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Mon 6th Apr 2009

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EmcGuy commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

Also showing my age I agree the downloads are great if you've got kids. My strategy is
1. Get digital copies of the game i'll keep and play forever ie Mario Kart, Pikmin3.
2. Traditional AAA games like AC3 that you play through once only I'll get disc and trade in.
In Australia most of the games are priced similar to the RRP at launch ~$79



EmcGuy commented on Excitebots Crashes Out At Retail:

I think a lot of people bought Excite trucks close to console launch as it was the best racer to get people through the long wait to the Mario Kart release. Now that people own both Excite trucks and Mario Kart there is no need to buy excitebots. Agreed though this looks like a great game and it would be a crime not to see it sell.



EmcGuy commented on Review: Nintendo DSi Browser (DSiWare):

Please remember the lite/mini versions of all the major sites. For example works OK but works fantastic on DSi, especially in column mode. Great job Ninty !!!