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Thu 19th March, 2009

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eripmav commented on Once Bitten, Twice Dead Coming to Wii U:

Hey guys, thank you all for your comments:)
For those interested, the developers have launched a Kickstarter to help pay for the Wii U devkit & the cost for porting to the platform. If you're interested in pledging, please head over to the campaign. They're only after £10K!



eripmav commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd January 2011 (North Ame...:

@Jumbit it's not a port, a port is when a game is literally ripped from one system and taken across to another with bare minimal changes. Ghost Mania on the Wii is of the same ilk, granted but it's a spiritual successor (sorry, pun intended...albeit a bad one). Check the thread in the WiiWare section for more info.

@Pixelman no word yet, the game will be done when it's done:) I believe the team wasn't unshackled for the festive period and haven't seen daylight for two months:)

@Argus give it a whirl, if you like puzzlers you'll like GM. It's an addictive little gem, well worth (bias aside, as a gamer/journalist) the 500 points. An impulse buy, if you will.



eripmav commented on iPhone Success Angry Birds to Peck DS:

Great game but you know the price won't reflect the iPhone/iTouch's AppStore pricing. I daresay it won't have that much added content either...I could be wrong though;)

Ploughed through it on the iPhone though, lovely little game.



eripmav commented on Review: Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun R...:

Guys at NL, a huge thankyou from the Legendo team. This is a superb review and we're absolutely made up that you loved our game!

Also a huge thanks to all of you who have bought the game so far and have laid down your praise to us. Thank you:)



eripmav commented on Take Off with Pearl Harbor on July 5th:

Cheers CB, controls were something we were paramount about getting right.

@Omega, we're old hats in the flying genre, having developed them for PC in the past, so it's a welcome return to the genre. We do have other games up our sleeves but as always, it's all down to how Pearl sells.

@EdEN, All eps are self contained, therefore you don't need to own them all.

@Fuzzy Thank you:)



eripmav commented on Take Off with Pearl Harbor on July 5th:

@the shpydar you're too kind. I do what I do out of love of gaming and respect to both Legendo and my boss, Bjorn. Fingers crossed it'll be loved! Also, there's not many PR folk that visit forums etc at 00:15 to say hi or update the threads on their games:)

The price point was something that both the fans on here and we were extremly passionate about and we felt strongly that the right price was 700.



eripmav commented on Take Off with Pearl Harbor on July 5th:

Thank you guys, we really appreciate the kind comments.

Put it this way, we asked your opinions on pricing, we listened and we did our damndest to get it! I personally am so pumped that the game's nearly upon us, it seems like an eternity since I first came on here!

Regarding the EU release, we're still waiting confirmation for both the date and pricing from NOE.



eripmav commented on Rumour: 3DS Could Rival PS3 and 360 in Power S...:

To render @120hz (which is what the screens would need to do for stereoscopic 3D) it would need some decent processing power. However until I see the thing running or videos of game quality, I don't believe quite as to how powerful it is in terms of poly pushing etc.

The battery life would concern me if it is as powerful as the current gen consoles..



eripmav commented on First Look: Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red S...:

@Casualplayer I think that smaller developers like say Ghostfire games and us for example are pushing the boundaries on the Wii to show that it really is a viable gaming platform. There's only so many party games the system can have and it's about time more developers knuckled down and develop serious and honest to goodness games for the system.



eripmav commented on First Look: Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red S...:

Thanks guys, positivity always sets me up for a comfy night's sleep:)

Yes, you can play as both sides. Control schemes we'll have support for Wii Remote, Wii Remote and Nunchuk and the Classic Controller

It'll contain as much as a full disc based game and some:)