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Mon 16th Dec 2013

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tj3dsXL commented on Have Some Gorgeous New Super Smash Bros. Scree...:

@WaveBoy The closest thing to Crystal Pepsi i've been able to find is this drink called Neuro-BLISS ! It comes in a smaller blue bottle and is crystal clear/ the taste of it reminds me of Cry. Pepsi however its go more of a berry-sweet after taste as oppose to that "pepsi-twang" that the good stuff had in it ! I miss it too !



tj3dsXL commented on Disney Magical World Waltzes Its Way Onto Euro...:

IF YOU WANT 2 EXPAND your "Mii-Verse" vybe games this is a MUST HAVE. You can play as your Mii and run around freely like in Mario Golf World Tour's "Castle Club". I'm 33 years old and i enjoy playing this game after a few drinks (not nightly) or when im ready for sleepy time but still have an hour b4 im under! It truly has a "glittery disney" feel 2 it which i wasn't able to appreciate untill I got this game and all its DLC here in the US. I hope and wish the same for you 3DS/2DS gamers Europe...."were gonna have a grrreaat day today " LOL !!!! OTHER AWESOME Mii games one 3DS ,Mii-Plaza (all of them), Tomodachi Life,Rusty's Real Deal,Pilotwings Resorts,Darts Up, Mario Golf World Tour. I've gone digital download with them all and this Mii craze seems to be taking up 10 to 15 hours a week as far as spring/summer gaming on 3DS. I love playing with my Mii what can i say!



tj3dsXL commented on Ninja Pizza Girl Wants Kickstarter Campaign to...:

Theres ALREADY April O Neil in TMNT thank you very much ! I hope this idea-rip-off game never makes it out of its "box", i guess in the digital world you dont have to but this seem kinda uncanny esp. with the movie coming out next month (AUG 8th) here in the USA. Someone wants extra cheese !



tj3dsXL commented on Those Mario Kart 8 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys ...:

I just ate-up one yesturday and got a Luigi Kart Figure with extra stickers to decorate the toy-car,and one sticker of him& mario giving eachother a "hug" which I put on my Silver Dream Team 3DSXL Edition's circle pad pro ! The meal was tasty and all this fun for only $4.25, i think i'm going back today instead of sushi lol !! I ALSO got 6 street passes via Nintendo Network when i walked into the place which i played in Mii-Plaza, then i got a spotpass notice & more street passes to play on Mario Kart 7 3DS so i was there for about an hour LOL !!!



tj3dsXL commented on Nintendo To Distribute Monster Hunter 4 Ultima...:

ive spent 158hours on MH3u. and i still have so much to learn and experience. I like swiming with the sharks & hunting for stuff the most i guess so far, its relaxing. I am looking forward to the "jump-attacks" in exchange for "undewater sports" MH4u, for i think this will help me with the bigger Dinomonsters for sure !



tj3dsXL commented on Movie-based Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game ...:

Not as crisp and clean as the Nicks TMNT 3DS game which is sweet (voice acting too !)esp. in 3D on the 3dsxL. Its;s got the whole "squish krang flat against your screen" effects kinda like in K's Triple Deluxe. I havent played Nick's TMNT 3DS through yet so i will def. be saving it for the summer instead of this "ify" title !



tj3dsXL commented on Don't Fancy Sonic Boom? No Problem, The Sonic ...:

Sonic Classic Collection DS is the way to go for this vibe ! Not only does it play on your new 3dsxl/3ds or pink 2ds but you can also be Knuckles,tails and discover hidden gems just like in Sonic Boom ! The Amy and that "new/marnie" look alike should be fun to be aswell. It will be nice to be able to play as AMY in a sonic game since Sonic Brawl or London 2012 Oly. games!



tj3dsXL commented on Don't Fancy Sonic Boom? No Problem, The Sonic ...:

Sonic 2 HD levels can already be found within Sonic Generations 3DS. Sonic Boom will have that whole "CRYSTAL-indigo-glow" power moves (think kingdom hearts dream drop distance effects) which i haven't seen in a sonic haNd held yet so it will be glorious in 3D !



tj3dsXL commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV Confirmed For Q3 eShop R...:

*** 4 U bloks that have gone 64gb +plus for your digital 4 life collection, THIS game is one of the BEST / Mature games ever made for 3DS so far !!! You might want to wait untill it goes on sale ont he eshop & also get ALL of the DLC esp. if you have a rockin sd card and a rockin credit card LOL !!!



tj3dsXL commented on Guide: How To Import Miis Into Tomodachi Life ...:

Its also easy to use two systems to CONSTANTLY(within 24hour period)feed new Mii's into your "main" unit with the digital game! I've started using my new pink & white 2ds to create and "send-via Mii Creator/ or street pass" certain & new Mii's into my 3dsxl system...that way i can work around the whole copy or copy-protected Mii's!



tj3dsXL commented on Philips Claims Wii And Wii U Infringe Two Of I...:

If the device is over 12 years old& out of production a NEW file WON'T fly in any COURT legally anywhere on this PLANET anyway ! The 2011 "notification" from PH. to N may have been a scam letter sent to N in the first place (physical or digital letter doesn't matter LOL),hence reason it was ignored ! I think some old men are about to die-not-so-rich !!!!



tj3dsXL commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Figurine Platform ...:

Not sure if anyone ELSE knows this but i'll let the bomb drop: SONIC BOOM will incorporate these "toy's" as well, in addition to the main game !!!
MARCH 17th 2014 "Sonic Boom was announced as a TV show, toy range and — perhaps most importantly — a game for Wii U and 3DS...."
2+2 = 4 but Im a C student at math so what do you think>?
(my chaos emeralds are telling me "si" !



tj3dsXL commented on Review: Mega Man II (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

I think the game is cool & cute and im so glad there all coming out on the VC so i can keep buying them. I will admit i find the gameboy series of MegaMan rather hard but that pulls me into even more, and its all about watching how your blaster fires (speed..ect.) !