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Wittgenstein commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

As long as it is like the first three, and NOT sticker star. Meaning it absolutely MUST have original characters and not just main series Mario characters. Sticker Star and Paper Jam were trash and mediocre, respectively, because of this flaw. Super Paper Mario, despite what others may say, is perfectly fine with me. It has the best story in the series and I love its villains. So I don't care as long as the gameplay is good (not necessarily a copy of the first 2, just good in its own way) and the story is traditional and epic, with a preferably original villain.



Wittgenstein commented on Preview: Crossing Over With Mario & Luigi: Pap...:

It seems like Starlow is the only original character from the Mario RPGs to make it into this game, aside from a small cameo of Antasma.

... Where are the Paper Mario OCs like Dimentio? And they replaced Popple with Nabbit. I don't like that one bit.



Wittgenstein commented on Super Paper Mario:

This is my favorite Mario RPG. What a shame we'll never see any of its characters again or a plot anywhere close to this. Damn you Sticker Star.



Wittgenstein commented on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Launches on 4th Decem...:

There better be some original characters and plot elements like other Mario RPGs have had. This so far looks like "New Super Mario Bros: Double Trouble edition! Featuring flat versions of your favorite 'only established Mario characters'!"



Wittgenstein commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

FAWFUL!!! Come on Nintendo, he's the next biggest Mario main villain who isn't in Smash already. And he's my favorite character too! Come on Fawful, you can make it! I also want Paper Mario, Waluigi and Dimentio, though the latter is completely unrealistic and even Fawful has a better chance.



Wittgenstein commented on Hyrule Warriors Producer Would Love to Work Wi...:

Here's my beef: I would buy a "Mario Warriors" anyway, but to really get me excited for it, there would need to be Mario RPG characters in it. If I recall (I don't know too much of the Zelda franchise) didn't several one-offs from the series get into HW? The same could happen for Mario, meaning Fawful may well come back. I can only hope...



Wittgenstein commented on Miyamoto: Mario Will Likely Return To Single-P...:

Late to the party I know, but I'm just going to say that what I really want to see is a Super Mario 64 sequel. I loved DS but it was more of a remake. I want another 64 but with completely new story. Hopefully incorporate some Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi characters into it too.



Wittgenstein commented on Miyamoto: Fresh Experiences Make A New Game, N...:

This explains why Miyamoto did not want new characters for Sticker Star. But he was wrong to do this because Sticker Star was not a "fresh experience" for me, it was a NSMB rehash. I would have preferred a Super Paper Mario rehash with Dimentio than a flop of a game with no story at all.



Wittgenstein commented on Paper Mario: Sticker Star:

@SpearGuy: how did this game enhance the series? Story, personality, unique characters is what i loved about the paper mario series, and this game had none of that. yes, it had good graphics and was visually appealing, and the music was great, but the story... look at ttyd and spm before it. they had unique and epic stories, bowser had a funny personality, luigi was awesome, but in ss, both of them lost all their dialogue. this was basically nsmb with paper mario graphics. its not a bad game but it could have been soooo much better.



Wittgenstein commented on Paper Mario: Sticker Star:

Series went from saving the Mushroom Kingdom, to saving the world, to saving all existence... to saving the princess for the zillionth time from Bowser. (At least PM64 had unique characters, good plot, etc) God, Nintendo, you screwed up an otherwise-perfect series.



Wittgenstein commented on Paper Mario: Sticker Star Had Some Mini-Games ...:

This is not a bad game. I would have loved it-- had I never played another Paper Mario before. Unfortunately, I had previously played all three of the previous Paper Marios. They all had unique characters, like the partners, Doopliss, Dimentio, Grodus, Tubba Blubba... I became attached to many of these characters, their stories really were awesome, it showed that there was so much more to the Mario universe than meets the eye. Even Bowser gained so much personality from the games, you never knew when he was going to crack you up. Then we got Sticker Star. All the unique characters were replaced with generic Toads, partners were completely scrapped, Bowser and Luigi lost all their dialogue, there were no unique enemies like Spanias, Ruff Puffs, Rawbuses... all just regular Marioverse enemies. Nintendo, you can do better than this, come on!



Wittgenstein commented on Mario Kart Wii U Driving Into E3 This Year:

OK, here's the thing. Ever since playing the M&L games, I fell in love with Fawful. The guy's just awesome! And the other thing: The Wii U is currently the most powerful video game console. Think of how many characters can be playable in this next Mario Kart game! Nintendo has NO FREAKING EXCUSE to leave him out AGAIN. I hoped for him in MK7, but what do we get? Honey queen. And it's not just Fawful. What about Geno, Count Bleck and Dimentio? Heck, ALL the RPG characters for that matter! Nintendo just hates them! But with the WiiU's capabilities, they have no excuse to leave out the RPG characters again. I will freaking RAGE if they purposely leave them out again!



Wittgenstein commented on 3D Super Mario Title In Development For Wii U:

We need another game where you can take Yoshi with you after you beat the level. Also, maybe have a wider range of levels? I always thought most Mario games were too short. Maybe its just me... Loved Super Mario 64 and its DS remake. I think that Bowser is a bit over-used as a villain, though. The RPG's had some great villains, why restrict them to one or two games? My dream: A 3D Mario game on the WiiU with Dimentio as the main villain, but at first it looks like Bowser is, but you find out bowser has been brainwashed and used. Then you get Bowser as a playable character, and his special attribute is strength (like Wario in SM64DS) and breathing fire. If Wario returns to Mario 3D platforming, we need Waluigi too. I sort of liked the first Super Mario Galaxy better than the second one (second one did have Yoshi, but still. World map? Not a big fan in 3D platforming) I'd love something that played like Super Mario 64, with the awesome visuals of Galaxy, an epic storyline like the RPGs (minus Sticker Star, that was meh) and a final boss that was actually challenging. (Yes, I'm talking about you, SMG2 Final Bowser.)