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Sat 3rd December, 2011

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FunkyMonkey commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:


This all just seems so ridiculous. It honestly doesn't even qualify as an exploit to me, so much as a technique (And nowhere NEAR on the same level as snaking).

It will be interesting to see if Nintendo comments on the matter. Either way, I look forward to experimenting with this tonight and seeing what all the fuss is about.

Sometimes in a competitive environment, one must adapt to new techniques or strategies. So it is, so it has always been. Keeps things fresh, ya know?



FunkyMonkey commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

The video doesn't prove much to me, considering they only did one trial and he could have simply taken a better racing line the second time around. Without further testing it's hard to say whether or not the fire hopping was the reason for the better time.
Either seems like an incredibly simple technique to adapt to IMO.
I have to agree with @KennyPowers in saying that there is wayyyyy too much chaos going for this technique to have much of an effect in online racing.
Anyone who's hardcore enough to be going for the very best times in the trials will adapt to the technique, if it indeed makes as much of a difference as proposed...



FunkyMonkey commented on Nintendo Denies 3DS Redesign, Wii U Price Reve...:

"Nikkei's story isn't based on information released by Nintendo and is full of mistakes"

If this is all the statement says, that doesn't completely debunk the rumors for me. They could still very well reveal these two things, just from a little bit of a different angle. Time will tell.



FunkyMonkey commented on Nintendo Download: 15th December 2011 (North A...:

I'm not mad in any way that the GBA ambassador games haven't arrived yet. What ticks me off is that Europe and Japan have confirmation, while those of us In North America are still in the dark almost two days later. Kind of a dick move by NOA.



FunkyMonkey commented on Join the Official Nintendo Life Mario Kart 7 C...:

HURRY UP SUNDAY!! Bob-ombs only sounds very interesting...the customization factor this time around should add a lot more depth and replay value to the experience. By the way, anyone care to tell me whether Steering supports the D-Pad, or is it only the circle pad?