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Wed 20th Mar 2013

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Sean8342 commented on Miyamoto: Mario Will Likely Return To Single-P...:

I reckon they should make a game with similar play style to mario 64 but enable two player split screen where each player objective through the mission is to collect key fragments. Which once collected the two co-op players would combine the their key fragments which would enable the players to open up the boss level and progress to the next area. there could be a time limit for each world that the players have to obtain the set amount of key fragments for each stage. Once in the boss area the two co-op players have to work together to defeat a combination of bosses maybe wario/king boo/bowser and others maybe the other good aspect of a game like this could be from a competitive point of view were the to co-op players can compete within the level to get the most key fragments while overall stillworking to the same goal u could bag your mate out because you are getting more pieces then him. Leading to a little fun rivalry between the two players while progressing through the games. Each player would have access to the same power ups within the same level aswell adding a little competitive edge, maybe some of the power ups could be used co-operatively to achieve an objective. obviously a lot of thought would need to go into it but a game like this could possibly be quite fun.



Sean8342 commented on Rumour: Flashback Remake Coming To Wii U eShop:

This is good news i remember flashback from when i had my Amiga 1200 it would be nice to see more old games remade like the original dune i played beat that game like 6 times. I think sometimes games companies need to look back to go forward as a lot of newer titles of late seem to have lost something under all the shiny graphic's e.g. immersive story lines and gameplay.