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Thu 8th Aug 2013

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Domon commented on Full Details Emerge on Shin Megami Tensei: Dev...:

Already played through the original DS version, but all the extra content really makes it tempting to pick up! Not to mention some of those decals look pretty sweet on the back of the car.

If only they didn't have to impose the Atlus tax



Domon commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X to Feature an Enemy Enc...:

Arrgh, yes! One of the most annoying things in the original game was not being able to remember which unique monsters I defeated to earn Affinity Coins! Now I won't have to make a separate Word document!



Domon commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV Soundtrack Released Next...:

@FiveDigitLP I don't know about the other games, but SMT4 was definitely open with their advertising of the soundtrack. When I preordered it, Amazon's product page specifically told me that it would only contain 8 tracks.

And it's not like they had to include any soundtrack to begin with. The article states that this OST will cost about $37, just like most OSTs, so it's not like you should just expect them to give it to you.



Domon commented on Reggie Cuts North America's Biggest Wii U Fans...:

@ikki5 I totally agree with this, but for different reasons. I don't have a Wii U, so clearly the offer isn't for me, but that's only cause I'm waiting for a cool limited edition console. I have a special 3DS XL, have a ton of games for it, both physical and download only, and I qualify as a Platinum Club Nintendo member every year, so I consider myself a huge Nintendo fan (I do go to this site frequently, after all, lol).

So it kind of sucks that Nintendo doesn't seem to acknowledge me as a "huge fan".



Domon commented on New LovePlus Launching With Limited Edition 3D...:

@Tobias95 I've played the first game in the series. There's way too much voice acting/text (that NEEDS to be dubbed to keep the atmosphere of the game) and too little of an interest outside Japan for these games to ever be localized.

If you really want to try out the series, you can import the original game for DS. It's like Nintendogs...but with your girlfriend O_o



Domon commented on Male Wii Fit Trainer Revealed as Latest Smash ...:

@tripunktoj Totally agreed, many of the previous swaps had interestingly different enough backgrounds to justify other people playing as them. But hopefully this is just a costume change, because otherwise it would just be like having the male and female Pokemon Trainer as separate characters (w/ same Pokemon).