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Thu 15th Nov 2012

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EvilMario commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February (North America):

Hyrule Warriors (I have the Season Pass), Game & Watch Gallery 3 and I'll be pre-loading Kirby. Seriously, the Game & Watch titles are amazing pick up and play games. I spent many hours on G&WG2 on the GBC and put another 10 hours into it on Virtual Console. For the price, you can't go wrong. It also has some sprite work for Mario characters you won't find anywhere else.



EvilMario commented on System Update Will Allow You To Share eShop Ba...:

This is a good step, but it's pretty sad that something like this, which should be standard by now, is celebrated.

We're still a long ways off from having a true account system and Nintendo allowing cross platform purchasing and playing for Virtual Console games. Why do I have to buy Legend of Zelda twice to play on Wii U and 3DS at this point?