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Sat 3rd Dec 2011

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john2468 commented on Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro:

I found the solution! I'll buy the CPP. Then I'll put it in my microwave. Turn it on. Then I record what happens with my phone. Then I upload it to YouTube. WALLAH! 1 Million hits!



john2468 commented on Nintendo Announces 2D Super Mario Title for 3DS:

My Suggestions:

The story is somewhat similar to SM64's

The goal of the levels is to get 'the Star'

The levels are somewhat simlar to SM64's in concept

Online/Local Co-op

The motto should be "A 2D Mario game that plays like a 3D Mario game"

Just like SM3DL was "a 3D Mario game that plays like a 2D Mario game", why shouldn't the concept be in reverse?

How about a Luigi platformer? LM2 is great, but when was the last time we saw Luigi in a platformer of his own? Like 20 years ago (idk exactly). Waluigi/ King Boo can be the main atagonist, and the game takes place in Sarassaland, where Daisy was introduced.

All that with an included level designer, and you got yourself a masterpiece

However, the release should be pushed to as far as 2013. There are too many great title out this year.



john2468 commented on Review: Resident Evil Revelations (3DS):

Swiket said: "Supporting Capcom? I seriously hope you guys don't do this."

@Swiket We're not going to be satisfied with first-party titles forever.

Anyways, finally Thomas acknowledged the use of gyro controls! I might not buy the CPP, because using gyro is kind of exciting. It doesn't really bother me that the 3D effects will not work properly, because honestly, I usually keep the 3D slider down.