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bluedogrulez commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

You could probably write a marketing course on why a title like Zombi U was a poor choice for a release and/or pack in title for a Nintendo console. Or why releasing MK8 1.5 years into the console's life was way too late.
(But you could also speak volumes about some of the amazing gaming experiences on the Wii U.)

I like Tom's idea--the director's cut spin is creative enough given Big N's lack of such titles--but one thing knaws at me. It seems like when Nintendo tries to market to "professional gamers", it loses. It's like trying to court the uber popular kids when you have a plenty of friends who've got your back. As I have said (in some form or another before), IMHO, the real failure of the Wii U was not winning over hardcore gamers, but the failure to make families (young kids, and dads and moms who think gaming is fun) to move on from the Wii. These are the folks that have no need for an Xbox or a PS4 (too many mature titles). Turns out, they could keep buying Skylanders and Infinity for the Wii. No need to upgrade to the "Wii 2" **FACEPALM**



bluedogrulez commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

Before we regard Project Cars as the final nail in the coffin, we need to consider if Project Cars is worth getting upset about. Only one reader review currently on gamefaqs, but it stated the car mechanics are off....and that is not a good thing for a racer no matter how good looking.

As I said before, I love my Wii U (and its gamepad) and MK8, Bayonetta 1-2, NSMBU, Super Mario 3D World, and the incredible Spaltoon. I only regret purchasing a handful of deeply discounted 3rd party games that were not even worth the discounted price. It would be a shame if the Big N moved to quickly onto its next console, but I suspect the wii u will be integrated with the NX not replaced by it.



bluedogrulez commented on Nintendo Quality Of Life Patent Applications A...:

Saturday Night Live once had a skit where a record producer brought Dana Carvey into a meeting with record execs and started bragging about the amazing new material Dana had for his new album. He had none. Put on the spot, he started singing about chopping broccoli.

Like "Chopping Broccoli", and IMHO, QoL was something some Nintendo exec came up with on the spot to quell the financial storm the company had on its hands pre-MK8.



bluedogrulez commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@Moon : HA! The Project Cars team statement strikes me as an incredibly lame excuse. MK8 and Splatoon have offered 2 of my best console experiences, so insulting the Wii U is not a convincing argument to me. I am an avid fan of racers, so I was looking forward to this title, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it . . . or run out and buy a PS4.



bluedogrulez commented on Latest Splatoon Splatfest Results Are In, Eati...:

In this case (NA Splatfest), I'm glad popularity was factored. My perception is that waterslides appeal to young kids (who may not even be able to ride real coasters). My 6-year old daughter fought valiantly for Team Waterslides, but her team was constantly outranked and outgunned by the Coaster Teams they faced.



bluedogrulez commented on The Famicom is 32 Years Old Today:

The 1980s hold a lot of sweet memories in terms of cultural references from my childhood. Duran Duran, the Deloren, the 1984 Summer Olympics. But I do not associate the famicom and the NES with the 1980s in the same sense . . . because, unlike so many fads of the decade, they transcended the 80s.



bluedogrulez commented on Cube Life Update To Bring Local Multiplayer An...:

@MJKOP: My kids (6 yrs old) are the same way. They had been begging for Minecraft, but are pretty keen on Cube Life atm. Ask to play it more than Splatoon. The controls kinda warrant me being there, as they tend to have a hard time controlling their position in the 3D world. But they are able to execute the structures they want to build. Might be a good alternative for the nephew.



bluedogrulez commented on Stay Fresh This Summer With Some Colourful Spl...:

Part of my wonderment with Splatoon is that Nintendo actually had to design lines of clothing. Nintendo should take the next logical step and market is own Splatoon wear. I would by a two-striped mesh hat or a Squid-Vader hat in a second. Some of the tees are great too.



bluedogrulez commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

1. The power argument is annoying. I am very pleased with the Wii U's visual output. Could care less how it measures up to other consoles in terms of "power". Big N not alone among Japanese manufacturers here. For years, Lexus cars had low horsepower compared to other cars in there class . . . but remained outstanding vehicles.

2. Don't rush the NX for 2016 or even 2017. Take your time, Big N, get some third party game makers actually making some solid launch titles. You're making a killing with the Amiibo anyway . . . seriously, it's like printing money.

3. $199 as a price point? More enticing? Sure! Realistic? Yeah . . . not really. Rather pay the extra 100 to have something built well, that is state of the art, and has no red ring of death.



bluedogrulez commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

The first stage was an intentionally familiar. Think it is a bit premature to make that kind of judgment. Between the gamepad aiming, arwing's land capability and Platinum's involvement, much reason to think this will be its own experience and a good one at that.



bluedogrulez commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

@Nico07 : certainly good points there. The F-Zero thing seems to be an analogy for the Nintendo's whole philosphy. Sure they could milk that IP for what it's worth, but apparently, they feel it would be bad to make the same game over again. At first blush, that is a bit maddening, bc there would be a huge demand for basically the same game that graced the Gamecube in HD. But ultimately, I think you have to respect Big N for not selling out an IP for a quick buck; they want to innovate and advance gaming by providing new experiences. I think that means they will always be third in the console wars, but that they don't really care as long as they innovate and remain viable.



bluedogrulez commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

A few observations/opinions:
1. Kaiser Soze. The human equivalent to the NX. Seriously, no one knows anything of substance about it.
2. Can't serve 2 gods. Big N's workload is split between the 3DS and the Wii U, and maybe that is proving to be too much of a burden.
3. Other people's trash. Despite popular belief, there are third party games on the Wii U. AC3, Madden, Ninja Gaiden, 007 legends, Need for Speed, to name a few. Have you played them? I actually own them, and well, they are uncompelling, uninspired and generally not worth owning. So third party developers can whine all they want about wii U sales and Big N issues, but they need to look in the mirror. And we need to stop bemoaning the sufficiency of third party support.
4. Gamepads Everywhere. Look, I disagree with the entire premise of this article. At E3, the gamepad was shown off extensively. You saw it in the hands of Nintendo's legendary developers, NWC competitors and the Treehouse gang. Mario Maker, Star Fox, Fatal Frame intregrate it exclusively. So not sure how one deduces how Big N is done with the Wii U and its "gimmicky gamepad".



bluedogrulez commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

@earthboundlink: great and apt comment!

There are two things holding the wii u back from Day One, and they have nothing to do with Nintendo's ability to make great games:
1. The name. Wii U connotes it is an amped up version of the Wii. Some families I know say "we already have a Wii". And I actually just read a comment referring to the Wii U as "a second generation Wii". It is it's own deal; it's a big deal, but the Wii U moniker obscures that.

2. The hardware is "too different" for mass 3rd party support. Developers making games for the masses apparently have trouble with the nuances of the Wii U and especially the gamepad. That i see as a testimony as to how different the Wii U is from other systems, but it does not help with 3rd party titles. Shame b/c Captain Toad and Splatoon demonstrate the capabilities of the gamepad.

Bittom Line: Nintendo is like an awesome college rock band that is more artist than commercial that puts out great tunes that the dedicated will enjoy but the masses might only know by reference. And this debate is getting as futile as arguing politcs.....



bluedogrulez commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

There are, of course, other titles on their way for the Wii U, like:
Mighty No. 9 (looks great)
Legend of Kay (odd one, for sure, but no much known)
Lego Dimensions
Disney Infinity: Star Wars

Sure, I could have stood to hear about there being a Bayonetta 3 or another MK8 DLC in the works, but to think the Wii U is dead, c'mon. Not to mention we've only scratched the surface of GoTY contender, Splatoon . . . .



bluedogrulez commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

The final version of Star Fox will probably be amazing. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash will likely be a great multiplayer.

Plan on playing Splatoon for many months to come, so not really concerned about lack of summer releases.

Mighty No. 9 is on the way and that looks tremendous.

But I'm really excited for Disney Infinity Star Wars....and that will certainly drain the old gaming budget!



bluedogrulez commented on Splatoon’s Kelp Dome Multiplayer Map Is Now ...:

Thanks to NL's heads up yesterday, I made sure to be on at 10PM (NYC time) to play in the Kelp Dome. Another great map. So much turf and so little cover! Love how you can see the dome's shadow during the judging--nice little detail.



bluedogrulez commented on Which Games are Coming to the Virtual Console?...:

Brrrrrrrrrilliant, lol. Well done.

The Mario & Sonic Rio Olympic games prediction has borne out, but with there being so few sports games on the Wii U, maybe not so bad(?)

Xenoblade Amiibo (Thomas W. will be the one stealing the truck this time ; )

Second the calls for Neo Geo and other consoles titles on Wii U VC

Definitely more Mario Maker at E3

More on Harvest Moon (yawn)

Star Fox U certainly

And my prediction for the Retro Studio project: Diddy Kong Racing. (Why else are the Kongs not in MK8?)



bluedogrulez commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

@Clipo: Obvious and excellent point that pro-voice commenters seem to miss.

This game does not need voice chat. Even if there were no expletives, I don't want other players telling me where to go or what to do. It's 3 glorious minutes, let's all just do what we think needs to be done AND HAVE FUN.



bluedogrulez commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Adds Three New Games:

Steam World Dig and Guacamelee are, at their hearts, platformers (like, really good looking 8-bit platformers, and that is fine by me). The Fall actually has an eerie Metroid vibe, but haven't really played it know whether its a platformer.