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Tue 15th February, 2011

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bluedogrulez commented on Bayonetta 2 in North America Comes With a Rath...:

The question remains whether North America will get two separate cases packed in a cardboard box, as the game was sold in Japan. I read somewhere (probably here!) that a Nintendo exec. stated there were be no difference between the NA and Japan release in this regard. Fingers crossed (and pre-ordered, Day 1 acquisition regardless).



bluedogrulez commented on Review: Castlevania: Dracula X (Wii U eShop / ...:

Surprisingly, I disagree with most of this review. Drac X is a great game. The soundtrack is not just good, it's fantastic. The Level Two design you complain about can be mastered with some work, so its more about game difficulty than poor design. Remember, games used to demand that you get better by trial and error before being permitted to progress. And make no mistake, its harder than NES hard, but that actually provides one incentive to buy it on the Wii U VC: Save states are totally justified in this one.



bluedogrulez commented on Features: Games That Should Already Be on Virt...:

Great article, and what great comments! The Virtual Console could and should be continually updated, and amazing concept , but as noted above, so many classics are missed. My Top 3 wishes:
3) OutRun (Arcade). Often copied, never replicated.
2) Metal Gear (MSX) for North America. For years, we hear about how much better MG was on the MSX, and there it is sitting on the VC game list, but only available in Japan.
1) Punch-Out (Arcade Version). I have every released Punch-Out title and all are great in their own ways. But none match hearing, "Left, left, body blow, body blow, put him away!!"