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Marth Confirmed as the Latest Challenger in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Emblematic of the growing roster, screens galore inside

Since it was officially unveiled at E3 2013 with a fairly modest roster, Masahiro Sakurai and his team have been gradually expanding the number of playable characters in the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS and, by extension, building hype. Today it's been announced that Marth will be joining the ranks once again, which is great news for fans of the Fire Emblem franchise and those that like a bit of swordplay.

As usual the announcement is accompanied by plenty of screenshots, so check them all out below and let us know whether you're keen to gear up with Marth in the upcoming Wii U and 3DS releases.


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Geonjaha said:

Marth? Eh. Why couldnt they just modernise with new Fire Emblem characters like Chrom or Lucina. :/



McHaggis said:

@Geonjaha: I suspect Chrom will make it into the roster, too. Marth is a classic hero of the series (and even referenced in Fire Emblem: Awakening), although I never really liked him as a SSB character. I would have preferred Ike.



Dark-Luigi said:

I didn't play as him as much, but still glad he's back, he looks amazing too.

Also man, what is with Peach and the male brawlers these days? XD



alrighthearthis said:

I really wished they had used the "Marth" from Fire Emblem: Awakening. I mean, they still could but it feels less likely at this point.



Einherjar said:

Since Marth is such an important character to the franchise, i understand that he gets into the game. But Chrom needs to replace Ike, not because i doent like Ike, but to represent the franchise a bit more since i guess Chrom is now one of the most known characters when it comes to Fire Emblem.



WaveGhoul said:

I don't care about Fire Emblem and i don't care about Marth. Where's my precious little K.O king LIttle Mac and my delightful litltle yellow pixel-swimmer Starfy? Marth is possibly the least exciting returning character update so far. There he is....Not even Princess Peach's beauty can faze this pretty prince!



Rei7 said:

You are saying this because you have no Wii U? Get real.
I know it's personal preference and all that but 'way better' is just lol!



Gorlokk said:

I really hope they DON'T add Chrom. He was a very bland lord, and although he had a good design, he looked like a more masculine Marth, and would probably play rather similarly. As for Lucina, I think she was also rather bland, however I think it would be cool if she was an alternate costume for Marth like the Wii Fit Trainer.



Mahemoth said:

Is Marth a girl or a man? I need more testosterone, where is Capt. Falcon!? The manliest of all men! (besides Whitebeard ofcourse)



Nomad said:

As much as I like Marth ( he was one of my most used in brawl), I would have preferred to see Chrom represent the series. He was a cool character in FE Awakening and would be at the forefront of gamers minds since that was the most recent game. Here's hoping he takes Ike's place.



JimLad said:

Marth seems to be the regular representative of Fire Emblem in Smash now.
I dare say they'll introduce a new character from the series as well.



SpookyMeths said:

Seems to me that it would have been more logical to replace Marth with Lucina. Maybe as an alt costume?

I would love to see a non-swordsman character from FE make an appearance though. Micaiah or Soren or something.



sikthvash said:

Hopefully there will be more emphasis on costume swapping in the new Smash Bros. so we can chose between Marth / Lucina. Be great to switch between classic Mario, Mario from the Sunshine / Isle Delfino & Dr. Mario for example.



KyoIII said:

I like that Marth is back but now I wounder what they will do with awakening Characters.



Bulbousaur said:

If the Male Wii Fit Trainer is anything to go by, I'm pretty certain that we'll get a Lucina costume change for Marth, or at the very least a masked Lucina.



The-Chosen-one said:


but that means ike will be gone? and be replaced by a new Fire emblem character.
cant wait to play this game



FishieFish said:





NintyMan said:

Marth looks seriously impressive in HD. The hair and the design on his cape are pretty striking. It's been a little more than a month since Sonic in October, so I hope that there's at least one more character, newcomer or veteran, announced this month. Actually, it would've been nice if Sakurai had got all of the original roster's announcements out of the way first, considering all of them will be returning.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Sweet! I was hoping he'd make the roster, love how Marth handles in SSB. That character model looks crisp too. Great news



Kirk said:

This game is slowly starting to come together...

There's now a pretty strong list of characters and stages to play with/in.

It will be great to see more footage of the full game in action at some point...



ikki5 said:

YAY! I loved using Marth in brawl along with Toon Link so this makes me very happy they are both back in it



Xjarnold said:

That looks like a fire emblem awakening stage for 3ds... Could this mean we're getting Lucina or Chrom?



gaby_gabito said:

I would have preferred Lucina or Chrom, but glad that FE is going to be represented in the game.



WebHead said:

Marth is looking good. I wouldn't be surprised if Chrom and/or Lucina end up being his alternate skin(s).



UnseatingKDawg said:

Why did they have to bring back the guy that looks/sounds like a girl? Why couldn't they bring back Roy instead?



Klunk23 said:

Yeah! My favorite character in smah bros. It would appear that they made the Falcion a bit thicker.



BAGBOY said:

Marth is the icon of the fire emblem series, it was obvious he was going to be in smash bros. 4. Geez nintendo, just cut the crap already and unveil some real surprises, like the announcement of chrom, the pokemon that will replace lucario, the changes to the pokemon trainer (if there will be), the new kid icarus character (palutena, dark pit, magnus, medusa, hades, vividi, etc.) or even a new character anyone doesn't expect, stop unveiling characters that it is obvious they are going to make a return.



Platinumhobo said:

Good to see Marth back as a veteran. The King should be a regular, and hopefully Chrom is the newcomer for Fire Emblem.



Arminillo said:

Yeah baby! I have been waiting for him! It kinda looks like they changed his his look so that there is no question about if he is actually Lucina.



larry_koopa said:

Nice. I never played as Marth due to the fact that I'm awful with him, but it's nice to have him as part of the roster all the same.

I'm holding out for a Rosaline debut. It's time to add some new faces to the list in addition to all the returning greats from Brawl.



rjejr said:

Where's the poll for our favorite pic?

I wanted to pick - the one w/ Marth.

Though I really don't like the one where he's beating on poor Captain Olimar, that's just mean.



shinpichu said:

Nice to know that somehow Marth still being in the game means Chrom for some reason can't get in.

Personally hoping for an Ike reveal soon to shut up his detractors.



Giygas_95 said:

Nice news, but I hope NL doesn't spoil every character that's going to be in it...

Wow, Peach looks at Luigi, then Link, then she gets a ring from Mario, now she's staring at Marth.



Giygas_95 said:

Y'know, I just noticed something...Trainer and Villager sure do hang out together a lot...



Skeletor said:

Just for the sake of having a different style character, it'd be nice for Frederick to represent Awakening. If there were Super Smashes still, he could charge in on a horse.



Expa0 said:

Whew, I was fearing Lucina might steal Marth's rightful spot in the roster. So glad that didn't happen.

E: I also like that they went a bit more with the King Marth design from FE3.



Turbo857 said:


??? I surely hope Ike doesn't get replaced with Chrom. Chrom was a very by-the-numbers FE lord. Ike was a far better character and the only FE lead (outside of Marth) to star in two console games. Ike even has a special descendant character in Awakening arguably put in there just to pay homage to him.

I disagree that Chrom is the more popular character and I'd be disappointed to see Ike replaced.



shinpichu said:

Hear, hear! Path of Radiance is my fave FE games, and Ike is one of my favourite Lords. It'd be a shame to see him cut just because of "muh recency."



ShadowFox254 said:

Marth is the original Fire Emblem character, so I don't know why people kept thinking he would get replace. I say keep Ike, bring back Roy, and add someone from Awakening. Since we need more Fire Emblem characters in Smash Bros.



Senario said:

I demand Avatar(generic female/male)! That way we have something interesting and unique, swords AND magic.



AVahne said:

Pleasantly surprised that they're using the original Falchion/Tyrfing design !
Looks like they're using his King Marth design from FE12 (still very bitter that freaking Ninty didn't localize that), which I APPROVE! Love that design.

Though, I hope this doesn't kill off chances of Lucina coming in as a costume swap...



GuSolarFlare said:

this is the first chracter I think the 3DS outlined version looks far cooler! it gives a stronger sensation!



shinpichu said:

Why? Why should we cut the series original main character, and one of the few Lords to remain a main character across multiple games, in favour of a one-off character who :
1) isn't even the main character of her game
2) may or may not appear in another game



SphericalCrusher said:

w00t!!! Hopefully they still plan on bringing Chrom to the fight. Although I've always been a big Ike fan, and would love him also... I know we couldn't get all three. (Or maybe we can? lol). Chrom and Marth were my two wishes though.



WreckItRyan said:

I'm still hoping for an increase of female characters to the roster. So by that, I am hoping Lucina is the one to join Marth, most likely as a newcomer. I'm also hoping for Palutena/Viridi, Krystal, and Rosalina.



retro_player_22 said:

Why does everyone want Marth to be replace? He's the main representative of the Fire Emblem series in Smash Bros., replacing him is like replacing Mario with Luigi or Wario or Toad or Waluigi. It's just not gonna happen, besides other Fire Emblem characters will be the game too just like Roy and Ike from Brawl and Melee. Perhaps other than Marth, we also get Chrom, Lucina, and/or Lyn in there too. My guess is that we'll get Marth and an advertising FE character like Roy and Ike, the second Fire Emblem character may either be from Awakening or the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game.



R_Champ said:

Everyone ready for overpowered, fanboy-induced n-air spam?
...well, I'm not T_T: would have much preferred Zelda and Lucina over Toon Link and Marth, but I think Sakurai has backed himself into a corner with this one. Both T. Link and Marth were so good in Brawl that tons of people started to main them for easy wins and it shot up their popularity. Taking them out would be like taking out Storm, Magneto, or Sentinel in Marvel vs. I'm just getting ready for the inevitable Meta Knight reveal.



J-Manix98 said:

Yus! Marth is one of my mains! I really hope Chrom or Lucina makes it into the game as well. FE Awakening was to popular for them to be left out.



WYLD-WOO said:

King Marth = Fire Emblem. Would be nice for new fans of Fire Emblem to have someone in there they are famliar with. I say all that are not aware of Marth, go buy Fire Emblem :Shadow Dragon it`s such a cool game. Hell, if you like awakening go and get all the old games. Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are two of the best games of all time for me.



Doma said:

Please just leave Marth as the only sword user this time. Look how many characters in FE there are who wield other weapons, but get ignored every time..



Caryslan said:

@R_Champ Meta Knight will come back regardless of how good he was in Brawl. Him and King Dedede are two major recurring characters from the Kirby series. And given Kirby's popularity and fanbase, all three reps from Brawl will be back in SSB4. None of them are going to get cut.

As for Marth, he's not in just because he was a popular tournament character. To me, he's like what Pikachu, Fox, and Kirby are to their series. He's the iconic face of Fire Emblem. He's been in the most games, he alongside Roy was the West's first introduction to Fire Emblem(in fact, he would be first since you have to unlock him before Roy in Melee), and he seems to be very popular overall.

Why should Lucina replace him? I'm not bashing her, but she was in one game and she's not even as iconic as he is to the overall series. Why don't we just have her in as an alternate skin to Marth? Give her skin its own voice, but it makes both sides happy.

Marth will still be in the game, but people who wanted Lucina will be able to play her.



Einherjar said:

@Turbo857 Awakening reached ar far wider audience and thus, would be recognized much more. I said that Chrom must take Ikes place just out of a marketing view. You cant put each an any FE lead character in the current roster and the newest installment featured (more or less) Marth and Chrom. Having Chrom would also promote Awakening, which would make the intire IP more valuable and hopefully, lead to more titles.
Having Roy and Marth in Melee started interest in the Series. Marth was kept in Brawl since he is the more or less mascot of the series and he got Ike by his side because he was the most well known FE lead at the time (because of the two console installments youve mentioned) So having Chrom to step in as the second changing FE character would make sense as he he now more known than Ike among newer Nintendo fans
I also would like an ever expanding roster rather than one that switches around characters. But if they have to change certain people around, id rather have the most recent and popular character of the respective franchise, They already do it with Link, as they always feature the most recent incarnation of him (OoT adult Link and MM Link in Melee, Toon Link and TP Link in Brawl and now SS Link and Toon Link because of the recent remake)



murrrkle said:

@Geonjaha Because Marth is the face of Fire Emblem.

Still, judging from the possibility that Male Wii Fit Trainer may be an alt costume, don't count Lucina out just yet.



Mr_Video said:

While I'm glad to see that Marth has finally made his inevitable return and we have an FE rep, I'm still worried about Ike. I really hope he isn't benched because of Chrom or heaven forbid Lucina... Don't get me wrong, I liked Chrom just fine, but as far as FE lords go, he felt bland.
I think Ike still deserves the place as the secondary Fire Emblem character. For one, he starred in two games already, not to mention he actually has a descendant that practically acts as a homage to him in Awakening. Plus there's the fact that to this day, he's the only FE protagonist not to be of noble-birth.
Ranting aside, I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed. :U



shonenjump86 said:

Cool, nice to see Marth back. Hopefully we will see newcomers announced. Maybe like Little Mac, Dixie Kong, or a Sin and Punishment character.



armoredghor said:

for all the times I've seen marth in these games, he's the only one I haven't used. I really should



WYLD-WOO said:

I agree with what your saying but Ike has been in two FE games and was also in the DLC on Awakening. It`s got to be Ike for the second character for me. He stole the show in Radiant Dawn and I would really like to see him over Chrom or Lucina.



JaxonH said:

I know right?! I'm cool with Marth and all, but who I REALLY want to see is Chrom, Lucina or Frederick. I have such an emotional attachment to those characters now, much more so than any previous characters from other entries.



BAGBOY said:

@Ernest_The_Crab Nonetheless, it is still uninteresting, be sakurai or nintendo doing the character reveals. I am waiting for something as breath-taking as megaman's enormous reveal.



BAGBOY said:

@ZephyrTheLegend I know, but a major character reveal won't kill them, just look at how game freak handled pokemon x and y, those were games that were anticipated as much as smash bros. 4 and we had a lot more information provided on a regular basis.



MrL1193 said:

What I'm really wondering at this point is what language Marth will speak this time. Smash Bros. heritage would seem to indicate Japanese, but on the other hand, he did finally have one of his games released in the West...



BAGBOY said:

@R_Champ Were we playing the same game? Yes, Marth and Toon link were pretty good characters on brawl and their smahes were amazing, but they weren't as overpowered as you say, but for example zelda is an obnoxious character with an overpowered smash just like them, but I believe her WAY more overpowered by the simple fact that she can turn into sheik; and what about Fox, Falco and Wolf? the MOST OVERRATED characters in smash bros. history in my opinion, even a baby with a controller using them can win and just don't get me started on sonic's ridiculous smash.....



SKTTR said:

Marth is fine, but the longer I look at him, the more I want Ike to smash him out of the screen.



FX29 said:

Well Marth is the original Fire Emblem Lord, and he's starred in more games than any other main protagonist. It's great to have him back. Chrom will most likely be the second Fire Emblem character or Lucina.



Turbo857 said:


I agree in some respects but FE: Awakening may be the most popular game in the series having sold over a million in sales worldwide but Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn both sold close to a half a mil each so that ain't too shabby either. Ike also was a playable character in Brawl which could've only served to boost his popularity even further.

Since Ike's been in 4 high selling games so far (POR, RD, Smash Brawl, downloadable in Awakening (and has a descendant character in Awakening), I'm not inclined to believe Chrom is the more popular character only on the fact the game he was featured in happened to sell the most in its series. I'd even go further and say Ike's more popular than Marth. Marth's just more iconic because he's the first lead in the series and he was the first FE character the west saw appear in a game (Melee).

It's funny how most people think there'll be a replacement/exchange with FE characters instead of just additions. Why can't there be 3 or 4 FE characters? Roy was removed in Brawl because his game was never coming to the west. Ike fortunately doesn't suffer from this problem obviously. If he got replaced there'd just be 2 characters representing the franchise and that seems a little silly especially when you consider the series current popularity. They should just have additions this time around imo.



Kuksenkov said:

He looks so... Feminine... Still, pretty cool. He's been one of my favorite characters since Melee and he's back for the new entry!



SCAR said:

I wonder if sword clasing will be back in this new Smash Bros. If I recall correctly, sword clinging was in Melee, but they took it out of Brawl for some reason.

It made characters fighting with swords have more effect, IMO.



AlexSora89 said:

Although Marth was already kind of confirmed back when Sakurai released that drawing--which means we might expect Mr. Game & Watch as well.
I just hope the Pokémon Trainer will return, as he's the only missing main (Luigi, Toon Link and Sonic being the others) of mine by now.



Einherjar said:

@Turbo857 Up to 4 FE characters would be way too much. At least not if they are all main characters. We would end with a bunch if swordfighers that all play alike.
And still, just for the reason to promote Awakening, Chrom should be in it,



grimbldoo said:

@onlyaman #3 and @FishieFish #5
Of course he does. You guys should probably get around to playing some of other fire emblems.
@Einherjar #11
With what move set? Chrom would have the same exact move set as Marth since he was trained in the same style.

@Nomad #26
Ike has such a strong loyal following in the US, I don't think that would be the best of moves.

@Giygas_95 #72
Uh, what? These are all official releases from Nintendo.

@KingofSaiyans #86
Watch this video and then this video afterwards.

@Einherjar #105
Exactly, since Awakening has so many sales, Nintendo should have replaced Marth with Lucina or Chrom. Ike already has a unique move set, why would they just remove that from the game?

@murrrkle #107
Ike is actually the face of American Fire Emblem. Most die hard fans would take Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn over any of the newer Fire Emblems.



Einherjar said:

@grimbldoo The move set isnt that big of a problem. Why not be creative and incorporate awakenings unique group up system in that certain moves summon other characters. Examble: b-neutral summons an archer. The ballance would come from the attack itself being slightly delayed but you as the player are still able to move and attack regularly. Kinda like a turret system. Just a quick idea, nothing steadfest
Also, you talk about how popular Ike is in the US. That may be so, but the game is made in japan AND released world wide. So, it doesnt really matter how popular he is in the US. If youre going with this, you should look up japanese character popularity polls.
And since Marth is already in it, there is no way to replace HIM now. Having Ike instead of Chrom will bring up another slight problem: Path of Radiance is a GameCube game which doesnt run on the WiiU. That means that newcommers, looking up who that character is, will end up with a game that they probably cant play anymore. While having Chrom could lead to potential new buyers of Awakening, further strenghening the franchise as a whole, since that game is new and still profitable to nintendo themselfes.
Despite popularity and such, Chrom would simply be the most logically decision from a marketing standpoint.



murrrkle said:

@grimbldoo It doesn't matter whether die hard fans would prefer so and so game over so and so, Marth is the Hero-King. He's THE guy. Any other characters take the 'Ike/Roy' slot. That's all there is to it.



grimbldoo said:

@Einherjar #132
You sir, make a very good argument. However, whenever you talk about adding Chrom, all I can think about is the Starfox gang and how they are all just clones. I have to agree with the other people here that Chrom and Lucina should just be skins for Marth since they all use the same style (or maybe just Lucina, since Chrom would move like a guy and Marth has the most feminine stances out of all of the characters)

@Einherjar and @ Murrkle
Seeing as how the US is Nintendo's second largest market, the opinion of the people matters a whole damn lot.

@ Murrkle
Since that Marth +1 setup wasn't available in the first game, that's not all there is to it.



Einherjar said:

@grimbldoo Clone characters sure are a problem, and the StarFox crew was absurd case. Pretty much like the Street Fighter case of Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Dan. Pretty much als the same character with only minor differences.
It could work out, but it needs some thinking, you have a point there.
And regarding the US fanbase. Sure, it is the second biggest market, but if Nintendo would make games around that fact, we wouldnt have gotten any FE characters to begin with, sinde the series was pretty much only known by hardcore fans before they introduced Roy and Marth in Melee. They would just have included more caracters that were well known in the US and europe. That said, i have nothing against Ike and i would love a well working FE trio in Smash 4, but IF there would be just one more FE character, from a marketing standpoint, it should defenitly be Chrom (WITH feet )



grimbldoo said:

Can't even disagree with ya .
I agree, basing the games around the popularity of the characters would just drain the life out of games. They should keep Ike in and Introduce someone ranged or really fast, such as Tharja because she was pretty dang popular. It would be good, Ike is heavy, Marth is all around, and [insert character] is ranged/light.
They probably will add feet, they would have done it if they had time for Awakening.



Einherjar said:

@grimbldoo The easiest way out ? Go the Wii Fit trainer route and make aditional character skins. That way, pretty much everyone wins Have Marth be the template for fast, nimble swordfighters (Chrom, Roy etc) and Ike for the more heavier guys (which i cant name since im not THAT into FE :/ ) and introduce maybe aother job class OR go the Shiek / Pokemon Trainer route and introduce "FE Party" as a character. 3 FE job classes, like a mage, an archer and whatever else is popular and new. Ballance them with a smaller move pool each (-1 special move to switch them around) and maybe ad some sort of stamina system to keep the roulette spinning
That would be the most ideal solution for both FE fans AND the game itself, since it would introduce more fresh, new and versitile characters.

Sadly, the team already stated that they are working almost beyond their limits, and such an elaborate concept could be a bit too much.
Such things are the reason why DLC came into existance. Finish the game, give the devs a short breake and then continue working on left over ideas and concepts. But that is also just a dream

But at the end of the day, its the devs decision and honestly, i can pretty much live with any decision they might come up with. The game already looks amazingly promising and i would lie if i said that im going to play with any other character than MegaMan

And regarding the feet in awakening. I heard that they left them out because they wanted to save some polygons and movable joints to boost the framerate. Nevertheless. its a very strange decision if you ask me, a funny but strange one



grimbldoo said:

Ooh, that Pokemon trainer concept is actually a good idea. It would go really well with Robin since he/she can be practically every class.



Einherjar said:

@grimbldoo And it would also incorporate the FE series biggest selling point: a huge and diverse character pool. Pokemon Trainer pretty much did the same thing. A single character (the trainer itself) fighting with 3 different monsters, all of which come with their own diverse move sets and abilitys, much like in the game hes based on.
Judging by the trailer weve seen so far, they also did a similar thing with MegaMan, giving him access to a truckload of robotmaster weapons spanning many different games although the could have gone the Capcom Vs. route and give him just regular fighting moves with one or two special weapons.
And talking about eventual DLC (although they kinda said that they wont do it): Having these character templates opens up a HUGE window for aditional but optional character skins, giving you access to pretty much the entire FE cast. Since they all are pretty much just "generic job class units" it wouldnt even matter that much that they all play the same, no matter the skins youve selected.
The same goes for characters like Fox, Mario etc. Dont throw away clone characters, just "hide" them as skins for the template character. The difference between fox and falco, dr. mario and mario werent so great that they would be terribly missed, but would make great aditions as simple skins. In Fox / Falcos case, they could even reuse the voice samples from the last game

But thats just fanboy dreaming i guess. Although it would be all kinds of cool and heck, they even started this idea with the Wii Fit trainer Lets just cross fingers.



Wolf_Link said:

@Geonjaha Because of the fanbase i guess. i expect Sakurai to give the axe to Ike and introduce someone of fire emblem awakening .



Benjelo said:

Peach can't resist that cape lol. Marth is my most used character and I'm glad Nintendo was nice enough to bring him to super smash bros. I'm also a fan of fire emblem, so I hope they have chrome or maybe even lucina if they want a girl character. I was really looking forward to the SSB 4 on 3ds but after seeing the graphics here... hmmmm... wii u is looking pretty cool. I hope I can get one for holidays if price drops again. Then again, when I first saw mario 3d and I was thinking the same thing but the graphics ended up looking okay on the actual screen when I decided to buy it. I'll give you a shot 3ds!

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