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Thu 20th October, 2011

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TWK commented on The Wii U Is Region Locked, Of Course:

@ZeldaFan5991 You're absolutely right! As each region has completely different economies, and internal/external markets, and therefore prices are different. Also remember that the actual cost of publishing a game is different in each country; I'm talking about distribution, selling and stuff like that. Countries with higher income-rates generally have higher prices on products.
This was to be expected. Talk about hurting consumers... Nintendo is a company that wants to earn money and therefore needs to adjust itself to each of its markets.



TWK commented on Wii U Pre-Order Guide:

@19Robb92 I just preordered mine here in Denmark. The current announced price for premium is 3499 DKK, so I guess it will be around 4000SEK.



TWK commented on Nintendo Download: 7th June 2012 (Europe):

Heroes of Ruin is great, but the graphics are a little dull to be honest. The gameplay is great though... which I consider more important than fancy graphics.
One more thing... the game have some issues with the framerate... it is dipping below what I find reasonable whenever you do heavy combat.



TWK commented on This is How Game Gear Games Will Look on 3DS:

@Corbs Nothing new. When you play Game Boy titles on the 3DS you can hold START+SELECT before you boot the Game Boy game--this will show a Game Boy background just like with the upcoming Game Gear games. Furthermore, you can actually turn on 3D and get a cool 3D effect.



TWK commented on Wii Sensor Bar Works Using Heat, Claims UK New...:

Actually you could say the the sensor bar emits heat... it emits infrared radiation... which in term is can be interpreted as heat.

I will agree that it seems a little stupid to say it like the newspaper did.



TWK commented on Pullblox:

@Azikira Yes, I agree. It is Intelligent Systems... everything they make are grade AAA stuff.

Best 3DSWare title yet for me! Incredible game! Gameplay, controls and audio are top notch!



TWK commented on Pyramids:

Pretty good title.
I have some complaints though;
Controls are not that responsive (annoying at times)
Menu and restart level should be faster, it gets tiresome