galaxyesk levels. The single player element though is a staple for many Mario games and would be welcomed when it returns.



PEDRO12 said:

SM3DLand was a fun game. SM3DWorld seems like it'll be fun as well. But to be honest, the underwhelming level design and the linearity of the gameplay has made these games, extremely forgettable. Hell, I can still remember how it felt to control mario in SMSunshine, which I haven't played in 6 years, and yet I can barely remember a single level of SM3DLand which I played last year.

Come on Nintendo, change is only good when it's been done right. 3DLand was nothing more than a blimp on the radar, a tiny figment of the past, a game we played to pass the time. Ok maybe using 'we' here is wrong. At least that's how I felt.

64/Sunshine/Galaxy ftw.



LordFawful said:

Late to the party I know, but I'm just going to say that what I really want to see is a Super Mario 64 sequel. I loved DS but it was more of a remake. I want another 64 but with completely new story. Hopefully incorporate some Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi characters into it too.

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