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Tue 19th August, 2014

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YANDMAN commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

@TheRealThanos O.k lets look at what we know, much gaming is moving in a mobile either dedicated or connected direction. nintendo announce they want to move in this direction, they also flirt a new screen technology six months before this announcement. then we are told the nx is not a wiiu or 3ds replacement but a stand alone platform. what other platform is there that is different and stand alone from 3ds ( handheld) and wiiu ( dedicated console ) the answer........= Mobile. i think the nx is going to be a home device that can operate with media on your mobile device becoming a pseudo console. If this device has nothing to to with the mobile deal then what does?



YANDMAN commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

Two things:

Firstly even as a huge Nintendo fan i do find it often frustrating that they continually manage to create difficult programming platforms.

Two am i the only one that read the memo about the NX not being a wiiu replacement and being a completely separate platform ( mobile )



YANDMAN commented on Wii U Stretch Goal Seemingly Teased for Bloods...:

@Shiryu yes but this is what stretch goals are for, that is definitely a wiiu logo.
at the point of funding it will be six times over its initial goal. The fact that inti creates are working on this and they have so much experience of nintendo platforms puts this in the bag.



YANDMAN commented on Reaction: Nintendo Dropped the Ball, Not the M...:

I resonate everything in this article. i fond it continually ridiculous that fans are able to see obvious plans for many scenarios that manufacturers do not. This could of been a huge opportunity for Nintendo, It still might be but when something hasnt been around for 25 years and the fever for it is still there then its pretty obvious you need to capitalise on its popularity.



YANDMAN commented on Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi's Ki...:

I understand the decision that was made due to the other three platforms being an almost identical architecture and the beloved wiiu not at all similar, but that does not mean i am o.k with it.

Castlevania and his creations are part of Nintendo history, i believe that this is a huge error and i pray that there is a stretch goal.



YANDMAN commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:

The Virtual Console was an absolute stroke of genius and it still is. There are only two issues that surround it currently and those are price and lack of software/ interval of release.

The new WIi titles are a perfect example, most of these cost more on digital than you can buy the physical releases for and that is ridiculous, i mean who passes these things off??

And £6 for Gameboy titles is crazy. Im sure if everything was less the download volume would incraese that much more than it would counter balance the price drop.



YANDMAN commented on First Impressions: The Next Penelope is Futuri...:

Looks fantastic but i have to ask why? lijke why make a game with an identity crisis, the shooting elements alone look fantastic and with the steering/racing looks muddled. The system is crying out for a decent shooter this should of been it. I will definitely buy it but shooting/racing games are generally rubbish.



YANDMAN commented on Review: PING 1.5+ (Wii U eShop):

What i find annoying about the indie scene on the wiiu is firstly there seems to be a a lack of imagination or obvious game styles in comparison to say the 360 for instance why is nobody making any descent shooters or arcade style games and secondly its the price, on top of that its the lack of ability to simply download a demo before buying and the infrequent times at which they are released. XBOX simply leaves games uncertified but open to being reported meaning they can be released instantly and you often find five new ones a day each costing £1 and many of them are excellent, I love that they are coming but they make too big a deal of mediocre games and they take too long to reach us..why does Nintendo do everything so slowly god i love them but its infuriating sometimes.



YANDMAN commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Evolved From a ...:

I am definitely getting this, I like a game that is slightly slower and has puzzle aspects, its good to think instead of jumping around all the time. I wish so bad that they would give us a damn tetris on the wiiu.



YANDMAN commented on Gallery: Duck Hunt's Super Smash Bros. Screens...:

@Djreisat what just like NES remix isn't popular because the younger generation didnt get to experience it?

I would say Nintendo probably has a larger percentage of older gamers than young, Gamers that have followed the family of consoles their entire lives.



YANDMAN commented on Gallery: Duck Hunt's Super Smash Bros. Screens...:

instead of just being a eshop NES port it should be a hd remake for wiiu with a new wiiu repro zapper. Its so annoying how companies never understand what fans want, bring back a hd shooter remake series with Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, Gumshoe and Hogans alley on one disc bundled with a new zapper and watch the money pile up :)



YANDMAN commented on "The Sky Is The Limit" For amiibo, As Nintendo...:

whilst all this is great im still at a complete misunderstanding as to why we do not have a proper pokemon battle game with Pokemon Amiibo's this is lunacy??

'Gotta catch em all' would literally be the biggest cash cow if you could hold and own your powered up pokemon and then licence a carrying case pokeball with full online play. am i the only one wondering why the hell this doesnt exist??