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Free Copy of Bayonetta Comes as a Separate Disc With Bayonetta 2 in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Let's be having you, physical media fans

An E3 announcement from Nintendo that flashed by but nevertheless raised eyebrows in the Nintendo Life office was confirmation that a Wii U version of Bayonetta will be included with copies of Bayonetta 2, a welcome bonus that'll give Nintendo gamers the opportunity to jump into the sequel with all the context they need. The original will have new features, too, including GamePad controls — namely optional touch screen moves — and some rather entertaining Nintendo extras such as skins, pictured above.

There was a minor kerfuffle immediately after the announcement due to the official website suggesting that only physical retail copies come with the extra game, wording that has still not been replaced. It was confirmed in a subsequent official post on Facebook, however, that a Bayonetta download code comes with both retail and eShop versions, which should please everyone.

Or not, as the case may be, as it's emerged that physical retail copies in Japan will have the remastered original on a separate disc, which is sure to make some in the West green with envy. On top of that, this arrives in Japan on 20th September, whereas in the West we have a loose October release window.

We should point out that, regardless, Bayonetta 2 owners will get an enhanced version of the original game as an extra. If you're in Japan, though, you just happen to get it on a disc.


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User Comments (112)



Shiryu said:

I really wish there is some sort of special edition in the west, I really want to own Bayo 1 on disc. It will be my very first time playing the game as well.



KO-Cub said:

Okey-dokey. Well.. the Samus costume looks alright. But the other two... wh-wh-what the hell did they do to you Beyonetta!?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Aww, what's up with that?! Why are developers always assuming that we would want less than japan?
I dearly hope the double-disc verion will be available in the west as well!



Gen0neD said:

Yeah, I would've preferred a stand alone physical copy. As Shiryu stated, I too will hope for a special edition. I will GLADLY pay more for it. Make it real Platinum. Please.

EDIT: Will also hope for a Zero Suit skin as well.



unrandomsam said:

The rest of the world gets to actually experience the first in perfect Digital 4 lyfe quality. Then the second will be glitchy as hell from the disk. (At least if the 360 version of the first is anything to go by).



WanderingPB said:

Hmmm honestly i would prefer a separate disc for the original Bayonetta because im old school i prefer retail as opposed to digital but i can't really complain because of two things:

1) Nintendo & Platinum actually listened and gave us the original!
2) IT'S FREE!!!!

So i will shut up and whine in a corner because Japan always gets the cool stuff. I would pay extra for the cool stuff NINTENDO!!!!!



Samurai_Goroh said:

I just assumed that Bayonetta 1 & 2 would be included in the same Wii U disc, provided 25 GB are enough. You're telling me that the first will be digital? How large is the first game, I might not have enough space on my Wii U?!



LtAldoRaine said:

Wish they released the physical copy here too, but hey. I'm still glad I even get to play the first one on Wii U. And for free.



Gen0neD said:

@unrandomsam Ummm... that's a no sir. The PS3 version was borderline unplayable in comparison to 360. I owned both versions and the 360 wins by a landslide. I was thrilled to hear that they're using the 360 build over PS3 and why would the code differ between digital and disc?



unrandomsam said:

@Gen0neD It wasn't perfect. They said the framerate was solid but it isn't. (I have not played the PS3 version but tried the 360 version out and it was far from perfect.)



ikki5 said:

Special edition for the west? You know those days are over, we only get the left overs from EU nowadays.



Shiryu said:

@ikki5 Ah yes, forgive me, Europe here, I am having issues storing all the boxes from Wii and Wii U special edition we have been getting in the past years.



MAB said:

The reason they're releasing dual physicals in Japan is it will actually sell over there. In the west only 20 users from NL + a couple thousand randoms will bite Bayonetta... Platinum will be thinking of W101 sales so there's no point in wasting cash on shipping a double disc



Grumblevolcano said:

@ikki5 I did notice that my Mario Kart 8 blue shell and Lego City Undercover toy editions had a purple triangle on the game boxes (Europe) rather than green (UK).



HandheldGuru97 said:

I have a feeling that after the first run of copies of Bayo 2 with Bayo 1 as a download code, we'll get Bayo 1 on a separate disc (same with Bayo 2) and a lower price for both! I'll still get the 1st run in Novemberish, this looks very promising!!!



LazyShell said:

I like that we're getting Bayonetta 1 as well, that's awesome. However with the way Nintendo's account system is right now, I'd rather have the physical copy.

That way if for some reason the previous Wii U messed up and you had to get a new one you'd still have Bayonetta 1 as well. I do hope Nintendo makes their digital games account bound at some point rather than system bound. Unless they changed that already? If I'm wrong, feel free to let me know.



AVahne said:

Awww, wish we could get it in disc....
Well at least it's free... I just hope my Wii U never gets stolen.... or blows up. You know, CUZ THERE'S NO ACCOUNT SYSTEM.



RainbowGazelle said:

Totally unfair. I would much rather have a physical disc, and save up on hard drive space. Seriously deliberating whether to get this or not.



WanderingPB said:

@Rin-go good point yeah i read that too but still once Bayonetta 2 was announced as an exclusive the internet flipped which im sure inspired this decision for the fans who havent played it or played the buggy version.

Honestly i wouldve payed extra for a special limited edition which had both retail copies…being free now…i can't really complain



polarbear said:

If we can only get the first game as a download then I will most likely not buy Bayonetta at all.



Starwolf_UK said:

I'll just impor...oh yeah region lock, silly me.

That aside, the packaging looks like it is 2 DVD cases wide. I wonder if they're getting a separate box for Bayonetta 1 too.

@MetalK9 All the costumes look like something made by the create a fighter mode in the soul calibur games. You can see the intent but the result looks wrong to the point of it being amusing.



Action51 said:

Here is where Nintendo's tiny 32GB hard drive bites us all in the butt....

If you had your Wii U for a decent amount of time, you probably have a good portion of your flash memory used up. With the free game download that came with the Mario Kart 8 deal, even further...I'm sure Bayonetta is not a small, compact, ultra-efficient Nintendo like game that can still fit on a traditional DVD like Pikmin or Windwaker HD!

Looks like many will now HAVE to go out and buy an HDD, and I guarantee that will put a lot of people off.

If Nintendo were smart they would release the games together on one Wii U disc, or include the second disc at retail.



Action51 said:

@AVahne - except for the account system they have?

I know it's not perfect, but these are tied to your Nintendo network ID and lost or stolen console content can be recovered.



AVahne said:

Games are tied to the console, not the ID.
Nintendo Network ID is merely a Console Identification System rather than an actual account system.



Rin-go said:

How are they not tied to the ID?
My Wii U broke and I had to send it in. I could redownload everything, because purchases are tied to the ID.
I probably wouldn't be able to redownload things from the Wii Channel, but redownloads from the eShop are very much possible.



Jazzer94 said:

This sort of blows I'd rather be able to start playing the game straight away once I get it instead of waiting for a download for 30 minutes plus I enjoy being able to take my games over to other peoples houses and like having a physical collection to stare at etc.



Peach64 said:

I think what AVhane means is, if he bought a new Wii U, he wouldn't be able to just sign in and download all his games.



Darknyht said:

The physical disc is nice because even when the console loses support, the games still work. But digital is slowly becoming my go to method anymore unless I know it is game I would be willing to resell, just because I am tired of having clutter or needing to get up to swap discs just because I want something different.

i wish Nintendo could solve their content ID issues and get a digital storefront so I can buy something at lunch at work and have it downloaded when I get home. It would also be nice if they could enforce a policy that their eShop pricing must match physical store pricing. So that the games that physically are selling for $20-30 still were not listing at $59.99 in the eShop.



tj3dsXL said:

LMAO okay i just took another look at the pix and the 3rd/Zelda gimmick just DOESNT look right AT ALL !!!



millarrp said:

I am not concerned about if it's a physical or digital copy, I'm just glad that I will get a chance to play it. I don't have a ps3 or a 360 so I have never been able to play it.



Samurairu said:

Physical copy should be standard when the system has such little space on it. Why should I be forced to by an external hard drive? IMO, onboard storage is the one area Nintendo made a stupid decision with the Wii U.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

Not really sure why the on-board hdd space is still a big deal. Sony went through how many revisions of the ps3 hdd and allows you to swap it out. My xbox 360 is 4gb and a bought a cheap hk hdd (because i was not paying microsoft's crazy prices). You can get external hdds for pretty cheap. 500gb should be more than enough for most. Sure its nice to have that out of the box, but not if it drives up the price of the system.



HaNks said:

they can just have a special edition with the physical bayo 1 disc in other regions, maybe with a figure, bayo 2 themed pro pad or something? then at least people have the option. no problems having a code for the normal version to keeps costs down.



ReigningSemtex said:

I'm not going to be complaining since I will be getting bayonetta 1 for free but I really hope it will be a physical disc as well worldwide because I hate digital only especially with the rubbish size of the wii u internal hdd.

I wish Nintendo made there hardware region free



Marshi said:

Look guys for me as long as we actually get the original game it dosnt matter how we get it. To moan about how we are getting the game is spoilt unthankful and downright rude



SavoirFaire said:

Hate to further derail, but since we are on the topic...

If I plug in a flash drive on the back, and offload games (the ones I've beaten) to it, how does it load when I boot up the wii u? Do I "see" all rom+ flash drive games at once, or do I have to go to another menu to see the flash drive games. Heck, can I play directly from the flash drive?



ejamer said:

Here's hoping for physical releases in the West as well! I'd MUCH rather have the game on disc than as a downloadable version.

Ideally, people who want digital can buy digital and get a download code for the first game while people who buy on disc can get both games on disc. Everyone walks away happy.



JaxonH said:

As opposed to before E3 when we all thought it was just the new Bayo2 game we were getting? So ADDING a free game has made you decide to not buy the new game?

Well whatever, you wanna miss out on Bayo2 that's your call. Me personally, I couldn't do that to myself. The heck with Bayo1, the new one is where it's at...



Sir_JBizzle said:

@SavoirFaire you'll see every game as you originally placed them on your home screens (or whatever they call those tiles) Though any drive you attach to the Wii U, the system will default future downloads to that until it's detached, I think. You can absolutely play straight from the flash drive.



Luna-Harmony said:

It should come with 2 discs for the pal edition as the wii u hard rive is so rubbish 32gb lol what a joke thats why i always get disc games if i can so keep space for the download shop games.
I hope intends next console if they make one ( Fusion ) has a 500gb hard drive.



whodatninja said:

Oh man i'm gonna be running out space pretty soon Hope it's not too big a download. I also hope it counts towards Digital Deluxe points

Wish it came on disc instead though!!!



Farmboy74 said:

I would prefer the orginal Bayonetta on disc in a speacial edtion ala Mario kart with a figure if need be. But if its download only its still a day one purchase.



HaNks said:

@Marshi spoilt, unthankful and rude? i think it's totally fair to voice a preference for having a physical copy of the first game. just because it's 'free' doesn't mean we can't have an opinion, money is being spent on the package either way.

however, it is ridiculous to not buy the second game in light of us. has to be a day one purchase considering they are including the first game, digital or otherwise. fantastic value, well done nintendo.



polarbear said:

I was not that interested in this game to start with (already got a backlog of great games, including W101). Then this that will dump resell value. Also, I want to save system memory for other downloads. But of course, for true Bayonetta fans the extra game in any format is great news.



Shambo said:

@Shiryu I'm hoping it too! A two disc set would be even MORE amazing, and would make this one of THE very best collection games in recent history.

-You have my Arm Cannon
-And my Master Sword.
-And Bowser's Fist!



Aslanmagic said:

I can't really complain, I was hoping for the first one to come out and it is, for free!



Marshi said:

@HaNks I do find it rude. Imagine going to a restaurant and when your meal comes the waiter says "as compliments from the chef,heres some chips". Now would you graciously thank the chef? Or would you say "ugh thats stupid give me mash instead"?



Expa0 said:

I hear that Bayonetta 1 will only be available here in europe via a Bayo 2 special edition, which I would assume has more expensive pricing, so one would hope we'd at least get a real copy of Bayo 1 for that.



0utburst said:

Haha I agree. Japan will actually buy the game but it won't sell that much on the west except for some "hardcore" players.

Anyway, I was just been converted. I'm going all digital on 1st party and 2nd party Nintendo games. They hardly go cheaper. I'm still going physical on 3rd party games as they can go cheaper as 6-10 euros after a year.



Emblem said:

@AVahne There's been an account system since launch, Nintendo however have been really crap advertising it. Probably due to it being abit clumsy to do on their end and them possibly fearing abuse. In anycase I've have all my Wii U & 3DS purchases redownloaded on to new systems following theft.



mamp said:

I just want the game to come out!!! I'm even willing to replay the first one cuz of those sweet outfits. <3



Technosphile said:

Such crap. How can we raise a ruckus and get the two-disc version for the USA as well? Who do I need to start emailing 40 times daily?



AVahne said:

So you're saying that I can buy another console, log into my NNID, and have all my games available to download right away? Because last time I checked, that wasn't possible.
EDIT: At least, not without going through an unnecessary phone call first.



AVahne said:

Key Words: "send it in".
All they did was transfer your system data from one Wii U to another, just like what they would do last generation with Wii and DSi.
As far as I know, the games are tied to the console. Even IF they were tied to the ID, I still hesitate to consider NNID as an account system as long as it's tied to a single console (of each type i.e. only one Wii U and only one 3DS).
They ARE making progress in turning NNID into an actual account system on par with their contemporaries at least, with having eShop balances being usable between Wii U and 3DS. Iwata (I think) even admitted earlier this year that while software is still tied to the machines, Nintendo will be working to make NNID function like any other current account system in the future. Eventually.



Zach777 said:

NOA: please follow the example set by your highly intelligent NOJ counterpart. They have made the wise decision while at this point you have made the foolish. Offer both as retail discs, please!!!!!!!



Theober555 said:

I'm glad we are getting the first game bundled, but I (as well as many others here) would love a special edition with the first game on a disk! Hate digital



retro_player_22 said:

As long as we get both games for the price of one, I really can't complain whether the original is digital or not.



JaxonH said:

Any games stored via USB will show up as long as the USB drive is plugged in, whether it be flash drive, external hard drive, whatever. As long as the drive is plugged in, they show up like normal- you'd never know the difference. They boot from the drive and run from the drive. I keep a 500gb external hard drive plugged in at all times. I'm not out of space yet- still have 10gb of my original 32gb left, but it's there for whenever I end up needing it down the line.



Uro said:

@Action51 If it had more than 32 Gigs, it would have cost more from the beginning, and some people don't need an external HD. But for them that need more storage, there's the option to buy an external HD... It's only fair (bet you alredy thoght of it, but somehow didn't like it anyway).
Think of it in this way: You have to buy and download Bayonetta 1, but there's not enough storage. Now you have to pay for the external HD and for the game, and that's too much. Maybe it's better not to buy the game at all... but wait! the game is free! now it's like you buy the game with no storage problems (you pay for the HD, but think of it as you pay for the game). And it gets better! you won't need to worry about it never again! Only by buying a game. Yuppie! xD



Iggly said:

Considering the fact Bayonetta 1 is free, I don't see why people are complaining. :/



Hikingguy said:

I like free games with other games! It is called value! With MK8 and now Bayonetta, I like the trend I am seeing!! I have not played the first one so this is a pleasant surprise.
I do find it confusing that on one hand Nintendo seems to be encouraging people to download games: by giving digital downloads away for free, the digital download bonus, and giving special treatment to downloaded games at Nintendo Club, would put two versions of the Wii U that had such small hard drives. It seems like they are sending opposite messages.
Nintendo must have got a smoke'n deal on hard drives (like we need to get rid of these really small hard drives so you can have them for free). I did not even know that they still made hard drives that small. When I look (and I am not looking very hard) it is hard to find new hard drives smaller than 80 GB. I simply do not believe that Nintendo could not negotiate for some larger hard drives at the same price point. Even 160 GB hard drives are $30 or less. And I am sure Nintendo could cut a deal.
There are a whole group of people, the casual gamers??, that don't want to worry about adding an external hard drive. They just want it to work. I know people who have the 8 GB version and they are just like, "well my hard drive is full, I can't download anymore games", and then never look back.
I think Nintendo missed an opportunity to save a few bucks. Anyway, I am running out of plug ins for things.



CaPPa said:

I wish we were getting a disk too, it'd make my purchase much easier. At the moment I'm stuck between digital and physical; I'd like digital so I'd have both icons for the games together, but I'd also like the box on my shelf. Maybe I'll just buy both.



Genesaur said:

Yeah, okay, maybe it's still a free game, but with this revelation... can I complain about the download code, yet?

@MAB You have the right of it, much as it pains me to know it's true.



Hikingguy said:

@CaPPa The last time I checked the PS3 comes with a 500 GB hard drive.
wow, I just looked, and you are right, they now make a version with 12 GB that you can add a hard drive later. It looks like the hard drive you would add is internal, but still. I guess not everyone uses a hard drive.
I guess the industry does take some notes from Nintendo, but too bad it was last gen's hardware. But the other current generation systems don't come with anything smaller than 500 GB.
The only Current gen system I own is the Wii U 32 GB hard drive. I am just now starting to run out of room.



WaxxyOne said:

Digital games are the future, people. In any case it's petty to complain about the game being digital when they're giving it to you for free...



KillScottKill said:

It is not at all petty to complain about this. The Bayonetta 1 bundled in is part of the selling point of the game. This is no longer Bayonetta 2. It's a package. 1 & 2. That's what it's selling itself as. It's why I pre-ordered it last week.

If there's no physical copy of Bayonetta 1 in included, then I'm cancelling. Period.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Back when they first launched, 60-80GBs was a fair bit of space, especially for just partial installs and little downloadable games. Now a days 500GB is considered standard. Thats why they went through several storage increases, storage sizes increased and HDDs became cheaper.

A 64GB SSD is $50-60 vs. a 500GB-1TB HDD for about the same price. Cost isn't the issue, if it was they wouldn't even go with flash storage. They wanted the smallest console they could make, "something mom wouldn't mind having in the living room" were their words exactly. They could have used 2.5" HDDs without much issue.

Finally, who someone gets it. Most people don't want to fill up their cart with a bunch of extras to make things work, especially when they're already spending $300 or more on it. All you have to do is look at external HDDs to see how much that "cheaper" console will actually cost you.



Henmii said:

Ah, Japan always gets the free discs/retail stuff. While we people in the west always have to do with lame downloads! I wished I was living in Japan!



Ryu_Niiyama said:

@Zombie_Barioth hmm, respectfully I'm going to have to disagree with you. While many people may not want to spend more than the initial asking price of the system when they purchase it, they routinely do. People buy accessories when they pick up a system. Multiple controllers, additional games (or a game if it doesn't come with a pack in), chargers, etc. I worked as a Asst Manager at a Gamestop in a decently affluent city as well as the largest mall on the east cost for three years (only mentioning this so that you will have a perspective on the types of customers I had) and unless it was a holiday I would have to song and dance to sell 250 gb 360s over the 4gb. However, I rarely sold a system by itself.

I had customers that would on average when buying a system would spend 700, however they traditionally never bought the version with the larger hard drive unless again it was a holiday. To the average consumer that is buying this system for their kids, a pack in hdd is not a tangible expense. Especially when we sold refurbished hdds for about 50 dollars as opposed to the 100 price difference between the 4gb and 250gb. A new controller or game however is an value that a consumer can see up front.

Nintendo's choice in using non proprietary hdds means you can snag a cheap drive when you are in a big box store (and game stop is starting to sell standard hdds as well) and not have to deal with price inflation from proprietary memory (vita owner right here). That is a tangible value to the customer.

Also the average non gamer parent isn't buying a ton of eshop/downloadable games. They buy disks, so again its harder to justify to them why they are spending additional money and not getting an immediate benefit. While digital is taking off it is still not predominant way of purchasing console games (PC sure but not console). I'm a pretty avid gamer, and I've only recently filled up my wiiu and that's really just because I bought two retail games on the eshop. Take those off and I still have plenty of space for my eshop collection.

As far as the size of the system that is a consideration that many of the non gamer parents appreciate. One common complaint I heard on the store floor was the size of the game boxes taking up space. Parents would urge their kids to offload older games and systems so they could keep one box next to the tv. As a person with currently 10 systems in rotation I'm pretty much out of room with my current setup, so I also appreciate how small the wiiu is in comparison to its competition.

Another example of value dissonance just to sidestep briefly would be the xbox one and the kinect. MS removed all of the privacy concerns before launch (you can't turn it off etc) and still people complained about the price difference it represented.

I'm in no way saying that my perspective represents the norm but I'm still not seeing what the big deal is based upon both my personal situation as well as what I've seen working for gamestop.



TheWeird said:

Note that in Europe, the Nintendo website indicates that B1 only comes with a "Special edition" copy of B2 due to B1 having a higher age rating than B2.

While it does mean that it will probably be a disc copy, we will almost certainly have to pay more for the privilege. That means NOT FREE in EU! There don't seem to be any pre-orders up for the special edition yet though, so pricing is unclear.



Zombie_Barioth said:

The average non-gamer parent or consumer buying the console for kids isn't the only one buying them, nor is it the only one Nintendo should be targeting. People do tend to 'cheap out' if you will when buying things for kids, they either don't know the difference themselves or don't think the kids will need it.

Digital distribution is a lot bigger than it was even 5yrs ago, I've even had (non-gamer) relatives ask why I don't just download it when buying them on-disk. Nintendo has been pushing it a lot, with most bundles having digital copies now. If they want people buying digital then making sure HDD space isn't a barrier is important.

While what you say about the 360 is true, both of the other consoles have 500GB standard, as does the latest PS3 models. Your also using over-priced proprietary HDDs and cheaper referbs as a reason to not have one pre-installed, when my point is if the didn't use expesive flash memory they could have had much more storage for the same price. It wouldn't be an extra expense.

I'm also didn't say size isn't an issue (remember the original Xbox?), but the Wii U's size isn't. Even if they doubled its size it'd still be much smaller than the other consoles. Heck, I'm pretty sure it'd be half the size of the Gamecube still.



Hikingguy said:

@Ryu_Niiyama Thanks for your post. I think you are right. Although I have a feeling you may see that trend shift in the future as digital becomes more accepted. I wonder if people will resist digital because they can't sell it back? I don't sell many games, but if I buy a game that I really don't like, I like to have the option of selling it. I prefer disks over digital, but I also see the convenience of digital over disks. I understand Nintendo's mindset about this, but if their market is the casual gamer, Nintendo must understand that most casual gamers won't want or understand that they need a Hard Drive. My brother has the 8 gb hard drive and once his hard drive was full he just stop buying digital games. He just does not care. And I am sure there are others, like me, that are running out of plug in space. I would prefer an internal swapable hard drive like the ps3.
All that to say, I want both games on disk.



elstif said:

I´ll love to have a 2 disc set but I´ll be happy to take the free download of the 1st game if there´s no other option

@Grumblevolcano Yes the wonderful world of color corners on PAL games.
I guess they only printed one version for all Europe instead of one for each Country.
For those who doesn´t know or ever wondered about this:
Copies printed for specific countries have a different color printed in a corner on the side (mostly manuals and covers are printed in different languages and everything else remains the same). Old NES, SNES, GB, GBA used to have them on the flaps of the boxes.
There are a lot of colors used, these are the ones I see the most:
Red= France
Purple= Depending if is dark or light could be a general Europe - Printed for several countries in Europe, usually this will be a Multi5 (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish)
I´ve seen some purple that were only German and Danish languages and some yellows for Swedish and Norweigan.

I know some colors are unique to individual Countries and others are used for combinations, and yes it get very confusing. I´m sure a lot of games collectors are having a lot of fun tracking these down...



Melkac said:

Peachonetta looks hilariously cool lol
I don't think I'm gonna use the costumes in the game since we'll probably need to finish it once to get them. I'm not too into replaying games, not even my favorite on--
...Ok, I guess I have played Majora's Mask and Super Metroid a lot...



Melkac said:

@TheWeird ...Wait, what? Bayo1 has a higher age rating than Bayo2? ...In Europe?
W-Why? How? What does Bayo1 has that Bayo2 doesn't? Is Bayo2 16+/T or something? I thought Europe liked nudity? (since Bayo1 shows a little more of Bayonetta's body, but only when she uses her spells...I'm guessing that's the reason? Bayo2's regular costume actually shows more skin...)
I'm confused. Europe is weird.



TheWeird said:

@Melkac Yes, in the UK at least B2 is rated 16, but B1 is an 18. Actually UK and European ratings are generally less prudish about nudity, but more so about violence, which seems sensible to me. Violence with sexual connotations is much more likely to get an adult rating. Having not played B1 I'm not sure what the exact reasons are, but they both look like pretty freaky games.

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