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Been playing Nintendo since I was 4 and don't plan on stopping. I hope Ninty does well this generation with the Wii U.

Sat 6th Jul 2013

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MTLNintyGamer commented on Miyamoto: GamePad's Touch Screen Primarily Use...:

Look here Miyamoto, I payed good money for the Wii U. I didn`t wait to buy cause i knew great games would bless this console. I want a unique experience from the GamePad. The only one I got so far is ZombiU. Your company created the damn console! You are a great developper I`m sure you can create something unique. Otherwise, create a new IP around an idea involving the GamePad.



MTLNintyGamer commented on Miyamoto: Mario Will Likely Return To Single-P...:

Made a profile just to comment on this thread. Look guys, I understand the complaints of the next 3D Mario being basically 3D Land with multiplayer, but remember Nintendo needs games right now to sell the Wii U. I'm ok with them playing it safe as long as they cater to the smaller audience once the install base has been established. After that it's all fair game.

Besides, this game looks like a lot of freakin' fun, doesn't it? And as long as a Mario game is FUN, what does it matter? We already got 2 Galaxy games. We rarely get more than one Super Mario game on a console, so appreciate that. I don't see the need for a third one. If you want it so bad, go back and play them on your Wii again. I assume the majority here still have the game.