With Nintendo Switch due so soon, on 3rd March, a lot of debate and focus is on the confirmed line-up to date. Eager to avoid ambiguity, we've looked through Nintendo's information and confirmation from third-party developers to get a picture of what games are coming, and when.

Note that we're disregarding all rumoured but unconfirmed games in this case, sticking to titles that are pretty much locked for the system. We will mention (marked clearly) two examples where developers have voiced strong intent to release on the system, but the focus is on games that are definitely on the way.

So, from launch through to broader '2017' release windows, below are the Nintendo Switch games we know about so far.

Breath of the Wild.jpg

Launch Day Releases - 3rd March




28th April







Xenoblade Chronicles 2.jpg


Shin Megami.png

Confirmed Nintendo Switch Games

Expected Switch Games (Developer Intent to Release)

  • Yooka-Laylee (Playtonic Games 'working very closely' with Nintendo)
  • Clive 'N Wrench (announced as 'planned' by the developer)

Rumours aside, these are titles that are coming to the Nintendo Switch or, in the final two cases, are very likely. Let us know which games stand out to you in the comments below.