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System Update Will Allow You To Share eShop Balances Across Wii U And 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

The first step towards a single account system?

During today's Nintendo Direct broadcast it was announced that players will be able to combine and share their eShop credit across their 3DS and Wii U systems.

By signing into the 3DS with your Nintendo Network ID, you will be able to spend credit you have attached to that account. Likewise, any credit you register via your 3DS in the future will also be accessible on the Wii U eShop.

Nintendo has also confirmed that other services will begin to make use of the Nintendo Network ID sign-in, which could possibly hint at a unified account system appearing in the future.

It's about time.

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Anclation said:

But are your digital purchases now tied to the account, as opposed to the console? Because that's what people have really been waiting for.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, it's not exactly a unified account system but whos to blame that progress is being made.



real_gamer said:

I'm glad Nintendo is finally going the right direction. Hopefully we see aggressive marketing for the Wii U along the way.



Damo said:

@Anclation I guess they will still be tied to the console, but because they are connected to an ID on both systems now, it will be easy to unify them under that ID when the single-account system appears.



Yosher said:

Love that they're doing this, but still not exactly what people have truly been asking for.



Domon said:

Does anyone remember them saying anything about your previous balance being transferred to the new account system?



Nareva said:

So I'm confused. I have a Wii U and am planning to get a 3DS. If I'm understanding this correctly, I have to create a new Nintendo ID for the 3DS, but the two separate accounts will use the same funds? Please tell me I have that wrong.



Gioku said:

Awesome! I don't have a Wii U... but I have been waiting for this, lol.



Domon said:

@Nareva No, it's one shared balance account. You have to make sure you register your Nintendo ID as the same name on both systems, otherwise they won't be connected to each other.



DualWielding said:


Exactly my thoughts they announce this convoluted balance sharing feature as a big deal when what we really need is an account system, I love my 3DS but the lack of an account system makes me want to punch Iwata in the face



datamonkey said:

"Nintendo has also confirmed that other services will begin to make use of the Nintendo Network ID sign-in, which could possibly hint at a unified account system appearing in the future."

I really hope so. This is a step in the right direction but still far from what everyone wants...



alex167 said:

good news, i hope next step will be tied purchases to the account instead of consoles.



Boofonater001 said:

does this mean that if you put on money on one account on your Wii U other people on that same system wont be able to use your funds on their account?



PorllM said:

@Nareva Wrong, you just sign into your 3DS with the NNID you've been using on your Wii U. You can only create accounts on a Wii U, not on 3DS or on a PC so you won't have two



DualWielding said:


No what they said is that they will allow you to buy games without signing onto your Nintendo ID so you can spend any balance you have on your 3DS



Peek-a-boo said:

Not. Good. Enough.

... they are taking far too long with this unified account system of theirs!



BakaKnight said:

Sounds nice and useful, already happened to me the case of my WiiU having fonds while my 3DS needed them more >.>;

Now on the other side... Shibata was talking like any Nintendo user have only a WiiU and a 3DS... I have two 3DS and actively download things on both of them, I wonder if I will have to choose one or if I will be able connect both to my Nintendo Network ID... anyway be able to connect at least one it's already something, I can't complain too much XP



jjmesa16 said:

That was probably the best Nintendo Direct I've seen besides E3. The 3DS part of the presentation was great but Nintendo just keeps selling Wii Us with Super Mario 3D World. How much more stuff could they add to this game?

The only thing that would have made this better is to have a full unified account system and not just unified balances.



jjmesa16 said:

@heathenmagic Honestly I don't use TVii at all here in the US. It needs to be updated before I use it again. Need DVR controls for companies other than TiVo. Is there even working DVR controls now? I haven't been on there in 6 months.



ultraraichu said:

They're getting there. At least they acknowledge and continue working on it.

At least now I don't have to play the "or" game when I buy my eshop cards with my 3ds and Wii U.



JonSpangler said:

Nice to see when thousands are dying from natural disasters that something as small as videogames needs to be handled with threats of violence.
First world problems I guess.



EvilMario said:

This is a good step, but it's pretty sad that something like this, which should be standard by now, is celebrated.

We're still a long ways off from having a true account system and Nintendo allowing cross platform purchasing and playing for Virtual Console games. Why do I have to buy Legend of Zelda twice to play on Wii U and 3DS at this point?



ultraraichu said:

@jjmesa16 still no DVR feature, not even for TiVo. They updated the look of the remote control pad and tv tag feature a while back though.



LeVideoGamer said:

First step in the right direction, but it's still not enough. The Nintendo Network account needs to be shared between both systems, and VC purchases need to be shared cross-platform.



jjmesa16 said:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 I meant to add it was the best one besides E3 since the Wii U has launched. I thought it was that good. Miiverse for 3DS, a somewhat unified account system and more Super Mario 3D World footage. It should be a great couple months for Nintendo.



Jampie said:

It would have been better if it was a unified account system, but at least this shows that they're working on it? Lol. Anything is better than nothing for me!

EDIT: I mean a fully unified account system in which games aren't tied to the console, but I'm still happy with this.



LztheQuack said:

Technically there is an account system. The accounts are tied to the consoles though.



joyousneck said:

This seems like a unified account to me... you can have the same account on wii u and 3ds. It just seems like games are tied to the consoles still.



DualWielding said:


Guess you are right, but still, It's annoying as hell that they won't even give a concrete answer whether an account system is in the works or not



joyousneck said:

They probably cannot get rid of friend codes on the 3DS because so many games already use it



AVahne said:

Well I guess this is a good start. Nintendo's finally catching up to Sony and the others. They just gotta start working on tying digital purchases to the accounts now instead of the consoles.



shigulicious said:

Any word on if the WiiU's Deluxe digital promotion counts towards 3ds purchases as well, once the accounts are unified?



AVahne said:

You'll be able to make the NNID on 3DS as well once it comes to 3DS next month. Basically, if you only own a 3DS you'll be able to make an account. If you also own a Wii U, you'll be given the choice of using the account you made on Wii U on 3DS.



SuperiorTech said:

Iwata: People want their games tied to an account? Sony and Microsoft do that and we'd rather not follow what the competition is doing.



Emblem said:

Its a start, i have a feeling Nintendo have something different planned in regards to accounts. If they wanted a simple system surely they could have one by now.



heathenmagic said:

@datamonkey @jjmesa16
thats a shame, but maybe not worth waiting for then. Thanks for that. I have PS3 for PlayTV so guess will be still using that then. Liked the idea of using gamepad for TV though



Peach64 said:

This doesn't really do any of the stuff people are asking for, but as others have said… it's a start. I'm not sure we should have THIS much patience with Nintendo though. It's not like this stuff is brand new, it's been around for years, and there's no reason that after nearly two years of 3DS and a year of Wii U that we're still waiting for things to be tied to a unified account. Still… it's a start.



Radbot42 said:

I still have 100 points tied to my Wii eshop account.... Can I get that moved to the WiiU/3DS eshop account at somepoint soon please?



LexKitteh said:

More baby steps.. Maybe within a year or two we'll have the account system we're looking for.. sigh



NintyMan said:

Sorry to parrot, but this is a start. I have a feeling Nintendo may end up doing unified accounts differently than the others.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Damo Doesn't the article right after this one mention that a Wii U account can be used on a 3DS? Doesn't that actually count as being unified? I'm guessing it works vice versa as well once you create a MiiVerse account from your 3DS?

@Radbot42 That's probably not going to happen. Nintendo has pretty much dropped support for Wii now (other than control schemes and backwards compatibility). The system in place is also different from what they use on the Wii U/3DS eShops, which uses actual currency and not points.



IronMan28 said:

Not bad, but complainers will still have the unified account system thing to whine about. I'm not saying I disagree with them, they're just loud.



Kirk said:


Exactly. It should all be part of one single unified account system.

I expect the answer is No.

Nintendo: "We've heard you."

Me: "You clearly weren't listening properly."

Fanboys: "You asked for unified accounts and Nintendo gave you them and still you complain!"

Me: "I'll repeat; You clearly weren't listening properly."

Par for the course with Nintendo and it's defenders these days it seems to me.



electrolite77 said:

Well it's something. A step in the right direction. Let's hope the rest of the steps are imminent and I may then consider spending more money on the eshop.



Eight-Bit-Yoshi said:

"We've listened to fans and now you can have one balance to buy the same game twice" Come on Ninty stop making us pay repeatedly for Mario Bros!



brucelebnd said:

baby steps but I don't see Nintendo doing much more with the Wii U. they're already real tentative about what they are doing it on. look how long it took for them to do something as simple as that. I just don't believe Nintendo is putting the resources or time into the Wii U to make it successful. I think they are banking on the holiday to increase the install base before they really support the Wii U fully.

they are expecting this holiday season to be huge but I'm seriously doubting it. Xbox 360 is $99 PS3 will be $199 with 2 games. they have NO hardware deals on the Wii U expect Toys r Us has the Skylanders bundle for $259 and that's it.

they are targeting families but not offering the best deals. I don't think a Mario game will be enough.

what worries me is that we aren't hearing anything about new games. after the 1st quarter of next year it's pretty bleak because nothing's been announced. even the better indie games are going to the 2/3DS not the Wii U. you can see how much Nintendo has invested in the Wii U VC.

unless the Wii U really sells I doubt we'll see much more.



electrolite77 said:

@JonSpangler I know right? People commenting passionately about video games on a site....wait for it....dedicated to video games. Madness, I tells you, utter madness.



Kirk said:



Fanboys will ALWAYS find an excuse or defense for stuff they REALLY shouldn't be excusing or defending.

"Apologetic Rationalization"



JonSpangler said:

Passionate is spending all night in the cold for a Wii. Or a 3DS. Or going to Nintendo Mall experiences or events like videogames live.

Saying you want to hurt someone and punch them is not passionate. Its a meatball statement.

He knew he got carried away with the statement and made a real passionate statement in the end.



bmprsvz777 said:

What is the point of unified accounts when they can not deliver anything ? I can tell you about my experience with Club Nintendo accounts... When you create one expect a lot of surveys from Nintendo and that is all. I spent hours by writing gift codes and answering stupid questionares on club nintendos website but when I finally ordered some gifts for my little son I received nothing. I complained by email, no reply, no apology... So they withdrew 8500 star coins, delivered nothing, then they send you another stupid survey for which they offer you fantastic value - 50 more worthles points/stars or whatever... Entire nintendo account system is just dumb: e.g. I have two Wii U-s but I CAN NOT have the same account for both, or when you move to another country you CAN NOT use points from country A in country B, and it is impossible to change your accounts country etc.



feelthesarcasm said:

Maybe it's just me but I don't see the big deal about having games tied to an account. I have a PS3 and I still don't feel like I own the game just because it's tied to my account. You still can't have it active on two systems (you have to deactivate one before you can play it on another) I guess the biggest deal is re-purchasing if you have multiple systems which I can see being a pain..

I just feel like people exaggerate some of the advantages. I don't really plan on losing or breaking my 3DS and it could happen yes, but I don't see the chances of that happening drastically increasing by 300% just because I bought something connected to the system.

As far as being able to play games on Wii U and 3DS VC but only paying once? Why would they do that? There are VERY few games that work that way on the PSV/PS3. You're just asking for too much now. There should only be same system sharing but not cross platforming for everything.

PS3 still ties saved game data to your system (making your account pretty worthless for disc games with the exception of trophies) and you have to start the game over on another PS3 system even if you're logged in. So every company has something to work on.



bloodycelt said:

There is so much suffering in the world, that unless you happen to be at the right time and place to alleviate it, its pointless to dwell on it, or bring it up to make other people feel guilty for finding anything less critical to be irritating/annoying. In fact if you take that argument recursively, you will never find a situation where someone has a right to complain because there is always something worse or more horrible out there at any given moment.
On the other hand, you are in a position to alleviate some suffering by 1. not guilt tripping someone who can't really do anything about those disaster victims, and has no evidence of being serious about punching Iwata in the face or 2. briefly mentioning a charity organization where something small can be done about it (Redcross is usually a good one), and then moving on.



Doma said:

Lol, when exactly was it ever stated by Nintendo that we'd eventually be given real accounts?
It's all just been bullish assumption from fanboys. Prove me wrong.

It's easy to believe Nintendo are so ridiculously inept, that they need to take “baby steps”. But this is false. Nintendo simply don't want their users having accounts. Up until this point, they've only said that cross-buy may be considered if developers demand it (not happening). Give up.



eripmav said:

I have a huge donkey sum of points on my Wii. Something like 10k and nothing to buy. Why can't I shift that balance to my Wii U?
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Zyph said:

This is good but the only thing stopping me from being totally happy about this is that our downloads and purchases from the eShop will still be tied to the hardware and not on our accounts/NNIDs. So yeah they did unify the wallet system but they shouldn't stop there.



Zyph said:

This is good but the only thing stopping me from being totally happy about this is that our downloads and purchases from the eShop will still be tied to the hardware and not on our accounts/NNIDs. So yeah they did unify the wallet system but they shouldn't stop there.



SCAR said:

Why are you always so negative? If you think Nintendo isn't doing a good job, that doesn't mean others think the same.

Miiverse and shared funds are welcome, but at the end of the day, video games and technology are pretty much a luxary.

You are assuming they won't have an account systems as others assume they will. Is that enough proof?



JonSpangler said:

Sad when (even jokingly) wanting to punch someone in the face is defended moreso then speaking out against violence.

The dads and parents who beat up umpires and coaches when there kid strikes out in baseball are just very passionate then.

But bringing natural tragedy is a little much so perspective on both sides is always nice to have.
So I will move on now.



SCAR said:

I agree. People are being freaking ridiculous. It doesn't matter if there's good or bad news, some people won't have anything good to say, regardless.



Kirk said:


Is is really my fault that Nintendo keeps doing things half-*ssed and I just happen to call them out for it?

Have you ever considered there's maybe a reason you're hearing me say so many negative things so often?

Unlike you apparently can do, I can't look at something that's still half broken and convince myself it's fixed.

How about trying laying the blame on the correct party...



SCAR said:

No one said it was your fault. I'm just saying that having an account system isn't a life or death situation. If it is, please provide a link and or memo I am apparently not aware of.




Kirk said:


I didn't say it was life or death.

There's a blatant issue that STILL isn't fixed yet. One of sooo many I've lost count at this point. You want to praise Nintendo for that and I want to call them out for it.

I think it's people like you that are actually in the wrong here and not people like me because you will apparently let Nintendo off with everything single thing it does just plain wrong and then praise them when they make a half-*ssed attempt at addressing all the issues they created in the first place.

Until Nintendo gets its act together and finally does these things properly I'm going to continue to call them out for it.

Sorry if that upsets your inner fanboy.



SCAR said:

You're calling me a fanboy? Just because I don't complain online means I'm a fanboy? That's a questionable claim.



Kirk said:


No, you're a fanboy because you think anyone that does complain about totally legitimate issues is somehow in the wrong for doing so.

That's one of the main characteristics of a fanboy in my opinion; they don't like hearing a single negative word said about their precious company/console/game, no matter how valid any criticism actually is.



SCAR said:

That's why I asked for a source and/or memo to prove that this is a legitimate problem.



Kirk said:


What are you driveling about?

What Nintendo has announced today is a step forward but it's still a relatively crap half-way solution to an issue that has been raised multiple times by a lot people (even in this very thread); that being the lack of a single unified account system.

Do you really think that needs a "memo"?



Ristar42 said:

It was bad enough with the Wii, but there is no way I would buy full price digital games on a system which ties them to a console. Once they have a proper accounts system (and some more games which interest me), I might buy a Wii U!



DESS-M-8 said:

I think this is a sensible and safe first step to providing what everyone wants.
First step - tie the the two sources from different current hardware (Wii U & 3DS obviously) to one Central user owned access point (user owned Nintendo network ID) AND providing apps/tools for use in combining the two, such as miiverse.
This seems a micro step, but on a system wide aspect you're talking literally millions of users worldwide and it will take time for ALL those users to carry out that basic migration. Or at least give them fair warning and time to carry that out. Once a satisfactory % of nintendo's worldwide user database has made that initial migratory step, THEN step two can be looked at which would either be:
A) provide tool for cross play of titles compatible on both machines.
B) most importantly, tying all purchase history to one Central user owned account for access on multiple consoles using the same IP address.
C) even better, both A and B



LztheQuack said:

If anything, this will help with consumers buying eShop cards. They might get confused if they can't use the funds on both systems.



unrandomsam said:

Won't affect me I just use exact amount from a bank card.

Not bothered about Miiverse at all.

I am bothered about a method to not lose loads of retail games if something happens to my console and I choose to get a new one.



Kirk said:

First. "The first step towards a single account system?...It's about time." This is a direct quote from the actual article above. -

Second: Is this allowed, MOD? I assume I won't get banned and my comment won't get removed for simply quoting the article, right?

Third: I'm saying this is obviously an issue that's not only been raised by multiple people in this very thread but is also implied in the article itself.

Forth: Is this allowed, MOD? I assume I won't get banned and my comment won't get removed for implying there actually is a real issue here and I'm using the comments in this thread and the wording of the article to back up this assertion.

Fifth: Will I get banned or will my comment be removed if I simply say that I too think it is an actual real issue, that I don't think the current step towards a solution is enough and I'm using this comments section to say so on this related article?

Sixth: Is all of that ok? Is that acceptable posting? Is asking if what I am posting is acceptable actually acceptable? Or is that too a banning offense or reason to remove my posts based on the community rules?

Seventh: I'd ask the MOD the question parts directly but while they see fit to constantly delete my posts and comments there is apparently no way to actually have a conversation with them about this, since I think they're being a bit too quick to delete comments etc, and instead they just keep removing my posts, which will probably happen again and I'll probably get banned too for simply asking via the only method I can think of. Is this comment now going to get deleted? Am I now going to get banned unfairly again?

Eighth: The question part are actual genuine questions, MOD, because it seems very arbitrary to me. So if you could answer them and clarify the situation for me it would be very much appreciated. I don't know if the community rules allow you to do that here directly or if there's some way you can email me privately or something but it would be nice.



unrandomsam said:

Being able to login to somebody else's console and play my games with them is obviously desirable as well.

(I am all about the games nothing else. Nintendo said they were until they started doing pointless things like Miiverse).



theblackdragon said:

@Kirk: just drop the 'fanboy' BS, that's apparently what the comment deletions and edits have been about. If you don't like someone here, ignore them and move on. If you can't do that, then yes, we will likely cross paths again.



EaZy_T said:

Wow, the comments really got derailed by a few people.
They seem to be testing the waters; it is only a good thing for the system to evolve slowly, instead of breaking it with a major change and the backlash and repercussions that would fall on them for it.

edited 11/15: I make a note when I edit my comments, the mods should have when they revised my post.



Kirk said:


Well the problem as us "negative nellies" see it, or me anyway, is that it takes Nintendo years to still not even get there while the competition managed it a long time ago. If everyone was struggling to do this kind of thing I'd agree with your excuse but they aren't so I have to disagree with your excuse. I can't just sit back and let Nintendo get away with this snails pace piecemeal fix without having a single criticism to make when I can see other clear examples of it being done perfectly well already and indeed for quite some time now. Does that really seem so unreasonable to you?

Edit: See, the guy below seems to share my sentiments...

Edit 2: By the way...Don't you feel it's slightly worrying that you even felt the need to remove that 'negative nellies' part of your original comment? I believe that's very indicative of just how oppressive/censoring these kinds of forums are starting to become and how scared we are of getting banned for using totally non offensive things like that; to the point I presume you actually decided it would probably just be best to remove it, less I get offended or upset about it, or less the MODs get up in arms about it. Does anyone else see how there's a problem starting to develop with how these forums are being "regulated"? Or maybe I'm the only one feeling that there's something slowly happening here, on sites like Nintendo Life, IGN, Gamespot, Polygon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc... Something very worrying and something that relates to free speech and the ability for people to actually say and express what they are TRULY thinking and feeling. It's like without most of us actually realizing it we're reaching some kind of Internet "police state" in the places where we're supposed to be able to actually have a free voice. I mean we can't even call each other "f*nb*ys" in video game forums any more for fear of being banned and having our accounts suspended.



SomeBitTripFan said:

A step in the right direction, but Nintendo needs to push harder if they want their online system to be compatible to SEN (PSN) and XBL.



Zach777 said:

I bet it will bet the dead last day in December, which it why it was not specific. Or it will be near Christmas... A gift, if you will.



Senario said:

Can we all just take this positively? It is a step in the right direction. With this much hate I am starting to mistake "Nintendo" sites for something like neogaf. And yes, you know who you are negative Nancys.



GamerZack87 said:

So funds can be shared between the eShops on a 3DS and a Wii U. Here's my question: can the eShops of two 3DS consoles be linked in the same way?



Kirk said:



There's already enough people taking all news positively in these Nintendo FAN forums.

Some of us prefer to tell it like it actually is.



Senario said:

In no way was this comment warranted or appropriate. Please refrain from insulting other users — TBD



WiiLovePeace said:

Will downloads be tied to my Nintendo Network ID or my console? & will VC purchases be crossbuy (as in, buy once & play on Wii U & 3DS)? That's what I want to know. Glad I can add my monies together now though



shaneoh said:

Perhaps the reason we we don't have a full fledged account based system yet is because Nintendo is working to prevent THIS situation from happening when it does finally come online. (Note this is an exaggeration, that is not how I really think customer data is stored).



electrolite77 said:


Allow me to explain the difference from my own personal experience. In 2011 I was robbed and my PS3 and Wii were stolen. I rebought the PS3 and redownloaded the hundreds of pounds of games to my new machine. No problem at all. I bought a new Wii and I got nothing back. Nintendo weren't interested.

You're also wrong that 'VERY few' Sony games support Cross Buy. All their PS1 games on the Store are playable on my PS3 and Vita, something Nintendo could easily do with NES and SNES games but choose not to. They'd rather try and gouge every penny out of their most loyal supporters.



Kirk said:


One of the times I wish there actually was an up vote system on this site.

Well not really because I hate the politics and social games involved in these up voting systems but suffice to say, Good Point.

I'm sure the Nintendo FANS will have some defense prepared however.



electrolite77 said:


I hope you're wrong. It would be far more inept of them to not be sorting out Unified Accounts than just doing it at the current glacial pace.



electrolite77 said:


I can take this small step positively. However it is still insufficient, for which Nintendo deserve criticism. They are a company, they want my money, but are not providing an acceptable service when it comes to managing online purchases. It's not 'hate', it's valid consumer opinion and not worth getting upset about.



Ristar42 said:

Its worth noting that often compaines wont improve their services unless people complain, or stop investing their products or services. I remember when the Wii U VC launched and Balloon fight was presented in a slow 50Hz format, it was only after many PAL gamers expressed their opinions on Miiverse and online, that Nintendo started providing 60Hz versions of the games where they could just substitute the US version (this is not a Nintendo exclusive problem by the way, most PS1 games on PSN are 50Hz although it is possible to make a US account).

I'm not a fan of any particular games company (except maybe SEGA, which is slightly rose tinted nostalgia I admit!). I like video games, but when I see Nintendo selling digital games attached to a console, it puts me off using their e-shop. If my console breaks, there is no simple way to transfer the investment I have made in those games to a new system.



Kirk said:


Try convincing the most loyal Nintendo FANS that repeatedly complaining on public forms like this when a company repeatedly makes bad decisions can actually ultimately be a positive thing for everyone involved...



Neram said:

This is great, but I don't know why they are dancing around making a single account system. All they would have to do is syncronize the purchases already on your systems with a signed-in Nintendo Network ID, enabling you to sign-in, download, and play your games on any other system, but only on your account except for your home system where everyone on the system can play your games. I mean, it's really damn simple, just look at Xbox Live accounts.

Oh well, this is a step in the right direction, and I particularly like how you can buy content for one platform ffrom the other. It's a unified shop, at least.



IceClimbers said:

So there's sort of a unified account system. The account is shared across both systems, with the eShop balance being tied to the account. However, games are still tied to the system and there are still two separate eShops despite the balance being shared. The account also only seems to be for one 3DS and Wii U - you can't use the account across multiple 3DSs or Wii Us. Other than these 3 things, there is a unified account system in place.

Also, my reaction:



SubZer023 said:

People be happy Nintendo is going as steady as they can to make it in when they show you that they have been trying this is the thanks they get man be greatful for once. I mean yes I do want my stuff saved in an Account because of so much 3ds games I downloaded but gesez there trying to do stuff one thing at a time that's different unique and perfect



IceClimbers said:

One thing though. How will people on your 3DS Friends List be moved when Nintendo Network arrives? Will they automatically be added when the people create an ID, or will I lose everybody on my Friends List? I have a lot of people on my Friends List thanks to the Friend Safari feature in X/Y, and I don't want to lose those Friend Safaris.



Haxonberik said:

One step closer, abd definitely the step I care the most right now. Dividing money between my 3DS and Wii U was driving me crazy.



childofacid said:

Now I don't have to make the hard decision on which system to redeem my digital deluxe promotion cash.



Subie98 said:

@Kirk I have to say I get your complaint about nintendo but you go about things in a decently offensive wording most of the time to where you come off so ostentatious and pompous. I wont be checking back to see your response. I just figured youd like to know what most peoples issue with you is usually, since it seems to escape you.



soma said:

Not what I was expecting, I hope they're testing the waters and still working on this. I have a lot of Wii VC games and I refuse to buy a WiiU until they make a proper account system. And if for some reason (Mario, DK, Zelda) I get a WiiU, I won't transfer any of my games to it, there's no point as I could easily play them on Wii.

I just hope it never gets stolen or stops working....



ikki5 said:

it would be nice, like if they just made the VC titles joined, I'd be more than happy.

@soma you can still play your VC games on your Wii on the Wii U if you wanted (and if you wanted, could take them in the car or whatever now also). But... I guess that wouldn't be the best reason for a Wii U.



soma said:

Yes, I know I can transfer them, but then I wouldn't be able to play them on the Wii. With a proper account system there's no reason I couldn't have all my downloaded games on both systems. In short, I don't want to do the transfer thing if it's not necessary and I want to feel safe if something happens to my consoles.



Rafie said:

Okay Nintendo. This is what I'm talking about! Like others have stated. It's definitely a step in the right direction. This is great news indeed!



millarrp said:

It will be nice that the balances will be combined. It wasn't an end of the world thing, but I am looking forward to the day when I don't need to by seperate eStore cards for the Wii U and the 3DS...



Luffy said:

If Nintendo ever want me to spend my money online they gotta link my poopydoodoodoggiepoop TO MY pooplewoopledooplepoodoo ID! My games come with me or else no $$$$ for u.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



andreoni79 said:

For those who complain about those who complain: without all the anger against Microsoft stupid attempt to cheat customers (always online, no borrowing, no used games...) Sony and Nintendo would have done the same thing.
And no unified account means that customers get only the bad about digital (same price as retail, no borrowing or re-selling) while the company gets all the good (lower costs, forced multiple purchases).



Kirk said:


Hey, I don't disagree but that just reaffirms what I know already; that most people in here are arguing with me because they don't like the tone of my phrase as opposed to me actually being wrong and to me that just makes them the ones causing the problems.

I am allowed to phrase my views and opinions however I see fit (It is still a free world as far as I'm aware), within the community rules, and if people are arguing with my entirely valid criticisms simply because they don't like my attitude then I'd say they are the ones causing the long winded arguments here and not me.

If they don't like the way I'm saying something, even though it's pretty much always spot on the money, then they should ignore my comments and move on rather than trying to debate them just for the sake of it.

I shouldn't have to word my posts in an artificially "polite" socially conditioned way just so people don't get all upset and defensive. That's not how I work in real life and I'm not going to change myself for some random nobody's I wouldn't know from Adam in a video games forum.

In this thread alone 99% of us are smart enough to know that regardless of the tiny step forward Nintendo made yesterday it simply isn't enough. Not by a long way. I'm saying the same exact thing that most people are thinking and some are even saying for once but I'm just putting it more bluntly than most because I'm damn well sick and tired of Nintendo's constant blunders and missteps at this point. It simply isn't listening to and addressing the myriad of criticisms properly and/or satisfactorily. The 1% who either genuinely don't get that Nintendo is the one to blame here or just want to argue we me about it are actually the ones that maybe need to rethink things in my opinion.

Those die hard Nintendo FANS really need to wake up and smell the coffee, as does Nintendo, and I just happen to be the one that's serving it.

Note: It doesn't "escape me" in the slightest. I'm just not willing to bend to the will of the socially conditioned masses in the way I express and conduct myself. Not here. Not anywhere. If people wanna argue with me because of that; well that's their choice not mine but I will defend my views and opinions, and if people say stupid ill-considered things in the course of our "debates", which happens a lot, I'll let them know that too.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@Kirk You not alone bro the MOD banned me plenty on here for having my own mindset opinions about Nintendo also but the "Fan NL Community" always going to defend Nintendo no matter how good or how terrible they performing so i'm not going to go into details about that. But I'm the only one on here that fully agree with all your comments you are your own person that doesn't kiss the rump of a brand but WANTS the company to be successful and I understand greatly man you trying your hardest to speak your views and opinions but alas this community can't take any criticism about Nintendo hell every fan Nintendo site besides this one cannot take it. It's always someone that tries to speak they "own" minds about any company that need to be said but always a disgruntled fan going to take it the wrong way negative or damage control sweep the problems. all I have to state is this don't waste your views on this community its just like you running to a brick wall. Also these people are frustrated I can tell in these comments when you tell it like it is so it's not your loss but theirs. So I know I probably get bashed for this comment too but come on it had to be said right. I don't need to hide behind smoke and mirrors to say my views that needed to be said so Kirk I appreciate that you want Nintendo to do better but you and me know it's frustrating to see Nintendo in this dire situation and the "NL Community" are just ignoring the inevitable.



Kirk said:


Thanks man.

It's great to see that at least a couple of people actually get where I'm coming from.

I actually want Nintendo to succeed far more than most people in this community, more than they even realize, but these loyal to a fault Nintendo FANS simply translate my desire to make it be heard very loudly and clearly that these things need to be fixed, and now, into some kind of Nintendo bashing when in reality it's so the opposite of that it's not even funny.

Nothing will ever genuinely improve unless we start letting these companies know how frustrated we really are and that they can in fact do much better.

The ONLY reason we don't have a proper full unified account/eShop system right now is because no one at Nintendo has realized just how much we all want it (despite them saying "we heard you"), because the vast majority of us haven't spoken up loud and hard enough that they would know otherwise (yes, that's most of the people in here too), so all they're doing is taking little baby steps because they just assume we're all more or less content with things they way they are, or at least willing to put up with them the way they are without too much frustration, and as long as they sloooowly add one tiny little fix here and there then everyone will be beyond happy.

It's that kind of ignorance to what the average gamer/consumer out there actually expects that has, no doubt in my mind whatsoever, led Nintendo to where it's at right now with the Wii U.

I simply want to be one of the people that's actually doing something, anything, to let it be known that Nintendo could and should be doing more and I will not let the overly defensive and overly fragile Nintendo FANS stop me; not even the MODs as far as I can manage it.

I only wish more supposed Nintendo fans would do the same, yes even in simple non-affiliated fan site/forum like this, because if they actually did then we wouldn't be in this situation we are in right now (because we already know that Nintendo does on occasions visit such places and actually takes note of the conversations passing through these fan sites/fourms) and maybe I'd even actually post more positive comments.

If you don't let Nintendo hear your true voices and true opinions, not your polite socially acceptable voices and socially regulated thoughts, in still relatively open public forums like this then where and when are you going to?



ericthecheese said:

@Kirk I agree with a lot of what you said, too. I think Nintendo has been dragged kicking and screaming into the digital and online community gaming world. The whole Friend Code in the Wii/DS days was a nightmare. The 3DS has a Friend Code, too, but at least its just one and not different ones for different games. I think a unified account system and account name so the games and downloads are tied to them and not the individual system should be a given. Sharing content, as well... like how you can access certain games on both the PS3 and Vita.

But I also give Nintendo a bit of slack because, let's face it, being online is not how Nintendo is wired. Look at how they abruptly pulled the plug on Swapnote for 3DS. Organizing millions of 3DS users and Wii U players and combining Nintendo Network IDs has to be a major overhaul. I see this, as many people have said, a first step to what we all really want. Nintendo has been brutally slow in responding, but I'm willing to see that the response has begun.



Sceptic said:

Your 3ds will also be locked to your selected region after you link up IDs and you'll lose any 'other currency' balance you might have. Basically another recently typical Nintendo charlie foxtrott, plus the questionable legality of just deleting balances.

From the source (see the last question):

If what is detailed on that page is their rough draft of a unified account system, they obviously still don't get it.



Rerun said:

What happens to my balance on the 3DS? Will it be combined with what's on my Wii U?



electrolite77 said:

@Kirk "It's that kind of ignorance to what the average gamer/consumer out there actually expects that has, no doubt in my mind whatsoever, led Nintendo to where it's at right now with the Wii U."

I agree with this. The ultra-defensiveness of some Nintendo fans helps keep them complacent. Unless people communicate when they should be doing more, they'll carry on failing to provide a proper account system, not putting their games online, being lazy with the VC, ignoring franchises like Starfox, F-Zero, Pilotwings that are fan favourites but not multi-million sellers etc.etc. They're a company and if they want our money they have to earn it. But also if you care about Nintendo sycophantically telling them whatever they do is fine as they slide into mediocrity does not help Nintendo one bit.



electrolite77 said:


"no unified account means that customers get only the bad about digital (same price as retail, no borrowing or re-selling) while the company gets all the good (lower costs, forced multiple purchases)."

Sums up in a nutshell Nintendo's approach to online. They want more money for less. And it needs to change.



Kirk said:


YOU get it; 1000%

I agree with every single thing you just said there; the points you made, the games you listed, the things Nintendo is missing, the failure of the supposedly most "hardcore" fans to actually be part of the solution rather than part of the problem...

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