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Join the Official Nintendo Life Mario Kart 7 Communities

Posted by James Newton

Let's see some skill

Mario Kart 7 is out around the world this week, and to get you all playing together we've set up an official Nintendo Life community for you to join.

To make sure everyone finds something to enjoy we've set up a range of game types, all in the 150cc class.

To join the Nintendo Life community on Mario Kart 7, follow these steps:

Load up Mario Kart 7
Install the Mario Kart Channel — this is your best way to keep up to date with MK goings-on
Head over to Online Multiplayer
Select Communities, then Join
Click Enter Code and enter these delightful digits:

150cc — No Items — 04-0673-3404-8527

150cc — Bob-ombs Only — 52-6562-9908-9924

150cc — All Items — 00-2104-5343-9763

What's so good about a community? It means you can race against Nintendo Life members quickly and easily: select the community and the game will automatically match you with other NL players. You never know, you may even face off against some of our staff!

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ImDiggerDan said:

Gah! 3 copies of MK7 arrived yesterday and I'm not allowed to play them until Christmas.



LittleFuryThing said:

Looking forward to it.
I haven't played Mario Kart since MKDS, so my lack of skill is going to be quite obvious.

Don't want to stop playing Tales of the Abyss, but...I guess I have to.



sgotsch said:

In Mario Kart Wii terms no items would mean Funky Kong with Bowser Bike only. ^^



RedYoshi999 said:

I can't wait for my copy to arrive and will likely join both communities but I hope you set up a regular community with all items on because I don't see Mario Kart being that fun with no items at all. Half the fun comes out of the crazy things that happen with items.



Shiryu said:

Unlocked my Mii yerterday. Still wanna do more single player to get all the kart parts before going online. ^_^



James said:

Three communities now: no items, Bob-ombs only, all items on. Something for everyone, then!



sc100 said:

I LOVE using bob-ombs. There's something really satisfying about nailing people with those things, especially with a well-timed throw.



Victoria said:

Ugg .... Wish I got it now rather than ask for it for Christmas (family never get me anything I want, so I asked for this.) You guys are all going to be so much better than me by the time I get it.



ToneDeath said:

I'll just join the 'All items' one for now, because being bombarded by blue shells and bullet Bills is a fact of life...Nintendo life!

I go by the name Tony Lou on the racetrack, you'll see me most often at the back of the pack.



Riquerico said:

Can't wait to race you guys!
I just hope MK7 doesn't get delayed like Zelda SS - no official launch here until December 15th... =( Bloody bad country for gaming...



Lobster said:

Man, I can't wait to suck all over this, humiliate myself in front of people I barely know... Good times, good times. You should set up a NL karaoke bar too, then I can do the same thing but in person!

S'gonna be fun!



GlasS said:

I might do this when I get a 3ds... I like how three months ago, no one had one, and now almost everyone magically does.



James said:

@TylerS You can't unfortunately!

@Whitemage75 You can create a community with the following options:

Speed: 50/100/150cc/mirror/Balloon Battle/Coin Battle.
Items: Shells, Bananas, Mushrooms, Bob-ombs, None, All.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'll be racing in the all items community but I probably won't be online much until I've unlocked a lot or all of the characters as I'm hoping to have them all unlocked before I get Tales of the abyss for Christmas.



Tare said:

I won't get my hands on this until monday

Isn't there a cap for the amount of people per community? Can I reserve a spot ?



Marioman64 said:

i'm gonna regret asking for this for christmas. not because I don't want it, but because I want it so badly, and now I have to wait an extra 20 something days! blaaaaaaaah want want want



Squiggle55 said:

I wish there was simply an option to remove one item. Or just use green and red shells and banana peels and mushrooms. That sounds about right.



Late said:

Joining the day I buy Mario Kart 7. Was going to pre-order it but Skyward Sword took all the time,Super Pokémon Rumble came also today and I haven't bought 3D Land yet but I'm pretty sure that I'll get it next time when I visit some shops.



NintyMan said:

I'll join the All Items and Bob-omb communities, but not the No Items one. No items would make it entirely skill, but then it would leave little room for error and there wouldn't be much change in the ranks. I might be in second place and see the first place guy ahead of me, but I couldn't have a way to mess him up and get past him. He'd have to be stopped by an obstacle.

I might still try a race like that, but not all the time.



MasterBlue said:

This going to be awesome. On Sunday the amount of people online for this game is going to be enormous! Sunday come faster so I can show these people how much I can fail/win at this game



James said:

The number of players is who's on at the moment: we'll probably have quite a lot more tonight and on Sunday.

@clubmini Nope, just the options I described.

@whitemage75 It's all shells.



Linkuini said:

I love Bob-ombs! Hope I can still find a spot in that community once I get the game.



TingLz said:

@NintyFan: No items would make it boring and unentertaining rather than just skill . Nothing is more satisfying than sitting in last place just to hit everyone else with the best items



Terave said:

I'll do this when I've built up some skill, and have the game, of course.



Raptor78 said:

Aaaaaargh!!! I cant believe I have to wait till Christmas before I can open my copy.



James said:

@Dark_TeeJay Once you've joined a community it's saved so you can enter it easily next time You can also set one as a favourite if you really enjoy it!



warioswoods said:

Is there any way to ban players from the community, or can anyone play who knows the code?

I'm wondering, if / when hackers or exploiters show up, whether communities will be able to just outright ban them.



Victoria said:

I'm glad to read in these comments that I'm not the only one who is having to wait until Christmas. You might need to re-post this story so us late joiners can find it.



James said:

@warioswoods You can't really control who joins unfortunately, so if hackers/exploiters turn up the community owners will just have to set up another group and move there. A real pain I know :



JoeDiddley said:

When the communities option was announced I immediately thought of an NL one.
I'm glad other people say they suck too. I look forward to being thrashed by y'all
I have joined all 3 but will mostly play all items.



tertium_quid said:

I've pre-ordered and payed off my copy of MK7. As soon as I pick it up Sunday, I'll join all three (I think "all items" will be my favorite). I'm looking forward to facing off against James sometime.



Qeuix said:

darn i wish i would've waited for Mario Kart 7 to come out instead of SM3DL now i need to wait for 3 more weeks xd



Onett said:

I'll most likely join the all items community. Knowing that the racer cap was reduced, it will likely reduce the item aggresiveness as well. A race without items would be pretty boring considering that the items add a completely different level of challenge and strategy to a race. I just couldn't live without my fake boxes and banana peels. Watch out for narrow bridges >




ok this should have been a forum so we could have a community of community networks linking to each other (make a forum!) i mean



shinesprite said:

I'll probably have to wait until December 25th, but I'm planning on at least joining the all items one.



HeroOfCybertron said:

Cool I think I will join a community or all 3 but I probably won't be online much until I've practiced in singleplayer and unlocked some parts and characters.



Blaze said:

I've added all 3 codes, but at the moment I'm pretty awful! Can't wait to have some great races! My name is Thomas, and I'm currently third on the all items leaderboard!



Arthedain said:

Just joined and played in the all items one. Note to self: learn the courses and try out some 150cc before playing. Lucky number 7 my a**! That item sucks so far!



Aqueous said:

I'll join come the 25th but I normally don't go online till singleplayer is done



Gavin_Rozee said:

I've made a Bob-ombs only community, but it's different to the Nintendo Life one, as it's Battle as opposed to VS. Inspired by the mode on Double Dash, it's Bob-omb Blast. Feel free to join or share:




Reggie4Life said:

I'll play online when I get it. The 25th..... maybe.... maby shanty claus didn't think ive been that good this year.... jk, joinin all of em when i get it.



Bigrat said:

When I get the game this coming week, I will add this community Though can you join multiple communities at once?.



Tanooki-Time said:

@James. I'm looking forward to racing against you as soon as i get this game for Christmas. (Congratulations on winning 2nd place at the Mario party)



Late said:

Picking it up tomorrow I'll join those communities after a little practice.



Sockymon said:

Awesome sauce! I'm sooooo out of practice at Mario Kart, I'm gonna get creamed... until I get my driving mojo on again!



FunkyMonkey said:

HURRY UP SUNDAY!! Bob-ombs only sounds very interesting...the customization factor this time around should add a lot more depth and replay value to the experience. By the way, anyone care to tell me whether Steering supports the D-Pad, or is it only the circle pad?



Detective_TeeJay said:

Why is this not a featured article? You Europeans got it already but we Americans have yet to get it! I feel a little ostracized.



Zach said:

Many moons ago, my wife and I gifted Mario Kart Wii to her dad, and I beat him silly. The next time I visited he'd practiced and whooped me to Kingdom Come. He whoops me again every time we visit. Thus, I am hesitant to join and get whooped again - but of course I will, once I get the game.



Late said:

Bought the game and played two cups while coming back to home, I'll join these communities soon

EDIT: I've joined now, I'm using the same name as here



James said:

Guys, no need to worry about this group hitting 100,000 members within a few days — we're not quite that popular yet!

However as users can create up to 8 communities if these do fill up I will happily set up mirrors



Sh00kst3r said:

I'm currently sitting in my room waiting for dad to wake up so he can drive me to GameStop. I'll join all of them as soon as I come home with it.



X-145 said:

I'me already planning to join the NL online clan when I get the game!



Tare said:

what are the numbers up to now James?
I'm curious to see just how many people have joined these past few days



Token_Girl said:

I'm picking up a copy later this week, and I'll definitely join then! Thanks for setting these up. I know everyone's saying they'll get creamed, but I'll definitely be the one getting creamed!



mud985 said:

Hey James it looks like everyone wants to join the 150cc all items. But I was thinking that if that all fills up today with the NA launch how will the people getting their game at Christmas join. I think you guys at NL should make another set of communities around Christmas so that everyone gets a chance to join!



Ramses said:

I'm in! My in-game name is Ben, and I usually race as Shy Guy, but sometimes as Toad.



Mulder1617 said:

Hi everyone! For those out there who are a little rusty at Mario Kart I created a community called, "Amateur Hour" and its all items and at 100cc.

The code is: 45-7242-2203-2095



theblackdragon said:

@sak904: you need to tap the banner at the bottom of the screen when you first load MK7, it'll allow you to configure your StreetPass/SpotPass settings and will save some information to your SD card and whatnot. It has to be accessed that first time before you can use it.



Teh-Ray said:

I've joined! I'll go ahead and start racing on here once I'm done getting all three stars. Seeing as I got all 50cc three stars, it shouldn't take long 'til you start seeing me, Ray, on the racing street against you guys!

All items joined, because Mario Kart's just not Mario Kart without 'em.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Great im the only one in NLife Go Boom, anyone tryna join right now so we can see who gets the top spot?



James said:

Our community will not fill up!

Guys, a lot of you are worried that we'll hit 100,000 members before you get a chance to join our community. This is almost never going to happen: the Mario Cup is pre-installed in the game and last I looked has about 25,000 members!

Relax; you will not be left out in the cold. There is plenty of room for everybody




musicman said:

hi to all Nintendo fans i am new to this but i am geting a 3ds for christmas so i am looking forword to playing Mario games as i love Mario

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