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Tue 19th August, 2014

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YANDMAN commented on Link amiibo Compatibility Confirmed for Hyrule...:

i wonder if playing in Hyrule will level up your character stats that can then be used in Smash Bros if so it would create buyer incentive over several game platforms as without all related games you couldnt achieve the highest character strengths. Why the hell do we not have a Pokemon Amiibo game surely that is a licence to print money 100's of figures....gotta catch em all



YANDMAN commented on Pixel Galaxy: Enemies Aren't Forever is a Shoo...:

Ahh sorry i thought you were saying it like "oh no another one" i too am a huge huge shmup fan and am pretty annoyed at the sheer lack on this system i really really want a good one to play. I hope so much that NG-DEV bring their shooters across.



YANDMAN commented on Tetris Ultimate Dated for 3DS, Will Cost Less ...:

I love Tetris and was only saying to a friend last week its ridiculous we dont have one on the wiiu physical or just download. Im getting really tired of lots and lots of really good games only being released on the 3DS, Please Nintendo get a grip of this situation sometimes you make it hard for me to like you.



YANDMAN commented on Actos Games Launches Tutorial Video Series To ...:

Was looking forward to this game so much and just like that they blew it with touch screen firing, I almost stopped at 'left' button jump but they also added 'B' so why not also add 'a' for fire, you have just made the most natural play convention unnatural. Im a huge fan and supp0orter of indie games but this just fell off my radar.



YANDMAN commented on Pokémon Trading Card Game Launches on iOS in ...:

I only j ust picked up the gameboy color game a couple months ago and enjoyed it. I would love to see this come to the wiiu where it totally belongs, throw in some online miiverse card trading and you got a super package.



YANDMAN commented on Rock Zombie Is Bringing Hard Rock And Side-Scr...:

i like the pitched idea and background but the animation looks awful and the characters ahve ps1 style blocky polygon bodies look at their shoulders and arms when moving this is not acceptable and the fighting looks bland at best. it reminds me of freedom force on the pc from about 2000.



YANDMAN commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (Europe):

@emeyece i was talking to some of the guys who made shovel knight yesterday and was informed that its still a little ways off, They have been met by tons of red tape to get a euro release but they are approx half way through the proceedings. They realise how much we all want it and its their no.1 priority.



YANDMAN commented on Ghost Song Developer "Prepared to Move Heaven ...:

What the hell is it with all the dumb donkey hate on this??, this game looks fantastic and i would purchase it in a heartbeat . The fact it slightly resembles one of the greatest games ever made is reason not to play it or to need to know more?? Indie games should be supported especially when they look this amazing and this lack of encouragement is what leaves everyone constantly asking when will the eshop get more good indie games.
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